Friedrich Nietzche
SICKNESS OF THE SOUL by H. Millard (c) 2001


Don't look for many whites to stand on rooftops and, with fists held high against an uncaring universe, boldly shout the above, or variations thereof. Instead, look for whites to be hiding over in the shadows and corners whimpering as though they are human versions of beaten dogs:apologetic white rat

"i'm sorry. i didn't mean that.
i apologize. don't hurt me again.
i'll do what you want. i'll be small.
i'm nothing. yes, you're right.
i'm wrong, as always."

"The reality of white life in post-American America, and the rest of the post-white world, is that so many whites have become brow beaten by the non-white peoples and their white supporters that one might not even be challenged for characterizing the white race as the two legged mouse race. Too many whites are afraid to be as they essentially can be. All the physical attacks and violence, including murder, being done to white people these days worldwide, by non-whites, is the natural result of the sickness in the white soul. Whites are afraid to defend themselves against nonwhite physical and even verbal attacks. Whites, as lemmings (c) 1988 by Beattiea people, are so dispirited that it often seems that whites would like nothing more than to march lemming-like into the ocean and be done with the struggle to be and the battle to survive.

And, in looking for the source of this soul sickness, whites really have to blame their fellow whites more than non-whites, because it is whites, themselves, who go through their lives like mewling, cowering mice fearful of the slightest thing. But there's more to this sickness of the soul than whites scurrying to find "Death Wish"shadows in corners to hide in lest they be seen for being white. There also seems to be a racial death wish among many whites that has become a part of their psyches. This death wish is seen in a lack of authentic life among many whites. These whites extol the anemic non-virtues of death, non-being, and contraction over the vibrant and tumultuous virtues of life, being, and expansion. It as though whites are old and tired as a race, and are ready to die.
We might say that their life quotient is low.

At a commencement speech at Portland State University a couple of years ago, then President Bill Clinton inadvertently demonstrated how pervasive this sickness of the soul in white people had become in this nation, when he gushed with seeming great joy "Today, largely because of immigration, there is no majority race in Hawaii or Houston or New York City. And, in a little more than 50 years, there will be no [white] majority race in the United States." The fact that Mr. Clinton, was almost deliriously happy that there would be fewer of his kind of people--white people--as a proportion of the population showed that here was a man whose soul was terminally sick. Mr. Clinton, it may also be remembered, only had one child, which is a further indication of the soul sickness among whites who are physically able to have more children but who choose not to bring [white] life into the world. One can imagine that Mr. Clinton would have been even happier had he been saying that he was the last white person in the country.

Part of the sickness of the soul among whites is the denial that they are even part of a distinct people at all. Of course whites such as Bill Clinton, can gleefully talk about their fellow whites no longer being in a majority, because people like Mr. Clinton only see white peoplehood as something to be overcome. It is as though they believe that their original sin was being born white, and the white stain must be removed, if not in their own bodies (because it won't wash off), then by making sure that they don't bring any more white life into existence. And if these soul sick whites do bring some white life into existence--their children--they then Cuba Gooding Jr. and pregnant wife Saratry to indoctrinate this new white life into either having no, or few, white children or even better (in their often subconscious views) to satisfy the mating urge by mating with non-whites and having nonwhite children. These white people with this sickness of the soul are not only personally life denying;
they are entire people denying.

One can often see the difference, in life affirmation or life denial, among different peoples today, by traveling from primarily white communities to primarily nonwhite communities. The contrast is striking. In most nonwhite communities, the streets teem with human life. It's a jumble of people rushing here and there and enjoying the sheer pleasure of being alive. Go to a white community and you'll seldom see people living this way Instead, you'll often see antiseptic and sterile communities with few children and little real bubbling life. It wasn't always this way among whites, and in the past, before birth control and a pervasive life denying attitude, the streets of the developed world would be teeming with white life. Now, however, the white race largely seems to have gone to an old-age-home-in-the-brain where they would rather simply die off as a people than struggle and expand.

Instead of boldness, too many whites have become timid. Instead of expansiveness, they've become contracting. Instead of looking outward and facing each day with an inborn joy, they have become introspective. They have become a people that is afraid to laugh out loud and just be. They have become their own censors. It seems each word they utter must be put through a PC filter, lest they say something that might offend non-whites.

It may be that this soul sickness has existed as a strain, or perhaps as a recessive trait, for thousands of years, but in the past, it was overcome as a dominant trait in the white population by a growing population. There wasn't time to sit around in the old-age-home-in-the-brain, thinking of the past, when you had twelve mouths to feed. You just lived, and you did it with gusto and vigor. You didn't spend your time in worry about being un-PC. You just lived your life to the fullest of your ability.

Interestingly, it now seems that it is some non-whites who apparently see this sickness in the white soul more easily than many whites. Or, perhaps it's just a matter that non-whites aren't afraid to write about such things, since they are less fearful of being called, racists, bigots and similar terms that are used to beat whites into silence, whenever they dare to actually think white.

Walter WilliamBlack economist and columnist Walter Williams has even come up with a certificate of amnesty for whites so they can stop feeling guilty about being white ( And although Williams frames his argument in terms of white "liberals," it is not just liberal whites who have the underlying sickness of the soul that has led so many whites to seek non-being over being. Many conservative whites are also in the death grip of this white death culture. This is often seen in the things that prominent conservative whites won't talk about. The three major no-nos of many prominent conservative whites are race, immigration, and the Holocaust. To listen to some of these prominent conservatives is to hear them sound bold about safe issues. It's as though they're shouting, "I'm for mom and apple pie," and I don't care who minds.

David A. YeagleyAmerican Indian David A. Yeagley, who is also a humanities professor at Oklahoma State University in Oklahoma City, was the subject of a column by Richard Poe, on David Horowitz's Front Page (www.frontpagemag) entitled "A Comanche Patriot Tries to Save the White Man." Yeagley is quoted as saying "As an Indian, I feel it is my sacred honor to save the white man again, this time, from himself. White guilt is the biggest flaw in the American psyche.

"Poe writes that "As a Comanche, Yeagley feels no guilt over his ancestors' deeds. 'They were the lords of the south plains. They kicked out all the other Indians. They had no tolerance for other Indians, no tolerance for white people, no tolerance for anybody except themselves.'"

Yeagley believes that white Americans have failed to instill the fighting spirit in their young. POE recounts how Yeagley assigned his class to debate whether or not patriotism should be taught in school. After a long discussion, the students voted that it shouldn't be taught. According to Yeagley, the reason given by the white students for not wanting to teach patriotism was that "They were afraid that [white] skinheads and [white] militia people would somehow get control of it.

"In another column by Yeagley, himself, Mr. Yeagley tells about one of his white students who he calls Rachel. It seems that Rachel told Yeagley that her race [the white race] is nothing. After class, an older white student whispered to Yeagley that he didn't want Rachel on his team. And, Yeagley writes that he understood what the older white student meant, because Yeagley wouldn't want Rachel on his team either, because "A woman who won't be true to her own people certainly won't be true to someone else's."

"In "Celebrate (White) Diversity" a recent column ( by Izzy Lyman who describes herself as the daughter of Costa Rican immigrants, Ms. Lyman writes that she wants to empower white people.

Isabell Lyman"Quit allowing 'victimized' minorities to marginalize you, writes Ms. Lyman. "Use your First Amendment right to challenge taxpayer-funded reparations, quotas, bilingual education, and the other foolishness that divides us. And, if you get smeared as reactionary conservatives who disdain immigrants, well, so what? You are far more complex and compassionate than the stereotype. You have a legacy, roots, and a national identity to preserve and champion." Ms. Lyman then continues on with her praise of white people, in ways that few whites, these days, would dare to do.

The real question is whether or not whites, as a people, will be able to heal themselves from their soul sickness. This type of healing has to begin with an understanding that one is sick. Without an understanding that one is sick, no healing will occur. If, however, whites do understand that they, as a people, are soul sick, then the healing can start and it can be transforming. With true soul healing will come new boldness and vigor, and a new way of looking at existence, and a renewal of the people.

Mother and BabyOne of the signs that such a healing is happening will be
an increase in the current low white birthrate. This is so, because,
the life quotient, and the health of any creature's soul is closely related to that creature's birth rate.
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    "Dear Mr. Millard,
    I enjoyed reading your article Sickness of the soul. Can you include this craze for suntanning as another evidence for the white people being ashamed of their skin? Also i am happy that through my book some people might see this side of Nietzche too! Wishing you lots of joy and health". - Roya Monajem
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