by H. MILLARD © 2000

Harvard boy Al Gore and Yalie boy George W,. Bush each wants to be president. Why?
"Well, gee Muffy, what are aging fraternity boys to do? They can't play croquet every day."

Besides being president will look good on their resumes, and they'll be able to dole out ooodles of favors to their old frat brothers, who will no doubt all be singing "We're in the money, we're in the money," as they drive from their gated private communities on nice safe freeways and highways, past all the "little" people, to their guarded high rise offices.

You know the little people: the nation's cannon fodder who put their asses on the line in screw ball military excursions and the people who actually are worried about health care and things that the elites like Gore and Bush never worry about except in abstract terms.

So the two Ivy Leaguers, and their pals on the Greek Council (aka Commission on Debates) have decided to have a debate limited just to the two of them. How, upper class. How polite. Marquis of Queensbury rules will no doubt be used as the two poufs mumble sweet nothings to each other, and pretend they're saying hard hitting things.

If either of these jerks had any principles, they'd be fighting to open up the debates to any other candidate who has a mathematical chance of winning the election. This means that Buchanan should be in, and, perhaps Nader as well.

It won't happen, however, because Boy Al and Boy George are part of a Fraternity system that keeps the power circulating between their two Frat houses. Over here is Gamma Democrat Gamma and over there is Gamma Republican Gamma. No Animal House (read any other party) is allowed to take part in this event.

So, the little people will once again be manipulated by the elites, who will tell the little people that the elites are really their best friends. "Golly, there's no such thing as classes in America. We're all the same." Oh, don't notice that some people have billions of dollars and that they're arguing through their Frat brothers against using some of this nation's tax revenues to actually help American citizens instead of using the money to feather the nests of their Fraternity brothers who own international corporations.

Don't notice the deindustrialization of America. Don't notice that the U.S. is being transformed from a First World nation into a Third World Banana Republic through massive Third World immigration. Don't even notice that the Frat boys have allowed in so many Third World types (because they want their votes) that the Third World types are now dictating to long time American citizens, and are siphoning off money earmarked for health care and other real world needs of good decent American citizens. Don't notice that little American kids are having to suffer through boring days at schools that don't teach them anything practical and which have been reduced to reeducation camps to condition them into not noticing that America is being destroyed from within.

The reality of modern presidential politics is that a presidential candidate needs to be included in the debates in order not to be marginalized and ignored by the voters. It's a variation of "If it's on TV, it must be important, and if it's not on TV it must not be important." So the two Frat boys Al and George will have their little highly structured "debates" where they'll show what twits they really are, but the American people will believe that this is the way political discourse is supposed to be, simply because it's on TV, and really, really matters. "Why, Buchanan and Nader aren't important. If they were they'd be in the debates." Right. Wrong.

The American people need to hear other voices and opinions than what Gamma Democrat Gamma and Gamma Republican Gamma spoon feed them.
# # #