Who is at fault for 9-11?
by Anonymous Guest Columnist for New Nation News
Anonymous columnist

Today, the clean-up of the World Trade Center continues. A giant hole is being created-with what used to be one of America’s greatest icons.

Several months back, America and most of the world was in shock, when thousands of people met their deaths unexpectedly due to terrorism of the worst variety. It was a day of horror and disgust to most of America.

Since that time, many people have blamed many various people for this. Now, that the smoke is beginning to clear, we can pause and reflect on the events. And we can determine who is truly at fault for that tragic day, which will live forever in American history.

Usually, the terrorists themselves are blamed for this. At first, this seems pretty fair, as they were the ones who did it. Those who masterminded it might have thought it funny at first, but it stands to reason that they’re not laughing now.

There are probably some people who also blame the extremist viewpoints of Islam itself for these actions. Certainly, without the fanatical ideology, there would have been no participants in the venture.

Some people also blame Israel. They argue that there is plausible evidence to suggest that Israel’s spies in the Mossad were knowledgeable of what was being planned by the Arab extremists. David Irving’s website provides copies of many documents taken from Israeli sources and others that tend to conclude this.

Some people even suggest that Israel itself somehow masterminded the event. However, this seems doubtful and borders more on conspiracy theory at best.

"Uncle Sam"Others suggest that America itself is to blame. They say this because America has been giving Israel weapons and billions of dollars for years. And Palestinians who daily feel the scorch of Israeli hell-fire in the shape of bombs, the remains of which say “Made in USA, ”have been angered to the extremes. So it should come as no surprise for their reaction over time.

So who is right?

America is to blame. That’s right -- our nation is at fault for the events of 9-11. But it’s not because of our foreign policy. Rather, it is because of our domestic policy. Up until now, no one has had the honesty to admit it.

For years, those of us who are called the “right-wing” have been telling our politicians that we don’t want America to become a Third World country. We have been yelling, screaming, writing, and so forth. Yet they wouldn’t listen.

Back in the 1970s, a white trash girl and her Arab friends from Canada plotted to blow up the Statue of Liberty. This was described in the now-defunct magazine Real. Fortunately, because the FBI and other government agencies weren’t corrupted and forced to integrate en masse due to asinine egalitarian policies, our government was able to stop this event literally hours before it was to occur.

We in the right-wing said, “Stop it. Stop letting these people in. Stop giving away our jobs.”

Uncle Sam put his nose up in the air and responded, “I don’t give a crap what you have to say. My corporate sponsors are making tons of money from bringing in these Third World immigrants to take your places. We can pay them half as much as you to do computer programming, brick-laying, and such; and they’ll like that pay.”

We begged, we pleaded. Uncle Sam just wouldn’t listen. We knew that these people in other countries didn’t like whites. Oh yes, make no mistake about it: They hate whites. FarrakhanSaddam Hussein has referred to us as “white devils.” At home, we’ve got our garden variety of black Muslims in the Nation of Islam. They say stuff much worse: that all of us white people are going to die a cruel and horrible death. Likewise, many of the Mexicans are unhappy with the outcome of the Mexican-American War and are now planning on taking California back and renaming it Aztlan, while Hawaii is talking about seceding as well.

More and more of these non-Europeans were allowed to come here at our expense, with our taxes footing the bill. Some came and set up shop on welfare. Others took advantage of the anti-white policies of the government. Others found lawyers to sue whites under the anti-white policies and became rich. Others brought over all their relatives and hired them for a few dimes to compete against American companies who paid their workers “minimum wage,” putting the Americans out of work. And some came for other reasons.

We asked the government to stop this mess.

Despite all this, the government ignored our pleas. And what happened? Well, a few years back, some of these Muslims blew up a building here at home, while abroad our ships and military camps were also bombed. Violence increased on the streets, as the Mexican neighborhoods engaged in gang wars with others. Yet the government did not do anything.

The US Government Hates White Folks

I can’t think of any other reason why the government would continue its anti-white Bush welcomes New Citizensimmigration policies. Have you ever been to an immigration office? You’ll be lucky if you see a white face in the crowd. The government seems to want to discriminate against white folks. It’s been doing it for decades. Over 90 percent of immigrants are not white, and are not allowed to be from a European country. If you don’t include white Jews, over 95 percent of immigrants are not white.

The politicians of the U.S. don’t care about you. They could care less if you die tomorrow. So what if a bomb kills thousands of their constituents? Unless you’re a large corporation or a rich person (such as Marc Rich) who the press looks favorably upon, you may as well forget your politician caring about you. At best, you can hope for a public relations' comment-at the very best.

The truth of the matter is not pretty: The government of the US may as well be shooting bullets at you. They are destroying our society. They are the ones responsible for the World Trade Center-by allowing these anti-American militants in our country in the first place. We in the right-wing (that is, the common white folk) told the government not to let them in.

Yet the government continues to allow non-whites to come to the US in droves, who are quickly overwhelming the country. Whites are now a minority in California. Whites are quickly becoming a minority elsewhere, as tens of millions of Mexicans and others from Latin America come here to take our jobs.

George W. Bush wants to allow millions of more Mexicans to become US citizens. The US government has completely destroyed the intent of its founders. The brave white folk who founded America-and they were all white-only allowed white folk to be the citizens.

Jose, take me to El NorteThere are 500 million non-whites south of the border who would like to live in America and take your home. There are 1 billion people in China who would like to move here. There are 1 billion people in India who would like to move here. There are--I don't know how many but quite a few--Africans who would love to come here (despite slavery and all that), and who would automatically get the accompanying government benefits. And there are 200 million whites in America who would like to keep their homes. You do the math.

Terror Grips America

Soon, terrorism may become common because of the United States' policies. If that becomes a reality, it will be the common white person on the streets who suffers from the increased lawlessness and accompanying military police on the streets.

We have asked the government to stop its insane anti-white policies. We have begged. We have pleaded. Yet the leaders of the government continue to ignore our wishes.

And now we’ve seen the World Trade Center. Bodies were strewn everywhere. Debris, rubble, stones, asphalt, mangled steel I-beams, glass-it’s a mess.

Make no mistake about it: the US government is at fault for not listening to us.

Perhaps, the government thinks its white citizens are a joke-that our opinions don’t count. Perhaps, the government feels that we don’t give them the money for their campaigns, so they can choose to ignore us.

I honestly don’t know what the politicians think. I can’t speak for them; I’m not that corrupt.

But I blame them for the deaths of those at the World Trade Center.

JusticeThe day may come when the politicians of the US stand before a court of law and have to answer for their crimes against white humanity.

- Anonymous white Citizen


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