toxic pollution

by H. Millard © 2006


The play takes place in an unnamed U.S. city. When the curtain rises we see what looks like the inside of a single story, tilt-up concrete industrial building with large vats of chemicals. The air is full of a red mist. We can see vapors rising from the vats and chemicals bubbling out and down their sides. Behind the vats, but visible to us, is a large truck-size open door with a very large and noisy fan partly in front of it that is slowly blowing the red mist out the door where it is picked up by the ocean breezes and carried over nearby homes. In the distance we can see the ocean.

As the fan blades turn, we can see ominous shadows of the blades on the floor. We can hear the laughter of little children through the open door interspersed with the sound of the fan which is making a constant low clicking sound. If we listen carefully, we realize that the fan is playing a very slow and sad dirge-like version of the song La Cucaracha so that it sounds like a tune played at a funeral. The Boss is standing next to his new Mercedes-Benz that he has apparently just driven onto the factory floor for some reason.

Suddenly, a man in shabby clothes appears at the door next to the fan. He is Pedro, an illegal alien.

Pedro: "Senor, do you have any work today?"

Boss: "We're a little slow right now (he lies). Tell you what, though, I like to help people out. I'll let you work for the day. See that vat over there? I want you to go over there and take parts out of that and put them on that table next to the vat. I don't have much money, but I can pay you three bucks an hour. Okay?"

Pedro: "Si, Senor."

We then see Pedro monotonously taking the parts out of the chemicals. A large clock on the wall shows the passing of time. Pedro coughs from time to time because of the fumes, but he keeps working. Finally, it's the end of the day.

Boss: "Okay, it's closing time. Pedro here's your $ 24 bucks. I won't need you tomorrow. Try down the street."

Stage goes dark and silent for a few minutes. Then it lights up again. It is now the next morning.

Suddenly, a man in shabby clothes comes to the door. He is Raul, an illegal alien.

Raul: "Senor, do you have any work today?"

Boss: "We're a little slow right now (he lies). Tell you what, though, I like to help people out. I'll let you work for the day. See that vat over there? I want you to go over there and take parts out of that and put them on that table next to the vat. I don't have much money, but I can pay you three bucks an hour. Okay?"

The scene with Pedro is now repeated with Raul until Raul finally gets paid.



Conference room where several industrialists are gathered with their hired Public Relations Person (PRP).

PRP: "Listen, your tactic of trying to stop any laws against hiring illegal aliens based on the fact that you need their labor isn't working. Even the most apathetic citizen realizes that you're cheating the system and that citizens are making up the difference between what you pay the illegals under the table and what it takes to live in this country.

What you should do is smear those who say that the U.S. is a nation of laws by calling them racists and other hate terms. Then, say that you also want our laws enforced, but that no one is illegal because we're all human beings. Many of the dopes will buy that crap. Then use some other clichés about America being a nation of immigrants. Listen, the dopes buy these one liners and internalize them and then actually believe them. The masses aren't big on critical thinking skills.

Besides, we've got some of the rich politicians, including President Bush, Senator Kennedy and Senator McCain on our side. The dopes actually think these rich politicians are just like them and that they're looking out for American citizens. What saps. Some even think that Preppie Bush is a real cowboy. And, some even think that Bush, whose brother JEB is married to a Mexican woman, will actually close the border. What a laugh!

The rich politicians help their rich industrialist friends and the rich industrialists donate to the campaigns of the rich politicians to keep their pals in office. It's pretty much a closed symbiotic system that screws average Americans. That's just the way it is and it won't change until millions of average American citizens wake up and start making noise to have our laws enforced. And, don't worry about them waking up. We've got most of them fooled into opiate like states of do-nothingness."


We see Pedro and Raul in the garage in which they live with their wives and children.

Pedro's wife is crying and talking to Pedro: "Pedro Jr. has been diagnosed with brain cancer. The doctor says he doesn't know what caused it, but he said that many scientists think this type of cancer is caused by some chemicals used in industry. And, the doctor says that little Javier is autistic and may be like that for the rest of his life. The doctor said this is also thought to be caused by toxic chemicals. I don't know what we'll do. We don't have any money or insurance. We were better off in Mexico."

Pedro (coughing and spitting up blood): "Don't worry, the Boss told me about some friends of his who run some charities. We can get help with our problems there. The boss is a really nice man and he likes us. He told me, though, that there are evil racists who are trying to chase us out of this nation and that we should go protest."

Curtain closes. Projected on the curtain so the audience can see it is the following message:


Keep your labor costs low by hiring illegal aliens on a day by day basis. They'll do dangerous work on the cheap and won't complain or ask for safety equipment. If they get sick and die, the trail back to your business will be difficult to follow because they will have worked at many businesses. And, many of them may have moved out of state or moved back to their own country by the time they get sick.

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