by H. Millard (c) 2003

In our mad PC sensitive age, you won't actually see the mostly white fat cats putting out signs that say "Black Americans Need Not Apply," but that's part of what's really going on with the massive Third World invasion of this nation. In earlier generations, these fat cats needed cheap black labor to pick cotton, so they instituted an earlier version of our present institutionalized wink and nod massive illegal immigration. They called it slavery.

African migrants free transportIn fact, in the old days, they even gave free boat rides to the, ah, immigrants since the Atlantic Ocean between Africa and what was to become the U.S.A. was too wide to swim. Today, the fat cats' new slaves take a short swim across the Tijuana River between Mexico and the the U.S.A supposedly to look for better lives--read, more money--which really means that they're money grubbing criminals, but that's not the point of this column.

One can almost imagine some of the fat cats laughing it up and saying things like: "What a scam. We don't even have to import our slaves anymore. They come to us. And all we have to do is pretend to the world at large that we are helping them have better lives for themselves and their families. What a hoot! We can keep our bottom lines high by not hiring Americans and by hiring illegal aliens who we can pay non-living wages, and we won't have to give them medical or other benefits.

strikersThanks to them, we don't have to hire any uppity blacks or whites who are all so spoiled that they want to live the American dream just like us. Americans are lazy and won't live 15 to a room like our new slaves. And, get this part of the scam; this is really sweet, we make American citizens pay for the medical and other benefits of our slave immigrants! Ha, ha, ha. So, American citizens are actually paying to replace themselves in our businesses by helping the illegal aliens make ends meet and have a higher quality of life, which in turn causes more illegal aliens to come here."

cotton pickersAs already mentioned, the fat cats of an earlier day called their immigrants "slaves." And of course, the present day fat cats--probably every single one of them--would tell you with righteous indignation born of our 21st Century orthodoxy, that had they lived back then, "Why, harumph, I wouldn't have supported slavery." Yep. Each of them would claim that he or she would have been that lone enlightened one. Sure. The fact is, however, that their business forbears overwhelmingly supported slavery, and these present day fat cats would too, if it were still acceptable and if it would maximize their profits.

The world has turned, however, and now slavery, under that name, is unacceptable. Black Americans have served their purpose, and even blue collar white Americans have served theirs, and now the fat cats have discarded both of them in favor of a new slave class of scab labor from the Third World. Oh, some minor things have changed, but stripped of all our modern conceits, it's just the old slave trade with a PC face.

American workerInstead of training American citizens--including inner city black Americans--to work in our industries, the fat cats would rather hire Third World workers who bring a lower Third World sense of what they are willing to sell their labor for, and who haven't yet gotten uppity like the former black slaves who, can you believe it, are so ungrateful that they actually want to make the kind of money that is expected in a First World economy? Also, in addition to taking lower wages, the illegal aliens usually won't complain about poor working conditions for fear that they'll be found out to be illegals and be booted out of the country.

inner city youthOn the other hand, the fat cats know that if they hire black inner city kids, that these kids still have American sensibilities and will want to have all the things that the fat cats and their kids also have. In other words, American workers of all races, want what they believe is their due because they are American citizens. "Immigrants" on the other hand are grateful to the fat cats for any job, under any conditions. These immigrants prefer not to complain or make trouble or to ask for too much. After all, where they came from is often so much worse than here, that crumbs from the American table are often better than the main course back in their old lands.

These days, the fat cats are defending various aspects of their slave labor practices with three major arguments. The first argument is an emotional appeal aimed at the brain dead masses of American citizens and is the old cliché that America is a nation of immigrants and thus these new immigrants should be welcomed. "Why, stand up and salute, boy. We are a nation of immigrants." What the fat cats forget to say is that most of the early immigrants to this nation were genetically homogeneous Europeans. The second lie is that most Americans won't do the type of work that the "immigrants" will do.

"Americans are lazy.""Americans are lazy, boy. They won't do the kind of work we want them to do." What the fat cats forget to say is that most American citizens have First World sensibilities and won't do stoop labor when they can do other kids of labor for a wage that lets them live up to First World standards. In other words, to live up to First World standards, Americans can't sell their labor at Third World labor rates. The third argument is slightly different, and is for a different class of slaves, mostly from India. This argument is that America isn't producing enough engineers, and they have to be brought here from the Third World. "Why, we just don't produce enough good engineers in this country, boy."

The answer to these three arguments is: BALONEY!

Class of 1940Common sense tells us that in a nation of approximately 250 million people, such as the U.S., that we can find qualified workers from the citizenry for all jobs. In other words, we have enough people to fill our needs. Instead of growing the population by bringing in non-citizen slave labor, we should be consolidating what we already have in this nation. We should be using strategies to uplift our own citizens from entry level jobs to engineering and other professional positions. Since it can be expected that 250 million people will keep having children, we should continue to have a supply of teens who want and need entry level positions and who can afford to sell their labor cheap, as they climb the rungs to higher positions and professional careers.

The reality of what's going on now, however, can be seen in most fast food restaurants in all cities throughout the U.S. The entry level positions are being stolen from American kids by Third World "immigrants," who will work cheap by our standards and who will often be good workers because they're afraid they'll be replaced by other illegal aliens if they complain or slack off.

fast food workerListen closely and you may hear "Hey boy, git out there and, I mean, Pedro would you please make those hamburgers faster? Comprende? Or you may hear "Hey boy, shine my, I mean, Jose will you mow my two acre lawn for five bucks? Darn American kids are too lazy to mow lawns anymore."

American citizens need to start speaking out in greater numbers to stop the fat cat elite slave masters from stealing this nation. And, if the fat cat slave masters win and the country completely devolves to Third World levels, you can expect the fat cat slave masters will jump in their corporate jets and fly away to some idyllic foreign homes where they will be waited on by cheap labor, just as they are here in the U.S.

Farm worker protestAnd, just in case you've been off planet, all of this illegal immigration is tearing apart the fabric of American life and transforming our nation into a corrupt Third World hell hole. One of the easiest to see signs of this corruption is found in the fact that many police departments have a wink and nod approach to illegal aliens. This wink and nod approach is now spreading to all areas of our daily lives. And, it's going to get worse unless American citizens, who are aware of these things, can raise the consciousness of enough other American citizens so that we can pull America back from the brink of permanent Third Worldism.

dispossessedIf you're still asking why we should even care about slaves, whether they're called that or not, you might want to remember that when slavery ends, the slaves aren't sent back to their old countries. They're left in place but are given all the rights of citizens who they then often despise and who they often out breed and eventually out vote. Who gets hurt in this? Ordinary citizens, not the fat cat slave masters.

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