by H. Millard (c) 2001

ohn Wayne doesn't live in California anymore. He's been replaced.
No more
John Waynestraight shooting and plain talking. Now, we have a Mexican way of doing things. The ten-gallon hat has been replaced by the sombrero. Checking the daily papers for a job has been replaced with standing on street corners soliciting work. See a problem? Look the other way. Have a form to fill out? Cheat a little.
Taxes? Don't pay them. Just work under the table.

Need a special favor from government? Give a bribe in the form of cash or votes.

Cruz Belman AlcantarLaws mean little. You don't call the police, because they're now a social service agency, and most of the officers are in class to learn to Salsa. You don't complain to government officials, because they're often corrupt. Discuss your concerns with politicians and they'll tell you that diversity is great as they whistle past the grave and hope against hope that this type of talk will help keep them in surfersoffice when someone with a Cruz BustamanteMexican surname decides to run against them.You just try to live small, and not make waves. You try to act like a guest in your own home. Gone are the days of self-assurance and bold visions. Gone are the blond surfers. California has now institutionalized an anti-American culture at all levels of government and society.

Welcome to what may be the first state of post-American America. This is an America that would not be recognized by previous generations. It is America as the Third World. It is a knockoff America made in a Tijuana maquiladora by tequila sotted laborers who saw too many repeats of scenes of Rick's Cafe in CasablancaCasablanca and who then imported the whole mess to California on Custodio Sandoval Lopeztheir wet backs across the smelly sewer filled Tijuana River. It is America as shifty eyed little brown people, all on the make and take, who eye others for signs of weakness and opportunity. "Pssst, wanna buy some (fill in the blank) drugs, porno, hot watches, stolen cars? No problem, Amigo."

Need medical insurance? Don't be silly, that's for the old people, the white suckers. Just go to any hospital when you're sick, and the old people, the white citizens, will pay for your visit. Need food? Go to the charities. Need clothes. The charities will help. Auto insurance? That's for the gringos, Senor. Tiny rips in the fabric that is the American society are now turning into major tears in Israel Figuero MoralesCalifornia. What started as a little "compassionate" wink and nod to illegal aliens has now grown into a major rotting of the soul of America. A Third World mentality has now become institutionalized in California as U.S. citizens are made into second class citizens to non-citizens by their own public officials who vote for their non-citizen Mexican cousins over American citizens.

../Images/Orlando Castro NolascoAnd as this lawless world encroaches further and further into the formerly nice towns and cities of post-American America in California, we see the Father Cleaver familyKnows Best and the Leave it to Beaver families of pre-post-American America--the wide eyed and apple cheeked European-Americans who still try to live the old myths and who because of this, deny the new reality--move further and further away into new suburban Gustavo Martinez Giraldocommunities. "Oh, we're not moving because we don't like the people moving into our old neighborhoods," they beam, with pasted on idiot's smiles. "We just found this really nice home with the extra room we needed." And, sadly, many of those who are moving, have even deluded themselves into thinking that's why they're moving. Their conscious minds have often blocked out the real reasons why they're moving, because they can't stand the thought that they will, themselves, then evidence "racism" and Reynaldo Herrera Rodriguez"xenophobia" which they so often preach against, without even knowing why, other than it is the latest PTA rage. So, they move out of their browning old neighborhoods and into all white (except for a token this and that) brand new planned communities. Then, from those insulated locations behind the gates and next to the golf courses they often continue to rail against people who are just like them except these others have decided to fight the problems head on and try to reverse the downward spiral and destruction of this nation.

Rafael Resendez-RamirezSo, the Father Knows Best and the Leave it to Beaver families now live in a shrinking land of manicured lawns; and the blue bird of happiness sings to them each morning and they are self-contented. They hardly notice the newspaper reports of murders, burglaries and other problems in their old neighborhoods. And, if they do notice, they are emotionally disconnected from these problems and the human misery that has happened to other humans just like them. "white flight"Meanwhile, the Third World Mariano Villegasspreads ever closer to them, and then it becomes time to move again. And, they say,once again, "Oh, we're not moving because we don't like the people moving into our old neighborhoods. We just found this really nice home with the extra room we needed."

They believe this, even in the face of statistics that show that while they are still trying to uphold 1950's Americanism, the world has changed. Songs of innocent teen love have been replaced on the music charts with rap songs about killing 'homeless'Perry Masonwhitey. Maternity wards have been replaced with abortion clinics. People sleeping on sidewalks in the cities of post-American America are now as common as they once were in Calcutta. Murders are now so common, that murder mysteries no longer intrigue. This is America in decline.

Mario CastroThis decline didn't start with the events of September 11. It started long before then, but seeing buildings falling down after being hit by commercial airliners full of post-American American citizens still hasn't awakened similar families to the reality of post-American America. They look at the destruction of the World Trade Towers in New York as aberrations, and they fail to see that these events are symptomatic of the daily destruction of America.

What went wrong? You paid your taxes. You mowed your lawn. You tried to do the right thing. You scanned the skies for foreign enemies. Still, this wasn't enough. Evil crept into America and ate it alive from the inside out. You were told this by others, but you dismissed them as alarmists or racists or as bigots, and security barsthe evil grew and grew. Still, why didn't you notice the steel bars going up on houses in your neighborhood? Why didn't you notice the rising crime statistics? Why couldn't you put two and two together to understand that America--the America of legend--was essentially a European nation on a foreign shore? Why couldn't you understand that you were being manipulated to your destruction with hoary Hispanic child rapistchildish stories saying that "America is a nation of immigrants"? Weren't you bright enough to know that EVERY nation is a nation of immigrants and that humans have always moved from one place to another except when the people who had previously moved to that place, simply said, "You can't come in. We're here now, and we plan to make of this chunk of dirt what we want to make of it. Go someplace else"?

Salvador Chava Lopez LoyMaybe it was because it was an incremental slide to destruction. The flesh and bones of America were being picked a tiny piece at a time by vultures who knew they would be seen if they moved too fast, and they were unwilling to take on a healthy nation, so they waited until its soul was sick, introspective, dispirited and mewling and then they came in for the carrion.

Gray DavisIn post-America California we have a pencil necked governor whose shirt neck size must be about 10, and some wonder if maybe this itsy bitsy little neck simply isn't big enough to let a proper amount of oxygen rich blood get to this guy's brain so that he can think while upright, and not hanging from his feet in a belfry someplace. Maybe he spends so much time trying to keep his head from flopping over on to his shoulders, that he doesn't have time to make California a better state. Whatever. This guy just passed a bill giving illegal aliens low in-state tuition rates at California colleges, while still charging the much higher out of state tuition rates to American citizens who are unfortunate (or is it fortunate?) enough, Asuncion Gomez Guzmanto live outside the fools' Golden State. Soon, illegal aliens will have California driver's licenses. American citizenship is cheapened with each new day in the fools' Golden State of post-American America. And like a cancer, this evil that is growing is metastasizing and its spreading all across this land. So this then is how America shall end. Not by the actions of an external enemy, but from the enemy within.

Oscar Vargaspaper boyAnd out in the gated new communities where the Father Knows Best and the Leave it to Beaver families live, there is hardly a notice that the evil is getting closer. "Did you finish your paper route, Billy? Dress for dinner, dear, before father gets home from work."

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