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Dear New Nation News Editor,

I'm a regular reader of your fine informative website and immediately noticed the story you posted announcing that our Department of State had just approved the entry into this nation of a potential 12,000 so-called Somali Bantu refugees which are currently living in United Nations sponsored refugee camps in the African nation of Kenya.

After reading this article, that was posted from the East African News internet site, (,
I became outraged and boiled over in anger with the thought of 12,000 uneducated, illiterate, primitive Black Africans entering our nation and ending up on our state welfare roles.

Bantu outhouseBesides the fact that these individuals are uneducated and illiterate and have no other job skills besides subsistance farming, the article explains that these people are Islamic in religion. In addition to being Islamic, these individuals have only lived in backward third third world conditions where there is no running water, no electricity, no flush toilets, no medical care, no schools, no tooth paste nor deorderant and other personal higene.

I can only describe these individuals as Uncivilized Black Savages from the African continent that have no place living in our modern westernized society and to even talk about flying in thousands of these people into our nation and despersing them into our local communities and placing them on state welfare benefits is an OUTRAGE which must not be allowed to take place without some kind of PROTEST to our federal government and the leftist bureaucrats which enact such insane government policy!

On Feb. 4, 2002, I decided to call the United States State Department in Washington, DC and inquire about this insane policy of allowing these worthless individuals into our society at taxpayer expense. I was transferred to the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration within the State Department and was then connected with the individual who is responsible for African refugee admission into the United States.

Bantu manThe conversation I had astounded me and left me virtually speechless. The women who I spoke to was 100% enthusiastic about allowing this group of uncivilized savages into this nation. She explained to me that No Nation in Africa would take these people in, and that Kenya, the nation in which these individuals fled from Somalia, would not allow them to stay and integrate into their own black african society.

She further explained that Kenya, as most black african nations, don't have refugee resettlement programs such as our nation. There was just no other place on earth for this human refuge to resettle, except the good old USA, according to this State Department official.

She then comforted me by saying that if I ever came upon a Somali BANTU in my neighborhood, that I should not worry, because these Somali's where nothing like the Somali's portraited in the recent movie Black Hawk Down.

Bantu birdmanShe explained to me that these Somali's were beautiful peaceful people and deserved every chance the US Government and our tax dollars could afford them. I then asked her if she thought these individuals might be just a little too primitive to be integrated into our white western European society and she explained to me that although the Somali Bantu were nothing more than ILLITERATE, UNEDUCATED SUBSISTANCE BLACK AFRICAN PEASANT FARMERS, there were no reasons why this worthless group of people could not fit into our society just like the Lost Boys of Somalia had done and that she had no worries about their prospects of success.

They'll do just fine, she explained, it's just amazing how fast these people can become acclimated. She then asked me who I was and "How did I find out about the Somali Bantu's" in the first place. I told her I was a taxpayer who was just interested in finding out first hand how my tax $$$$$'s were being spent.

Bantu childrenWhen I began to question this lady about the specific welfare benefits these people would be receiving, she explained that she was concerned only with the front-end of this refugee equation in Africa and really had no idea about what kind of benefits these folks would be receiving once here. The resettlement agencies take care of that she explained to me I then asked her how many African refugees were admitted to the USA last year, and she told me the number had been dramatically increased the last few years and that 20,000 had been resettled to a neighborhood near you in 2001.

Needless to say, the whole conversation made me sick but it exposed to me first-hand what I already knew about our government and it's institutions. Our elected federal government and the leftist bureaucrats that fill it's ranks have been engaging in Demograhic and Cultural Warfare against it's White European Population for some time now. This particular matter is just one of many, acts of war, our federal government has committed against it's White European inhabitants.

These people feel their engaged in a noble humanitarian cause that will not be finished until every inch on this once great nation is Minority White and resembles the Third World Sesspool from which their beautiful refugees come from. The fact that this women asked me how I even found out about her efforts to destroy our nation and it's White European Civilization, shows to me that these folks are used to getting away with their little games without even the least bit of PROTEST or even INQUIRY by the average white American taxpayer.

BantuIf Black African nations refuse to take these individuals in, WHY SHOULD WE? All these Black African Somali's have to offer us is more of the same social destruction that unfortunately White Americans have become all too familar with. All patriotic White Americans who read this little diatribe need to get off their ass and call the State Department and express their OUTRAGE!!!!!

Lets jam the phone lines of the State Department over this issue!!!!!! Make these bleeding heart leftist elitists know that we're watching them and their acts of social destruction. It's your hard earned tax dollars that will be used to move these undesirable individuals into your neighborhood and into your child's school.


Tony Klobuchar:

People who wish to complain to the US State Department about this OUTRAGE can do so in a # of ways:

You can call:

Public Communication Division
Bureau of Public Affairs, Rm. 5827
U.S. Department of State
Washington, D.C. 20520-6810
Tel: 202-647-6575

You can also directly call the State Department's Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration at 202-663-1708 and it's Refugee Admissions Office at 1-202-663-1056 (be polite and explain to them you have a few questions about the Somali Bantu refugees and have fun picking their brains and listening to their incredible responses)


Original newslink in New Nation News

BantuUS to integrate your neighborhood with thousands of Somali Bantu refugees
At tax-slave expense, TWELVE THOUSAND Somali Bantu refugees could be resettled in the United States after sailing through the first screening phase in Nairobi and also in the Daadab and Kakuma refugees camps in the northern part of the country.
- (reader link)

  • [Reader responds to] integrate your neighborhood with thousands of Bantus
    "Thanks for posting the articles concerning these islamic savages
    that have never used a flush toilet, tooth paste and or deodorant.
    I feel the white racialist movement has a great issue here to run with. I'm going to try to get a few groups running with this outrage. I think we need to post the NAME and PHONE # of the Under Secretary of State who approved these animals for resettlement to a white neighborhood near you on the internet and encourage white folks to JAM THE FILTHY BASTARD'S TELEPHONE LINE with complaints for the next few weeks??????
    I've already phoned the state department concerning these so-called refugees and plan to call again tomorrow to get this filthy bastard's name who approved this population transfer.
    I'll email you his or her name and phone #. WE NEED TO RUN WITH THIS ISSUE AND TRY TO MAKE A BIG STINK OVER THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW MUCH OF THIS SHIT CAN WE TAKE???????????
    You're from California, I think you already know the result.
    Any cooperation on your part will be appreciated.


Posted Tuesday, July 25, 2006


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