by Constantin von Hoffmeister

"In the dawn of Nordic civilization, lesser races used to cringe in their rude huts and pray: 'Lord, save us from the fury of the men of the North!'"
-- George Lincoln Rockwell

The Nordic ideal should be the ideal of the White race. After all, most Aryan art depicts the Nordic phenotype. From an objective standpoint of aesthetics, Northern Europeans are more beautiful than Mediterranean Europeans. Also, it is a fact that the Nordic peoples are more freedom-loving than the Mediterranean ones. One could cite the Germanic resistance to Roman oppression as an example. Nordic man is Faustian by nature while Mediterranean man may be made to be Faustian but is generally more inclined to fall into line (Nordic National Socialism versus Mediterranean Fascism: the former put the people above the state while the latter put the state above the people).

The image of the Nordic worker (in the Nordic Russian barbaric Bolshevik and Juengerian sense) is superior to the image of the Mediterranean worker (definitely not represented in the reality-denying Fascists sculptures which falsely Nordicized the swarthy Italian worker) since the former possesses the chiseled features that one always associates with chiseling itself (be it rocks, coals or diamonds). The worker who chisels should look chiseled, thus accentuating the synthesis between the producer and the product. Nordic peoples should buy (or be given in a truly egalitarian society based on strict racial standards) Nordic products produced by Nordic workers!

As the French Aryan Anti-Fascist Jean Mabire said, "I am not a Fascist because I am a free thinker and because I view the principle of freedom as a fundamental principle for which the non-Nordic peoples have no use. ... One could say that the traditional individual sense of freedom, which is so pronounced in the Northern European countries, is, according to its inner character, opposed to Fascism..." And, as everybody knows, Fascism was a Mediterranean phenomenon, one that fundamentally appealed to the psyche of the Southern slave mentality. True Nordic people ultimately feel repulsed by the false pomp and the pretentious glory that marked the reign of Mediterranean Mussolini and his fat and decadent cohorts.

The followers of the Austrian pan-Germanic politician Georg Ritter von Schoenerer summed up the eternal Nordic resolve of resistance: "Without Judah, without Rome, we shall build Germania's dome!"

crushed by freedom
the tyranny of the sun
in windy plains
true tongues reside and pray

Reclaiming swamp land, swamped with insects crawling and flying and almost four-legged ones grunting or almost talking, a task of retribution and catechism (of the new kind!) of an order no more strangled and contextualized. The way forward through the desert people, deserted by their god, their fate sealed to be stranded in sand. The Nordic folk haven then secured: to shuttle to and fro the angst of not achieving the level on the top, the top of the peak expanding beyond and beyond and beyond some more.

Nordic race warrior, with sword and penis defending the evening and fertilizing the bloody soil. See Mozart play again in the blinding light of fury and pain! The pain of birth, the fury of ascent. Celtic crosses complement carnivorous cohorts. Feel fever flow freely! Time to die, the little eye, a mild goodbye.

Nihilists see the night of day, coils itself the snake around the sun and whence the wanderer wonders: Is Iberia the isotope of isolation? The way where warmth walks is the way where wombs wobble. The white and the red, the fire and the ice - burning flags, icy flames.

Isis immaterial
Loki lusts


 - Constantin von Hoffmeister


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

"You are but millions. Our outnumbered nations
Are as the sands upon the sounding shore.
We are the Scythians! We are the slit-eyed Asians!
Try to wage war with us - you'll try no more!"
-- Alexander Blok, THE SCYTHIANS

young Europeans
transformed into angst
enjoy the consumerist rebellion
U.S. war a glorious cause
despise capitalism
free politics of hate and ridicule
concentrate on promise
of ever closer union
the older generation
prepared to settle for peace and love
and urban terrorism
Europe's old rebels
a burden to the next generation
don't bother to vote
no effective opposition
what happened?
home and family like tanks crush
traditionally devout
(sacred texts junk)
European social policies
(equality numbing)
irreverence at an end
radical causes to step aside
free-market policies
determine any revolutionary drive
in the Holy Roman Empire:
the Towers of Tashkent
radiating reconquista
tattoo trust trumpeted
time of torrent triumphalizes
Guy Montag buys and burns
gothic gals in London lounge
in true form the continent's corpse
spawns from its grave
and finally they met!
gnostic black leather boobs
engineered energy to enforce empathy
caught in the rye
through the looking glass:
left of the dune
the waste lands
the lord bowing down
guillotine greased
to behead a master of spheres
Orwell's last man in Europe preaches:
speedwise into the joycamp, unpersons!
brethren, practice goodsex!
it started on a piece of paper
and ended up in a book:
the feats of the vanquished
empty bottles
empty casks
the wine that drunk
memory intoxicates
wolves petting sheep
sleepwalking a nightmare
tame, lame, full of artificial shame
the memory of Edelweiss
drunken arson
cheerful bombs
sabotaged the sale of sorrow
sex sold for serenity
Guy Montag, Germanic rebel, thinks
a thought!
not for a penny, a dollar
but purely willed
free and out of line shine
successive deductive
patterns that prevail
when time breaks tradition
and results beget amnesia
on the battlefield of pride
ties untied and retied
to the colossi of commercialism
young Europeans drown
in lethargizing liquid suffocating
a small group of nobles
has destroyed the greatness of Rome
today we must fight Romans
blood! honor! victory!
for Rome!
sent a letter yesterday
about love, pain and loss
will it arrive
in the jungle, the diaspora?
i see you have been in a rag
in a fit
the silent rage of memory's tomb
cannons rumble
broken they tumble
beyond the mountains
boomingly voices grumble
the Golden Horde approaching
the shield pierced
Old Europe wails
to no avail
kind no more
to fight back
the young,
having to feed on their elders,
succumb to rage
the same evoked by the ancients
to slay the waking dragon
deep beneath
the Volga flows through Europe
blood on the broad sword
iron in the machine gun
kill the ones that wail!
maim the ones that shame!

worm riders

 - Constantin von Hoffmeister








by Horst Mahler
(translated by Constantin von Hoffmeister)

... The comments by Clauss (Dr. Ludwig Ferdinand Clauss - RASSE UND SEELE [Race and Soul]) are the eternally fruitless effort to show the non-Nordic races that the National Socialist racial theory is "harmless."

Hitler definitely thought that the Nordic race was superior - and he was right. Perhaps it is a long time ago since you read chapter 11, "Volk und Rasse" (People and Race), in MEIN KAMPF. Just read it again, now. If somebody comes along and says that he does not differentiate between races and does not put them into perspective with one another, he is a liar. He wants to trap you.

It depends on the measure of the valuation. Hitler was thinking about the higher development of humanity. The peoples are not like exotic animals in a zoo. These are displayed without inner relations to another, only displayed for external viewing. We go there and find some of them beautiful, some of them ugly. These valuations are inane.

In contrast, the concept of the development of spiritual beings - therefore including the peoples - contains differences that are related to each other - earlier and later stages, lower and higher forms of the developing substance. To take away from the peoples the consciousness of this differentiation and the related valuation is part of the annihilation program of our enemies.

A people that, in relation to another people, sees itself as occupying a higher stage of development, is hardly going to develop the will or the willingness to step down from the higher stage in order to occupy a level that it thought overcome long ago. This people you would have to show me.

Clauss reacts in the wrong way to the attacks of the enemy. He accepts the enemy's hypocritical pretense that racism is of the devil. He tries - in vain - to exonerate the Nazis of the charge of racism. Right would have been to show the dual nature of racism. He who tries to use the difference between himself and the kaffirs as a justification for enslaving the kaffirs, is of the devil. But he who, by realizing the difference, gains the conviction that the kaffir cannot be our teacher and judge, hears the will of God and executes it.

Upon this reflection, it is a must to declare oneself to be against Jewish and for Germanic racism. Of course, the Nazis were/are racists - God-pleasing racists. They understand their higher being as a responsibility for the whole, including a responsibility for the lower being. They foster their status and help the lower races to live lives free from slavery, according to their characters.

Also, it cannot be doubted that the Jews, who think of themselves as being chosen by Yahweh, are racists - Satan-serving racists. They think of themselves as gods and feel they have the right to enslave (Isa 60, 12) and slaughter (Isa 34, 2) all non-Jewish peoples.

Since the Jews do not know any other racism but their own - the Satanic one - they believe that they can, through the accusation of racism, shoot down the bearers of the divine racism. There is a simple cure against that: one simply has to recognize both racisms as aspects of the divine being and articulate them. It then suffices, whenever they accuse us of racism, to hold a mirror (meaning the Torah [Old Testament]) in front of the Jews and laugh at them because of their simple-mindedness.

We avow ourselves to our divine racism through which the world will recuperate one day.

Volk und

 - Constantin von Hoffmeister



by Constantin von Hoffmeister

Per Aspera Ad Astra

RosenbergThe Racist Left: Biological racism should be the most important part of any theory of identity. Races create cultures and traditions. Without race-specific world views there would be no tradition. Every tradition corresponds to the drive of a race soul to express and glorify itself. The foremost philosopher of National Socialism, Alfred Rosenberg (not a Jew!), realized this very well when he argued that "the character of today's world revolution lies in the awakening of the racial types." Racial war is an integral part of the natural process of selection and evolution. That some races are worth more than others is therefore obvious. Not too much value should be placed on the idea of a so-called "spiritual" race as an undiluted materialist outlook is the only outlook that accepts the reality of the present, the past and the future. A rock from Mars is worth more than a hundred books on transcending the differences in archetypes. This is not only true because there is not one ancient archetype at the root of the archetypes known today. The archetypes were always many, but only one archetype is worthy of worship.

Islam is clearly an enemy of European civilization because it cannot accept that the Enlightenment was a universal revolution that is also applicable to itself. This is why the Muslims cry because of some harmless cartoons. Muslims are simply ridiculous. Islam should be suppressed. One should have absolutely no respect for "Islamic republics" as they are a reflection of a stupid and barbaric world view. Better into a bordello than into a mosque! The Muslims want to conquer and crush what does not fit their narrow outlook on the world. As an expression of a people's collective psyche, Islam is the exact opposite of the European Enlightenment. Muslims live in the sand and in the past and will never be able to build a space shuttle and colonize space. Halal heartlessness: Muslims torture animals in the name of religious cleanliness. They let the animals slowly bleed to death so that they can feel rinsed and pure. A people's level of civilization can be ascertained by the way it treats its animals.

Saint-JustHimmlerOnly the ideas of the (imaginarily) Eurocentric French Revolution can give salvation to the Aryan race. Cheers to the Jacobins, the prophets of the pan-European mass idea! French revolutionary Louis Antoine de Saint-Just and German revolutionary Heinrich Himmler were both avatars of the same god of vengeance. While the former implemented measures to do away with the "noble" beasts of sloth, the latter organized a smooth-running camp system to concentrate (and thereby keep away from the healthy host nations) the hook-nosed parasites. Concerning the French King, Saint-Just argued that it was not possible to rule innocently. Concerning the hook-nosed parasites, Himmler argued that not being ruled at all was better than being ruled by them. Both Saint-Just and Himmler were cruel and swift in their methods, both signs that time could not be wasted and methods not restrained in their respective centuries, just as time is precious and radical methods wanted in our century. Unfortunately, time travel is not possible yet.

MengeleDr. Josef Mengele, working at Auschwitz, trying to make gold out of excrement (brown to blue, black to blond), was called the "Angel of Death." Saint-Just, working in Paris, helping in letting sublime terror reign to establish order, was called the "Angel of Death." Both Mengele and Saint-Just were human beings of a higher type. They were overmen in a world of filth! Mengele, with his praiseworthy desire to create biological nobility where nature had failed, was (and still is) beyond the reach of moralizing jabberwocky-utterers. Saint-Just, his youthful beauty consumed with lust and anger, has been, is and will be admired as one of the men of action (never to shy away from sacrifice, blood and sadistic deeds) that the West once needed to give itself an enema. An enema is needed now but hardly any men of Saint-Just's caliber are here, ready and willing to administer it. A healthy dose of spite, rage and disgust must be fomented within the hearts of all pitch-black-clad men of honor. The goal is to reach again the heights of pleasure gained from giving enough pain, horror and remorse.

The idolized (after the fact of historical presence in the past) Red Army was the army of liberation from the yoke of superstition in the guise of religiosity. It was not the goateed devil that persecuted the followers of Christ, but Loki that led the people back into Odin's bosom through implementing measures necessary for a people used to sheepish ways. "Gulag! Gulag! Gulag!" This mantra should remind all good-natured fellows of the agenda that saved the East.

Otto RahnDid SS-Mann Otto Rahn find the Holy Grail? The Holy Grail is the essence of the four corners of the Abraxi's world. We venerate the Abraxi because their world is a reflection of our deep longing and desire to become one with the creator gods (multiple, wise, adamant-willed and attributed with attached arms of radioactive rays - the armor cold and dripping acid). The intricacies of the new inquisition reveal the desperate dark doctors that performed hideous cruel experiments on the filthy rabid dogs that howled at the wrong time and in the wrong place. The new inquisition puts the doctors to the test. If they sink, they will die. If they float, they will die. If they think, they will die. If they gloat, they will die.

From Colonel Kurtz' letter to the National Anarchist German Non-Workers' Party: "If I slash a cow, can I call it beef? Belly? I don't have a belly. I have a box where my intestines are put to rest."

And here they plucked it.

 - Constantin von Hoffmeister


by Constantin von Hoffmeister

guardRacialists are liars. They refuse to beat their wives. True understanding of the feminine nature of the universe can only be acquired by walking the path of relentless racism. Racists have a healthy hate. Love is respect, and respect is weakness. Weakness spells oblivion. The history of the world is the history of race struggle. Dog eats dog, and race eats race. Racialists succumb to the need to be exploited. They want to be conquered. Their respect for the other spells doom for their own. Their notion of equal worth is a grand illusion - really a delusion exonerating pillage and rape, all the while hiding its true nature behind a cloak of forgiveness and other coded traits of meek monstrosities. William Shakespeare wrote for all the peasants in all the villages. The ones given up to the invaders have been betrayed by the racialists and their anti-racist brothers-in-arms.

The life of our own is the life of solarity. Not for nothing have the lovers of yore sung the song of lucid magnanimity: "In my arms locked are you, my sweet delight, flesh of my flesh." The Nordic Legion of Shakespeare follows the literary principles of the Bard: They know they are because the question has been forever answered by the glorious nature of nature itself. Or as Popeye the Sailor Man would say: "I yam what I yam." If one takes spinach or steroids, this harmonizing truth remains forever the same.

One is what one is, and the other is what the other is. To assert our North as a whole, we must recognize the lower value of the lesser other. The higher other can be a friend but not a lover.

 - Constantin von Hoffmeister