'witches' hanging

Sedition and Witch Trials
by Angry White Female

y now, you must be aware that the FedGov has resorted to psychological terrorism to shut the dissenters up. Don't get me wrong, I don't oppose rooting out those plotting terror attacks on U.S. soil. After all, a major, strategic strike could affect us all. I am prepared with survival necessities, but my worry if about those Americans who are not.

We don't have the same kind of environment (or hearty people) that we did during the depression. During the depression, my great grandparents grew their own food, made it from scratch and had independent water sources. At that time, a great deal of Americans were rural, and independent. They relied heavily on horses. In short, they were in touch with the land. I have carried on that tradition, but most Americans would fall apart without electricity, gas, automatic water and processed foods.

PioneersHow many American women can make a biscuit from scratch? How many know how to make a candle? How many would need the aid of a psychologist over the stress of having to wash clothing by hand? And good God, what would the feminists do if natural sex roles were imposed? What would the soccer moms do if Huggies were not available? What about the men? How many can ride a horse? Fix anything mechanical? Do the household plumbing? Do anything requiring manual labor?

Americans are no longer truly independent. They survive on credit. Their homes and cars are nice and new, but they do not own them. One little stock market crash and the banks would be confiscating their homes and towing their cars. My fears surrounding terrorism do not revolve around a couple thousand deaths. I fear the city people's desperation if and when their house of cards falls. And deep down, Americans fear it too. They are all too willing to give up "other people's" constitutional rights to protect their material comforts.

Do we honestly believe that the anti-terrorist measures will be applied only to jihadders? I don't, and I see the FedGov dangling little carrots out to a fearful American public. The use of torture has been publicly pondered. Thursday night, I watched a program about the Salem and European witch trials. In Salem, over a hundred suspected witches were arrested and jailed. Those who confessed had their lives spared. 19 did not confess, and were killed proclaiming their innocence. And innocent they were, as science has shown us the signs of bewitchment were due to a fungus which infected rye (and other grain) crops, called ergot. Either the "witch" or those "bewitched" were actually having a bad LSD trip.

Torture is practiced in many uncivilized regions of the world, Israel being one of the worst violators. "Suspected" terrorists, even young boys related to suspected terrorists are routinely tortured to extract confessions. It is implied that whomever is arrested is guilty and many confess because they don't want the Abner Louima treatment. Well, America may resort to this again. Welcome to the American middle ages.

Don't forget they are planning to use an old sedition law to nab suspects. We are told this is necessary to arrest those who plotted but didn't carry out a terrorist act. But we already have conspiracy laws on the book under which they could be prosecuted. The sedition law has a long and scary history. It has been used to shut up dissenters for speaking out against the FedGov and American wars. World War 2 and the cold war were a bonanza for the sedition law. You don't hear about it because opposition to entering WW2 was (and still is today) taboo.

"Jap"Why? Mainly because there was an attack on American soil, and today we have the same situation, and I fear we'll have the same reaction. During WW2, we knew who the enemy was, hence a round up and persecution of Japanese, German and Italian-Americans ensued. Today, all we hear about are persecutions of mostly Jewish communists and communist sympathizers during the cold war and the internment of Japanese-Americans. No such consideration has been given to Italian and German-Americans. No public mention of rounding up Quaker and Mennonite pacifists. Americans just don't like White people.

But listen to those squeaking howls over the McCarthy inquisitions and accusations of sedition against communist sympathizers! A poll from New York suggests 1/3rd of New Yorkers believe those who "sympathize with terrorist causes" should be rounded up. In other words, speak of the real issues, rather "The enemy is listening"than "they hate freedom," and you are suspect. Law enforcement no longer needs a warrant to search your home, etc..as long as they scream "terrorist" (i.e. witch)! Your emails and phone calls can be monitored. No warrant necessary. Call an alleged seditionist on the phone (or an activist for Palestinian rights) and they'll swoop down and fly you to New York and place you in front of a grand jury. Then your conversations with your lawyer will be listened in on, making it impossible to get a fair trial.

Most Americans think violating the constitution in this manner is appropriate. They trust a government they didn't trust before Sept. 11th to not violate the rights of Americans. I disagree wholeheartedly. First of all, calling one a "terrorist" is a presumption of guilt. It dehumanizes the accused, just as in the days of the Salem witch trials. It is like calling a man a child molester and giving the government the authority to prevent him from defending himself effectively against the charges. Once they target you, you have lost your constitutional rights.

Don't expect average Americans to defend you. Or the ACLU. The ACLU will defend Arabs, but you are lily White, you racist seditionist! You think this only applies to Muslims? Do you, the immigration reformer, now refer to Arabs who get into street brawls as "terrorists?" I have seen Arab-Americans referred to in this manner on many anti-immigration web sites. Reminds me of the use of the word "nazi" to describe Americans of German descent. That smear contributed to WW2 internment of Germans and the label "fascist" contributed to the internment of Italian-Americans.

I am deeply saddened to see immigration reformers joining in on the witch hunt. They are willing to violate the rights of other American citizens for their own cause, as are their opponents. No one really wants total freedom, they want the power to put their political opponents out of business. Little do they know that the cause of freedom is the most important factor in their own activism. After all, they are very opposed to immigration policies the government favors. They have also been labeled "racists," and racists are suspected of being "seditionists."

Anyone can be next. Consider American history. The constitutional rights of WW2 protesters, Japanese, German and Italian-Americans were horribly violated. Even during the War for Southern Independence, Northerners who sympathized with the Southern cause were persecuted. War fever and fear prevented average Americans from protesting unconstitutional measures. Leftists approved of the internment of Italians and Germans and racialists approved of interning the Japanese.

Joseph McCarthyDuring the McCarthy era, people who called themselves patriotic defenders of the constitution were all too willing to violate the rights of Americans to go after their political opponents. During the civil rights movement, racialists defended the harassment and abuse of leftists and black activists. Sure, some actually broke the law, but many innocent people fell victim. The cycle never stops. Today, the civil rights marchers are all too happy to allow "right-wingers" to be harassed for exercising their constitutional rights.

I guess what I am trying to say is that the founding fathers were indeed wise men. However, their wisdom is lost on the American public. The founders wrote the 1st amendment specifically FOR political dissidents, and as a means by which the American people can participate in steering the direction of the nation. Without that kind of freedom, we are screwed. Those who believe the 1st amendment should apply only to perverts and body piercers couldn't be more mistaken. Our constitution was written to protect the rights of the minority, not the sheepish flag-waving conformists.

As Americans, we tend to think ourselves to be special people, exempt from the law of human nature. That tendency to use the color of law (or religion) to root out free thinkers, independents and political dissidents is a universal, human condition. The founders understood human history and recognized this tendency. Human nature is as predictable as that of a feline, despite what the Christians say.

Your worst enemy is the neo-con flying the flag and wearing the cross. This is the guy who will boycott your business if you are opposed to war. This is the guy who will call you a Satanist if you have a Pagan symbol around your neck. This is the guy who will call you a "terrorist sympathizer" if you oppose Israel's actions toward the Palestinians. He is the jack-boot who slapped the cuffs on "seditious" American women who protested American involvement in WW2. He is the guy who wants your tax dollars to go to faith-based charities, with the exception of "cults," which he defines as anything but mainstream Judaism or Christianity. He is not a patriot, he is a tyrant who hides behind his flag made in China.

Do not expect the neo-cons, or the ACLU to charge to your rescue if they start rounding up anti-federal government activists. All the media needs to do is call you a "militia member" and cite some guy across the country with pipe bomb materials whose email list you are on. Recently on the MacNiel/Lehrer New Hour, a woman stated she wants the government to arrest and question any person who "talks" to a "suspected" terrorist. Now that the Anthrax probe is focusing in on a "lone, homegrown terrorist with a background in science," you "survivalist"may be suspect by virtue of communicating with a guy who has a degree in science and lives in the mountains near the old Aryan Nations church. The fact is that they have no idea who is behind this. But if it continues, there will be more hysteria and they will round up anyone who speaks out against U.S. policies. Throughout the course of human history, this has been the pattern.

The jack-boots have told the sheeple it is their patriotic duty to spy on their neighbors and report any suspicious activity. After the OKC bombing, people were calling the F.B.I. and reporting those who held anti-government (i.e. pro-constitutional) sentiments. Don't think your 95 IQ neighbor won't find it suspicious that you are not waving the imperialist flag and singing in unison "God bless America." Don't be surprised when a family member looks at you suspiciously when you grimace at the sight of the burning Shrub on the Trotsyvision. Better hide that confederate flag. Better keep those revisionist materials off the coffee table if you don't want a visit from men who will shoot your dog if he barks at F.B.I. agents in black masks!

But, you see, I am over being paranoid because I am breaking no laws. People who live in fear should just get it over with and move to China or Cuba. I have a damn right to my views. I have a right to associate with whomever I damn well please. I am currently reading a book about White nationalist William Pierce, who is said to be the most dangerous racist in America. I have copies of the Barnes Review laying around, and the material contradicts the winners' rendition of the history of wars. I possess a book called "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews," documenting Jewish involvement in the slave trade. I have articles written about the religion of Christian Identity, not because I am a follower, but because I am curious.

right to bearI possess a gas mask, given to me by a "right wing" friend who bought it when Seattle outlawed them. I possess a videotape and book documenting the danger of bio-terrorism in the U.S. There is animal manure all over the place, which to a witch hunter means you have components to make a bomb. And I own a rifle. A .22 which can magically be transformed into a "automatic weapon" by a determined witch hunter. It would be quite easy for the government to label me an antigovernment extremist if they wanted to. Frankly, I don't give a shit anymore. I will live free and no Orwellian FedGov proclamations will scare me into becoming an idiotic, unthinking, conformist, societal zombie. They can stick their accusations up my ass and I still won't submit to their tyranny. I will not become a prisoner of this war on terrorism. I am fighting my own war, against losing my constitutional rights to a government trying to eradicate the beliefs of the independent thinkers of the nation.

Political dissidents should not allow the government to terrorize us into silence, or into pointing our fingers at suspected witches to save our own hides from persecution. The FedGov is known for finding some little violation (such as having an unregistered handgun, etc..) and promising to not prosecute if you "confess" what you know about a fellow American. Many criminals in our justice system are let out for saying what the government wants to hear about a bigger fish. And people will lie, just as the teenage girls of 1600's Salem did. We are not witches and we have no knowledge of bewitchments. We should assert that truth instead of selling out freedom or the freedom of others for short-term personal gain.

Waco holocaustWill you be persecuted? Probably, but so were those in our history books who we today call "brave men" and "true patriots." The village idiots, that flag-waving herd cannot be described as "brave" by virtue of taking part in the flag fad and shopping to keep the billionaires profit margins up. VERY SHALLOW SHIT that is. The brave are always vigilant, especially during times like this. Let us reclaim this nation and her values from the grips of the enemies of our freedom. Sue the bastards if they violate your rights. Keep hounding your bought-off Congressman and Senator to change America's foreign policy and return our constitutional republic to we the people.

Remember, 19 God-fearing, upstanding, principled women in Salem chose to die Salem Witch Trialrather than confess to crimes they didn't perpetrate. These were old women and young mothers. They were American martyrs. Heroines, remembered by history as victims. In my book, they were soldiers, braver than some F-16 pilot dropping bombs from out of danger's range. These women knew they were going to die. These true Puritans feared God more than government, and the executioners, under the color of law and religion murdered the most upstanding Christians in their town. All the while, the town lemmings stood by and watched it happen for fear that they too would be accused of witchcraft. And always, the persecutors thought they were being righteous, as does our government today.

Things haven't changed much, have they?


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