Strangers in a Strange Land
Copyright 2002 by Edgar J. Steele


Robert A. Heinlein wrote his classic (early sixties) scifi novel, "Stranger in a Strange Land," about a man raised by Martians, whose first contact with other humans and with Earth takes place after he is fully grown. Biologically human, but socially and environmentally a Martian, he saw the world differently, to say the least.

There is a distinct minority of people in America today that is biologically American but socially and environmentally different from most of those living here. Strangers in a strange land. We used to be the majority. Our forebears founded America. We are mostly older, though some in the younger generations have awakened to the problems we face. We are overwhelmingly Christian, white and of European extraction. We grew up in a far different country. We silently stood by while America was reshaped, thinking it would endure, as it seemingly always has. We were wrong.

We have suffered affirmative action and all that it meant, due to a false sense of guilt engendered in us by others about the treatment of blacks that we never knew by whites with whom we have nothing in common except skin color. We didn't realize that we were merely trading places with those that had been discriminated against in the past.

We have endured the spectacle of renaming all the schools in cities like New Orleans after blacks, both notable and immemorable, thereby erasing the memory of our founding fathers. We have allowed streets, buildings and all manner of public property to be renamed, taking off "Washington," "Jefferson" and the like, to be replaced with "Martin Luther King, Jr." and others whose primary contribution to American society has been their skin color.

Not a single one of the founding fathers has a holiday named solely for himself. Martin Luther King, Jr., has one, though. We know why.

We suffered the removal of the Confederate flag from public venues. Now we see the American flag become a mark of "oppression," as evidenced by black Florida firefighters recently refusing to ride on fire trucks bearing the stars-and-stripes, and for that reason alone.

We witness the spectacle of a statue of modern American heroes, three firefighters captured forever in a photograph raising the American flag over the WTC ruins, mongrelized in the name of diversity, whereby two of the three white figures are displaced by a black and a latino, respectively. We know the truth.

Schools teach to the bottom of the classes and we pretend to wonder why we have to keep lowering the standards so that students appear to be as smart as ever. We know why. We know different. Nobody left behind means nobody out in front, of course. We have sacrificed our children to a false sense of guilt, in pursuit of intellectual parity that can never be achieved without genetic restructuring.

We suffer massive levels of crime that did not exist even thirty years ago, overwhelmingly at the hands of "people of color." Though our media and government do everything they can to skew the statistics, we know who is to blame.

School shootings. We know why.

Victim mentality. We are tired of the whining.

Massive immigration but no assimilation. No longer the melting pot, but now the potluck free lunch, and we know whose pot is being provided.

We are witness to a massive movement by Mexicans, called "La Reconquista," the objective of which is the secession of southwest America, to be rejoined to Mexico or established as a country in its own right. They even have a name for it already: Aztlan. We have all but given it to them, but now they pursue us to the poor and inhospitable locales of America to which we have retreated and demand a share of those, as well. "Americanism is a matter of the spirit, and of the soul...The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities...each preserving its separate nationality.... The men who do not become Americans and nothing else are hyphenated Americans.... There is no such thing as a hyphenated American who is a good American." ----- Theodore Roosevelt, 1900

Welfare, food stamps, school and free medical care for illegals, primarily paid for by us, though many of us can no longer afford to feed our own kids properly.

Some of us haven't seen doctors in years because we haven't the money.

Some of us qualify for welfare, but we are too proud.

We can't afford to send our kids to college, the same college that provides free tuition and living expenses to those whose primary qualification consists of skin color.

Yet our government lobs million-dollar missiles at empty caves and camel dung in places we don't care about. And sends billions in foreign aid to countries that hate us and actively work to subvert our dominance in world affairs. Afghanistan just announced that we owe it $15 billion to rebuild it, after spending about that much wrecking it in pursuit of a guy we can't find. Our government will give it, too. We know why.

We see political correctness run amuck. We can't read newspapers or magazines without having "hate whitey" - er, diversity - thrown in our faces on every page. That's why readership is declining. That, plus the general rise in illiteracy engendered by the failing social experiment that America has become. Even the advertisements now have massive overrepresentation of blacks and latinos, depicted in unlikely poses and occupations.

We endure the dismantling of Christianity and its removal from every public edifice. We see our pastors stand by idly, often lending a hand to those who seek to replace Christianity with other religions. We prohibit discussion of Christ in schools, yet California requires the teaching of Islam to seventh graders.

Movies and TV depict an America that doesn't exist...that never existed except in the wishful thinking of warped leftists, sexual deviants, cultural communists, globalists and other assorted control freaks.

Terrorist attacks and more to come, because we pretend not to know why. Because we continue to be the world's bully. Because we allow our government to do the bidding of others.

We have betrayed our grandparents and theirs. We have squandered our birthright and our heritage. We sacrifice our children upon the altar of political correctness.

This is not the country in which we grew up. Not the society that formed us. Not the future we were promised. This isn't working for us. Strangers in a strange land.

There is no place left in America for us. Every place has to be the same now, as dictated by those who would be our masters. Life comes in one size these days, dispensed through the TV set.

We deserve better. We demand better.

It is past time to say it: we want a country of our own.

Take Aztlan. Break off the southeast and take it, too, as well as New England. Take as much of the interior as is necessary to satisfy you.

Give us the worst parts of America and leave us alone. Allow us to live our lives without interference. Allow us to be different from you. Stop taxing us to advance your agenda, which has nothing to do with our best interests and which seeks our destruction.

Let us establish a New America, and give us the Constitution to guide it, since you aren't using it, anyway.

It is time to stop being strangers in our own land, an increasingly strange land.

New America. An idea whose time has come.

-ed (Edgar J. Steele) January 18, 2002

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Copyright © 2002, Edgar J. Steele

"I didn't say it would be easy. I just said it would be the truth." - Morpheus

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