Northern California News Back to Northern California Republic home       August 28th, 1998
Pit Bulls Kill Goat - (OAKLAND) -- A goat was euthanized
this morning in Oakland, after three pit bulls mauled it.
The attack happened on 105th Avenue. Police responding to the scene rushed the goat to a veterinarian in their patrol wagon... 
but it couldn't be saved because its head injuries were too severe.
The owner of the dogs was cited.  (Yahoo)
"And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left."
     "Pit bulls, goats, and chickens - celebrating diversity in East Oakland"

  105th Avenue is an area of east Oakland  (San Francisco Bay Area) 
  where the Mexican immigrant 'barrio' is encroaching on and invading 
  the older (since World War II) Black ghetto area. 

  East 14th street was recently renamed 'International Boulevard' 
  in an attempt by the majority Black Oakland City Council to 'upgrade the image' 
  of this deteriorated area which has been abandoned by national chains 
  such as Montgomery Wards and taken over by Mexican meat markets, 
  Women's Crisis Centers, store-front churches and liquor stores 
  ---where the buildings have not just been boarded-up. 

  Driving south from downtown Oakland, starting from Chinatown, 
  past Lake Merritt you go through 'Little Korea' (where there were incidents 
  of Korean stores being 'torched' fairly recently) and then enter 'New Tijuana' 
  where there are Taco-mobiles and the staff at Burger King only speaks Spanish. 

  Further south the Negro area continues (where a bare-chested black windshield washer 
  entrepreneur ran through traffic to spray my windshield while I was stuck between cars 
  at a red-light)... for a couple miles to up to the border of San Leandro 
  which is where 'Euro-Americans' first retreated to in the late 40's and 50's 
  and where "International Boulevard" ends. 

  I've heard roosters crowing in this area of east Oakland and I don't know whether 
  they were being bred for cock-fights or just for the chickens, but I didn't know 
  that goats were being kept in the area...  I would assume that there must be 
  some local ordinances against keeping livestock in a residential area... 

  'Pit bulls' typically bring to mind 'black drug dealers' (although as one sees 
  iron bars covering all the residential windows and doors in this high-crime 
  area, these animals might be kept by some honest citizen for self-defense). 

  But in any case this 'pitbulls vs. goat' story is very indicative of possible future racial 
  conflict in the area - similar to what happens in prisons when black-brown-white 
  are forced into crowded proximity, and also highlights the degeneration of this area 
  into some 'chickens, goats and pigs' village indistinguishable from another 
  in Latin America or Africa. 

    -by an East Bay resident

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