Mau Mau gang

by H. Millard (c) 2001


Kweisi MfumeDick ArmeyHouse Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Tex) recently sent a letter to Kweisi Mfume, the head of the NAACP, asking that Mfume meet with Armey concerning what Armey called "racial McCarthyism," or "reverse race-baiting."

Most white people with a reasonable level of consciousness of these
things, understand immediately what is meant by those two terms. In fact, most white people with consciousness of the world around them would go even further and say that whites are victims of a massive witch hunt and are having their personal freedoms and civil rights stomped on by hate filled non-whites and their smarmy white boot licking camp guards.

Most conscious whites know that whites have to guard their words, their
body language, their facial expressions and virtually everything else about themselves lest they be called "racists," "bigots," (ho, hum, yawn), "prejudiced," and "insensitive." Whites, as a people, have let themselves be Mau Mau'd into a state of non-being. They're afraid to express themselves and they're alienated from who they really are. They are afraid to be white.

Perhaps, however, Armey's letter is an indication that the Mau Mau machine is sputtering and that whites are starting to emerge from the
closets where they've been hiding and are starting to assert their right
to be white. Time will tell if this is the case or not, but my instincts
tell me that it is. Check the Web and you'll see many whites now writing
the things that just a few of us were writing a few years ago. You'll see
more and more whites simply laughing at charges of racism or even telling those numbnuts who so easily throw the charge to go stuff it.

No doubt Armey also senses that many whites are starting to assert their
right to be white, and that's probably why he was emboldened to write his letter at this time. Still, it appears that Armey is not not absolutely
sure whether the time is right to be white, because he then timidly writes
that he realizes that he might be opening himself up to "bogus charges of racism" by writing the letter to Mfume.

Someone needs to shake Armey and yell: "Hey, Armey! Screw the bogus charges of 'racism' and screw the jerks who make them. They're scum. But, Armey, you've fallen into the haters' semantic trap, and you're letting them define terms in their fuzzy way that is so imprecise that it helps keep whites beaten down. 'Racism' only means that one knows that the races of man are as different from each other as breeds of dogs are different from each other. This is a scientific fact. Didn't you really mean to say that you would be opening yourself up to 'bogus charges of racial hatred?'"

In fact, white people need to start using words correctly to help counter
the haters and the genocidists. "Racism" doesn't mean racial hatred.
Actually, racism should be considered as a synonym for "anti-genocide"
because when one understands that the races of man are different from each other, one starts to realize that survival as a distinct human type
requires that whites see the differences among the races of man. It is
this understanding of the differences that keeps the minority race on
Earth--white people--from committing their own genocide by being
assimilated into the 90% of humanity that is non-white.

Now, while our laws should be color blind, it is foolish for people to be
so, unless they want to become extinct as a people. Proper racial
discrimination helps us survive. We discriminate against stoves by not
putting our hands on them, because we have learned that some stoves are hot, even though all stoves aren't hot. sharkWe discriminate against sharks
because we don't swim with them even though not all sharks will eat us. We discriminate each and every day of our lives in order to survive.
We must also discriminate against people who are unlike us when it comes to mating, otherwise we die off as a people.

History is full of reports of now extinct peoples who failed to understand the need for racism and discrimination. Where do you think all those now Indianvanished American Indian tribes went? Do you really think that were all killed with the white man's bullets? The truth is that many were assimilated and killed off by the white man's genes. Why wasn't it the other way around and why weren't the whites assimilated into the Indian genotype? Because whites were in the majority. The majority, if it mates freely with the minority, assimilates the minority. The big eats the little. Given modern mass transportation and immigration to white lands by millions of non-whites, it is now whites who are in danger of assimilation. Again, and this is worth repeating in slightly different terms. Whites in America often think of themselves as the majority, and for most of this nation's history we were the majority in this nation that was protected with the Pacific and Atlantic ocean moats. Today, the drawbridge is down and we are no longer protected. Now,we have to realize that worldwide, whites are a very small 10% of all humans on the planet, and if we want to survive as a distinct people we need to increase our racism and discrimination, not lessen them.

Whites need to fight against the propaganda of the evil Blenders who want to kill off all the white people by blending them into a non-white Tan Everyman. White people need to know that they face extinction. Will they finally wake up and understand this, or will they disappear? Time will tell, but maybe Dick Armey's letter was a sign that the Mau Mau Machine used against whites is sputtering, and even if Dick Armey doesn't consciously understand the genocide that is being committed against white people, and even if he should disavow the message of this column, which he would be expected to do (in order to be PC) should he be called on it, his letter does show that he's somewhat aware of the hatred being aimed at whites by non-whites. That's a start.

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