(c) 2002 by Carl F. Worden
Liaison & Intelligence Officer Southern Oregon Militia


Ladies & gentlemen:

"Gay Scoutmaster"At a time when the Catholic Church is reeling from allegations and hard criminal convictions of Catholic priests who used their positions of authority to sexually abuse young men in their congregations with virtual immunity, it is high time to re-examine the position taken by the Boy Scouts of America with regard to their ban of openly homosexual Boy Scout leaders.

Among many others, large corporations like Levi Staus and Wells Fargo Bank, withheld contributions to the Boy Scouts of America for that refusal, fortified by federal rulings, to allow openly homosexual men from acting as Boy Scout leaders.

It just wasn't politically correct, those revered bastions of business declared! Homosexual men shouldn't be judged badly, just because they want to lead a Boy Scout troop. What does their personal sexual preference have to do with their ethics in interacting with young men, they demanded?

Over twenty years ago, my wife witnessed her young nephew in Wislow, Arizona arguing with his priest in a most disrespectful and intimate manner -- almost like a boy and girlfriend who had a tiff. Not long afterward, she became aware this priest bought the young man a car. She had no illusions what was going on between the two.

It is no secret that some homosexual men target young men for homosexual encounters. It is no secret that pedophiles target young adolescents of young age. Far too many women of this day who had children out of wedlock, or who are divorced with children, discovered to their horror that the men they married did so primarily to get access to their young children. There is no mystery why the rate of child molestation has skyrocketed in recent years, bolstered by the massive numbers of unwed women with children who marry men who have no paternal inhibitions about sexually interacting with the women's children.

File Photo: Alter BoysThe Catholic Church is presumably filled with priests fully aware and mindful of the guidelines of God, yet the unravelling drama we are witnessing reveals a pattern of homosexual sexual abuse by far too many priests who knew their positions of pious reverence in the community would protect them from the fire of their desires -- and they were right. In virtually every case, the Catholic Church would transfer those errant priests to another position far removed from the scene of their past crimes, only to allow those same priests to further victimize the children in their new congregations.

If any non-religious individual or corporation acted in the same way, they would be charged with obstruction of justice.

"Morally Straight"The Boy Scouts of America long ago correctly identified homosexuality as a sexual fetish, having nothing whatsoever to do with a person being born with a homosexual tendency, as so many homosexual rights groups allege. They fully understood that homosexual men are driven by their abberant sexual desires, and they chose not to allow any such men from being placed in a position of authority over the young men who make up the boy Scouts of America. I applaud them.

- Carl F. Worden



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