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A Hanukkah For Non-Jews?

(Racism vs. Assimilation and Extinction)

by H. Millard (c) 2000

MenorahThe Jewish holiday of Hanukkah offers some interesting lessons for non-Jewish white people if one but understands what this holiday is really about. Many think Hanukkah is simply a Jewish version of Christmas. And, it has taken on some of the aspects of that holiday. Still, Hanukkah is far different. In fact, one suspects if non-Jewish white people celebrated a similar holiday they would find the usual serial name calling white haters both in government and out, screaming and yelling about racism, hate, bigotry, insensitivity (yawn) prejudice, white-supremacy, white separatism, diversity and on and on.

What is Hanukkah really about? It's a celebration of Jewish racism, Jewish supremacy and Jewish separatism. In other words, its a celebration of and a renewal of a group think attitude for the preservation of Jews. Of course, few people do understand what Hanukkah really celebrates. This is partly because history tends to sanitize events in the past and some who write of these events sugar coat the reality.

With a little understanding, however, we may realize that non-Jewish white people are today facing a very similar situation to the one which the ancient Hebrews faced, which gave rise to Hanukkah.

In brief, Antiochus IV Epiphanes of Syria, a ruler who sought to end conflict among people, tried to make his empire a peaceful place by eradicating differences among the diverse groups in his empire (sound familiar?)

"You will be assimilated"This well-intentioned or evil ruler, depending on your point of view, wanted all people to have one religion (his religion) so that there would be no religious disputes. He also wanted all people to have one culture (his) so there would be no cultural disputes, and he wanted all people to be of one race (his) so there would be no racial disputes. His solution was to create a great melting pot (familiar concept, isn't it?) where various minority peoples and religions would be assimilated into his brave new world. 

A few "extremist" Jews (i.e., those who didn't agree) said "No thanks, we like ourselves just as we are." These grassroots "extremists," led by Judah Maccabee, a peasant, resisted blending in, and they were hated and reviled as what we would now call "racists," "bigots," "extremists," etc., and, to coin a term, "judeocentric."

Not all Jews helped Maccabee. In fact, the elites of Jewish society favored the assimilation of the Jews and they helped the tyrant in his attempt at assimilation.

The "extremist" Maccabees, therefore, fought against both the Syrian tyrant and their own Jewish elites. In time, the Maccabees won, and Jews celebrated their victory over the forces of assimilation with Hanukkah.

Today, many liberal Jews honor these "extremists" from their past and bemoan any assimilation of Jews through marriage with non-Jews while at the same time calmly telling non-Jewish whites that they must accept our own age's tyrants, who are once again trying to homogenize all humanity into a lumpen one-size-fits-all one race, one religion, one world, of conformity.

Custer's Last StandOne of the twists of the present situation is that since whites are still the majority group in the U.S., many whites who accept this notion of assimilation or blending together, think --- if they think about it at all --- that what will climb out of the melting pot will be a white person --- that other peoples will be blended into a white genotype and disappear. However, given the demographics of the world (90% of all people are non-white), and the speed with which modern transportation can bring huge numbers of people from the Third World to the First World, the reality of such assimilation may be the genocide of whites. Call it what it is: extinction.

Remember the Alamo?There is a fork in the road of future history that we, as did the ancient Hebrews, now face. Which fork shall we take? As was the case with the ancient Hebrew, most white people today seem to favor assimilation. Could it be that those whites who are talking against the assimilation and extinction of white people will one day be honored as the saviors of their people as Judah Maccabee is honored by those who are Jews today? And, what of the ancient Hebrews who counseled for assimilation? They have, in fact, been assimilated. They're gone. Some of their blood now courses through the present day Syrians who fight against the present day Jews in Israel.

Scene from 'Braveheart'Will future generations of white people have a new holiday to honor a yet-to-emerge non-Jewish version of Judah Maccabee--some non-Jewish white peasant who fought against the genocide and destruction of whites through assimilation and "multiculturalism"? Will any white people still existing a thousand years from now be the descendants of our present day "white racists," "white separatists," and "white supremacists"? Will all other whites have slipped into the genetic oblivion of the gene pool of the 90% of humanity that is non-white?

Or, will the people of a completely non-white future world have myths that once, a long time ago, there were white people on the Earth, but that they went the way of the DoDos? Cleaver FamilyAnd, will the scientists of this new one size fits all new Tan Everyman humanity wonder how it was that an entire race became extinct? Will they find literature, films and other records of our present existence and see the propaganda that caused white people to falsely believe that all people are the same and that it is evil to want to remain white? Will they wonder at the mass delusion that caused white people to breed their way to extinction?

One thing is certain. If whites don't realize that they're a distinct people and if they don't try to exist as a distinct people, they will go the way of the Hebrews who assimilated in ancient Syria. Only those whites who are "racist," as was Judah Maccabee and his followers, will survive.
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