Miss America Katie Harman of Oregon
by H. Millard (c) 2001

ver since the 1960's, Miss America Pagent winners have been in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York.

This year, however, the parade organizers have asked Miss Universe, Denise Quinones, to be in the parade instead of Miss America, Katie Harman. Notice anything about those names? Right. Miss Universe is a light brown skinned, brown eyed, brown haired Hispanic from Puerto Rico. Miss America is a white skinned, blue eyed, blond European-American from Oregon.

In answer to the many rumors and questions surrounding the break with about forty years of tradition, parade organizers have denied a rumor that Donald Trump, a co-owner of the Miss Universe Organization, pulled strings for Ms. Quinones and have said that the Miss America Organization failed to contact Macy's until it was too late. It was also said that Macy's, which had opened a store in Puerto Rico last year, liked the idea that Quinones was from Puerto Rico and wanted her in the parade.

Okay, that may be all there is to it. Maybe it had nothing to do with race or ethnicity. Still, it is such a major break with tradition and such an insult to Miss America that it does raise questions in many people's minds as to whether the real reason for the switch is simply that Miss. America is too white for Macy's and for post-American America.

Imagine, for a moment, that Miss America were black instead of white. You know there would be a massive outcry about racism from the black community if she were replaced by Ms. Quinones. So, why isn't there such an outcry from the white community? White community? There is no real "white community." There are only geneotype-alienated, individual whites, many of whom are aracial drones who have little consciousness of who or what they are. Oh, hell, don't get me going on that. I've written extensively about the subject of these mewling and disgusting aracial drones in other columns.

However, in a column I wrote a couple of years ago about the blending of Betty Crocker, I explored this replacing of whites with non-whites in greater detail, and because that column may not have been seen by readers of the present column, I've made a couple of minor changes to it and include it here as part of the present column.


Animal Farm PigIn George Orwell's Animal Farm, the animals put a Constitution on the back wall of the barn where all could read it, and thus be assured, in so reading, that their rights were protected. However, each night the evil pigs would sneak in and change a few words here and a few there, so that as time went on, the Constitution that had said that all animals were equal was changed so that the pigs were more equal than other animals and got special favors.

The pigs' plan worked because the rest of the animals were slow witted and didn't catch on to the subtle and incremental changes in the Constitution. Soon the pigs were in charge and they imposed their world view on all the animals. The pigs lived much better lives than the other animals, but the other animals were kept happy with the equivalent of crumbs from the pigs' table. The pigs, through the use of clever words and terms, were able to manipulate the rest of the animals to do the bidding of the pigs.

In many ways, things similar to what happened in Animal Farm are happening in our society. The examples of this would fill volumes, but this being real life, as opposed to fiction, there are always minor variations on the fictional theme. These minor variations, since they aren't always mirror images of the fictional situations often confuse those not capable of critical thinking into believing that they could never be manipulated as were the animals in the story. In fact, however, we are faced with even more ominous permutations to this incremental changing of words and images than were seen in Orwell's book.

Sure we see our rights being trampled on and taken away much as in Animal Farm, but in Animal Farm the animals were at least allowed to remain as they were, and it wasn't their essential natures that was being denied them. Not so with us in post-American America. While many patriots are spending all their efforts in fighting against such things as gun control, the real danger is not in losing their guns, but in losing who and what they truly are. Gun control pales in comparison to gene control, and that's what seems to be going on as some people seem to be intent on ridding the world of the present races of man in favor of a blended new human which we can call the Tan Everyman (you won't hear this term used by those who are pushing for it, of course).

One example of images being changed from what they were to something different can be seen with Betty Crocker, the fictional character used by General Mills on certain of its products. Now, no one is suggesting that General Mills is behind any efforts at blending people, but when society as a whole starts to push any concept--such as blending--then commercial firms such as General Mills are quick to change their own images in order to sell more products, and this gives us, at least in this case, an easy to see example of the blending of America that is going on.

Betty CrockerBetty Crocker, as you may remember, used to be a light haired, blue eyed, white skinned European looking woman. Now, Betty has been blended. The Neo-Melting Pot beckoned and Betty was pushed in. Blended away were those now unfashionable European features. Betty has become multi-racial and is now a Tan Everywoman...the new model human that seems to be the goal of the Blenders (of course, they don't call themselves that, and there's no membership in any group that they all belong to, but the Blenders are united in and by a common world view).

Take a look at the new Betty on packages of cake mix and you'll see at least one version of the Tan Everywoman that some people seem to be trying to create on the American continent through all means possible.

But, Betty Crocker is fiction. What's going on in the real world? All the propagandists and tyrants' tricks are on display in the attempt to create this Tan Everywoman and Tan Everyman. I have written about other aspects of this in other columns, but for now simply consider the present immigration policies of this nation. Those who control immigration appear to be treating different peoples like ingredients in a recipe. "Oh, it's still too white, throw in some black...no, that's too much, add a little yellow...hmmm...a pinch more brown...no...add a little red." European immigration to America is minimal--there are still too many Europeans here, for the tastes of the Blenders--so third world immigration is encouraged.

As illustrated with the new blended BettyCrocker, the Tan Everywoman isn't quite this and not quite that. She's a white, black, brown, red, yellow, blend.

"Aunt Jemima"To develop the new blended Betty, General Mills took photos of 75 different women of all ethnicities and digitally blended the women's photos together, apparently taking the best features of all. They then sent the result to a painter to complete the blending. The result was the new very PC, multi-racial Betty. According to news reports, Tan Everywoman Betty's teeth and eyes are primarily from an African-American woman from Orange County California. Betty's skin color is a sort of Hispanic brown. Her hair is straight and black and might be from an Asian or Hispanic or maybe a Native American. There's something vaguely European with a touch of Asian about her bone structure, however, as though the Blenders started with a basic European model and then added some darkness to the skin and widened the nose a little, and just tweaked this or that feature a little. Because Betty's creators had absolute control over the final result, the attractive and friendly looking multi-racial Betty is probably an ideal that will rarely be achieved in real life.

It's interesting to note that the Nazis were often excoriated for their alleged attempts to breed perfect (as they defined the term) human beings, but the present breeding attempt with a different, post-American America PC version of perfection is largely ignored or thought to be benign. The truth, however, is that many of the same people who are often heard to tout "diversity" don't really want diversity at all, they just want a conformity of genes, religion and society. The Brave New World dreamed of by the Blenders will apparently be peopled by Tan Everyperson drones who all look, think and act alike. Have you ever thought that the people of, say, Japan all look remarkably alike? Wait until the Blenders get finished first with the U.S. and then with the whole planet.

Ambush at Ruby RidgeDoes this conclusion seem a little over drawn? Those who believe that this is what is going on could point to many examples as evidence of this blending attempt and some would suggest that we should consider the actions of the federal government at Ruby Ridge as one small scene in the attempt to force a Tan Everyman orthodoxy on America.

As you may remember, a small army of Feds attacked the Weaver family in their own home. What was the real crime of Randy Weaver that caused the Feds to take the actions that eventually led to the killing of Randy's 14 year old son and Mrs.Weaver?

Was it all about a sawed off shotgun? That was the excuse used by the Feds. But why send in all those troops and snipers and helicopters and tanks over such a relatively minor thing? It just doesn't make sense to those who see something bigger and more sinister in the actions of the Feds. That is, unless you consider the Weavers' beliefs, as the real reason for the attack.

And just what were the Weavers' beliefs? They apparently believed that the races should not be blended, but should remain different, as God, in their view, intended. Their beliefs, they would no doubt tell you, are grounded in their religious views and not in hatred, as is portrayed in much of the compliant me-too media. In other words, the Weavers and others who believe as they do,were and are actually proponents for true diversity, if I understand their views correctly.

Unfortunately,this made those with such beliefs a target for the Blenders, and it was just a series of coincidences, and the whipping up of public hysteria by anti-white bigots that caused the Feds to set up Randy and send in a small army to attack this particular family minding its own business, rather than some other white separatists. The Blenders wanted to set an example of what happens when you dare to challenge the current Tan Everyman orthodoxy, and the Weavers were the example. The message was comply and conform politically, socially, religiously and genetically, or die.

Why do the Blenders believe that a Tan Everyman is a desirable goal for mankind? Because, they believe that there are no real differences between the races anyway and if observable seeming differences can be erased, that potential racial conflicts can be avoided. After all, it's hard to feel allegiance to any particular racial group if you are a blend of all of them.

sheepleSo, certain Blenders want all the sheep...er..."all the good sensitive forward looking" people to line up and jump in the Neo-Melting Pot, and take a giant leap for the new humanity.

Big BrotherNow, if the impression has been given above that there is some sort of Blender Fuhrer along with smoke filled rooms of conspirators, dispel that belief. All it takes is a few powerful and active true believers in Blending to get the ball rolling, and then with the right propaganda, many more people will soon develop a vague positive belief that what the Blenders want is good. . This is the way it is with many mass movements as the few true believers--often called the vanguard--manipulate people around to the views held by the true believers.

Far fetched? Look around you in our society and see if you don't see lots of seemingly unrelated little things that add up to the creation of a Tan Everyman. For starters, take a look at your box of Betty Crocker Cake Mix.

multiracialThe real battle in this world may be shaping up as one between those who want to blend all peoples together, and those people, of all races, who don't want to be blended and who will resist the blending and the homogenizing of mankind, in order to preserve what they may believe is their unique and valuable genotype.

Perhaps in the future we'll see little groups of people fighting against the conformity demanded by the Blenders.Will we even see people disguising themselves as Tan Everymen so they can try to pass as something other than they really are?

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