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White nations are being
d-i-s-m-a-n-t-l-e-d for a purpose
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THE BELOW NUMBERED items are from my collection of quotes, "Paleoconservative Thoughts To Ponder":

341) MALLOCRACY: The Founders and Framers could not anticipate the shopping mall and its grave threat to their democratic republic and white Western civilization in North America, as each time a mall is built those greed-driven capitalists vote to import more anti-white/anti-Western immigrants, in order to accommodate shop owners’ lust for ever-increasing traffic--for increasing CONSUMERISM, which phenomenon is true for construction of office and apartment buildings.


FROM The Washington Times:

"President Bush yesterday vowed to obtain 'fast-track' authority from Congress . . . Such authority would give the president the ability to negotiate trade deals that are immune to congressional tinkering, although Congress could vote up or down on the entire agree- ment." [["Bush promises 'fast track for expanded trade," April 22, by staff reporter Bill Sammon]]

WHY WOULD ANY democracy-loving president seek to deny our -- WE THE PEOPLE'S -- representation on issues impacting our culture, our way of life?

Is America no longer democratic?

Is America no longer a democracy--a democratic republic?


America is not a democracy, nor a democratic republic, but a corporation run by an oligarchy of corrupt and powerful men in Congress, Big Business, and Big Banking--dominated by a cabal of progressive Jews ((this Jewish connection is irrefutably correct but resolutely ignored by mainstream media, progressive Jews now directing and controlling American civilization-- just as they were doing in Post WWI Germany to give rise to retaliatory Nazism)).

49) Marxist/socialist/feminists' purpose has been to destroy the Founders' America and install a racially mongrelized, U.N.-directed, borderless, One World government; for applying Global Economic Socialism.

50) America has become a free-trade brothel for anything-goes Global Commerce, which partly explains her moral and cultural decline--and her enemies' optimism.


ISN'T THE FAST-TRACK authority that President Bush seeks nearer to a dictatorship?


Yes. Whenever any president seeks "fast-track" decision-making--for getting around, say, THE PEOPLE'S VOICE effected by their representatives in Congress, then tyranny is at hand and democracy denied.

297) Far more damage is done to America by plutocrats' moneyed influence on Congress than all the liberal news media and foundations put together. It is the plutocrats who are moving power from America to China, as they see power and profit in numbers not principles.

298) After four decades of mother-knows-best social and cultural decay, who denies that those father-knows-best Fifties were a far superior representation of high-culture civilization?

MORE EVIDENCE [[from the Richmond Times-Dispatch]]:

"President Bush, attending his first international summit, held out the promise of a region of 800 million people 'that is both prosperous and free' . . . And Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretian told the opening summit session, 'violence and provocation [are] unacceptable in a democracy." [["Protestors, police clash at Americas summit," April 21, Associated Press]]

WHY IS PRESIDENT BUSH conveying his concerns about how OTHER governments and cultures in the Americas are conducting their respective nation-state's business, rather than performing his C-O-N-S-T-I-T-U-T-I-O-N-A-L duty to take care of HIS OWN nation and people--to protect THESE UNITED STATES ((protect its founding race and culture)) FROM ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC?


The Republican and Democrat political parties are controlled by profit-driven movers and shakers, UNCONCERNED with Western civilization's racial and cultural underpinnings, having no allegiance to America's Constitution and the racial/cultural /religious/lingual ties that bind us as ONE NATION, UNDER GOD. Greed- and profit-driven motives have displaced those gravely vital interests.

AND WHY WOULD PRIME MINISTER JEAN CHRETIAN dare to speak of the idea "democracy" when the Americas summit is purely a NON-DEMOCRATIC POWER GRAB by profit-driven globalists, who care nothing about family, community, culture, flag and nationhood?


Globalists' words are used to fool you, to disarm you--to distract you from one-world GLOBALISTS' plans to enslave you to their production/ profit machinations. How incredibly bold the prime minister is, to speak of democracy while avoiding "WE THE PEOPLE" accountability.

82) Marxists and unethical capitalists now work together towards globalization, as the former seek a universal utopianism premised on share-the-wealth socialism while the latter seek profit-making unfettered by nationalities and borders. Both goals are deadly because Man's cultural needs -- like stable families and safe communities -- demand racial/social uniformity for effecting cultural stability. And because those cultural needs are inherent, they'll trump globalizers' economic and political plans by bloody warring. The Babylon and Roman empires are instructive.

83) A world without nation-states and borders would be like a world without freely formed, self-governed communities; a world of ever-shifting populations chasing the better living conditions of distant neighbors, demanding what they have then moving on after despoiling the region, and continuing to freely march about the globe until the Great Leveling is complete and everyone suffers the same wretched conditions.


THE FOLLOWING SEVERAL QUOTES are from the same RT-D article [["Helms trip more than whim," April 22]]:

------- "Many are still wondering why Jesse Helms led four other U.S. senators on a trip to Mexico City, bearing good will and a hand of Friendship . . . but consider these behind-the-scenes glimpses of what motivated other members of the delegation . . . from North, South, East, West . . . that relations between the U.S. and its neighbors to the south are of unprecedented importance.

UNPRECEDENTED and IMPORTANT because Latinos are perpetrating an illegal/unarmed invasion of WHITE AMERICA to their benefit, and to WHITE CIVIL SOCIETY'S detriment--at the invitation of our State Department, Congress and Big Business/Banking interests.

IMMIGRATION OF low-IQ Mexicans, Central Americans and South Americans is

1)) forcing a rapid dumbing-down of whites' civilization (( blacks' extreme contribution to that end these past forty years notwithstanding; read Peter Brimelow's article: )),

2)) forcing whites out of positions of power and influence within their own civilization, via affirmative-action quotas and proportionalism,

3)) EVICTING WHITE CITIZENS to INSTALL NON-CITIZENS throughout our government, education systems and the private sector ((the latter effected by Gestapo-like oversight of the EEOC)),

4)) and INSTALLING MULTILINGUALISM to destroy whites' founding language and, ergo, destroy whites' most critical connectedness (( read Don Feder's essay: ))

"CITIZENSHIP" is a meaningless term today, as it must be for globalists to effect their goals, and which meaninglessness is a critical sign of nationhood and HIGH-CULTURE CIVILIZATION in steep decline.

-------- "Senator John Ensign, a Republican from Nevada, . . . asked Mexican officials to open a consulate in Las Vegas. Ensign's request seemed quite reasonable, given that Mexico has 45 consulates in the U.S.

THE PURPOSE OF THESE Mexican consulates is to ensure illegals' "rights," as they settle into U-N-W-E-L-C-O-M-I-N-G white communities ((except for those greedy businessmen seeking ANY warm body to hire as cheap labor, and to buy his goods; and we now learn that the State Department is flying thousands of black and orphaned "boy soldiers" from Africa to here, to be placed in YOUR community and increase CONSUMERISM and MULTICULTURALISM, no doubt)). THE STATE DEPARTMENT HAS encouraged the process from the beginning, viewing each Mexican consulate as a beachhead upon which Hispanic illegals may plant themselves and grow their populations, to further destroy white Anglo-Saxon communities ((now Mexican officials view California as a Mexican colony!)).

------- "Many people in the South now know that the 2000 Census showed an astounding growth in the Hispanic population since 1990.

WELL, DUH!!! What would one expect to happen after the '86 amnesty had sent a clear message to all poor people in Latin America that WHITEY'S A PUSHOVER? NOW THOSE CLOWNS in the Senate have concocted the term "GUEST WORKER" to give this new batch of illegals a free pass ((a chance at permanent residence and citizenship)) because using the term "amnesty" is too risky, after having had i-n-s-a-n-e-l-y promised that the '86 amnesty would reduce the inundation. EACH WEAK-KNEED effort at handling illegal immigration has radically increased successive inundations.

------- "It increased 394 percent in North Carolina, 211 percent in South Carolina 278 percent in Tennessee, 207 percent in Alabama, 70 percent in Florida and 106 percent in Virginia.

THOSE NUMBERS REFLECT an invasion--a fundamental alteration of America FROM WHITE TO BROWN, from high-culture to low, as one trip to any Latin American country would convince you that white America is headed for racial/social/ political/cultural extinction. THOSE BROWN TRIBES are backward, and inherently incapable of abiding whites' level of high-culture civilization ((referring here to America's pre-Sixties culture, after which Left-driven revolution whites began adopting blacks' low-culture proclivities)). RADIO COMMENTATOR Paul Harvey calls this demographic shift "THE BROWNING OF AMERICA."

------- "The forces of reality are bringing Mexico and the United States closer and closer together," said Sen. Chuck Hagel, a Republican from Nebraska, where the Hispanic population increased 155 percent. 'Every issue that we touched upon -- migration, trade, energy, water, environment, drugs -- affects us both, affects the Western Hemisphere.'

DO YOU SEE THE RUSE, which our IGNOBLE senators are applying in order to fool you? IT'S THE we-are-in-this-boat-together ploy, to distract whites from their enslavement to capitalists' NEW WORLD ORDER for the Americas--to distract whites from Marxist and Capitalist elites' TOTAL REJECTION of THE PURPOSE for which the Constitution was written:

to protect this sovereign nation -- this founding race and culture -- from destruction by enemies, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.

------- "For Senator Helms to initiate and encourage the rest of us to make this trip is a mark not only of the change that's taking place in your country, but also in ours, Sen. Biden told his counterparts on the Mexican Foreign Relations Committee.

DID YOU DEMOCRATIC-LOVING white citizens vote to change "your country" from white to people of color, and to create a GLOBAL MARKETPLACE of UNBRIDLED CONSUMERISM to feed greedy capitalists' lust for power and profit?

-------- "During the trip, Biden said he thinks a 'major breakthrough' on long-festering immigration disputes between the two countries may soon be possible in Congress, since the Bush administration and conservatives like Helms are putting Mexico near the top of priority lists.

THE "major breakthrough" is to allow WHITE AMERICA to be OVERRUN by people of color from everywhere ((Great Britain's leadership is effecting the same social engineering there)). YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED that our senators and President Bush whine about Mexico's needs while THEIR S-W-O-R-N CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY is to protect your nation's vital interests, one of which is to protect America's borders from invasion.

------- "Helms and Biden agree that when Mexicans held truly democratic elections last year and put President Vincente Fox and a new Congress in power, long-standing relations between Mexico and the U.S. cried out for change."

THE GENERAL H-E-R-I-T-A-B-L-E CHARACTER, TEMPERAMENT AND INTELLIGENCE of Mexicans may be summed up with one word: PRIMITIVE. Travel in Mexico to see what America's future will look like in the 21st Century.

84) A high-culture race overtaking a low-culture one and infusing it with knowledge is Manifest Destiny at work, while low-culture races overtaking high culture is retrograde and sacrilege, the latter condition prevailing in Western democracies suffering Third World immigration and growing indigenous minority populations.

ONE MORE CLUE from The Washington times, "Mexico drug gangs pose huge threat along the border," April 23rd, by staff reporter Jerry Seper:

THIS QUOTE puts all of the above in perspective, to demonstrate what UTTER FOOLS -- corrupt and weak-minded! -- our senators are:

------- "Mexican-based drug organizations have moved into the highest echelons of the world's cocaine trade and are believed to be the most distinguishable threat facing U.S. drug officials today, says the nation's top drug agent . . . Mexican- based trafficking organizations have succeeded in establishing themselves as the pre-eminent drug traffickers of the world, using our shared border to smuggle illicit drugs into the United States, said Drug Enforcement Administration chief Donnie R. Marshall . . . 'These organizations present an INCREASING THREAT [my emphasis] to the national security of this country, with VOLUMINOUS AMOUNTS OF DRUGS, VIOLENT CRIME AND THE ASSOCIATED CORRUPTION OF PUBLIC OFFICIALS IN MEXICO, HE SAID' [my emphasis]."

SO WHILE OUR mush-for-brains senators are making cozy with ALWAYS-CORRUPT Mexican officials -- TO SERVE BUSINESS INTERESTS NOT YOUR NATION'S WELL BEING -- drugs, violent crime and the "associated corruption" grow along with migration of heritably low-cultured Latinos and Latinas into America. SENATOR Phil Gramm's "Guest Worker" bill entrenches the growing corruption and ensures the demise of your white Western civilization.

WHAT IS THE ROOT PURPOSE for creating a GUEST WORKER law for MEXICAN illegals?:

1)) Marxists' desire a one-world socialist government and multiracial population, so evicting illegals negates that goal.

2)) Capitalists' desire ever-increasing consumerism through ever-increasing population growth, so evicting illegals negates that goal

3)) Both Marxists and capitalists now work hand-in- hand to construct an anti-nation-state, one- world government in the U.N., with which American-based government you'll be enslaved to GLOBALISTS' one-world "fairness" program:


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1: White nations are being d-i-s-m-a-n-t-l-e-d for a purpose

3: Whites' Ready-Made Civilization: There's NOWHERE For WHITES To GO


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