Martian colony
The only hope for a white race and Western Civilization
is to get off this planet!
© 2002 by Michael Martin-Smith
Michael Martin-Smith

Supposing for a moment that the idea of pure races actually has any scientific or moral merit the ongoing increase in globalization and miscegenation renders the whole idea unachievable;. Quite apart from the fact that over 30% of "white" people can be shown to have "black" genes hidden from slavery days the question of how many Jews (10% of the populaion of the Roman Empire) have given rise by conversion or intermarriage to Christians is to say the least unclear. It is not hard to imagine that the West in fact contains 100-200 millions of people who have no idea that they are of Jewish descent. This may or may not matter a damn to most people- but some of you probably will find this unsettling! Within at most a few generations the whole concept of any pure races will be extinct.

The only way, it seems to me, to initiate a new pure strain, if that is what is wanted, would be to accomplish a new foundation starting with certified pure stock and physically separate them from all contaminating influences permanently by a considerable distance.

As it happens, science has shown us that there is no human long-term future for ANY race - even the human species as a whole- if we remain confined to Planet asteroid impactEarth. Cosmic impacts, supervolcanism. Gamma Ray Bursts - to name but three phneomena - all lie in wait to destroy our civilization if it fails to achieve its true destiny- the dispersal of Humanity into Island space colonies, which would use stellar energy and asteroid/cometary raw materials free of the gravitational and geographical limitations attendant upon confinement to a single planet.

The Space Studies Institute at Princeton University ( has been conducting lab bench scale research projects over the past 25 years with the aim of establishing the capability, in principle, necessary to turn dreams into reality. What is now required is the will and a strength of purpose.

I suggest that since it happens at present to be the "white" economies and societies which possess the scientific and technical bases - as well as the Frontier traditions- required for such an enterprise- you shift your emphases away from alarmist polemics against other Peoples and concentrate on pushing for colonizing the New Frontier in Space - and work to take the opportunities this vast enerprise will, coinicidentally, secure for your aims.

BarzoomEn passant you can thereby ensure a long and creative future for the best of Humanity- which will of course be defined as those who have what it takes to colonize Space! With skill and foresight this "best of Humanity" might even be white- if White civilization can be persuaded to stop navel gazing about Race and expand its horizons as far as its telecscopes and rockets can reach.

Failing this, there is growing evidence that Chinese ambitions in Space are considerable...they have already declared an ultimate aim of building a base on the Moon, and thus appear at present to be more forward looking than Western Governments. In my view this is a challenge to the West which we should meet if we are to live up to our true potential.

"Man belongs wherever a keen eye, quick wits, and a strong right arm can take him!"


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