Great Depression

World monetary markets, which have watched nervously as the U.S. industrial output has declined for ten months in a row, were shaken this week by news that the U.S. has now experienced the biggest decline in business sales in nine years.

There now appears to be a world wide full-blown lack of confidence in the U.S. economy, and this caused Wednesday's sell off of the U.S. dollar around the world. The sell off caused the dollar to lose more than 1 per cent against the euro, the yen and the pound.

Analysts also believe that all the negative numbers may see the U.S. second quarter growth figures revised to show a decline, and this would put the U.S. on the brink of a recession, which will further weaken the dollar against foreign currencies.

Why is the U.S. seeing this bad economic news? Well, talk of amnesty, by that or any other name, is helping give money markets, which look for stability, the jitters. The U.S. dollar which was once the rock solid currency in the world, because it was the product of a rock solid U.S., is now seen as being vulnerable to third world problems as the third world continues its invasion of the U.S. homeland, and destabilizes the U.S.

Monetary stability goes hand in hand with social stability, and both are first world characteristics. The first world is made the first world by reason of its people, just as the third world is made as it is by its people.

Although in our current dark age of social intimidation it's not considered polite to discuss problems, including economic problems, in terms of people; to do otherwise is to often miss the root causes of the problems. The reality of human existence is that problems we have as humans can't usually be divorced from humans, even though many people try to deny the impact of humans on human problems, in an attempt to head off any charges of "racism."

Most of our problems in the U.S. today are completely entwined with humans. Daily, we see the first world U.S. being swamped with third world people, and this is causing a racheting down of the first world U.S. Even such a large first world nation as the U.S. can only absorb so many third world people before it switches from being the absorber to the absorbed. Although many Americans ignorantly and arrogantly believe that there is something ennobling and uplifting that magically occurs when people come to the U.S. and that the present "immigrants" will become as previous waves of immigrants, this is a dangerously naive view of human nature. It also fails to note that prior waves of immigrants were primarily Europeans and were already virtually identical to prior waves of Europeans who had come here, except in superficial things such as language and national cultures. The third world immigrants invading the U.S. today, are far different from previous European immigrants, and analogies based on misguided "No Irish need apply" sentiments from the past are specious.

The U.S. is now teetering dangerously close to becoming an absorbed nation, and instead of showing a political will to reverse the decline, the world is seeing just the opposite from the Bush administration.

Why is our industrial input dropping? Because the factories are leaving the U.S. for the third world. At the same time the U.S.. has been exporting our factories, it's been importing factory level people from Mexico and points south. And what do these imported low level workers do when they get to a deindustrialized U.S? They loiter on street corners trying to make a few bucks doing menial jobs. And, their increasing numbers--supported by big business and big labor--is causing a depression in wages of American citizens who are losing their buying power to buy the things that the decreasing number of factories produce.

In other words, decreasing industrial output and falling sales are the natural and early outcome of this transformation of the U.S. into a third world nation. Still to come will be a massive social upheaval as the new "immigrants" realize that they are being kept in a permanent state of poverty by the very people who they thought were their friends--the big business moguls and the big labor bosses. There will come a day, if present trends continue, when the present day immigrants and their relatives will revolt against the system, which will mostly have white elites at the top of the establishment pyramid and the new, dark skinned immigrants at the bottom. Caught in the middle will be the white middle class that is shunned by the white elites and victimized by the dark skinned immigrants who see the white middle class as the same as the elite white class.

In fact, we're seeing the white elites--think George Bush--leap frogging right over the white middle class to pander to the dark skinned third worlders.

The "work hard and you can be anything you want, because this is America" cliché will come to be seen, by many dark skinned new immigrants, as a formula for keeping the vast majority of new immigrants content in menial work. This will be so, because unlike in prior days when most of the immigrants coming to the U.S. were European and looked exactly like those at the top, the new immigrants don't look like most of those at the top. Earlier European immigrants, even if they really were consigned to menial jobs for life, found it easy to internalize the myth that they could rise to the top--if only they worked harder or if only they didn't lack some "spark." After all, weren't the people at the top just like them?

Of course there is an alternate ending to the U.S. that is possible: All the white people can simply become so "un-racist" and unconcerned about their survival as a people, that they all mate with non-whites and thereby obliterate the white race.

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