Joe Camel

The present struggle of good, decent citizens against the destruction of this country at the hands of illegal aliens and their supporters, is more than just a struggle against illegal immigration. It's also a struggle against PC fascists who are attempting to stop free speech about the issue of illegal immigration and other issues as well.

What free speech advocates are seeing in this country today, is not so much a direct government hand in stopping free speech but, rather, private sector PC fascists who demand that speech be conformed to what they believe is proper. The PC fascists have declared honest discussion about things such as race and even immigration, off limits. Let anyone discuss these things openly and honestly, and these PC fascists rush in like witch hunters from 1690's Salem, Mass and start labeling free speech advocates as racists, bigots, haters, and similar terms, which are the modern equivalent to being called a witch.

Does it matter, ultimately, (and enter now, another metaphor) whether free speech is stopped by jack booted government thugs or by jack booted private sector thugs? One need only remember that in the era leading up to Nazi Germany, the jack boots and brown shirts were worn by private sector thugs, who demanded that the population conform their thoughts and speech to what the brown shirts wanted. And, despite present day childish and cartoonish depictions of this evil from that time; that "we all know we wouldn't have fallen prey to," (yeah, right) the censoring of free speech then, as now, sounded reasonable and it seemed to be for good reasons.

That's the way most tyrants work in the real world: their evil is sugar coated with reasonable sounding rationales. In the year 2001, the big danger to free speech is coming from our present day brown shirts who often hide out in official sounding "anti-hate" and "anti-racist" organizations and who spew their hatred with slick PR style campaigns.

One of the sad things about this, is that so many otherwise good, decent people are tricked into believing the new fascists' propaganda. But, in a world full of easily suggestible people who will look at cigarette ads and light up one of the cancer sticks because their sub-conscious minds have bought the subtle, "beautiful people smoke" propaganda, it is not surprising that so many people also buy the new fascist propaganda.

As in the past, it's going to take those who can see the truth about the fascists to keep speaking out against their evil until the general population can also see the truth and shake off the propaganda that has ensnared their minds.

In this regard, we may quickly formulate three bed rock principles:
1. Genuine free speech must be protected.
2. No subjects are off limits.
3. Those who try to stop free speech, either with laws or by smears, should be exposed, and then should be shunned by good, decent people who believe in principles 1 and 2.

Then again, we could just give in to the bigoted fascists and go along with the mob that believes their lies. In our minds, we can hear the new fascists: "We can't have people like that around here. They have no right to think things that we don't approve of, and they have no right to say what they think. Let's go get THEM! We'll show THEM, what we do with their kind around here." (Fill in any THEM you want, and this type of stupidity still works).

So, you were maybe expecting the haters to come in wearing sheets or uniforms? They did that before, remember? Now, they wear business suits and ties, and they spread their hatred with slick advertising and public relations campaigns. And, their way of repressing the population and making them docile is to first stop their rights of free thought and free speech. Say, that's the way it's always been with the bigots, isn't it?

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