Homo 'marriage'
by H. Millard (c) 2003

I start from the position that spreading one's genes is nature's way, and that every healthy living thing carries an internal command to have his/her genes dominate.

Jeremy KingstonLast week in Utah, Jeremy Kingston was arrested at a party he was having at his house for about 800 family members. Jeremy and the other Kingstons weren't doing anything illegal. They weren't making bombs. They weren't planning crimes. They're not terrorists. They were simply minding their own business and enjoying being with their family members in a wholesome family atmosphere. In fact, from all reports, it appears that Jeremy and his family are very religious, are hard workers, and try to live upstanding lives. Yet, the state barged in and arrested Jeremy right in front of his three wives and 17 children.

You start to see the problem.

Had Jeremy been married to a man, or maybe a sheep, there would have been no problem. Had Jeremy been involved in killing babies via abortion, there would have been no problem. Had Jeremy been an illegal alien, there would have been no problem. Jeremy, was simply minding his own business and living his peaceful life in accordance with his religion--which is really none of the state's business. But, that's what led to the problem. Jeremy Kingston practices plural marriage, or polygamy.

Green FamilyIt seems the state that implicitly encourages the killing of babies with abortions, and increasingly allows homosexual marriages or their same-sex equivalents, and which promotes genocide via miscegenation and massive non-white immigration, just can't stand to see people practice an American born, religiously oriented life style that actually results in people having more children as many believe God has commanded. And, apparently, in this case, more white children. Many more white children. Gobs of white children. White children without end. Little white kids all over the place like they're going out of style--which of course they are, in most places.

Understand right from the start that the fact that these folks are white was not part of the arrest or even part of the story, as far as I know. However, this story may inadvertently offer important lessons for the survival of white people (or any other minority people) in a hostile world. There is also a possible tangential nexus to earlier religious teachings that makes bringing this up relevant.

I don't know all the beliefs of Jeremy's church, which is an offshoot of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) and which is officially called the Latter-Day Church of Christ. Apparently to avoid persecution, the church is secretive. Who can blame them? Our local, state, and federal governments are controlled by people who want to impose their religious beliefs, their social views, and their what's-happening-now sensitivities on others via the laws that have often been written and enforced based on the religious biases of those who write and enforce them. My guess, however, is that Jeremy's church probably practices the type of Mormonism that the present mainstream Mormon Church has increasingly moved away from in order to be PC.

A fairly recent example of a doctrine that the mainstream Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has changed involves the priesthood. Up until this change, non-whites could be members of the church, but weren't allowed to hold the priesthood. This was based on the original doctrines and revelations of Joseph Smith who founded the church. The effect of this doctrine was that the church remained mostly white. Then, a few years ago, when anti-racism became all the rage, a church leader suddenly had a convenient revelation that non-whites could hold the priesthood. This has led to an increase in Mormon missionary activity in Third World nations and a darkening of the church's membership. It's also a reason why there are more and more Third World problems and illegal alien criminals in Utah.

Again, as far as I know, this latest convenient PC revelation about race doesn't have anything to do Jeremy's case, and Jeremy and many, or all, Kingstons might disagree with suggestions that there might be a lesson for white people in this matter. However, if, in fact, as many surmise, Jeremy and his clan follow earlier Mormon beliefs in all regards, including not allowing non-whites to hold the priesthood, then it's probably just a matter of time before some anti-racist crackpot screams racism in order to try to destroy the clan.

The official reason given by the state for grabbing Jeremy was incest. This seems to be preferred way to grab polygamists in Utah these days where there are still many polygamists, and where many of the most prominent people in the state are descended from earlier polygamists, and where the issue is still touchy. In the Kingstons' church it is apparently common, and may be part of their doctrines, for cousins to marry. Jeremy married a first cousin. She became his fourth wife and bore him two children. Then, as with many marriages, something went sour in the relationship and this cousin/wife left Jeremy and dropped a dime on him with the state.

So, the charge of incest was brought. However, it would be naive to think that plural marriage--polygamy--isn't part of the mix.

The official belief in plural marriages fell by the wayside for mainstream Mormons a century ago. Back then, the Mormons were seeking statehood for Utah, but bigots across the country were up in arms about polygamy, and the Mormons were being physically attacked and were being smeared left and right so that statehood was being withheld. Then, a Mormon leader had a convenient PC revelation that plural marriage--even though it had been practiced by Joseph Smith and Brigham Young--(the two Mr. Bigs of Mormonism)--was no longer allowed. Some Mormons truly accepted the change in doctrine. Some others just went along with the revelation in order to stop the persecution. Some others didn't accept the revelation, but pretended they did, and remained in the mainstream church and went underground to practice their religion in secret as do others in persecuted religions. All seemed to understand that religious freedom really means that you must at least pretend to conform to the current orthodoxy pushed by the state, and can only differ on minor matters.

However, there were others who believed that church leaders were weak and wrong and were leading Mormons astray. They contended that if Joseph Smith's teachings were valid and were from God, that they were still valid and were still from God, no matter what people of other religions might think or what others might try to impose on them and no matter what later convenient revelations said. They believed that they were doing God's work by following what Joseph Smith revealed to them. So, over the years, various Mormons who felt this way, split off from the main body of Mormons and founded their own churches where they held to the original teachings of Smith. The Kingston family--now so large that the term family has given way to "clan"--is one of the groups that split with main stream Mormonism; reportedly in the 1930's.

Our world has gotten so nutty that Jeremy wouldn't have been in trouble had he done the anti-nature (can't procreate) act of marrying a man. Yet, society seems to feel that a man marrying more than one woman (which maximizes procreation) is a problem and that those who do it need to be arrested.

Jeremy and his clan need to get with the program. This is, after all, the 21st Century. This is post-American America. Today, you can do whatever you want in your own bedroom, so long as it's with someone of the same sex, or something of a different species, and you can have non-traditional marriages so long as they don't involve polygamy and so-called incest. Same sex marriages also keep the population low, as those in such relationships find it particularly difficult to reproduce. God, or nature, hasn't been very PC in this regard.

What about the incest part of this story about Jeremy? The word sounds worse than what seems to be happening in Jeremy's church. Apparently, in the Latter-Day Church of Christ, marrying cousins is not a problem. In a 1999 incest case, that is similar to the present one, involving one of Jeremy's relatives named David Orell Kingston, the judge said, "If a child is conceived in that relationship (between cousins), it faces a greater risk of being born with birth defects, mental retardation, et cetera." Well, yes and no.

If both parents carry dominant genes for a certain characteristic (whether a good characteristic or a bad characteristic) then the characteristic will be passed on to their offspring. Thus, if both parents both carry only dominant genes for retardation--which means that both parents are also retarded--their children will be retarded. If the parents carry dominant and recessive versions of genes for a certain characteristic, including retardation, then the probabilities of passing on the characteristic are less.

Cousins or other close relatives who marry, have a greater chance of passing on characteristics than unrelated people because there is a higher probability that they will have inherited the same recessive genes from a common ancestor. This isn't necessarily bad. If both parents carry, by way of example, recessive genes for a genius level I.Q. there is a greater chance of this being passed on. It is the same with all other characteristics, including skin color, hair color and type, eye color, body shape and all the millions of other characteristics that make each of us, us and our families, our families. Marriage between cousins just increases the chance that family characteristics, whether they are good or bad, will be passed on. It is a common misconception that mating with close relatives is the cause of birth defects just because they are close relatives. This is nonsense. The closeness of relationship has nothing to do with it..

Dog, cat, and horse breeders, to name but three examples, often mate closely related animals in order to have offspring with some desirable characteristic or other. With dogs and cats, this often involves trying to start a new breed with some interesting characteristic such as a type of fur or shape of head or other physical feature. With horses, it usually involves trying to breed a faster horse. How difficult is it to start such a new breed of dog or cat (or human) or to breed a faster horse? Not very. You just have to find males and females with the characteristic you want to breed for and breed them. Then breed their offspring that also have that characteristic, but not the ones that don't, and keep going that way until finally you end up with a breed that will breed true for that characteristic.

It works that way with humans, also. Think Swedish blondes or red haired Scots.

So, how have polygamy and "incest" worked out for the Kingstons? Have they become a family of retarded hicks? Hardly. According to news reports, many family members are lawyers, accountants, and other professionals, and the clan has a business empire estimated to be worth around $150 million dollars that is spread across several Western states. Furthermore, the Kingstons appear to be doing what they believe God wants them to do. Including multiplying. And, while they may not state it this way, or think in these terms--the Kingston genes are dominating other genes, simply because they're having so many Kingston babies, while many people who don't believe as they do, are having fewer babies.

Meanwhile, many "with-it" people in our society who gobble up whatever the state says, are living meaningless, empty, purposeless lives as dead ends in their family lines and are having few or no children or are mating with people who do not share their genes and are thus destroying their families as the term was originally intended.

Some Kingstons may eventually dance on the graves of those who are persecuting them. It is not those with the most toys who win when they die, but those with the most children.

The Kingstons started as a family. They've grown to a clan. If they keep going, they may become a tribe, and then a nation. This is exactly how nations grew in history before nations became groups of unrelated people who happened to live in a certain geographic area.

It may be that polygamy is a good survival technique in a world gone mad. Check back in a couple of hundred years and see if you seem to be running into a heck of a lot of people named Kingston.

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