Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumb
by H. Millard (c) 2001

"There are now millions of murderers, bank robbers and other criminals in our country," said one leading Democrat politician. "These are hard working people. It's not easy being a murderer or a bank robber, and we need to reward them for their hard work and not treat them like second class citizens. In fact, we need to encourage more murderers and bank robbers to run for public office, and in that way they can help end the wide spread discrimination they face."

Not to be outdone in the hunt for votes, a leading GOP politician stated that he believes the AIDS virus should be given the vote. "It's time we rejected the mean spirited attitude of those who say bad things about the AIDS virus," said the politician. "We want to show the AIDS virus that the GOP is inclusive and has a big tent, so we welcome the AIDS virus."

Absurd? Not really. The above exaggerations are being used here to make the point that our present two party system is evil to the core and both parties are only interested in getting as many votes as possible. America and Americans be damned. The two major parties are now courting the vote of those who openly or tacitly support illegal aliens and who want to bring in an amnesty for millions of these criminals who have broken our laws just by their presence in this country. And, no, I'm not comparing illegal aliens to the AIDS virus, but the comparison to murderers and bank robbers--as law breakers--is valid.

Countless millions of Americans went to war to preserve the American way of life. Untold hundreds of thousands died in the cause since the founding of this nation. Sadly, all their sacrifices and deaths may have been in vain, as the American way of life is now being sold out to the Mexican way of life.

The problem we have in this nation, at this time, is precisely because of the two party system which, in order to survive, has to pander. It has caused the two parties to be copies of each other and to both scramble after the greatest number of votes they can find. This means that they will ignore the killing of babies to go after the pro-abortion votes (but that's for another column), and they'll ignore the fact that our nation is being invaded from the south, in order to go after the votes of the invaders.

The situation is a little like what might we might have seen in Europe had the Germans been a little smarter. Instead of sending their armies into France, they could have simply walked across the border by the millions, and then demanded that they have the vote. Once they had the vote, they could have voted out the French and install Germans at all levels of government. France would have become German, just as America is now becoming Mexican.

Both major parties are whores and neither one has any principle beyond trying to keep the elites in the parties in office. They don't care if America is destroyed, so long as they stay in office and get nice salaries and perks (such as plenty of free sex from interns and others). These elites don't care if they rule over European-Americans or over termites, so long as they stay in power.

To put this in other terms; the marriage between average European-American citizens and their European-American politicians is about as sound as the marriage between many politicians and their wives. The politicians will jump in bed with the first intern who comes along, and tell the wife to go to hell.

Today, we're in a slow motion, walking invasion of the U.S. by those who will, by their presence, destroy the U.S. as what it has always been--a New Europe. You've read about the "American genius" that has supposedly made our country great. Well, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but there is no American genius. What made this country great was the freeing of the European spirit from the narrow constraints that had developed in Europe over the centuries. America was the product of the European genius, unchained.

The dominant strain of humans in the U.S. has been Europeans, and they built a European civilization on these shores. Had the dominant strain been Chinese or African, America would be far different, but, again, the dominant strain was European. That's why we are the way we are and why people want to come here. In Mexico, and certain other countries to the south, the Europeans were far fewer in numbers and they were largely absorbed into a non-European culture. They were generally unable to build there what we have built here, because of the lack of Europeans.

If you wish to argue the point and want to give us some warm and fuzzy talk about how great, say, the Mexican culture is, then please explain why it is Mexicans who are sneaking across our border to our country and why it is not us sneaking across the border to Mexico.

The fact is that the Democrats and the Republicans are both selling out traditional American citizens and values, and they're doing it with impunity, because of the nature of our two party political system that can easily shut out third parties, unless these third parties show more institutional intelligence than they have in the past.

The only party that has even a ghost's chance of saving America is the Reform Party, but if it is to do this, then it has to get smart fast, and it has to start making real moves to win support. How can the Reform Party do this? First, it has to bring forward some genuinely charismatic national figures who will start appearing in front of every TV camera they can find. This is essential in order to rally support and build interest. Then it has to start organizing in every city and state. It has to get over the notion that it can elect a President without first doing the organizational work on the city and state level around this nation. In other words, in the past, the Reform Party (and other third parties as well) would often have a national figure run for President, but the party had no real local organizations, so the party was hollow. When the presidential candidate, predictably, failed to take office, the party had nothing. That has to change. If the Reform Party wants to save America, it needs to start rallying the troops immediately.

And who are the natural troops for the Reform Party? Working and middle class U.S. citizens who want America to remain a first world nation and not become a third world nation. This is not a racially or ethnically exclusive club, but in truth, most people who want this are white. This is important to recognize to avoid missteps along the way. If the Reform Party remains open to all peoples, but pushes what most European-Americans, who are intelligent enough to see the truth, want this nation to be, then it should be able to pull disaffected European-Americans to the party. It's still not to late, and there are still enough citizens in the U.S. who either understand the truth or who can be educated to the truth to save this nation. But, action has to be taken soon.

If the Reform Party, however, simply tries to ape the Democrat and Republican parties, then it won't be able to save America, because then it'll be trying to go after the same America destroyers that the Democrats and Republicans are going after.

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