by H. MILLARD © 2000

According to news reports, whites will be a minority in Britain by 2100. In fact, whites will be a minority in London as soon as 10 years from now. In Hawaii and the District of Columbia whites are a minority. Whites are also a minority in California as of the start of September 2000.

In 1900, a quarter of the world's population lived in Europe. It is estimated that by 2050 Europe will only have 7 per cent of the world population.

Italy's population is expected to fall by 16 million by the year 2050. Germans are encouraged to have more children because the population of whites is falling so fast.

Russia's population is dropping fast. In recent years, whites have lost the nations of South Africa and Rhodesia. Rhodesia, now renamed Zimbabwe is the scene of an economic genocide of whites as formerly white owned farms are seized and given to blacks.

White people are being killed off one by one in big cities all around the world by non-whites who often get a slap on the wrist for their murderous deeds. Whites are also being killed off by government elites who are waging a propaganda war to convince whites that there are are no meaningful racial differences between different races and even that race doesn't exist.

Those whites who resist the genocide are labeled racists, bigots and haters in an attempt to isolate them from other whites and to have their message or survival ignored.

America and most formerly white nations have entered a Post-white stage of existence. The prospects for the survival of whites as a people are gloomier now than they have ever been in history. Genocide is a reality. Extinction is a very real possibility.

And who is to blame for the genocide of whites? Mainly, it is whites themselves. White people, as a group, have lost the will to survive. In fact, they don't even see their extinction as not surviving because most are now so propagandized that they are blind to the fact that they are even a distinct people at all. Not seeing themselves as a distinct people, they view all people as fungible.

If they don't have little white children, no matter, some non-white will have some little non-white children that the whites can coo over. Remove all those white people from London and replace them with non-white people and these low consciousness whites, who do not see themselves as part of a distinct people, figure it'll just be the same.

"Hey, people are people," seems to be the thought. "The fact that these people don't look like me and don't have my genes, doesn't matter, because we're all the same under the skin." And, how do the low consciousness types know this? They've learned it from the propaganda put out by those who want all races to blend together.

Whites, planet wide, are now psychologically where American Indians were at the turn of the century. They are full of self and group loathing and see no reason to continue to exist. If they do see any differences between whites and other peoples they believe that they should be as the other peoples in all ways and that they should give up their essential natures and cease to be. And those whites who do want to be and to exist, are called haters. "Come on, jump into the melting pot," comes the cry. "Why do you resist mating with non-whites? Are you a racist?"

Whites, as a group, now seek non-being and nothingness. They are tired of the struggle to be and want nothing more than to lay down and be no more. They are tired as a race and have lost their vigor. This is reflected in their low birth rates and in their attitudes.

And, unless they understand that they are, in fact, a distinct people with a right to exist, they will die off. Unless there is a sea change in the thinking of white people, their fate is sealed and they are a race headed straight for the grave. What's required is a massive rethinking among white people about the nature of their existence, and an understanding that they are a distinct people and then there must be a renewal of their will to survive as a people. All else will follow from this.

# # #