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Occasional commentary-rant
on News and Life
in the 'Global Village' 
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October 4th, 1998  Dr. Bear's "All New Internet Diet"
for the Information Age
in the Electronic Global Village
- from "Secrets of the new Internet Diet"... 
     ..."keep focused on your Personal Computer monitor..
...remember, you are only "one link away" from "TOTAL KNOWLEDGE" 
and  "knowledge is power" -  (at least according to the New World Order
gurus that wrote "The Third Wave" that described how the United States
is moving from an "industrial economy" to an "information economy" in 
the "electronic Global Village").

So don't be concerned that all the factories and jobs have been exported
to Mexico and China because Clinton and Gore want to hook up all the school
children to the "World Wide Web" and they will no longer need to learn
how to read or write or speak because that is already done for them
by their "PC window on the world" and Television.

As there will be no jobs in the new Electronic Global Village, "the children"
will not have to train for anything other than having high self-esteem in the
welfare lines.  If the US exports all its extra grain to the starving world and
the "Year 2000" crisis creates a breakdown of food distribution - there may
be a problem cashing in your food stamps for anything other than drugs.

If Red China sends a first strike of "'Long March" ICBM nuclear missiles at US
with guidance technology given them by Clinton for "thirty pieces of silver"
in Democratic campaign contributions in order to support a Mexican marxist
guerrilla take-over of the southwest in exchange for "trading posts" on the Pacific 
Coast... we can watch it all on the Internet - until the satellites go dead.

If the starving Soviet army wishes to "go foraging" into western Europe for food
before the hoards of immigrant locusts from Africa and Elsewhere strip it bare -
then they may decide to take advantage of Clinton's "No First Strike" policy to
distract the US from interference with rape and pillage - (after all, the old timer's
recall - "The Great Patriotic War" was really a lot of fun - if you survived the
purges) as FDR and the American Communist Party kept them well supplied
- as was their comradely duty as part of the "United Nations" and "Anti-Fascist
Front". But we can watch it all on Television and on the Internet for a while and will
be so entertained that we may forget to go to the FEMA Emergency Food centers.

Now that we have become dependent on NAFTA for food imports from Mexico
and the rest of the world where they use human feces for fertilizer, if there is any
political, economic, electronic, or "Act of God" natural disaster, our own family
farmers - long since driven from the land by Federal Bureaucracy and Bankers
may be in the same soup line as we are - and our only remaining domestic based
agriculture - marijuana - may not provide enough cookies for the starving and
rioting urban packs of "Clinton's sex life is his own business" party faithful.

Now that we have moved into the New World Order Information Age, 
we can satisfy our hunger with ''news bites' from the Media or "Mega-bytes"
of data that we download and post and trade on the Internet.

In any case, whoever is left over can contemplate with ecological compassion
that there were too many "mostly Euro-americans" in the United States anyway
and thanks to the far sighted planning of the New World Order, several projects
such as the Clinton Administration's American Heritage Rivers Initiative and the
United Nations World Heritage Site and  Biosphere programs, most of
America's National Parks, Preserves and Monuments have been protected
from this exploitation of Natural Resources, to be put to more democratic use
by the hundreds of thousands of poor Mexicans displaced by their civil wars
and needing to set up temporary camps until they can fence in the chickens
and put in the corn for next year's tortillas, or until the Red Chinese container ships
bring their surplus population that will no longer need to be limited by their
"one baby" policy of forced abortion and female infanticide forced upon them 
by the greedy capitalistic West's exploitation of the "Third World".

After it all settles out, there will be no more "Third World", just One World
where everyone starves equally except for the privileged class of those whose
skills and planning and correct thinking brought about this great ecological
salvation in order to "Save the Planet" from the effects of Western Civilization.

So have some pizza and beer and don't worry about dieting until you have to.

If you wish to further explore the threat of Red Chinese "Long March" missiles
and Clinton's Treason in selling them high-tech guidance technology...
informative backround on Clinton, "the China Connection" and the Long March Missiles
Washington Post: Chinese Missile Allegations: Key Stories 
very long but readable geopolitical analysis of strategic threats to US from Asia
(parent directory for above) Exploring U.S. Missile Defense Requirements in 2010:
What Are the Policy and Technology Challenges?
Federation of American Scientists - "Starwars" page [why are we still naked against ICBMs?]
Homepage of The Federation of Atomic Scientists
FAS was founded in 1945 by members
of the Manhattan Project who produced the first atomic bomb. 
a very technical article on Boeing's competition in the missile business that refers to "Long March"
The Free China Movement
Book: Bitter Winds : A Memoir of My Years in China's Gulag by Harry Wu
"AsiaSat" The company's first satellite, AsiaSat 1, was placed in orbit by a Long March 3 rocket from Xichang, China on 7 April, 1990, pioneering China's entry into launching commercial satellites.
Advertisement for Chinese Missile and Launch Vehicles (with pictures from '96 China Airshow)
observed launch in China of Long March rocket
Dragon in Space - an unofficial Chinese Space Website
The LORAL Corporation's response to allegations they provided missile tech to Red Chinese
more than you want to know about China from "Chinatone News"
Recall: Kennedy and Kruschev almost started WWIII over a few SHORT range CUBAN missiles.
If the Red Chinese can put a satellite into ORBIT,
they can drop fried rice on Kansas City.
(link gone for the)
(if you just want some pie and skip the armageddon for now..."Bye Bye Miss American Pie")

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...Letters to Editor...*
If you want to 'get paranoid' check out this link to 
The Coming American Holocaust?
Death Camps And Pick-Up Lists Ready?

"Generally  speaking, they're set up for dissenters
who will not go along with the New World Order.

The 'resisters' are gun owners who refuse to give up their weapons;

the 'dissidents' are Christians, Patriots and Constitutionalists.

These camps are set up. I've seen many of them." 

another commentary on "Rumors, FEMA and the Future"
Claire investigates rumoured detention camp at Heart Mountain, Wyoming
*if room, specify signature/email/not - may be abridged & linked   

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