IMMIGRATION: From a Trickle to a FLOOD
Guest column by STORMWARRIOR


What started as a drip turned into a trickle and is now a flood. Here in McMinnville, TN we are known as the nursery capital of the world. Five years ago, the illegal immigrants coming here to work were young hard working men in their teens and twenties. They lived six or more in a trailer or apartment designed for two which wore the building down. The biggest problems at that time were public intoxication, driving without a license or insurance, and an occasional fight. A coyote (a man who brought them across the boarder) would charge around a thousand dollars to get them here.

Most of these immigrants are here illegally. They use fake ID to obtain work and claim large number of non existent dependents to avoid withholding tax. They are able to work for less money because they live with three or four times as many people. They drive without license or insurance until they have an accident and then they disappear back to Mexico or some other American city, leaving the victims of the accident with hugh medical bills and a disability. They are the primary cause of teen pregnancy with our children. And, in addition to the three and four children they have here, they sometimes have a family back in Mexico. Many bring drugs across the boarder as a "good faith" gesture to the coyote. And, when the white people complain they're told that the Mexicans are doing work that the Americans won't do (at those wages because of the difference in living conditions).

Then, about two years ago we began seeing slightly older men with wives and sometimes children as well as the younger men. The problem with over crowding in basically three apartment complexes and four traitor courts continued along with the above mention problems. However, there also became a need to provide medical care, education, and language classes for the few who were willing to learn. In the beginning they stay to themselves. It was rare to see them other than where they worked and the Mexican Store. Now we were starting to see them in Walmart.

Now, there is an outstanding Mexican Food Section and Music Section in Walmart. The illegals coming in now have a "harder" more aggressive look. We still have all the above problems, and we have many young teenage girls with baby and pregnancies because of the cultural acceptance of earlier sexual activity in Mexico. We have knife attacks and shooting. And, we have a Mexican population of nearly 25% of the total population.

Culture Clash is not just an academic term. Our American Culture is colliding with the Mexican Culture. More and more signs say bilingual applicants shown preference. Illegal Immigration is a parasite on our economy. According to the Money Transfer Industry, Mexicans and Mexican-Americans will send over 9 billion dollars back to Mexico. I have heard estimates of 6 million illegal immigrants.

The situation is summed up in an expression I heard on the CB Radio,"You don't like the Spanish, you better move to Canada, cause we"re coming NORTH.



Raul Landon HernandezHispanic teen shot in face after argument over clothes
A Wayside Trailer Court teen was shot in the face Sunday night during an argument over clothes. The victim, Geraldo Alan Guzman, 19, has been released from Vanderbilt University Medical Center following treatment for a single .22 caliber gunshot wound to the cheek. His alleged assailant, Raul Landon Hernandez, is in custody, charged with aggravated assault. - (Stormwarrior)
Posted Tuesday, July 25, 2006
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