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Current Commentaries - 9 Jan 1999
November 15th, 1998 "America's Man on Horseback" - book review      
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 "It's now 2013 and social conditions in America--
illegal immigration, gang warfare, HIV infections, race riots,
rape, murder, inflation, corrupt politicians, foreign terrorism--
have worsened tenfold. Would a future Congress
give the President wartime powers to clean up the mess?"
Guy Odom plays Machiavelli to the future US military
dictator and American Emperor and presents his hit list...
Who is this guy, Odom?
     From the dust-jacket of the book it says:
"At age 16 he joined the U.S. Navy and served aboard the USS Chilton, the last American warship to leave Nationalist China..."
"On November 10, 1941 the Marines were ordered out of China and left for the Philippines." - this would make Odom at least 16 in 1941 and make him
at least 73 years old in 1998.  Continuing with the dust-jacket biography:
"After his stint in the Navy, Odom worked as a bartender, East texas dance-hall floor bouncer, dime-store manager, and Brink's guard. He sold real estate before entering the homebuilding industry... becoming CEO...
of first homebuilding firm to surpass $1 billion in annual revenues."  He is
also the author of "Mothers, Leadership and Success".  This book brought
favorable comments from both "leftwing" Geraldine Ferraro and "rightwing" Phyllis Schlafly.

What is his plan of action for the next American Dictator/Emperor? 
To summarize, get Congress to declare war against crime, then suspend the Constitution and writ of habeas corpus as done by A. Lincoln in 1861.

"Habeas Corpus, if literally translated, means "you have the body." Part of the original constitution and borrowed from the Magna Carta, the writ commands that a jailer bring an aggrieved incarcerated party before a court in order to evaluate the legality of his imprisonment. Its purpose is to determine whether the state has imprisoned you in violation of your constitutional rights.

So the military government can throw anybody in jail for any reason and may or may not get around to "reading rights", hearings or trials...

Odom then recommends doubling the number of Congressmen and Senators to dilute their power, and increasing the number on the Supreme Court as
F. D. Roosevelt attempted to do.

Next, repeal every Federal, State and Local law that went into effect from
1964 on. (I would agree with that one, but start with 1860.)

Revise the criminal justice system to abolish the death penalty and set only three classes of misdemeanors and five classes of felony with fixed terms of imprisonment (maximum 32 years) and fines payable in gold.

Off-shore racially segregated maximum prisons
His next item is to abolish Federal prisons, integrating them with existing
State prisons.  To start with, export the top five percent "hard corps" criminals that are White to prisons in African countries where they "do not
eat chimpanzees" so they would stand out if they escaped.  Send Black criminals to prisons in Siberia where they would stand out if escaped.
With the exception that Black criminal lawyers and serial killers would go to
the majority white prisons in Africa and White criminal lawyers and perhaps child molesters would be sent to the majority black prisons in Siberia for special treatment by other racial prisoners.

Now the real war against crime will be lead by the Marines...
along with the FBI, Army, Air Force, Navy and federalized state agencies to go into the worst infested gang-controled areas to clean them out along with any rioters or felonious illegal aliens.  "Take bold action to protect innocent Hispanics, Negroes, Orientals, and other minorities from thugs among them and from angry Caucasian mobs."  If any armed forces refuse to fire on
fellow Americans, hang them in front of the troops without apology.

Handle the AIDS epidemic with quarantine...
a compulsory nationwide blood test will identify AIDS carriers.  Every six months, the IRS will test everyone and create a national DNA data bank.
All homosexual and drug related cases will be confined to one quarantine facility while all non behavior related cases will be kept at another compassionate facility for treatment.

Reestablishing the work ethic...
eliminating all welfare will motivate people to work.  Eliminate all useless bureaucratic slugs.  Eliminate the civil service. Eliminate unemployment payments. Create a new Civilian Conservation Corps like Franklin D. Roosevelt as an employer of last resort. Outlaw or limit bankruptcy.
Tax all americans at three graduated levels: 1, 10 and 20 percent.
Keep the IRS with expanded duties to spy on all citizens for you.
Eliminate state lotteries and legalized gambling.

American English Only - deport multi-cultural multilingual agitators...
Revoke citizenship of all those who became citizens after 1964 and have committed felonies and deport them to their native countries or to prison.
All Nigerians that became citizens after 1964 should be deported along with all their descendants and relatives.  Revoke and deny any visas from Nigeria.
Have no business with Nigerian crooks and pirates.

End Terrorism and kidnaping of Americans abroad...
use foreign intervention when required to give training to American military 
and announce retaliation ratios to create respect, and do not hesitate to use nuclear retaliation for terrorist attacks on american soil (you'll have to read
the book to get all the specific ratios and steps of escalation).

Odom on Race...
"racial assumptions are false, including attempts to ally race with intelligence and achievement"... "The difference ... result from cultural rather than biological transmission."..."Perhaps the phrase heredity versus child-rearing practices is more descriptive when contemplating the origins of intelligence and achievement."..."Regardless of the reasons, along each step of civilization's journey north, enclaves of lighter-skinned people were dramatically more successful than their darker-skinned counterparts."

"Individuals and groups with high needs for achievement, the dominant, control those who have less need to achieve, the non-dominant."

"In humans, the nondominant are prolific breeders while the more dominant are frugal with their issue."

"Without fail, Nature rewards prolific human breeders by ensuring that their progeny will be the ultimate inheritors of this world".

"Differences... have nothing to do with 'race' and everything to do with child-rearing practices."

"Caucasian Americans' bigoted fears of a dominant Negro ruling class thwarted any possibility of Caucasian private funding for child-rearing schools designed to produce a Negro elite.  Many Caucasians resisted so strongly the idea of intelligent, dominant, successful Negroes that they genuinely preferred to fear ignorant and violent Negro criminals than admit Negroes as equals or, much worse, superiors."

(paraphrase) "Jewish success due to enforced dominant child-rearing practices"

"less than 2 percent of American Negroes as having dominant mothers who instilled in them needs for high achievement."

Odom quotes Jared Taylor's "Paved with Good Intentions" in arguing
against racial preferences and "affirmative action"..."gave underqualified Negroes little job or educational satisfaction but produced much anger."
Then he quotes Jared Taylor again: "In 1988, for example, there were 9,406 reported cases of whites being raped by blacks, whereas there were fewer than 10 reported cases of blacks being raped by whites."  Then Odom states, "Caucasian men do practice racism in their marriages and in their
rapes while Negro men do not."...   so is Odom trying to make a point about the misuse of the word "racism" that was discussed earlier in this chapter or is he saying that Caucausians should rape more Negroes to prove that they are not "racist"?

And Odom further quotes Jared Taylor, "Though they are only 12 percent of the population, blacks commit more than half of all rapes and robberies and 60 percent of the murders in America." In 1995, one in three Negro men in their twenties was on probation, on parole, or incarcerated. This rate was approximately ten times the rate for Caucasian men of the same age.

Then Odom continues with his advice to the new american dictator on how to deal with a "Negro Problem" that is ten times worse than it is today:
"Contemporary conservatives blame genes for the lower success levels of Negroes.  Their liberal peers chose nutrition, environment, public education, discrimination, and a lack of self-esteem caused by slavery as responsible for the dilemma.  Whatever reason, the broad-based lack of achievement and lower acumen remain for the overwhelming majority of Negroes worldwide.
   You, America's Man on Horseback, can change dramatically the intellect and achievement of as many Negroes as you wish."

Odom tells the Emperor how to build a loyal "Black Death Corps"...
riding his hobby-horse of "dominant mother child-rearing practices" as accounting for all intelligence and achivement, Odom details how the Man 
On Horseback should take all the little Negro orphans and put them in elite schools to train to be a combination "Palace Guard", Navy Seals and
personal hit squard to enforce his reign of power.  And if there are not
enough dark skinned Negro orphans then he should recruit from African coutries but to make sure that they have dark skin. 
PS. Odom also attributes homosexuality to 'dominant mothers'.

Now that America is secure, the Counselor urges Conquest...
Odom details plans for the conquest of first Mexico and then the rest of the Western Hemisphere, excluding Haiti, and the Dominican Republic (for, no doubt, some unconsious racial predjudice -- why not put them all in his Dominant Mother Schools?) and is willing to leave Quebec to "parle Francaise"....

But asks for one small favor from the Emperor...
"Please accept a private list of names, small in number, to add to the lists that you receive."
(In an earlier chapter, Odom describes one remaining threat to the power of the Emperor..."your adversaries are protected by their wealth and position from the vulgar and from the likes of you. Such groups bob and weave throughout history, pulling down kings and reformers alike. They provide the money and motion to foment civil unrest and have the wealth to buy their way out of trouble...preferring to pull strings from a distance...sheltered clique of dissatisfied power brokers...)  Odom then historically and biblically justifies making an example of one or more of these "families and circles of power" by using his elite groomed "Black Guard" to totally assassinate all men, women, children, friends and associates of one of these "power centers" to make an example and strike terror in the bowels of any similar circle of power that might threaten the Reign of America's Man on Horseback.

Some of those on Odom's list are:
"government lawyers...and accountants" for failed banks and S&L's,
insurance company executive, investment bankers: Ivan Boesky, Marty Siegel, etc., etc., Kidder Peabody, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Drexel Burnham..."Mo" Greenberg, State Farm's CEO, those responsible for the Exxon oil spill, poleticians Jim Wright, Senator Phil Gramm, financier Charles H. Keating, Jr., Michael Milken, and to summarize; "lawyer-politicians, 20%; politicians in general, 15%; regular lawyers, 15%; insurance company CEOs, 15%; stock and bond manipulators, 15%; larcenous savings and loan officials, 5%; environmental polluters, 5%;...other CEOs 5%; and 5% judicial, pharmaceutical, media communication (TV, newspaper, magazine, and radio), and a host of other professionals."

Wonder if this guy ever lost any money in the stock market or had any bad experience with lawyers?

So in final review of "America's Man on Horseback"...
this book might have been titled "Black Vendetta" and I recommend it
to all you "Dominant Mothers" out their that have high expectations for your son, but hopefully I haven't worked up any other curiosity for this game plan.

Odom accurately describes the current American crises and projects it out another 15 years, and realistically describes what the American public may be driven to accept as a "solution" in that time, but it raises the conspiratorial theory that America has been driven to just such a degenerated condition in order that they might accept "any solution" to the worsening crisis.

With Odom's Emperor ruling one third of the world, it would bring us to the "Tri-Lateral Commission" or the "1984"* scenario where there are only three power centers that secretly control alternate phony war alliances to control
their brainwashed citizen-slaves.

Unless Odom is a very subtle satirist and I am being too literal to appreciate his actual message, on the surface, I would have to assume that he is a "True Liberal" in his apparent admiration for previous American Dictators such as A. Lincoln and F. D. Roosevelt by recommending many of their policies and
a true "Democratic Socialist" in the style of Stalin and Mao.  Many might call his plan "Fascist" but all these labels have lost significance.

Many of his solutions have a great appeal, but even with a "good dictator"
or a "good king" what happens to the nation or empire after he dies
without a Constitution that lives in the people or a balance of power?

On page 137 Odom gives General Colin L. Powell as a model to inspire the "dark-skinned" students at his "dominant-mother" leadership schools. Powell has been pushed before as a presidential candidate by both Republicans and Democrats.  The US military forces are being transformed now to be Hispanic, Black, feminine and homosexual.  The Liberals and Communists have had a long obsession with using the blacks and the (translated) "scum-of-the-proletariat-under-class" to wreck their "Black Vendetta"
against Western Civilization.

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...Letters to Editor...
Subject:     On  Brave  New  World


 You  have  confused  Brave  New  World  with  1984,  in  your  otherwise
excellent  review  of  the  Man  on  Horseback,  or  something  such  as

 In  Huxley's  Brave  New  World,  society  is  sort  of  a  drugged  out
paradise,  in  which  the lower  classes  are  all  satisfied  and  happy.
It is  a  one  world  government,  with  island  reservations  for  the 
non- comformists.

 In  Orwell's  1984,  however,  the  world  is  divided  into  three 
power centres,  Oceania,  Eurasia,  and  East  Asia.  Likewise,  the  people 
are tyrannized,  and  divided  into  mainly  three  class;  the  inner 
Party, outer  Party,  and  Proles. I  hope  this  corrects  things.

           Erik  B.

{Ed: thanks very much for correction.}

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