"Diversity Crayons"
by H. Millard (c) 2001

n September 11, non-European terrorist "immigrants," crashed commercial migrant attack on WTCMohammed Attajets into the Pentagon and both towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. Thousands of Americans, mostly European-Americans, have apparently perished in these horrendous acts that couldn't be swept under the rug as are the daily individual terrorist attacks on average middle class European-American citizens by non-European street terrorists who now include increasing numbers of non-European immigrants
whose method of bringing death to middle class European-Americans is usually by knives and guns on a one on one basis, rather than by crashing jets.

Ayrnan Al-ZawahiriWhile the non-European terrorist immigrants who did the dastardly deeds in New York and in Washington had religious/political motives based on their belief that the United States is their enemy because of the perception that the U.S. has consistently sided with Israel in its various problems with the Palestinians and other Arabs; there truly are issues here about race, our society, and immigration--both legal and illegal--that need to be discussed. Let us then, for the sake of those whose lives were cut short by the terrorists, openly discuss these matters that need to be discussed with out a cringing, cloyingly sweet, politically correct lexicon that will simply lead us further astray.

To discuss these matters, we must first understand that America and Americans are hated in large parts of the world. We must also understand that, rightly or wrongly, to most of the world, "American" still means a Christian European-American or, in other words, a non-Jewish white person. This is so, even though in what I have called, post-American America--which is our present reality in this nation--the term "American" really is no longer synonymous with European-American, as it once was.

Still, when there is an attack on America, the attack is usually really on European-Americans, even though there is always a PR attempt in post-American America to make it appear that the attack was against all "Americans," a term which has now morphed into the lumpen, but false, identity term used to try to describe some sort of imaginary aracial "American" that includes all races and ethnicities. This isn't to say that blacks, Asians, Hispanics, American Indians, Arabs and other groups and sub groups aren't really Americans or that they're not often harmed in such wholesale attacks as we witnessed in New York and Washington, but members of these groups are often just collateral damage to the terrorists. The real target is European-Americans (whites) and European-American culture and institutions, even though such attacks may not always seem as such.

Even if you do not yet agree with my premises, accept for a few minutes, even if only for the sake of argument, the notion that there is a hatred of whites by billions of non-whites around the world, including millions of non-whites who live right here in post-American America. I'll go even further and say that this hatred may have a genetic basis, even though it is claimed, in one way or another, that this hatred is a conditioned response to white racism. In spite of PC "wisdom" to the contrary, the reality of all life is that nature (or God, if you prefer) has programmed the genes of all life forms on the planet (including humans) so these animals can survive, as a type. It may be, based upon observations of the world around us, that non-whites are programmed by their genes to see whites as their natural enemies, just as we witness natural enemies among so-called lower animals.

Now, use that bit of information, i.e. that there may be an inborn genetic hatred for whites--European-Americans, in this case--and use it as a key to unlock the motivation of many things that seem to be meaningless, and you start to see the meanings. They're often hateful meanings that many people will want to deny, but they are meanings, nevertheless.

Want a quick example of this hatred, which is so often disguised? Remember the "OJ" SimpsonO.J. Simpson murder trial? The non-white jury voted to acquit Simpson, while most white Americans thought he was guilty and were apparently surprised that the non-white jury didn't see things in the same way. And, why didn't the non-white jury see things as whites saw them? Because, many non-whites sub-consciously hate whites; even though they may deny it and even though their hatred won't often be expressed overtly, unless they can express it in a sort of "kick them when they're down" way. The non-white jurors freed Simpson, because he was one of them, and because his victims were the "others," the whites, and these whites were "the man" who wanted Simpson convicted. It is a bit more complicated than that, but in essence that's what's going on in the world today. It can also be seen in incidents where, when the opportunity arises spontaneously, non-whites will harm whites, and then claim that their actions weren't racially motivated; and in fact, they may not have been racially motivated on a conscious level but, instead, on a sub-conscious level. Thus, we sometimes see economic crimes such as robberies end up with white robbery victims being senselessly murdered by non-whites while non-white robbery victims aren't harmed. These are racially motivated hate crimes that are masked by the economic crimes. The whites aren't really "senselessly" murdered. The sense is that the non-white attackers hate them because they're white and they use the opportunity of the robbery to kill the whites.

A racial difference often seen between whites and blacks is that when whites express racial hatred, they often do so with higher, conscious brain functions and they'll almost always use language to express their hatred even if they also use physical acts. Blacks, on the other hand, as mentioned in the immediately preceding paragraph, often don't use higher, conscious brain functions when they cockroachexpress hatred of whites, but just carry out a physical attack against whites without accompanying racial expletives. In other words, the racial hatred often coming from non-whites is on the order of the feelings we have when we see a cockroach on our dinner table. We automatically want to hit it with something, even though we haven't formed the conscious thought "I hate cockroaches."

With the above as our background, what is the difference, really, to those Kayla Rollandindividuals harmed, and their families, in the airliner attacks on September 11, and what happens to thousands of individual middle class European-American citizens who are daily attacked and often murdered on the streets and in their homes in every city in this nation by non-white street terrorists including increasing numbers of non-European street terrorist immigrants? The thousands of individual middle class Jake RobelEuropean-American victims murdered by immigrants and other non-European American street terrorists acting alone, are just as dead as the thousands who died in the September 11 attack. However, the attacks on the individual European-American citizens get little press beyond the local area, and the attacks are often given some sort of twist by the elites who want to cover up these daily attacks on European-American citizens by non-European terrorist immigrants.

Daniel Majok Kachuol Just one example of the type of terrorist attacks middle class Americans are subjected to each and every day, was seen in Arlington, Mass. recently where a so called "Lost Boy," black immigrant from the Sudan, who was brought to live in America--and to be "civilized," much as this was done to American Indians by previous generations of "nice-whites"--allegedly raped a local woman. What happened after the crime, gives an indication of the aberrant psychological state of some European-American nice-whites in this nation. Instead of being outraged, many in the local community actually sought to defend the alleged street terrorist rapist. Some nice-white apologists even said that the alleged rape was a "cultural misunderstanding." Yeah, right. Cultural misunderstanding. And, when illegal aliens from Mexico and points south murder citizens, it's a cultural misunderstanding. I actually attended a community meeting one time where a crackpot elite nice-white stood up and said that it was our job as citizens to teach "immigrants" (read, in the case in point, "illegal aliens") that they're not supposed to carry knives to school.

And, maybe it's our job to teach them to act white in other ways too. Like, maybe we should teach them our religion and forbid them from worshipping their strange gods or speaking their strange language and, oh my, let's be sure the women cover their breasts. The point here is that this seeming compassion for these illegal aliens is really what I call noblesse oblige racism, which is part of the psychological make-up of most nice-whites.

It may also be, that the nice-whites among us have somehow been born with defective genes--call them "nice-white genes" that cause them to be as they are. Such nice-white genes wouldn't seem to have much value for self-preservation in a world full of enemies and in harsher times. Perhaps, given a few thousand more years of living in harsh conditions, these genes might have disappeared from the gene pool, since the nice-whites probably wouldn't have survived long, but it seems that before those possessing these genes died off, whites developed civilizations that let those with the nice-white genes be protected and to be passed on, thus passing on their defect to our present day. It now appears that the United States has many people with these defective nice-white genes.

Rafael Resendez-RamirezReaders may also remember another "cultural misunderstanding" that happened last year when the so called Railroad Killer-an illegal alien from Mexico--rode around the U.S. on trains and murdered citizens in their homes. This terrorist "immigrant" from Mexico should have been stopped at the border, but he wasn't. It wasn't the elites of America who were murdered by this immigrant terrorist; it was mostly middle class Americans; people who don't live in the tony suburbs or in gated communities and who are thus easy prey to such immigrant terrorists.

The reality of post-American America is that good, decent, middle class European-American citizens are under terrorist attack each and every day of their lives in this nation, thanks to the screwball open border policies of the elite nice-white crackpots. It's only when there's such a horrendous wholesale attack on the elites themselves, as was seen on September 11, that these elites get outraged.

Now, this isn't meant to diminish the horror of the wholesale slaughter of September 11, but add up all the individual attacks on middle class European-Americans committed by non-European American terrorist immigrants and other non-whites on the streets of America and you'll no doubt find that far more middle class European-Americans are killed over a few year period than were killed in the attacks of September 11.

President Bush has said that the September 11 attacks were acts of war by "an enemy who preys on innocent and unsuspecting people and then runs for cover." Mr. Bush is right, of course, however, the enemy who preys on innocent and unsuspecting people and who then runs for cover has been in post-American America for years. He's been attacking good, decent citizens, Mr. Bush. He's a home grown or imported non-European street terrorist--often, he's an illegal alien. Such illegal alien street terrorists have no right to be here, Mr. Bush, but you now Bush courting 'migrant vote"want to reward them by giving them some sort of amnesty, that your PR experts have told you to not call an amnesty. Our lax border policies give a safe harbor to street terrorists. The problem is that the elites are blind to the street terrorism that they, being elites, are not subjected to. They have a disconnect when they read about some citizen being killed by an illegal alien such as the Railroad Killer. Few elites feel such murders personally. When the elites hear of illegal aliens, they may think of a smiling maid or a friendly gardener; because in the world of the elites, the reality of terrorist immigrants isn't seen, until, and then maybe not even then, something like the events of September 11 happen. The elites live safe, insular Siddhartha Gautamalives much as we are told Siddhartha Gautama, a prince in India, once lived a safe, insular life inside his palace, until he happened to take a trip outside the walls one day and saw that most of the world wasn't as nice as it was inside the palace. This upset Gautama, who, we are told, then began his journey to enlightenment and Buddha hood.

Well, elites come out of your safe palaces and look at what's happening to middle class European-Americans at the hands of your beloved non-European "immigrants." Come look at the terror on the faces of little old ladies at the prospect of having to walk the streets of virtually any large city of this nation. Come look at the bars on the windows of middle class European-American homes. Come look at the statistics on the attacks and murders of middle class European-American citizens who have been unable to flee from the "immigrants."

If the elites want to prevent future terror problems with non-European immigrants, they're going to have to seek a little enlightenment themselves, and they're going to have to overcome their prejudices and conditioning that have made them blind to what's really been going on in America, and many will have to fight their genetic nice-white genes.

false god of 'Diversity'One of the first things these elites need to do is raise their consciousness to the fact that many of these terrorist attacks really do have a racial or ethnic core to them that has largely been ignored as we worship the false god, Diversity. The reality of post-American America is that European-Americans have become the victims of choice for all non-European-American street terrorists, of both the domestic and imported varieties.

To start protecting European American citizens we need to strengthen our borders and boot all illegal alien criminals out of this nation. There are no nice illegal aliens. They're money grubbing criminals. Put our military forces on the border with Mexico and keep the criminals out! And, we also need to stop all non-European immigration to this nation, because this is just increasing the number of anti-white street terrorists in this country.

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