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Stormwarrior Interviews NNN Editor
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Stormwarrior: Hi. As you know, I have been directing allot of people from Stormfront to your site on underreported news. Some people say you are a "racist anti-Semite" and others say you are an "agent of the ADL and/or the Mossad".
Stormfront has an Opposing View Section and many visitors: and as you may also know, Stormfront has more than a few racist, racialists, anti-Semites, etc. So, what I would like to do is an interview with you to be posted in the Original Articles Section giving you an additional opportunity to tell the people the WHO,_WHAT,_WHEN,_AND WHY about you and your excellent site.

NNN-Editor: Ok, let's give it a try.

Stormwarrior: Do you do all the work at New Nation News or do you have help?
NNN-Editor: I do it by myself, in my 'spare time'. Although there are several 'volunteer reporters', NNN-readers that contribute to the content and give the website a mix of viewpoints through their comments.

Stormwarrior: When did you start New Nation News?
NNN-Editor: 10/15/98 - but I had a 'personal home page' prior to that - called the "Northern California Republic" that was started 8/22/98.

Stormwarrior: It is a fascinating and informative site reporting much of the underreported news, but why did you start it?
NNN-Editor: I think you can get a pretty good idea from looking at my original 'homepage' and the The Purpose of this web site - "toward a new nation"...

Stormwarrior: You seem to post primarily underreported news or news that runs against the grain of the major media and news agencies. Is that what you had hoped to do?
NNN-Editor: Yes, I started out sending in newslinks to American Patrol - VCT
which were mostly about minority and migrant crime in Northern California, I also did a few 'guest columns' at the suggestion of Tom Chittum of "Civil War II".

Stormwarrior: What do you hope to accomplish.
NNN-Editor: originally this was my personal 'rant board' but that evolved into the purpose stated on the bottom of my front page:
"This a personal non-commercial site focusing on immigration, crime, corruption and National Integrity. Searching for consensus, toward ethical solutions, for family, kindred, clan and tribe - a new nation under God."

Stormwarrior: Even though you carry hate crimes committed by whites against minorities you are often considered racist or 'promoting hate'. What would you say to those people?
NNN-Editor: I focus on minority crimes against whites because the major media normally do NOT headline those stories and the major media tries to create the impression that minorities and migrants are always and only the "victims" of white 'racists, neo-Nazis, the KKK, skinheads and the unsensitive white majority'.

Stormwarrior: Illegal immigration is a problem which the stopping of has not been popular with politicians. Have you noticed a change in the reporting of this problem since the 9-11 terrorist attack on The World Trade Center?
NNN-Editor: Well, yes. At least we got all the 'wanted posters' for the illegal, mostly Saudi Arab terrorists - but then Bush had to make his tolerant point about 'Islam is a religion of peace' and other various disclaimers about 'we are only after the terrorists and do not want to target all Arabs, Muslims or migrants, etc.'

Stormwarrior: What are the most important facts about Crime, illegal immigration,
South Africa and Government that you want to disseminate to the people?
NNN-Editor: It's all on my web pages... and many other people have summarized the situation better than myself.

Stormwarrior: What would you like the readers to know about yourself?
NNN-Editor: Nothing really, as I am not trying to promote myself as a political leader, prophet or 'great white hope' - my 'Ethics' page gives my personal attitude in "dynamic resistance to dark and evil forces and a rebirth of  Western Civilization".

Stormwarrior: If you had the opportunity to tell thousands of people about New Nation News, what would it be?
NNN-Editor: I already am presenting my editorial viewpoint to thousands of people - sometimes more than 3,000 daily visitors. Although that is a very small number of readers compared to other 'sort-of-right' sites like WorldNetDaily, NewsMax and Drudge - let alone 'The Big Media'.

Stormwarrior: I consider your site to be a public service and noticed that your site carries stories often months before the mainstream media pick up on them.
NNN-Editor: Thank you.
Again, I would like to consider my site as a public service to the various groups that have an interest in promoting the survival of the endangered and shrinking minority of white/caucasian/europeans in this dark and dangerous world.

I would hope that my website might serve as a model for a real 'New Nation News Network' that would rival the 'Big Media'. Hopefully, some day before it is too late - there may be enough awareness and willingness to sacrifice - to build an organization that can support such a news network as an auxiliary to action that may turn the Rising Tide of Color.

Stormwarrior: Thanks and keep up the excellent work at New Nation.
- Stormwarrior

NNN-Editor: Welcome. I have refused other requests for 'interviews' as basically everything is on my website - or will be as soon as I have a 'public opinion'.

But my personal opinion is really not any more important that thousands of other personal opinions.
What is important is improving awareness and racial identity that will lead to future survival - rather than focusing on the personal psychology of individuals and the theoretical distinctions between various religious, philosophical, economic and political factions - not that they should not be discussed - but kept in perspective as a babel that only serves to divide and distract from potential agreement and action.


Posted Tuesday, July 25, 2006
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