Other Essays by Constantin von Hoffmeister (c) 2005



by Constantin von Hoffmeister

AmeriKa announced that it would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons
preemptively, to deter "rogue states" to use "weapons of mass
destruction." This means that the exaltation of the White race has become
meaningless. White nationalists in AmeriKa still claim that it is not
White AmeriKa that is responsible for this disastrous turn of events.
Instead, they argue, it is the Jews behind the scenes that pull ALL
strings! This notion is false, ridiculous and dangerous. It is not the
Jews that control AmeriKa. It is the WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants)
that are in power in AmeriKa. The WASPs have the same mentality as Zionist
Jews do. This is why the Jews were able to become so influential in
AmeriKa in the first place.

The White race is indeed "the cancer of human history" (in the words of
Jewess Susan Sontag), but to be more precise: the cancerous element of the
White race is the Aryan admixture. Indigenous Europeans are almost
extinct. The Aryan virus decimated them almost entirely. The Aryan tribes
were aliens. Alien to everything holy, sacred and comfortable, they went
forth and raped, fucked up, pillaged and burned all that stood proud and
erect (enclosed in the fertilizing womb of blinking sleep and work).

American WASPs are the new Aryans. Reborn to kill, they do not focus their
destructive energy on old Europeans since the latter are almost completely
Aryanized themselves. Instead, the new Aryans want to crush whatever
traditional and pure is left in this world. They want to burn the Koran,
demolish Mecca and crucify Muhammad (like they still do to Jesus by
constantly denying his message through a perversion of his sayings) on
their ever again flaring Swastika. They want to drop big bombs on
Pyongyang and laugh while the proud citizens of one of the last bastions
of democracy scuttle around, burning and screaming. The new Aryans,
incarnate in the oil-greased machinery of the Great Satan, want to burn,
burn, burn!

Puritans fuck Indians
Indians no like it
Jews fuck Puritans
Puritans love it
and marry the Jews

Aryan man kill savages
savages fight back
Jews kill Aryan man
Aryan man moans
with pleasure more!

The new Aryans' gods are war and money. Like the ancient Aryans, the new
Aryans worship their self-proclaimed status of elevation above everybody
and everything among humanity and in nature. Like the ancient Aryans, the
new Aryans want to proselytize their ways of life and death, not for the
sake of advancing the complexity of the cosmos, but for the sake of razing
the forest of diversity and abolishing the word "autonomy." Like the
ancient Aryans, the new Aryans have a Semitic (= nomadic and maraudic)
mind-set. Like the ancient Aryans, the new Aryans are White, and this
color again denotes a nobility that chose itself to be such. AmeriKa,
ruled and represented by WASPs, has no respect for the lives of
lower-caste vermin, and therefore naturally allies itself with Israel,
itself an apartheid state that equates Arabs with cockroaches.

niggers loot in New Orleans
niggers rape in New Orleans
niggers kill in New Orleans
the new Aryans loot in Baghdad
the new Aryans rape in Baghdad
the new Aryans kill in Baghdad
who brought the niggers to AmeriKa?
who brought the new Aryans to Baghdad?

 - Constantin von Hoffmeister


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

Maya does not exist. Illusions do not exist, otherwise they would cease to be such. Life is not an illusion. Life is matter - exclusively! History is the constant struggle of matter. Whether in bad weather or sunshine, man is not the origin (= not to be = never was, a long time ago in eyes that now look in plastic rearview mirrors) and end-all of the historical process that really has no end and no beginning. Who defines history but the creatures who know how to jest about it? People do indeed desire opiates. Why not give them the REAL thing instead of the spiritually filthy by-products of metaphysical masturbation sessions?

Yes, I piss on metaphysics and religion and the esoteric and useless mumbo-jumbo! I shit on it! I vomit on it! At the same time, however, I extol its virtues by pointing out its limitations, meaning that metaphysics can be beautiful and enriching when one realizes the sheer impotence of its so-called powers of wannabe perceptive "veil-lifting" by taking it for what it really is: a symbolical flower to put into the "living-room" of somebody else's head, a pretty object of ejaculatory force (cathartic in nature, like a pounding fuck). Why evacuate the big cities when they are not nearly big enough yet? We need megalopolises spanning the globe. We need to speed up environmental pollution, so that European man is forced to play the role that suits him best, the role that he is obliged to take on if he wants to emulate the legends that he himself created. We need to rid ourselves of this puny Earth-bound existence. We must live exhausting lives, we must work, we must rediscover the joys of mass exterminations - we must be covered with oil, greasing the grey colossi of spaceships that will take us into ever more zones ripe for colonization through flattening. The ideal is the colorless city of cold drab darkness, monolithic scrapers of the industrial clouds again reminding adapted European man that he is once more only a cog in the MACHINE. Rise, o soldiers of the future! The whole universe is anxiously waiting to get royally raped! HAIL the race that devours others - laughing, burping, tunes of doom ringing in the advent of gloom! After the eclipse, Pol Pot may again rise, but this time clad in space-black-suit look, snazzy and worn.

I create my own nightmare world of ecstatic joy in which to play out my sombre phantasies in light of regressive retrospection. I do not share the (unfortunately) common view that Earth must be saved. This would be an impossible task in any case if an asteroid the size of Seattle is hurtling towards the Blue Planet. We would surely all perish. Aryan man, the organic elite and nature's most noble creation, would be finished without having the slightest chance of recovery or finishing the godly task laid out for him aeons ago by the Abraxi. European man is always able to "improvise, adapt and overcome." In a generation or two, European man on Mars would be taller than his counterpart on Terra due to a lesser gravitational pull on the Red Planet. Thus, another small step of evolutionary progress would have been achieved. Indians, by the way, can cook excellent curries, but are hardly able to build a civilization as magnificent as the one that they lost a long time ago, due to miscegenation and the corruption of ancient Aryan rationality. The future will be EVROPEAN or not be at all!

The noble savage is a lie. The beast as nigger as saint is still a beast. Stone tools and wooden spears do not a rocket make. Fat lips on a naked half-human are exterior symbols of a subhuman soul. Their ugliness makes even bound feet on a Chinese noblewoman a heavenly sight. The noble Race is the one that gives to those who need in order to advance and takes what it deserves from those who can only beg and hunt. Progressive peoples despise the animalistic instincts that prevail in the still damp and dark corners of the globe. Indio animals wear no clothes. Their innocence is shattered due to the lack of sufficient covering. Only fashionable clothes portray the elegance of a civilized people's soul. Thus, progressive peoples regain their honor (that was lost due to the evolutionary process and its resulting de-unification) by displaying their superiority through the delicate choice of textiles. Our European Earth is in danger of becoming re-primitivized. We must, at all costs, recognize the danger that is inherent in the genetic make-up of the monstrous and backwards invaders of our homeland. We must act and expel or be reduced to wearing loincloths again!

 - Constantin von Hoffmeister


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

"The project [of the SS] was as simple as ambitious: To gather human beings of predominantly Aryan stock (without forgetting the women) in order to climb back up the abyss of decadence and unfortunate intermarriages. To awaken the consciousness of our distinctive status in culture and instinct. To better the race from generation to generation, to give nature the possibility of mutation towards the Overman."

D-DAY - in the Cruel Summer of Desperation, 1944:

in the echelons of power
wondering questioning bedazzled
the dream scr am meme
pick your lot in wild weird woods
the beam the endless beam down
see the giant marching sideways
political revolution evolution
crystal dreams shattered on fields of manure
shoot your brother dead at dawn
the race against time
one race above time
fuck your daddy down you go
devolution copulating with Cain and a grin
"THEY got us here and over there as well"
imprisoned game of cards itself playing by rules
conduct follows command
a lucky strike the way to Cherbourg
a comedy of errors defense barbed in
also: cotton field of dreams ablaze
a crusade against your righteous self
bloody Yank on young EVROPA vomits
crossed knives to hold the tide
the Virgin Mary screwed shitting needles
war is heaven when dirty boots tatter
in silence scrapes the tin foil trash
run the gauntlet into concrete
maverick madness made manifest
and wolverines the werewolves rip apart
the two-legged beast from Austria lied
hilarious down a blood-drenched path
groveling the gnostic in boring brothels
poetry of physics projected into pure propaganda
"le Waffen-SS sont des héros du sang et le travail"
but too late! the Kingdumb cometh...
no fear heart kill the crimson wave
under cover of teeth a pale glow flickers
rain washes off soot
sun fosters decay
the Brown Wall bound to be blasted
full moon beard vision clear
breached through honor the lies of the kike
the green march west to trap the east
Lancelot luminous in the Lake of Bavaria
dogs, you want to die ever after?
on the autobahn ashen columns dire trot
lightning losing logic and lubrication
liquor trash no wine tastes better
the culture of the cross crucified itself
candles cast a light of comfort
erecting veils of rubber thinly sliced
dollar sickle planting death to harvest equal as one
magic monocles silently brooding
a stern look inwards to Mars crowned with failure
frac tal ink slowly faded while memory etched thin
the clean door of the house that bleeds plaster
o our Lord - grant us relief:
Kristus Teutonicus the pale flame redeemer!
the siege suddenly spurned with scorn
the cult of the cool not certified to rule

 - Constantin von Hoffmeister