"His Master's Voice"
by H. Millard (c) 2001

Who will fill all the jobs being vacated by U. S. reservists being called up to fight terrorism? Who will fill the lonely nights of the women left behind? Who will illegal alienreplace U.S. servicemen who are killed in
fighting? While our servicemen are over there singing "Hey, Mr. Taliban, tally me some Bin Ladens, day light come and me want to go home," who will be doing here, what they used to be doing here? Could it be illegal aliens in each case?

These illegal aliens aren't going to fight on foreign shores. They're staying behind where it's nice and cozy. It'll be American citizens who will be dying to protect the illegal alien way of life in the U.S. While American servicemen go away to fight to avenge the September 11,
attacks on American soil; attacks that should and would not have happened had the U.S. not been meddling in the affairs of people way around the planet, the illegal aliens will keep flowing into this country to fill the vacuum, left by citizens. And, of course, the Mexican government is behind our fight, way behind--the way some wimp on the school yard is behind some other kid, who is fighting a bully--"Hey, I'm right behind you.Go get him!"

Of course the kid behind, is just a mouth fighter and only talks big. Thus, the Mexican government released a statement saying that it makes its "most energetic and unequivocal rejection of the atrocious terrorist attacks." What the hell is that Jorge Castañeda supposed to mean? Mexico's lefty Foreign Minister, Jorge Castaneda apparently cleared up the Mexican government's statement when he said the other day that "we are not going to give them (the U.S.) military support." He also reiterated a statement made earlier by Mexico's Defense Secretary Clemente Vega Garcia that "Mexico's army...is an institution with the resources necessary to protect Mexico's sovereignty and guarantee national security." Great. Mexico's Army is doing in Mexico what the U. S. Army should be doing in this country--protecting OUR borders--not playing noble policeman to the rest of the world.

MissionaryWhat's with the U.S.? Are we a nation of neurotic latter day missionaries who think it's our duty to bring our version of civilization to the rest of the world, the way earlier missionaries civilized the American Indians by giving them our
haircuts, our breeches and our religion? Are we so arrogant to think that our ways are the best ways and that God has called us to help the "poor natives," wherever they may be found? Are we stuck with leaders who think that they are some sort of collective Lord Jim? Haven't we learned that most of the world considers us to be the Ugly Americans, because of this Lord Jim fantasy? The "natives" on those muddy streets aren't lifting us on their shoulders and smiling those innocent little native smiles because they think we're Gods, but because money is falling out of our pockets, and they're laughing at us.

And, what's with our political mumbling class with this silly talk about the September 11 attacks being "attacks on freedom"? What a bunch of crap. They were no such thing. People don't attack freedom. They attack those who they think are their enemies. We were attacked because we were seen to be the enemies of Arabs, and friends of those who attack Arabs. Such stupid statements coming from our government are an insult to anyone with more that a two digit I.Q. because they are such clearly manufactured PR slogans dreamed up by someone in government who figures the American people are mostly Pavlov's dogclustered under the center of the Bell Curve and will respond like Pavlov's dogs to the right stimulus presented in a simplistic way.

Well, I suspect that most citizens want our government to do the right thing and attack the people who blew up
our buildings and our citizens, but I also suspect IRA muralthat most citizens aren't salivating at the sounds that some in this administration are making, about a worldwide war on terrorism. What the hell does a worldwide war on terrorism even mean? One side's terrorists are the other side's heroes. The British call the IRA terrorists. The IRA calls the Brits terrorists. Shall we help Britain fight the IRA, or should we help the IRA fight the British who are occupying Ireland?

There isn't a nation in the world that doesn't have some terrorists (according to the governnment of the moment) within its borders. The people in power call those who want to be in power, "terrorists" in the same off handed way that someone says "Pass the sugar please." And what the hell is terrorism, but warfare by other means? Terrorism isn't an ideology or a philosophy; it's the way that those who feel they have no other way to fight, fight. If we fly up above the clouds and carpet bomb a country, are we less terrorists, really, than some guy who straps a bomb to his body and blows up himself and those he thinks are his enemies? The guy with the bomb strapped to his body, would probably much prefer to keep his hands clean, stay alive, and anonymously drop his bombs from above the clouds too, but he doesn't have the planes to do so.

The point, here, is not to justify terrorism but to ask that our government stop with the silly clichés and slogans and hire some new copy writers who can put an honest message out to the public. Why is this important? Because when people internalize the wrong message, such as the aforementioned and over broad statement "it was an attack on freedom," they may then be easily manipulated to do things that may be wrong for the nation in the long run. In fact, the attacks on September 11, were not attacks on freedom. They were attacks on two specific targets. The World Trade Towers represented American business and wealth, that the attackers apparently believe is buying the bullets and bombs that are being used
against them in their own countries. The Pentagon was an obvious military target.

Viet Nam Memorial WallPresident Bush said that Americans must make sacrifices. That's easy for him to say. He doesn't have to fight for a fair wage in a nation where Bush's big business pals want to hire illegal aliens under the table instead of American citizens. He doesn't have to face illegal alien criminals on the streets each day. And, speaking of sacrifices, why doesn't Mr. Bush get his daughters out of the bars and into uniforms? Send them to fight. And, why the hell can't our military patrol our borders and make our nation safe, instead of gallivanting around the damn planet? Isn't it time that Americans rethought their priorities so that we can keep our nation the best place on the planet to live? Isn't it time we stopped letting our "leaders" manipulate us with stupid slogans so that we die in foreign wars? Isn't it time we protected our own interests?

And, isn't it time we got rid of the idea that we are somehow superior to everyone else and that we must therefore go save them from themselves? Certainly we must strike back at those who attacked American buildings on September 11, but we must also start acting in the best interests of American citizens, and not put Americans in harm's way for some theoretical world-wide war on terrorism, that Americans alone will be fighting. Will we let some sort of knee jerk reaction cause us to put our soldiers in danger every time some two-bit dictator whines that his opposition is composed of terrorists?

What should America's military be doing? Guarding our borders. What should "Shoot to Kill"our government be doing? Stopping all immigration to the U.S. We don't need more immigrants, thank you. We can grow from our own normal internal growth. It's called births. Why aren't we doing these things? Because we've internalized some earlier stupid PR cliches including the one about "being a nation of immigrants." The reality is that EVERY nation is a nation of immigrants. Various peoples have moved over the face of the Earth ever since there were people. This does not mean, however, that when people settle on land, that they must thereafter let everyone else move in with them, just because they who have settled on the land came to that land from elsewhere themselves.

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