by H. Millard (c) 2001

The standard propaganda line among Blenders is that the races of man are
all the same except for some minor little cosmetic differences, that we should overlook.

The reason that many Blenders repeat this nonsense is to encourage people to commit their own genocide through mixing and mating. Some of these Blenders have utopian fantasies that if we eliminate these "minor" racial differences, that mankind will be closer to a Golden Age in which those conflicts, which arise because of racial differences, will be eliminated. Their goal is a twist on Nietzsche Nietzschewho contemplated the rise of the Ubermensch (literally, Overman, but often translated into English as Superman) who would replace present humans. Although Nietzsche was silent on the means by which the Ubermensch might arise, it is usually thought that his birth would be the result of a "distilling" process where he would arise out of the mass of humanity but be different from that mass of humanity. In other words, humans would evolve into a new more advanced human who would look upon present day humans the way present day humans look upon chimpanzees.

The Blender plan for the transformation of mankind, on the other hand, unlike Nietzcsche's, is not one of distillation, but rather one of a folding back into the mass of humanity of those humans who are different from that mass. It is the reduction of mankind to the level of a Frankenstein monster created via the melting pot.mad scientist Instead of a mad scientist grafting on an arm from this cadaver and a eye from this other one and continuing with various parts until a monster is made, the Blenders want to combine genes via the simple act of encouraging cross-racial mating. Thus, the prime target for this folding back in, or blending, is the white race--which only makes up about 10% of all humans.

White people are the odd ones in a mostly brown humanity. Nietzcsche might say that this is so because the white ones--the few--distilled out from the mass of humanity and are on their way to becoming the Ubermensch. Whatever the reason for the existence of white people on a mostly brown planet, the Blenders don't like it. Whites are a non-conforming part of humanity and must, in the belief system of the Blenders, conform. Whites must become brown. Nietzsche might also say that this isn't the way to improve mankind and evolve a better mankind, but is the way to devolve mankind and stop evolution. Nietzsche might also say that the Blender's Tan Everyman isn't the Ubermensch but the Untermensch. Whether such a being is an improvement of not, the basis of this being is a confusion of genes so that the Tan Everyman will be a multi-ethnic being, who will carry genes from all races of man and who will, as a result of these different genes, feel no loyalty to any race. The birth of the Tan Everyman is the death of white people. The Tan Everyman brings the genocide of white people.

One of the main things blocking this genocide is what the Blenders call "racism."

Now, in actuality, "racism" only means that one recognizes that the races of man breed of dogare as different from each other as breeds of dogs are different from other breeds of dogs.There is, at its heart, no hatred in the term racism. However, in order to facilitate the blending of humanity, the Blenders had to make racism, as defined here, a dirty word. They did this by giving it meanings that it does not inherently possess. Thus, racism has come to mean, "racial hatred." And, as we all know, the main proponents of racism are white people. Wanting to remain white, in the Blender world view, is now part of their demonized and false definition of racism.

The Blenders have been successful in brow beating many whites into an aracial purgatory where they are afraid to be honest lest they be called names. Thus, it was no surprise when I heard a "conservative" radio talk show host express outrage that Bob Jones University has had a no interracial dating policy up until this year. Of course, this is the same guy who pretends that he can NEVER tell from a caller's voice when a caller to his show is black. The message, again, is that there are no racial differences except that different color paint job. And, you will note that the only differences that will be admitted to by the Blenders and those they've muscled into aracialness are those major physical things such as skin color and, sometimes, a reluctant admission of different hair.

Differences in musculature or in things of the mind are not recognized even though the statistics on such things are clear that there are differences.

At any rate, if there are no real differences, as the Blenders say, then any separation or
non-mixing must be the result of prejudice, bigotry and racism. To maintain the propaganda, the Blenders try to hide as many real genetic differences--and there are hundreds of thousands of them--in talk of cultural or environmental causes. The Blenders will do mental gymnastics to avoid mentioning any differences caused by genes, because to admit such genetic differences is to be, by definition, a "racist."midget

This fiction that humanity is a one size fits all species is absurd, but such an absurdity is put forth by the Blenders as something of a wishful self-fulfilling prophecy. Use the big lie technique and say that there are no differences often enough, and people will stop believing their lying eyes and their lying science and believe what the Blenders tell them.

Of course, every so often science gets in the way of the ignorance being put forth by the Blenders. The examples abound, but one example came recently from the National Institutes of Health that recommended that white patients should be treated with one type of surgical regimen for glaucoma, while a different regimen works better for blacks. How can this be possible if the races are the same?

And while we could simply list many of the known racial difference here, it may be more interesting to just look at one difference that the Blenders want to hide. This difference, is one that is sometimes hinted at in crime reports, but which seems to go right over the heads of many people who read such reports. This major racial difference between black and whites is the fact that blacks are much more likely that whites to die if they are put in a sleeper hold or any sort of choke hold or even a garden variety headlock, or even if they are hit on the side of the neck. While the general public may not understand this, many police departments across this nation have stopped using a standard choke hold on black criminal suspects because blacks will often die from holds that don't even bother whites.

In fact, over the past few months in unrelated incidents, two black criminal suspects have died in Michigan, after being restrained with headlocks by security guards who caught them allegedly shoplifting (The security guards in both cases, used headlocks on the black suspects). Both blacks who died were young, strong and apparently in good health.
A slight digression may be in order here. Physical differences between blacks and whites can be seen in many sports from running to football to basketball. But one sport, in particular, seems to penalize whites for a genetic physical weakness that they, as a race, have and to reward blacks by making their genetic physical weakness off limits. This sport is boxing. Whites bleed easier than blacks. Whites can be also be knocked out fairly easily with a blow to the point of the chin. Not so blacks. So called rabbit punches, which are delivered to the side of the neck under the ear, aren't allowed in boxing, but it is this type of punch that can easily knock out a black while not affecting a white.

Choke HoldSuppose that the rules of boxing were changed so that punches to the chin were outlawed and rabbit punches to the neck were made legal? Suddenly we'd see whites dominating the sport of boxing, and we'd see blacks being knocked out all the time. Again, it is this neck area in particular, and the cardio vascular system in general, that is the achilles tendon of blacks. This is what makes them more susceptible to choke holds, and strikes to the side of the neck.

In this regard, it is worth noting that scientists have recently acknowledged that one of the major health problems with the black population--high blood pressure--is not caused by too much salt in soul food as those who want to minimize the reality of racial differences, once told us, but is caused by genes. Blenders often find themselves in a conundrum. They want to praise black athletes who often have not gone through extensive training but who still excel in this or that sport, by saying "He's a natural athlete," (read, "We mean genetically, but we don't want to use the word."). While of a white athlete they may say "He's got heart and he really tries," (read," He doesn't have the genes for this sport, but we don't want to say that.").

As in all things in life it is important to know one's strengths and one's
weaknesses and to play to one's strengths. This doesn't mean that whites should stop competing in those sports where they are at a disadvantage nor that blacks should stop competing in those areas of life where they are at a disadvantage, but that one should consider genetic differences in all things. And, in the real world there are good white boxers and bad black boxers and there are very intelligent blacks and some pretty dumb whites, because in
every racial population where most members of that population will always be clustered under the center of the bell curve, there are still members of that racial population out towards the lips of the bell where the bell curve of one group intersects with the bell curve of another group. Still, the exceptions do not disprove the rule, and the rule is that, statistically, we can say that the members of the races of man are generally much more like other members of their own race than they are like members of other races. It's time to start talking about race with honesty and not with an agenda. The Blenders can pretend that racial differences don't exist, but that doesn't change the fact of these differences.

Aliens GenocideIt's time that good, decent white people started rejecting the extreme and wrong view of humans that is put forth by the Blenders. It's time to fight against the genocide of white people. People are different, and if humanity is to progress it will be not because all humans have blended together into a Tan Everyman, but because some humans remain different and the differences become more and more as time goes on.

To improve the species, we need to keep human diversity.

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