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August 30th, 1998

Good Luck "Mayor Moonbeam"
Ex-governor 'Moodbeam' (on ex-governor of the State of California
promising victory over crime
as next mayor of Oakland)

Each uniformed Oakland Police Officer serves 1,637 or more residents!
--exclusive analysis by 'Northern California News' service (NCN)

The City of Oakland's police force includes 711 uniformed Officers,
4 helicopters, 3 mounted patrol units, 5 canine units, and 22  motorcycle patrol Officers.

Ex-governor 'Moodbeam'According to Jerry Brown,
ex-governor of the State of California, and soon to be Oakland Mayor,
"To me, everything is wrapped up in this 54-square-mile city and that is enough to challenge I think the most experienced political leader in the country." ---
"The victory will come when the people of Oakland feel so safe that they start taking
 the bars off the windows and the gates in front of their doors come down. That's the victory." 

[editorial calculation] so there are 54 square miles in Oakland, divided into 711 uniformed officers, comes out to about 13 officers per square mile, I guess that's not too bad, if all of the officers are out in the street 24-hours a day... hmmm... if we allow them to get some sleep that cuts the effective number by a third - giving us only 237 uniformed police officers during any normal 8-hour shift to serve the estimated population of 388,100 - giving us one single police-person for every 1,637 Oakland residents. (feel better now?) But when they say 'uniformed police officer' does that include the 'meter maids'?

With most of the large 'blue-collar' industry having abandoned Oakland for Mexico or red-chinese slave-labor camps, (the largest industrial employer is the Clorox Company with 1340, and the next largest industrial employer is "Mothers Cake & Cookie Company" with only 540 employees...)
the Oakland Police force of some 711 is pretty pitiful compared to the number of 'non-manufacturing' employees in Oakland.

Actually, Oakland's biggest 'industry' is government (desk-job) workers.  Here are the stats:
County Government; Alameda County tops out with 11,080 employees, almost 16 times the number of city police officers!

The Federal Government; the US 'federales' employ 7,000 in Oakland, including the IRS.
This is almost 10 times the number of 'peace officers' for Oakland.

Next add the 6,700 from the Oakland Unified School District, the 4,800 City of Oakland employees, another 3,000 State of California employees in Oakland and throwing in the 1,925 Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District, and BART, and some smaller agencies, not on the chart...
there are least 35,000! government employees employed in Oakland - about 10 percent of the residential population -  or about 50 times the number of government office workers as there are police in Oakland.

So what's the point of all the numbers? Police work is about the only honest and useful service that any level of government can be justified in providing - providing it is done with honor and respect of the tax-paying-law-abiding Citizens... (unlike the recent news from Mexico that even outrages our traditional-but-true stereotype of the bribe-taking Mexican cop or government official)...

The main 'industrial output' of the City of Oakland
is now over 35,000 government bureaucrats, fifty times the number of police,
which is why fifty percent of your income goes to taxes.

But they can only 'afford' to pay the salary for 711 police officers.

During any eight hour shift there is only one police officer for 1,637 Oakland residents
but there is one government bureaucrat for every 10 citizens in Oakland
(not counting the illegal aliens).

But even 711 police officers are too many for the local liberal-media
and the 'American Communist Lawyers Union' and the Jesse Jackson type 'hate-crime' con-men.

They recently tried to incite another 'Rodney King' riot by repeating a videoclip on TV
of a white 'uniformed' Oakland Police officer apparently getting a foot to the 'groin' of a
black bank-robber that was still struggling on the ground after emptying his gun at the police
and whoever might just happen to be living in the neighborhood that he crashed in after a 'high-speed chase'
... surprised there wasn't a riot of lawyers trying to get to sue the Oakland Police department
for violation of his Civil Rights!  ("Why can't we all just get along?") 

Good luck 'Mayor Moonbeam' - you're going to need it!

(demographic data from
(Brown quotes from:
[Support Your Local Police (JBS)]top

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