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October 27th, 1998  Haiti: hand-outs, history, heroes, holocaust, HIV
(a collage of news clips and a few comments)
The burning tire -- what a beautiful tool! It smells good. Clinton and the Black Caucus
welcome 40,000 illegal immigrants
from Haiti along with Marxist-Terrorist
ex-"president" Aristide and such
contributions to diversity
such as Voodoo and AIDS...
US rep Conyers and Marxist Aristide
Welfare to Haiti drops off
10/27/98 * PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) -
In 1995, aid from foreign institutions and governments totaled $540 million. It
dropped to $420 million in 1996, then to $351 million in 1997, the report said. 
The United States continues to give the most aid - $85 million in 1997. 

Population: 6,611,407 (July 1997 est.) 
Ethnic groups: black 95%, mulatto plus white 5% 
Religions: Roman Catholic 80%
(of which an overwhelming majority also practice Voodoo)
Languages: French (official) 10%, Creole 

flag of haiti
History of Haiti
At the Conference of Archaie in 1803, Dessalines was the person who reputedly tore the white stripe from the French tricolor and determined Haiti's flag to be two stripes, a blue and red one, to symbolize that the "white" had been ripped out of Haiti, perhaps as a prophecy of what was to come in a few months later. 

Another famous tale of December 31, 1803, the eve of Haitian Independence, is that when the declaration of independence was read out the people protested it wasn't what they wanted to hear. Boisrond-Tonnerrer, an underling of Dessalines, reported called out "This doesn't say what we really feel. For our declaration of independence we should have the skin of a blanc [white]
for parchment, his skull for inkwell, his blood for ink, and a bayonet for pen!"
 Dessalines first decided to get rid of the French who were in Haiti. Early in 1804, his first year of rule, he had the French killed, sparing only a few doctors, priests and essential exporters.
It is generally thought that around 20,000 French were slaughtered,
and it was a brutal and harsh extermination. 
update 11/18/98: here is a much more detailed and graphic short History of Haiti...

The Jewish Holocaust of Haiti
Luis de Torres, Columbus' Converso interpreter, was the first Jew to step foot
in Haiti. The first Jewish immigrants came from Brazil in the 17th century, after
Haiti was conquered by the French. These Conversos were all murdered or expelled, along with the rest of the white population, during the revolt of Toussaint L'Ouverture in 1804.

Toussaint L'Ouverture: Celebrating Black History Month 

Haitian Immigrants Overwhelm Neighboring Dominican Republic
(old news from Latinolink)

In 1994 alone, the U.S. Coast Guard intercepted nearly 25,000 Haitians
trying to reach Florida. 

President Clinton sent troops to Haiti in 1994 to restore communist dictator
Aristide and halt the exodus. 

So far in the Clinton administration, only five years old,
forces have been deployed some fifty times. These are costly deployments.
Haiti alone cost $2 billion.

Rep. John Conyers, Jr (Democrat, Michigan) leads congressional mission to HaitiUS rep Conyers and Marxist Aristide[here embracing communist-terrorist ex-dictator Aristide]
to set up the U.S. funding of about 50 CIVPOL officers with Creole language skills and experience in community policing in the U.S. Their contribution has been important and expanding support for this program under the UN mandate should be a priority.
[This should be a practical model for UN police taking over in any riot-torn urban center   such as Los Angeles or Detroit].

[Rep Conyers and Clinton fondling kid]
hey kid, ever think about being an intern when you grow up?
Haitians hail Clinton's welcome to 40,000 illegal immigrants                         Oct 22, 1998

                                 MIAMI, Oct 22 (Reuters) - Haitians in the United States
                                 celebrated a new law granting residency to 40,000 of
                                 them on Thursday but asked why they had to fight harder
                                 to win fewer ``green cards'' than immigrants from Latin
                            On Wednesday, President Bill Clinton signed into law the
                                 Omnibus Budget Agreement, which included a provision
                                 giving permanent residency to more than 40,000 Haitians
                                 who had faced deportation to their homeland. 
                                 ``Justice for these Haitian refugees finally has been
                                 achieved. This represents a major victory for fairness,
                                 equal treatment and the positive contributions that
                                 Haitian immigrants bring to the U.S.,'' said Jocelyn 
                                 McCalla, executive director of New York's
                                 National Coalition for Haitian Rights.

Haitians upset over ‘Stella’s’ AIDS reference 
Group concerned AIDS reference gives credibility to negative stereotype 

AIDS affects many Haitian children
Some have disease, others orphaned by it

Travelers Advisory on Haiti
Reports indicate that 50 percent of Haitian prostitutes carry the AIDS virus

Drink only bottled beverages (including water) or beverages made with boiled water. 
Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Rabies, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Malaria
Insect-borne illness: outbreaks of dengue fever occur, and dengue hemorrhagic fever:

Crime Information: Crime remains at a high level and may spike from time to time. Reports of
murder, carjackings, armed robbery and break-ins contribute to security concerns.

Areas of Instability: Haiti continues to experience occasional civil unrest, including unofficial
roadblocks in all regions of the country. There have been attacks on some government buildings by
unidentified perpetrators. U.S. citizens have not been targeted in any of these attacks or in any
demonstration-related incidents, but travelers are urged to use common sense in avoiding large crowds, which have been known to turn violent.

"The wretched refuse of your teeming shore"
(commentary from The Salt Lake Tribune)
For instance, in the 1970s and 1980s, thousands of Haitians abandoned their land and headed for South Florida, bringing with them high incidences of tuberculosis and AIDS infection.
When they landed in the United States, many of them were unfamiliar with American life in the
20th century: Indoor toilets were strange; traffic was horrifying; life often was worse here
for them than it had been in Haiti.

U.S. castoffs, food scraps feed Haiti markets 
           10:00 p.m. Oct 21, 1998 Eastern 

                                 PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Oct 22 (Reuters) - Piles of
                                 ragged shoes, second-hand clothes, old toasters and
                                 record turntables line the streets of Haiti's capital. 

                                 Every day fresh shipments of discarded American goods
                                 come in from seaports to markets around the country.
                                 The import and sale of second-hand goods, called ``Pepe''
                                 in Haiti, is one of a very few growing industries.

[now that so many of his Haitian brothers are in this country...]
Former Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide visits South Florida 
Aristide wishes a warm welcome to his Florida constituentsMonday, October 26 - Former Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide said
                            he’s working on getting dual citizenship for Haitians living here.
                            [just like the Mexicans are getting dual citizenship to vote Americans out]

Aristide wishes a warm welcome to his Florida constituents
    The necklace, of course, is a terrifying instrument of torture and murder that
     members of the ANC have used on thousands of fellow black Africans. For those
     unfamiliar with this "beautiful tool" (Aristide's words), it is an automobile tire filled
     with gasoline or diesel that is put around the neck of a helpless victim and set
     aflame. Unfortunately for Aristide and his image doctors, he was caught on
     television cameras in a murderous harangue inciting his followers to necklace the
     opposition. Embarrassing (and damning) video footage of Aristide's speech to his
     tire-and-gasoline-toting supporters in Port-au-Prince on September 27, 1991 is a
     little tough to reconcile with the saintly image. Here's a sample of the gospel
     according to Jean-Bertrand: 

               A faker who pretends to be one of our supporters, just
               grab him; make sure he gets what he deserves with the
               tool you now have in your hands [referring to the tire
               "necklaces"]. The burning tire -- what a beautiful tool!
               What a beautiful instrument! It's fashionable. It smells
               good. And wherever you go, you want to smell it. 

The Real Bertrand Aristide by William F. Jasper 

Everybody should write a letter of appreciation to their congress persons for enriching the
cultural diversity of the united states by the recent mass amnesty for Haitians - we can look

forward to dead chickens on the courthouse steps and we won't have to mail order for those

hard-to-get Voodoo supplies if a new Haitian immigrant opens up a neighborhood shop...

until then we will have to shop on the internet... [Haitian Voodoo Links]


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