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September 26th, 1998 URGENT: Congressional Diversity Calendar Crisis
(backround story)
9/25/96 * (Newsday) * Long Island Goes Latin 

A parade and fiestas fill Hispanic Heritage Month * For years the exploits of European men saturated the history books. To honor other groups that influenced the nation's development, activists instituted Black History Month and Women's History Month, which have become fixtures on the cultural calendar. As the country's burgeoning Latino community increasingly flexes its political and economic power, Hispanic Heritage Month is also destined to become more prominent.
"It's only a matter of time,'' In 1968, Congress designated a weeklong commemoration  pegged to coincide with Mexican and Central American Independence Day on Sept. 15. The observance was expanded to a month in 1988 and ends Oct. 15 around Columbus Day, known in Latin America
as El Dia de la Raza(which is variously translated as "The Day of the Race"
"Remember the Alamo" or  "We don't need no stinkin' Green Cards".

9/26/98 * Washington (NCR) - Congressional legislators are currently considering a major revision to the official Federal Calendar because of the crisis caused by several lawsuits brought forward by the American Communist Liberties Union charging "discrimination" and "mental distress" of various immigrant minorities due to their being unfairly left out of the Federal Holiday Schedule. The problem that lawmakers are faced with is that there are currently only twelve months and several have already been committed to Africans, Hispanics, Women and Gays... 
In order to forstall injunctions in Federal Courts, the new Diversity Calendar
must go into effect by the beginning of Fiscal Year 2000 to accomodate all cultures: 
Traditional Month Proposed New Month Celebrating Minority
January 1st half Mandela Month African 
January 2nd half Pancho Villa Month Mexican
February 1st half Mao Tse Tung Month Chinese
February 2nd half Janet Reno Month Lesbians
March 1st half Barney Frank Month (male) Homosexuals
March 2nd half Pocahontas Month Native American Women
April 1st half Che Guevara Month Cuban American Spys
April 2nd half Papa Doc Duvalier Month Haitian boat people
May 1st half Red Flag Month Russian immigrants
May 2nd half Bambi Month Vegetarians
June 1st half Imelda Romualdez Marcos Philippinos
June 2nd half Sun Myung Moon Month Koreans
July 1st half Mahatma Ghandi Month India Indians
July 2nd half William Ginsburg Month Pedophiles
August 1st half Sri Guru Granth Sahib Month Sikhs
August 2nd half Yasser Arafat Month Palestinians
September 1st half Elijah Muhammad Month Afro-Muslims
September 2nd half Martin Luthor King Jr. Mo' Afro-Communists
October 1st half O.J. Simpson Month Honoring Black Athletes
October 2nd half Hiroshima-Nagasaki Month Japanese-Americans
November 1st half Lox and Bagel Month Liberal Jewish Americans
November 2nd half Opium Poppy Month Hmong 
December 1st half Roe vs. Wade Month Right to Death Feminists
December 2nd half Dead White Males Month confessions of racial guilt...
Please note, if anybody has been left out please notify your Congress-person
immediately as the buget for the new calendars and Federal Holiday Schedule
must be finalized soon.
Interns working for the Congressional Calendar Caucus site historical precedent 
from the French Revolution, the French invented and put into use a new
Revolutionary calendar.Each month consisted of three weeks of ten days. 
The days were named after various crops and flowers. Instead of getting one day off every seven to pray in a church, the peasants were miffed that they got off only one day 
in ten to attend a ``temple of reason,'' which is what the churches were rechristened. 
The years were numbered starting with the revolution, Year 1... 

Also, various interest groups are lobbying Committee members for inclusion of 
important holidays from various cultures and campaign contributors including 
significant days from Aztec, Mayan, Earth Mother, Muslim and Zoroastrian calendars. 

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...Letters to Editor...*
Subject: Re: Washington State [pro-illegal] "Raids Resistance Project" article

That's a load of crap that Americans don't want these jobs picking crops. I have a friend of mine that is White, and went to check out a job 
picking apples. We live in upstate NY by the way. My friend was told that, "Only immigrants could get these jobs." Soooooo, there you go! 
     - TH

9/19/98  [forwarded email;Please, consider posting on web page.]

Mistake: Discrediting the Matt Fong Campaign

I can understand why notable immigration reform activists such as 
Terry Graham   might attempt to discredit Republican neo-conservative Matt Fong for his pro-legal immigration stand, but I would hesitate to recommmend that we vote repeatedly for prospective election candidates based solely on a one dimension/issue condition. That is, immigration reform and even European American interests, although of paramount importance and concern, are not the ONLY issues to be contemplated when considering who to vote for. 

In this case, Matt Fong's liberal Democratic rival, Barbara Boxer, cannot 
be construed as being more considerate of either immigration reform OR 
inherent European American interests. In fact, there should be no need to point out that Boxer is a rabid new left advocate favoring everything from strict gun control; rescinding welfare reform; crackpot environmental schemes involving government coercion; pro-affirmative action; pro-illegal immigration; pro-bilingual education; anti-school voucher and public education reform; open support of one world government and global economies of scale; big government and continued federal budget deficits, and on, and on... 

Furthermore, I do not buy into the insinuated argument that because 
Matt Fong is Chinese, Ward Connerly is black, or David Horowitz
is a reformed radical left-wing Jew -- that any of these folks cannot be sincere non-hyphenated conservative Americans who are just as disgusted as we, at the recent blossoming of liberal ethnic identity politics in American life.  In short, in this current election for California's U.S. Senate representative, there is no other choice but to give our votes to Matt Fong. 

Let us never forget that because conservative oriented European Americans split there vote for Perot in the 1992 presidential election (20%), we got stuck with the great slut, Bill Clinton.  May we not repeat the same mistakes. If we don't have a viable candidate in a particular election that meets ALL of our political interests -- then support the next logical and best choice. There is no other sane alternative in American politics. 


Pastor's Politically Incorrect Prayer
If you want to 'get paranoid' check out this link to 
The Coming American Holocaust?
Death Camps And Pick-Up Lists Ready?

"Generally  speaking, they're set up for dissenters
who will not go along with the New World Order.
The 'resisters' are gun owners who refuse to give up their weapons;
the 'dissidents' are Christians, Patriots and Constitutionalists.
These camps are set up. I've seen many of them." 

see commentary from Freedom 2000 - South African Site
Stop American Interference!
*if room, specify signature/email/not - may be abridged & linked 
 as sample above..

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