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 16 August 2018

    Second black arrested for shooting death of White restaurant manager at Atlanta country club
black suspectblack suspectWhite victimblack suspectPolice have arrested a second man in the death of Christian Broder, the Washington, D.C. area restaurant manager shot during a robbery outside an Atlanta country club while he waited to catch an Uber. Torrus Fleetwood, 19, of Atlanta, was arrested Thursday morning in connection with the July 8 crime. “Investigators believe he was the driver of the suspect vehicle during this robbery and shooting,” Daugherty said.
Fleetwood faces charges of murder, armed robbery and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. He waived his first court appearance Friday and was denied bond. Police earlier arrested Jayden Myrick, the alleged shooter, on charges of aggravated assault, aggravated battery and possessing a firearm during the commission of a crime. Authorities added a charge of murder when Broder died nearly two weeks later.  When Broder tried to negotiate, police said Myrick shot him in the stomach. An AJC investigation found that Myrick had been released early from a sentence for a robbery he committed when he was 14.

  • Judge’s bad bet on mercy will ripple for years - bleeding heart white female judge let brutal black beast out of his cage
    In March, a Fulton County judge released a young hoodlum named Jayden Myrick over repeated objections of prosecutors. In July, he allegedly shot to death a young father during a stickup outside the Capital City Club in Atlanta. For nearly eight months, Fulton Superior Court Judge Doris Downs anguished and deliberated whether to release the teen who was 14 when he robbed a woman at gunpoint. As he turned 17 last August, Myrick was to be transferred from the juvie system to Big Boy Prison and his fate as a full-fledged violent criminal would be sealed. She tried to avoid that but it blew up. Tragically.

    (cowardly black) 16-year-old (n*gg*r POS) charged as an adult in bus-stop murder of (White man) Taylor Fehlen
mouth breathing nigger POS killerWhite victim16-year-old Loyan A. Ahmed has been charged as an adult in the shooting death last Thursday night of 37-year-old Taylor Fehlen. He is charged with second-degree murder and unlawful gun possession. We don’t have the charging documents yet but we have the probable-cause document, from which the following is taken, with all but suspect and victim names redacted. It also reveals what preceded the murder: Officers learned that the victim and the suspect had both been passengers on board the Metro Coach. Witnesses consistently described the shooter as a young Black male, wearing a dark colored hoodie and long pants.

To the ire of the passengers, Ahmed repeatedly pulled the stop cord on the coach. The driver stopped the coach each time but Ahmed didn’t disembark. The driver and passengers, including the victim, expressed their anger at Ahmed. Ahmed and the victim quarreled …  As the coach neared the intersection of 35 Ave SW and SW Morgan Street the victim raised from his seat and pulled the stop cord. Ahmed got up and moved to the back door where he manipulated something under his hoodie in his waistband. When the door opened, Ahmed got off, walked a short distance and waited for the victim. Ahmed yelled for the victim to get off the bus. The victim exited the front door and started walking toward Ahmed. Ahmed drew a handgun from his waist, shot the victim multiple times and ran off. - (Black-on-white)

    South Texas: a black man and two Hispanic women did a home invasion and killed a Hispanic woman 'over stolen credit card'
black suspectblack suspectTwo teenagers were arrested in South Texas on Wednesday in connection with the killing of a Texas City woman that police say was part of a revenge plot over a stolen bank card.
Cory McCray, 19, and Cindy Esquivel, 17, were taken into custody by Texas Department of Public Safety troopers.

Murder warrants had been issued for McCray and Esquivel in connection with the death of Lucia Bertrand inside a home on Vance Avenue last week. Bertrand, 33, of Texas City, was found dead inside her Texas City home on Aug. 9.  Amy Lynne Medina, 37, identified as Esquivel's mother, was arrested the day after Bertrand was found and charged with murder in Bertrand's death.
Medina allegedly orchestrated a plan to rob and kill Bertrand as revenge for Bertrand having used Medina's bank card without permission.

    Black Sports: millions of Americans follow their mostly-black heroes religiously - as if this was some sort of religious CULT
black suspectblack suspectblack suspect FAGGOT former NFL player, who’s known for trying to break into homes naked, was arrested again
PORTLAND, Ore. – Former NFL player Stanley Wilson, who’s known for trying to break into homes naked, was arrested again Wednesday in Beaverton. This time, police say he entered a home without permission and assaulted the person inside. Officers responded to the reported assault at a residence in the 4600 block of Southwest Ormandy Way at 8:25 a.m. Wednesday. Investigators say the victim was inside his home when Wilson entered without permission and assaulted him.
After the reported assault, the victim told police that Wilson took his car without permission. Police discovered the two are ex-(anal sex) partners. Officers located Wilson at his residence and taken into custody.

     Black army soldier who murdered a white prostitute has committed suicide
black suspectvictim MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (Tribune News Service) — The man accused of a January murder at a Myrtle Beach hotel killed himself on Sunday from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  Chandler Ari Dunmeyer, 19, shot himself in his mother’s home in the Summerville area on Sunday. His mother heard the shot and found Dunmeyer dead. Dunmeyer was free on $50,000 bond from Horry County for the killing of Collee Muirhead. Part of his bond conditions allowed him to live with his mother.

  • Prostitution gone wrong lead to shooting death between BLACK soldier, (white) woman
     (Tribune News Service) — A member of the 82nd Airborne accused of shooting a woman in the head, killing her at a Ocean Boulevard hotel, could soon post bond and leave jail. But, Pvt. Chandler Dunmeyer will not be a free man and instead will go into military custody as he awaits trial.  Myrtle Beach Police charged Dunmeyer with murder and possession of a weapon during a violent crime for the January 22 killing.   Police say Dunmeyer killed Collee Muirhead at the Beachcomber Inn and Suites in late January. Dunmeyer and Muirhead were involved in prostitution and he killed her following a disagreement. “An argument ensued and she was shot in the head from roughly 18 inches away.”  Dunmeyer confessed to the killing. - (Black-on-white)
  • Colee Muirhead Funeral Relief
Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

    Gwinnett groid charged with raping son’s girlfriend blamed sleepwalking
black suspectA Lawrenceville man has been charged with rape after allegedly crawling into bed with his son’s girlfriend and attempting to have sex with her.  Ricardo Arturo Cole Sr., 54, was arrested Aug. 15 on one rape charge. The incident allegedly occurred on April 8, and the victim reported it to police on May 11, a police report shows. The victim was sleeping in bed around 1 a.m. on April 8 in the home her boyfriend shared with Cole. She felt someone get into bed behind her, but didn’t see who it was and assumed it was her boyfriend, the police report said. The person rolled down the woman's pants and made an attempt at intercourse, but there was no penetration, a police report said. The victim turned around and saw it was Cole. After that incident, the victim cut off contact with her boyfriend and Cole.

    (Black) Man Sexually Assaults Minor He Met On Dating App "Grind Her"
black suspectMIDDLETOWN, Del. (CBS) — A Delaware man is accused of sexually assaulting a minor he met on the dating app Grindr. New Castle County police say 26-year-old Antwine Mobley assaulted the victim while they were in his vehicle last Tuesday. The alleged assault happened near a Newark-area apartment complex. Mobley was arrested without incident on Monday. He has been charged with three counts of third-degree rape.

    (black) Star Track Athlete Who Had Scholarship To Penn State shot in the head
black suspectblack suspectPHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Friends and coaches are mourning the death of 18-year-old Kristian Marche, a star track and field athlete, who was gunned down just a day before heading to the Pennsylvania State University on a scholarship. Homicide Lt. Norman Davenport says so far, investigators have no suspects, no motive, and no murder weapon.
The Imhotep Charter high school graduate made a name for himself.  (we wuz kangz)
"Our underlying philosophy is a rigorous, integrative, curriculum combined with the historical and cultural richness of our African Heritage."

    (black) Robber snatched iPhone out of 8-year-old boy’s hands: cops
black suspectA grown man robbed an 8-year-old of his iPhone this week in the Bronx, ripping the device out of the child’s hands when he bravely resisted, authorities said. The theft occurred around 5:50 p.m. Monday after the 6-foot-tall crook followed the child into the vestibule of a residential building. “Go upstairs before you get hurt,” the man warned the youngster during the robbery, a law enforcement source said. Police say the brute initially tried to grab the iPhone 6S from the child’s hands, but the boy wouldn’t give it up so easily. A brief struggle ensued before the thief managed to snatch the cellphone away from the young victim.

    (black) Mugger caught on camera putting woman in chokehold, slamming her to the ground  - (Victim looks White)
black suspectA mugger savagely put a woman in a chokehold and threw her to the ground during a scary Brooklyn attack caught on camera, authorities said Wednesday. The violent mugging happened on Aug. 8 at 11:40 p.m. when the 34-year-old victim was walking near Bergen Street and Schenectady Avenue in Crown Heights, police said. As the woman approached, the hoodie-wearing man suddenly extended his left arm, put her in a choke hold and slammed her head into a parked car, surveillance video shot from two different angles showed. He then pinned her to the ground, took the woman’s backpack and calmly walked away, west on Bergen, police said. The woman’s cell phone and tablet were in the backpack. The suspect was described as black with a beard, and last seen wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt, dark pants and red sneakers.

    CANADA: Black man that colored his black kinky afro hair 'blonde' raped young teen girls
black suspect On Wednesday, August 15, 2018, Ronnice Giscombe, 30, of Toronto, was arrested and charged with:
1. Three counts of Sexual Assault
2. Two counts of Sexual Interference

(dirty details at link) - (Canada)

    (black) New Jersey Man Accused of Leaving Caged Pit Bull By Rising Water's Edge (to drown) - has been ARRESTED
black suspectAuthorities have arrested a New Jersey man who is accused of leaving a young pit bull mix to drown in a cage at water's edge in a rising tide. Aaron Davis faces a court appearance Wednesday. The 36-year-old is charged with animal cruelty, attempting to cause death or serious injury to an animal and other offenses. A person walking their dog in Veterans Memorial Park in Highlands spotted the small dog cowering in the cage on a portion of sand between a bulkhead and the water as the tide came in on July 31. The person rescued the animal and adopted it. The dog is now known as River.

    Black armed robber Kwesi "queasy" Hudson gets 20 to 41 years free room & board for CVS robbery
black suspectPHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Wilmington man is sentenced to decades in state prison for the armed robbery of a CVS Pharmacy in Delaware County. Kwesi Hudson was sentenced  to a minimum of 20 years and a maximum of 41 years.  Hudson was convicted by a jury in May of robbing a CVS Pharmacy on Baltimore Pike in Media last year.
He held two employees at gunpoint and stole $5,000 from the safe.

    Race riots" in New York - Blacks protesting Asian-run nail salons - "broomstick beatdown" cop hurt
mud suspects Cop hit by flying beer bottle at nail salon protest
A demonstrator chucked a beer bottle at a police officer during a protest outside the nail salon where a “racially charged” melee took place, cops said Tuesday. The protester was in a crowd of about 50 people when he launched a bottle that struck a detective in the head at Martense Street and Nostrand Avenue at about 2:30 p.m. on Monday, according to police.
The crowd was protesting the Big Apple Nail Salon where a fight erupted days earlier when a botched eyebrow job turned into a heated altercation. The customers claim the incident was racially motivated.

    WM impaled on plastic fence while drag racing w/ negro who loses contol of vehicle
mud suspectdead HIGHLANDS CITY, FL – A Lakeland man has been charged with causing the death of another man while the two were racing their vehicles in July on U.S. 98 near Cypress Avenue Southeast. Brondon Manning, 22, was arrested Wednesday and charged with vehicular homicide and participating in an unlawful race. He was released from Polk County Jail after posting $10,500 bail. Manning was uninjured in the July 6 crash that killed Daniel Bagwell, 27, of Bartow. The two men, who did not know each other, were headed southbound on U.S. 98 near Clubhouse Road just before 11 a.m. when they began to weave in and out of traffic in excess of 90 mph, according to the Polk County Sheriff's Office. Manning lost control of his black Acura and struck Bagwell’s silver Dodge Ram pickup, the PCSO said. The momentum carried both vehicles into an unoccupied building at 5705 U.S. 98 S. Bagwell was impaled by a section of white plastic fencing and died at the scene.

    Health officials reveal why nearly 650 people got sick after eating at Chipotle Mexican Grill in Ohio

    Dominican-surnamed Black-Hispanic Predator Jermel Rosario sentenced for selling child into sex slavery 
A Bronx predator who enslaved a 14-year-old girl and sold her for sex has been sentenced to 10 years behind bars.  "Jermel" images

Most Dominicans fall within three major ethnic racial groups. The last census conducted in the country estimated the population as 73% mixed race (mulatto and mestizo), 16% white, and 11% black.

  US Officials: Evil Iraqi Refugee Arrested In Sacramento Was Part Of Terror Group
SACRAMENTO (AP) — A refugee from Iraq was arrested Wednesday in Sacramento on a warrant alleging that he killed an Iraqi policeman while fighting for the Islamic State organization. Omar Abdulsattar Ameen, 45, and other members of ISIS killed the officer after the town of Rawah, Iraq, fell to the Islamic State in June 2014, according to court documents. He was arrested by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force at a Sacramento apartment building based on a warrant issued in May by an Iraqi federal court in Baghdad. U.S. officials plan to extradite him back to Iraq under a treaty with that nation, and he made his first appearance in federal court in Sacramento on Wednesday.

Ameen could face execution for the “organized killing by an armed group” according to Iraqi documents filed in U.S. federal court.
Prosecutors say Ameen entered the U.S. under a refugee program, eventually settling in Sacramento, and attempted to gain legal status in the United States. It wasn’t immediately clear when Ameen came to the U.S.

The Trump administration has sharply criticized the Obama-era settlement program, questioning whether enough was done to weed out those with terrorist ties.

  Female Muslim Job Applicant Who Refused Handshake Wins Discrimination Case in Sweden


  • racial demographics of new york city schools
    About 40% of students in the city's public school system live in households where a language other than English is spoken; one-third of all New Yorkers were born in another country. The city's Department of Education translates report cards, registration forms, system-wide alerts, and documents on health and policy initiatives for parents into Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Urdu, Persian, Arabic, and Haitian Creole.
    Hispanic and Latino students made up 49.9% of the student population.
    African Americans made up 30.3% of the student population,

    Non-Hispanic Whites made up 14.3%
    and Asian American students made up 15.0% of the student populace.
    Native Americans made up the remaining 0.5% of the student body.


15 August 2018


    (black) Man arraigned in fatal beating of (white) girlfriend
black suspectnegro loverA Detroit man was arraigned Tuesday in connection with the fatal beating of his girlfriend, officials said.
Tykese Keaton-Baldwin, 20, was arraigned in 36th District Court in Detroit on a second-degree murder charge of his girlfriend Brittany Collett, 23.  The incident occurred after 4:30 a.m. Saturday. Detroit police dispatched to a home in the 19400 block of Prairie Street. Upon arrival at 5:25 a.m., officers found Collett's body face down on the grass with blood around her head, prosecutors said.  Prosecutors said Collett of Clearwater, Florida, died of blunt force trauma.  Keaton-Baldwin remained jailed. His probable-cause hearing is scheduled for Aug. 24 and his preliminary examination is Aug. 31.  - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

    (black sexbeast from NIGERIA) sexually assaulted an elderly female patient at care facility in Burnsville, Minn.
black suspectBURNSVILLE, Minn. (KMSP) - A 35-year-old man has been charged after he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman while working as a personal care attendant at a senior facility in Burnsville, Minnesota. According to the Dakota County Attorney's Office, Isaac Misati Aboki is charged with second-degree and fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct in connection with the assault of a 70-year-old vulnerable adult who was living at a care facility in March 2018, when Aboki was employed as a personal care attendant.

The criminal complaint states that shortly after 7 p.m. on March 10, Burnsville police were dispatched to the facility on a report of inappropriate conduct by an employee. The reporting party, another employee, told officers that when she responded to a call light in a resident's room, she found the door blocked from inside by a dresser that had been moved.  After she was able to push the door open a few inches, she saw the victim lying on her back with her nightgown pulled up to her neck. The victim had no clothing underneath, and Isaac Misati Aboki was on top of her.

The victim was a 70-year-old vulnerable female with severe cognitive impairment, who has difficulty communicating with others and needs assistance with mobility. The 911 caller and police officers also noticed stains in the genital area of Aboki’s pants.

    (black) Suspect shot, killed in southeast Las Vegas was stabbing "his wife" with butcher knife
black suspectLAS VEGAS (FOX5) - Las Vegas Metropolitan police said the man shot and killed by a sergeant on Wednesday while he was stabbing a woman, was armed with an eight-inch butcher knife at the time of the shooting.  The department received multiple calls on Aug. 8 about a man trying to kill his wife, Assistant Sheriff Brett Zimmerman said in a press conference on Monday. Three officers and a sergeant were assigned to respond, including Sgt. Daniella Cino, who was first on scene at 5350 East Tropicana Avenue.  Police said the suspect, identified as William Fuller, was on top of a woman, attacking her. Cino ordered him multiple times to get off her.  Fuller stood up, holding the butcher knife, and began to walk toward Cino with the knife, Zimmerman said. Cino fired two rounds, striking him. Fuller was pronounced dead at Sunrise Trauma. The Clark County Coroner's Office said his cause of death was a gunshot wound to his abdomen.

    Wanted: (black) Man accused in sexual assault of a vulnerable adult in George County
black suspectA man accused of sexually assaulting a vulnerable adult has failed to turn himself in, Sheriff Keith Havard said.
The sheriff is asking the public to help find 44-year-old Micahel Ray Scott, who has ties to the Benndale community and connections to surrounding areas, including Hattiesburg. Scott knows the victim and has been wanted on a warrant for a month, said Havard, who declined to release details, citing the ongoing investigation. Scott has a heavy build and is 5-foot-11 and has black hair and eyes. Havard identified Scott as a suspect on July 20. 

    Video Shows (black) Man Touching, Exposing Himself On Expo Line Train
black suspectLOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A woman headed home on the Expo Line late Monday night got an unwelcome show – a man touching and exposing himself through his shorts. So she responded by taking out her cell phone and recorded video of the man reclining on the seat with his back against the train, one foot up on the seat, his elbow resting on his knee. The lewd display happened at about 10:45 p.m. Monday out of the Expo Line Sepulveda station. The man wore sunglasses, a black T-shirt and what appeared to be green shorts. As soon as he exited the train on Bundy, the passenger alerted the train’s conductor, but he said he couldn’t do anything to detain the man. So she filed a police report with the LAPD.

    (black) Selma man convicted of shooting son during fight over chicken wings
black suspectSELMA — A prosecutor says an Alabama man had shot and wounded his adult son during an argument over chicken wings while they were watching football. District Attorney Michael Jackson said 77-year-old John Louis Caver was convicted by a Dallas County jury of first-degree domestic violence on Tuesday after a one-day trial.  The DA says Caver shot his son in the chest as the family was watching an NFL game in 2016. The Selma resident's wife had tried to separate the men when they started arguing over the food. Sentencing is set for Nov. 19 and Caver could be ordered to serve up to 20 years in prison. It is unclear if he has a lawyer.

    (black queer deviant faggot 'duffus' 'peeping Tyrone' recorded boy in toilet stall)  at the library
black suspectA mother and her 10-year-old son went to their local library, and it was a trip neither will forget any time soon.
On Aug. 1 the boy went to use the restroom right by the entrance at the West Oaks Library. While standing in a locked stall, he said he saw a cellphone peering over the divider. He ran out quickly to report the incident to his mother, who stood outside the bathroom waiting for the suspect to emerge.  The tag on the suspect’s vehicle came back to Anna-Mae Lee Duffus of Orlando. Officers found through conducting a driver and vehicle database that of the five individuals living at her home, one person came back matching the description of the man in the library: Wade Armstrong Duffus, who is six-foot-seven-inches tall. Duffus was placed in a lineup, says the report, and the mother identified him as the man at West Oaks.

    black sports: another unknown worthless black footballer busted for weed - NFL - Negro Footballer Losers

    (black) Father accused of fatally beating (black) man who tried to enter bathroom occupied by teen daughter
black suspectA 40-year-old father in Arizona has been charged with second-degree murder after cops say he fatally beat a man who tried to enter a bathroom occupied by his teen daughter. Melvin Harris was picking up his 16-year-old daughter and two of her friends earlier this month when they asked to stop at a convenience store, his fiancee Diana Jackson said. When the teen was in the bathroom at the QuikTrip store in Phoenix, a man identified by as Leon Leevon Armstrong tried to get inside her locked stall.

    Trial of pointy-headed black looms in Duluth murder case
black suspectThe Duluth man accused of a fatal shooting outside a Lincoln Park bar in October 2016 will head to trial next month.

Aaron Demetrius Humphreys, 43, faces an intentional second-degree murder charge in the death of 47-year-old Eric Wayne Burns, who authorities said was gunned down moments after the two men were involved in a barroom dispute.

    LOW DOWN black homo faggot Sodomite queer black man buggered a boy in his band
black suspectBEDFORD, Ohio - The Warrensville Heights High School band director was in court on Monday to face charges in connection to a sex investigation. Duane Keeton was held in jail without bond this weekend. He's charged with one count of sexual battery and one count of attempted sexual battery. Keeten, wearing a Warrensville Heights City School District T-shirt, appeared in court via video and waived his preliminary hearing. According to his attorney, he has no criminal history and has worked at the high school for eight years. The judge set his bond at $500,000 and indicated more charges are expected.
Court records said the band director is accused of paying a student in 2016 to perform sex acts. The victim was 17 years old and a member of the band. Records also state the band director attempted to engage in sexual conduct with a student on Aug. 9. According to the charge, a student asked the band director if he knew of any jobs because he wants to earn some money. Keeton attempted to have the student earn money by performing sexual favors, the court documents said.

    (black) Yonkers man arraigned on charges for alleged stabbings
black suspectA Yonkers man has been arraigned on charges of second-degree attempted murder and first-degree assault after he allegedly stabbed a man on Aug. 7 on Riverview Place in Yonkers, the Westchester County District Attorney's office said.

Raheem Nelson's arraignment in Yonkers City Court also included charges of first-degree attempted assault and second-degree assault for a different alleged stabbing, this one of an elderly man in March, according to the district attorney.

    LAPD Looking Into Video Of (black) Man Who Touched Hippo At LA Zoo

    Disgraced (black) Ex-state Senator Sampson could face another corruption trial
black suspectDisgraced former state Sen. John Sampson — now behind bars for a 2015 corruption conviction — could face a second trial after an appeals court Monday reinstated two previously dismissed charges against him.

     BLACK NYC councilmen arrested at rally for detained illegal alien activist crook - GUILTY
black suspectCity Councilman Jumaane Williams was convicted Monday of blocking an ambulance to protest the deportation of his friend — but was found not guilty of obstructing police efforts to move him out of the street. The lieutenant governor candidate and dozens of other protesters stood in front of the FDNY vehicle, which was trying to take immigrant-rights activist Ravi Ragbir to the hospital. Ragbir fainted Jan. 11 during a check-in with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, who had just ordered his immediate deportation. SEND THEM ALL BACK!
Although Williams faced up to a year in jail, Judge Steven Statsinger sentenced him to time served, which amounted to a few hours he had spent in custody.

    Alleged MS-13 kingpin whines about jail conditions
An alleged major drug trafficker known as “Reaper” — who’s accused of being a kingpin in the brutal MS-13 gang — told a judge life in lockup is unbearable and complained about a lack of phone access and the “discrimination” he faces at a New York county jail. Miguel Angel Corea Diaz, 35, begged state Supreme County Justice Patricia Harrington to intervene while he’s locked up in Nassau County, Newsday reported Monday. Corea Diaz claimed he was “suffering.”
“Discrimination. I’m suffering in this county. They call me ‘El Chapo.’ Die, scary guy,” the so-called East Coast leader of the notorious gang told the court on July 31, adding he had received “a lot of death threats” coming from outside the jail.

    Dirty Hispanic cop Johnny Diaz admits to taking bribes, ferrying cocaine for informant
A dirty NYPD cop admitted Tuesday to taking bribes and ferrying cocaine for an informant posing as a drug dealer in exchange for six years in prison. Johnny Diaz, 48, wearing an orange prison-issue jumpsuit, took the plea deal in Manhattan Supreme Court before Justice James Burke. “Are you pleading guilty to these crimes because you are in fact guilty?” the judge asked. “Yes,” Diaz, a 23-year NYPD veteran, replied softly. He was arrested in June for a slew of misdeeds uncovered during an internal probe. “The particular acts he committed — pocketing seized cash, accepting a bribe, and helping to transport cocaine — each undermined public safety in their own right,” said Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. in a statement.

    TURKISH? Northwestern Minnesota woman charged with murdering infant
mud suspect RED LAKE FALLS, Minn.—A Red Lake Falls woman has been accused of murdering a 2-month-old child she was taking care of while the biological mother is in prison.
The Red Lake County Sheriff's Office arrested 30-year-old Sarah Leah Kortan on Tuesday, July 3, on a second-degree felony charge of murder, which carries a maximum punishment of 40 years in prison. The criminal case is the result of an investigation into the death of a 2-month-old girl who was found not breathing June 20 in Kortan's apartment.

    Memphis colored boy reveals he's going to be a big brother on the same day he's adopted by cuckolds 

  Black African Muslim held in London car-ram incident is a U.K. national originally from Sudan, police say
The man suspected of intentionally ramming a vehicle into pedestrians and cyclists outside Britain’s Houses of Parliament on Tuesday has been identified as a U.K. national originally from Sudan, and has been additionally charged with attempted murder, police said. But London's Metropolitan Police Service did not name the 29-year-old suspect, who was arrested at the scene of the 7:37 a.m. incident in which a Ford Fiesta crashed into pedestrians and cyclists before striking barriers.

  Accused Bangladeshi mud muslim Port Authority bomber warned of more attacks: feds
The accused terrorist who detonated a homemade bomb in a Times Square tunnel in December made chilling predictions of additional attacks, chanting, “More is coming’’ while behind bars, the feds revealed Tuesday. Akayed Ullah — a 28-year-old Bangladeshi native and cabbie who was radicalized by online ISIS propaganda around 2014 after coming to the US — also told a correction officer, “You started this war, we will finish it. More is coming, you’ll see,” according to Manhattan federal prosecutors.

Israeli flag


    Muscular personal trainer was  allegedly lured to New York by a dirty old queer that drugged and assaulted him
A musclebound fitness model who came to New York to make cash dancing at a gay strip club landed in cuffs after he tried to kill his roommate for hitting on him, authorities said Wednesday. Geoffrey Tracy, 25, of Gilroy, Calif., allegedly stabbed 50-year-old Gregory Kanczes 16 times after the older man tried to grab his privates, according to police and a source close to the case. Tracy, who has no priors, fled the Hell’s Kitchen apartment Aug. 14 and flagged down a bystander who called cops, the source said.

  • St. Louis area women say they were denied job because of 'ghetto' name - (stupid, ebonic, wakandian negro names)
    Hermeisha Robinson posted to her page Monday that she applied for a customer service representative position with Mantality Health in Chesterfield. Robinson was hurt when she received an email back from the company saying, “unfortunately we do not consider candidates that have suggestive ghetto names.” Robinson wasn't the only one. Dorneshia Zachery also got the email.
    Company says the posting was 'hacked' - site denies hacking.... Our investigation into this particular account shows no evidence
  • Black names mostly made up by promiscuous black female 'single mother' baby mommas that dropped out of school
  • Black illegitimacy rate - 77% black births to single moms, 49% for Hispanic immigrants



  • Two white police officers sho(t a white man to death - WHAT...  NO DAMNED RIOTS AND NO PROTESTS????
    GRAND FORKS -- The Grand Forks Police Department has identified two officers involved in a shooting that left one man dead early Sunday morning. Cpl. Jordan Drees and Officer Michael Ruit have been placed on paid administrative leave after the shooting that killed 41-year-old John Francis Murphy III. The two officers responded shortly after 3 a.m. Sunday after a report of a suicidal subject with a firearm, according to the Police Department. The subject, later identified as Murphy, did not fire his weapon but refused to obey commands from the officers, according to a news release. Officers discharged their firearms in response to a “perceived threat posed by the armed subject,” the law enforcement agency said.


    CHINESE NATIONAL ID'd as "Kingpin" involved in plot to poison Americans with deadly drugs
FARGO—A Rhode Island man acted as an "organizer" of an international drug ring and helped distribute tens of thousands of fentanyl pills across the U.S., federal prosecutors alleged in recently unsealed court documents.

The U.S. Attorney's Office in Fargo described in indictments how 37-year-old Steven Barros Pinto of Pawtucket, R.I., worked with others to have pure fentanyl shipped from China to the U.S. before using the drug to make pills in Rhode Island and Florida. Pinto, who appeared Friday in U.S. District Court in Fargo on numerous drug-related charges, was indicted in March in connection to Operation Denial. The international investigation into drug operations was launched after the January 2015 overdose death of 18-year-old Bailey Henke of Grand Forks.

The investigation has led to charges against numerous suspects, including Jian Zhang, 39, of China and Daniel Vivas Ceron, 37, of Colombia. The recently unsealed documents connect Pinto, also known as Yeaboy, to the drug ring that investigators said resulted in multiple overdose deaths and injuries across the U.S.

Prosecutors said Zhang, a Chinese national, led drug operations in China and arranged shipments of fentanyl from his country to the U.S. Also known as Hong Kong Zaron, Zhang led the criminal conspiracy by establishing and using the business name "Zaron Bio-tech," according to court documents.

Ceron allegedly "led and organized the drug-trafficking organization" while incarcerated in a medium-security prison in Quebec, according to court documents. Zhang has been designated by the U.S. as a significant narcotics trafficker under the Kingpin Act, a first for an alleged fentanyl dealer, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said when he announced Zhang's indictment during an April news conference in Fargo. Sessions said Zhang was arrested with others in the U.S.

14 August 2018

    (black) Charlotte man charged with statutory rape of a child, possession of a weapon of mass destruction
black suspectA man was arrested Monday and charged with kidnapping and statutory rape of a child, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said. The child was found in Zachary Richard Gibson’s home a few days ago, police said, and was taken to CMPD’s Metro Division office on Beatties Ford Road, where a family member picked them up. Gibson, 28, wasn’t arrested right away. But later the child said Gibson had sexually assaulted them, police said. Crimes Against Children detectives started to investigate, and Gibson’s home was searched.

    (black) Cops ID suspect wanted in string of machete robberies
black suspectPolice have identified a 26-year-old man believed to have violently robbed five Astoria women while threatening them with a machete during a weeklong spree. Donald Grier of 34-15 12th St., who was caught on video wearing an “I Love NY” shirt, is considered “armed and dangerous,” the 114th Precinct tweeted Monday along with his mugshot.
On July 28, he approached a 27-year-old woman in front of 34-19 33rd St. and made off with $120, according to police.
Almost 24 hours later, the suspect lifted his shirt and displayed a knife in front of a 23-year-old woman at 36th Street near 30th Avenue, before fleeing with $60, the NYPD said. Police describe Grier as black, about 6 feet tall and 180 pounds, with black hair and black eyes.

(Black) hot-headed subway rider throws PUNCHES at (black) conductor after commuters in Brooklyn miss their stop
one woman, who seemingly missed her stop as well, is heard saying: 'Hit him! That's right!'
    Furious (black) straphangers (man and woman) beat up black subway conductor
black suspectsvictimA viral video shows a subway conductor getting pummeled by an angry man and woman at a Brooklyn station this weekend. Jacob Credell was working on a southbound A train just before 5 a.m. on Saturday morning when an upset straphanger waiting on a crowded platform suddenly yelled at him through the window of his train booth. Video shows the man throw several punches at Credell before trying to pull him out through the window. A woman then joins in the attack, landing several punches herself. Transport Workers Union Local 100 officials said Credell suffered a black eye and scratches on his face and arms.

    (Black female) Philly Restaurant Owner, Known for Camel Prom & Massive Christmas Giveaway, Charged With Fraud
The nine-count federal indictment comes a year after she held two lavish events, including dropping $25,000 on her son's prom.

black suspectA North Philadelphia restaurateur, who gained local fame last year for spending $25,000 on her son's prom that included camels, has been charged with allegedly defrauding the Social Security Administration.

Saudia Shuler was indicted for allegedly collecting nearly $37,000 in government benefits by claiming she was disabled yet continuing to work, according to the U.S. Attorney for Eastern Pennsylvania.

    Cops investigate Post story of mentally ill black loco Hispanic Roy Rodriguez’s knife and brick attack
black suspectCops are now investigating a mentally ill Manhattan man who threw a brick at his neighbor and then lunged at her with a knife. The turnaround comes on the heels of a report in The Post Monday that detailed how despite the victim’s fear for her life, responding officers did next to nothing, and let Roy Rodriguez, 33, spend a night under psychiatric evaluation at a local hospital instead of arresting him. It happened last Tuesday — and the next day he was back home despite having told his 22-year-old neighbor he wanted to “kill” her. Now cops are finally investigating the incident in light of a Post cover story on their handling of this and other cases, the victim said Tuesday.

    Flyer Compares (black) Baltimore Kids To Apes After Fight At White Marsh Mall
black suspectsBALTIMORE CO., Md. (WJZ) — A flyer comparing Baltimore youths to apes and calling for an end of bus service to White Marsh Mall, deemed the “Ghetto Bus Line” by the poster, is drawing questions and outrage.

The flyer includes a shot from “The Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and reads: “Inner City Youths Riot at White Marsh Mall. Stop the Ghetto Bus Line! Keep the Uneducated, Loud, Rude, Wild Animals in the City where they belong!”

    (black) Rapper Casanova to surrender to cops for allegedly assaulting woman at diner
black suspectvictimBrooklyn-born rapper Casanova is expected to turn himself into police Wednesday for allegedly attacking a woman at a Chelsea diner because he thought he was filming him, sources told The Post. Niya Rucker filed a complaint against the “Don’t Run” rapper, whose given name is Caswell Senior, as well as his entourage, saying they left her with a mangled mug Aug. 6 at the Good Stuff Diner on West 14th Street off Sixth Avenue, police sources said. Rucker, 22, was filming her meal on Facebook Live around 4:40 a.m. when the rapper and his crew spotted her and mistakenly thought she was taping them, she told cops. Caswell allegedly tried to snatch her phone to delete the video, while a pal put her in a headlock and choked her until she lost consciousness, she told authorities. The rapper and a member of his crew allegedly slugged Rucker in the face, leaving her with a busted lip, a cut on her chin and a bleeding mouth, law-enforcement sources said.

    Teen drugged, sexually assaulted in hotel; black man and white woman arrested
black suspectnigger loverBOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - An investigation into sex crimes involving a juvenile has resulted in the arrests of two people, according to Bossier City police. According to Bossier City Police Spokesperson Traci Landry, 42-year-old Shelly Carey, of Bossier City, and 27-year-old Bryant Smiley, of Haughton, were arrested last week on charges of 3rd-degree rape, cruelty to juveniles, and indecent behavior with juveniles.  In a news release, Traci said Carey and Smiley are accused of committing sexual acts in front of a 13-year-old girl after allegedly forcing her to smoke methamphetamine in a hotel room. Detectives also say (vile negro) Smiley had sexual intercourse with the juvenile victim. Both suspects have been booked into Bossier Parish Maximum Security facility.

    Hispanic Former NJ Police Officer Eddie Gonzalez Convicted of Weapons Charges
According to the Associated Press, Gonzalez was forced to resign from the Newark police force in 2008 after police said he assaulted a 14-year-old neighbor by forcing his tongue into her mouth.

  • AUSTRALIA: Notorious college students keep dressing up in blackface, Nazi costumes, KKK, Muslime terrorists...
    “Happy Hanukkah from Auschwitz!!” reads the image caption. The photo, taken at an event organized and hosted at the elite St. Mark’s residential college, features two recent students from the University of Adelaide in Australia wearing striped concentration camp-style pajamas, caricature hook noses and a yellow Star of David pinned on their chests. 
    But according to student leaders at the University of Adelaide, some members of senior management have privately dismissed the incidents as just students being “silly,” and “not evidence of racism.”



13 August 2018

    (worthless killer black) Suspect arrested more than a year after fatal stabbing (of White man) in Lauderhill
black suspectWhite victimLAUDERHILL, Fla. - A murder suspect was arrested Wednesday, more than a year after he stabbed a man to death in Lauderhill, authorities said. The stabbing was reported shortly before 8 a.m. Jan. 29, 2017.   Lauderhill police said officers arrived at the scene to find an unresponsive man lying on the grass behind a building next to a golf course. The victim, identified as Ryan Michael Corroon, had several stab wounds throughout his body, authorities said. According to an arrest report, detectives gathered DNA evidence, cellphone records and statements from witnesses, which helped them identify Adrian Jamalie Brown, 26, as the killer.  During the 18-month-long investigation, authorities finally found Brown in a wooded area behind a shopping plaza.  Police said Brown had been living there at a makeshift homeless encampment. Brown was arrested on a second-degree murder charge.  - (Black-on-white)

    (black conehead)  charged in fatal stabbing of 'rasta' White man
black suspectWhite victimDECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) -- A 48-year old local man faces first degree murder charges.
Ray James is accused of stabbing 24-year old Cody Drew to death.
It happened Thursday night, near Oakland Avenue and West Main Street.
The investigation is ongoing. No motive has been released. - (Black-on-white)

    Young (interracial) couple fatally shot on West Babylon street
black suspectnigger loverWEST BABYLON - A young (interracial) couple was fatally shot late Wednesday night on a dead-end street in West Babylon. One neighbor told News 12 that they heard six shots fired on Lakeway Drive around 11:20 p.m. When that neighbor went outside into the rain, the person found a male shot three times next to a red Jeep. A woman was still inside the car, shot in the head. The victims have been identified as 21-year-old Olivia Digrigoli, of West Islip, and 22-year-old Anthony St. Hilaire, of West Babylon. Hilaire was transported to Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip, where he was pronounced dead.

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

    DARK-SKINNED Thief chokes victim unconscious before robbing him, disturbing video shows - victim looks White
black suspectWhite victimA gun-toting thief stalked a Harlem man before choking him into unconsciousness and robbing him, according to startling video released by police. The 23-year-old man is seen in the lobby of his building on West 147th Street and Amsterdam Avenue about 10 p.m. Friday when the stranger begins stalking him as they ascend the stairs.

The assailant was described as a dark-skinned male with a beard, mustache, black sunglasses and a black backpack. - (Black-on-white)

    (black) Child dies after being thrown into Hillsborough River; mother charged
black suspectTAMPA (FOX 13) - A young girl died after being tossed into the Hillsborough River Thursday afternoon by a woman believed to be her mother, Tampa police said. The little girl's mother was charged with first-degree murder later Thursday night. Tampa police say 26-year-old Shakayla Denson threw 4-year-old Je'Hyrah Daniels into the water around 4 p.m.

    (black) Woman intentionally drove car into river near downtown Lawrence in attempt to kill children
black suspectA woman pulled from the Kansas River on Friday intentionally drove a vehicle into the water to kill her two children, criminal charges filed Monday allege.  One of the children in the car, her 5-year-old daughter, did die. The other, her 1-year-old son, was rescued from the river in critical condition, and remained in intensive care Monday.

Scharron R. Dingledine, 26, of Columbia, Mo., was jailed Saturday and made her first appearance in Douglas County District Court on Monday afternoon via video from the jail.

Dingledine is charged with first-degree murder for allegedly killing the 5-year-old intentionally and with premeditation, according to the complaint. She is charged with attempted first-degree murder for allegedly attempting to kill the 1-year-old by driving into the river.

    (black) Boon Baltimore PD Officer Resigns After Viral Video Shows Him Attacking (black) Nignog (suspook)
black suspectBALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Baltimore City police officer resigns after a video went viral on social media of what appears to be the officer punching a man repeatedly on a street in east Baltimore, while another officer tries to break up the beating.
At around 11:45 p.m. on August 11, officers were working a special crossborders crime initiative in the area.
Two officers encountered a man, whom one of the officers is familiar with. After the first encounter, officers released the man and then approached him again to provide him a citizens contact sheet. When he was asked for his identification, the situation escalated after the man refused. The police officer struck the man several times before he was taken into custody and received medical treatment for his injuries.

    Negroid Domestic Abuse Surface Against Coongressman Keith Ellison, Coodidate MN AG
black suspectDomestic Abuse Allegations Surface Against Congressman Keith Ellison - "Sexually Abused Her Too"
MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — With just two days to go before Minnesota’s primary election, domestic abuse allegations are surfacing against U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, a (black) candidate for Minnesota attorney general. The accusations came in a Facebook post published on Saturday night by Austin Monahan, the son of Ellison’s former girlfriend, Karen.
In it, he writes, in part, “In the middle of 2017, I was using my moms computer trying to download something and I clicked on a file. I found over 100 text and twitter messages and video almost 2 minutes long that showed Keith Ellison dragging my mama off the bed by her feet, screaming and calling her a f — b — and telling her to get the f — out of his house.” He also claimed he found messages from Ellison that would “victim shame, bully her, and threaten her if she went public.”

    Family: Jacksonville McDonald’s drive-thru victim a devoted mother - suspect is 'heavy-set black man'
black suspectblack suspectThree little boys are mourning the loss of their mother while Jacksonville police continue searching for the gunman who killed her Friday in the drive-thru of a McDonald’s on the city’s Southside. Jamie Marie Roque, 32, of Jacksonville was shot at least once about 8:30 a.m. as she ordered food while in the driver’s seat of her car in the drive-thru lane of the fast-food restaurant at 8590 Baymeadows Road. Family members identified Roque as the victim although the Sheriff’s Office hadn’t released her name. No arrests were reported Saturday. The woman died about an hour later after being taken to Memorial Hospital, said Sgt. Marc Musser of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Homicide Unit.
Sgt. Musser said witnesses described the gunman possibly as a heavy-set black man with a low haircut. He fled in a white four-door car eastbound on Baymeadows Road after the shooting, he said. “We’re looking at all aspects at this point. Obviously, by the nature of the crime it does lend some credibility that there may have been a relationship [between the victim and the gunman] but it’s too early for me to say there was at this point,” Musser said.

    (black Hispanic) Passaic man sentenced to 118 years in prison for two first-degree murders
black suspectPASSAIC — A city man was sentenced Friday to 118 years in prison for the June 20, 2015, murders of a Paterson woman and a Garfield man, as well as another 18 years for his attempted murder of a second Garfield man, the Passaic County Prosecutor's Office reported. On Jan. 26, a Passaic County jury found Luis Delcarmen, 27, of Passaic guilty on two counts of murder in the first degree and attempted murder, Passaic County Prosecutor Camelia M. Valdes said in an Aug. 10 press release.  It took the jury five hours to determine that Delcarmen was guilty of killing Denisse Gonzalez, 22, of Paterson, and Enpaul Cantero, 24, of Garfield, on June 20, 2015.

    (black baby killer) taunted baby-momma after tossing baby off bridge
black suspectThe heartless father who tossed his infant son’s corpse into the East River before fleeing the country cruelly texted the boy’s panicked mom, “you will never see [the victim] again,” court papers say. James Currie was arraigned Friday in Manhattan Criminal Court on one count of concealment of a corpse. “The circumstances of the case are essentially irrefutable proof the defendant threw his infant son into the East River and very shortly afterwards planned a trip taking three flights,” said prosecutor Shawn McMahon, “ending up literally on the other side of the world.” On Aug. 8, three days after a tourist hauled Mason Saldona’s lifeless body from the river, Currie landed in Bangkok, Thailand. In response to a text from the boy’s distraught mother asking where her 7-month-old was, he replied, “the good news we [sic] will never see each other again.” He then told her that “I am not in the usa” and “you will never see [the victim] again.”

    Cops bust black man accused of Manhattan arson spree
black suspectCops on Wednesday busted a Brooklyn man accused of setting a string of small fires across Manhattan, law enforcement sources said. Jamaal Deese, a 24-year-old Windsor Terrace resident, was caught as he was trying to light another fire – at a McDonald’s near West 15th Street and Sixth Avenue, sources said. He will be charged with multiple counts of arson in federal court, law enforcement sources said. Deese is believed to have set at least 10 fires at apartment buildings and fast-food restaurants since Sunday.

     Judge shuts down black actress who played hooky from Rikers Island
black suspectThe judge is keeping her a little closer to “home” this time.

Aspiring actress Parisse Daves, (is that like an 'aspiring rapper'?) who was caught skipping out on court-ordered weekend stints at Rikers Island for check fraud, got a new sentence Tuesday: 400 hours of community service in Brooklyn Criminal Court.

    Scandal-ridden (black) Westchester principal resigns after taking secret buyout
black suspectNew Rochelle High School principal Reginald Richardson on Tuesday night submitted his second resignation in less than three weeks, taking a secret buyout to leave for good, sources said. Richardson abruptly lost a New York City Department of Education gig on July 21 after The Post inquired about his scandal-filled tenure, including a student’s stabbing death in January and an ongoing grade-fixing investigation. A week after the DOE withdrew its job offer for Richardson to become a $160,000-a-year “quality review” director, he rescinded his resignation in New Rochelle, where he made $187,326 last year. Because the district had not yet accepted his resignation, it was moot.

    (black sports) Ex-Rutgers Players Tejay Johnson and Andre Boggs Get 12-Year Terms in Armed Robberies
black suspectblack suspectTwo former Rutgers University football players each have been sentenced to a dozen years in prison for home invasion robberies targeting other students for drugs and cash. Tejay Johnson, 26, of Egg Harbor Township, made a nearly seven-minute apology in court Friday, saying he had made "a complete fool" of himself and damaged his family name, reported. Johnson spent more than three years with Rutgers' football program but retired in 2014 due to chronic injuries. He told a Middlesex County judge that after football was taken from him he turned to codeine and marijuana. He was sentenced to three concurrent 12-year prison terms. Prosecutors said Andre Boggs, 22, of Coatesville, Pennsylvania, also was sentenced to 12 years.

    UNKNOWN has-been black footballer - has his moment of used-to-be-somebody on sports-TV and dramatizes black victimhood
black suspectblack suspectMoss' necktie had the names of the 13 (dead black criminal thugs) who have been killed in recent years.

    Brad Pitt hits back at Angelina Jolie's child support claims
The marriage was Pitt's second, having previously wed Friends star Jennifer Aniston, and Jolie's third after actors Billy Bob Thornton and Jonny Lee Miller.n

Israeli flag



  • Immigration Judges Accuse DOJ of Undermining Independence in Philly
    The nation's immigration judges on Wednesday accused the Justice Department and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions of undermining a Philadelphia judge's independence by having cases removed from his court, apparently because the federal officials deemed him too slow in making decisions on deportation orders.

  • Pseudo-Kritarchs Of The Immigration Courts Waging War On Immigration Enforcement, Jeff Sessions - (VDARE)
    The union for Immigration Judges has declared jihad on President Donald J. Trump and Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III. In response to the supervision of a recalcitrant, insubordinate, and lazy member of their union, Steven Morley, the National Association of Immigration Judges (NAIJ) declared that they are independent of supervision and could do anything they well please. While it's filled with platitudes, the real import of the NAIJ grievance in the case of Morley is to challenge the immigration policy of the Trump Administration, which as minor officials under the supervision of the Attorney General, and beholden to the President for their authority, they have no right to do. If they don’t like implementing the Trump Administration policies, they can go find work elsewhere.
  • Kritarchy, also called kritocracy or dikastocracy, is a system of rule by judges (Hebrew: שופטים‬, shoftim)
    in the tribal confederacy of ancient Israel during the period of time described in the Book of Judges,
    following Joshua's conquest of Canaan and prior to the united monarchy under Saul.


12 August 2018

    (black) Candidate claims his lengthy rap sheet is from racial profiling
black suspectStaten Island Assembly candidate Bobby Digi has a lengthy rap sheet — and he says that’s because cops racially profiled him for decades. Digi, an activist and North Shore Democrat whose legal name is Henry Olisa, has been arrested at least 10 times between 2000 and 2014, according to Office of Court Administration documents obtained by The Post. “Those were racial profiling, period,” Digi told The Post. “It’s something I still deal with today. I drive a nice car, which I’ve worked hard to purchase, and I get pulled over because I have dreads.”

    UK celebranting black colonial diversity:  Manchester shooting: Boy, 12, 'blasted in front of terrified parents'
as police launch attempted murder probe after Moss Side carnival shooting - (Muslim neighborhood?)

black suspectsA 12-year-old boy was shot in front of his parents as nine others were injured after a shooting at a street party in Manchester, reports say. Horrified revelers were partying into the early hours of Sunday morning when what is believed to be a shotgun was fired in a large crowd of people, police said.  Witnesses said the youngest victim, aged 12, was shot as his parents looked on, according to The Sun Online. Officers were scrambled to the scene following to reports of two loud bangs at the party, which followed Manchester's Caribbean Carnival, on Claremont Road in Moss Side.

    Nigress migrant bitch from the CONGO (that defiled the Statue of Liberty) spews anti-American chant outside court
black suspectOutside court dozens of supporters cheered on the Republic of Congo born woman – Therese Okoumou - who is a naturalized citizen — and she chanted to the crowd, “America you mother f–kers! You drug addicts! You KKK! You fascist USA.” She faces a year and a half in prison for trespassing, interference with a government agency and disorderly conduct. SEND THEM ALL BACK!

    Robbery victims want piece of Hispanic crook Jose Guadalupe’s $1.25M court settlement
He stuck a gun in their faces, and now a pair of Bronx robbery victims want a piece of their perp’s hefty $1.25 million court settlement from the city. Jose Guadalupe is serving seven years in the clink for holding up Luis Freytes and Setal Ramcharran in separate stickups in October 2012. Guadalupe got his windfall earlier this year after he sued the city in Manhattan Federal Court, claiming he was severely beaten by city Corrections officers in Rikers Island in 2014. Guadalupe is now serving his time in upstate Orleans Correctional Facility. Freytes and Ramcharran have each filed suit against Guadalupe in Bronx Supreme Court to get their share of his recent settlement. The victims were “traumatized” by the crimes, said their lawyer, Matthew Waller. The men were notified of the settlement under the state’s Son of Sam law, which prohibits criminals from profiting off their crimes.

     (Puerto Rican?) Man who choked woman until her son sprang to the rescue found guilty
mud suspect The man who choked a Bronx woman until her 11-year-old son sprang to the rescue and stabbed him was found guilty in a mixed verdict.  Jurors found Brian Febus guilty in Bronx Supreme Court of assault, criminal obstruction of breathing and two counts of endangering a child — but he was cleared of burglary and attempted-murder charges. Febus was sentenced to serve four concurrent one-year terms for the crimes, but his lawyer said he’d be released later because he’d already spent more than a year on Rikers Island awaiting trial for the April 2017 incident. Febus attacked Denise Soto in her Bronx home, so her son Jeremy Rosario grabbed a kitchen blade to defend her, stabbing the thug.

  Diverse New York City: Black Muslim Firefighter threatened to shoot co-workers
The FDNY cleaned house at a Brooklyn station — nicknamed the “Friendly firehouse” — after the alleged bullying of a Muslim firefighter who then threatened to shoot co-workers, fire sources said. Two captains, four lieutenants and two firefighters were “temporarily transferred” out of Engine 309/Ladder 159 in Flatlands on Wednesday, two weeks after a firefighter at the station flipped out and threatened to kill colleagues, fire sources told The Post.
Raheem Hassan, 30, was arrested on Dec. 27 after a threatening, Dec. 20 phone call to a fellow smoke eater, court records showed. “I’m going to kill the guys in the firehouse,” Hassan threatened, according to the criminal complaint against him. “He told them he was going to shoot up the firehouse and kill everyone in the fire house,” an FDNY insider told The Post.
Hassan, who is a Muslim, had been taunted and slurred over his faith leading to his meltdown, fire sources said. He has not been suspended, FDNY spokesman Frank Dwyer said Friday. He was charged with misdemeanor second-degree aggravated harassment. The firehouse was briefly barricaded and shut down immediately after the telephone threats.

 Israeli flag   Suspect in Blaze Bernstein Case Accused of Murdering Jewish Sodomite Classmate Because He Was Gay
The Orange County district attorney's office announced an amended criminal complaint in the murder of college student Blaze Bernstein. The hate crime enhancement against Samuel Woodward alleges the now 21-year-old murdered his former high school classmate because he was gay. "We will prove that Woodward killed Blaze because Blaze is gay," OCDA Tony Rackauckas said at a news conference.  It enhances Woodward's possible maximum sentence from 26 years to life in prison to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

    Roman Catholic devil worshiping Sodomite Priest conspiracy in Philadelphia - Judge to decide what dirty details to release...
 The Supreme Court is adding another job for the special master it appointed to help black out names and other identifying information from a grand jury report into child sexual abuse in six of Pennsylvania's Roman Catholic dioceses.

The justices said Thursday Judge John Cleland will also determine what material should be redacted from a sealed brief filed by the attorney general's office. Some of those named in the report argue it's inaccurate and in its current form violates their constitutional rights to reputation and to due process of law.

Others have called for the report to be released, including victims' groups, state Attorney General Josh Shapiro and media organizations, including NBC10 and Telemundo 62. The high court has directed the roughly 900-page report to be made public, perhaps as early as next week. An order from the justices issued last week says the report identifies about 300 "predator priests.''

    Female Teacher who performed oral sex on a 14-year-old boy student pleads guilty
A Bronx public school teacher has admitted she performed oral sex on a 14-year-old boy on “multiple occasions and in multiple locations” — but will not have to go to prison or surrender her teaching license.
Dori Myers, 29, a social studies teacher at The New School for Leadership and the Arts in Kingsbridge, pleaded guilty to a criminal sex act — a D felony requiring her to register as a sex offender. Myers, the wife of a Rockland County sheriff’s officer, entered her plea in Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday, a day sooner than scheduled — thus letting her avoid the glare of the news media.

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Front Page for 11 August  2018 - Archived New Nation News - Archives

11 August 2018

    Family of (White) man killed in double shooting: He died a hero
black suspectblack suspectWhite victimARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. -- A man killed in a double shooting on Thursday in Arapahoe County is being called a hero. The family of Jacob Emerson has learned their loved one died while saving a woman’s life. That woman’s future is uncertain. The shooting left her hospitalized in critical condition. 
He was visiting a woman he just started dating and was unaware her ex-husband would be on what friends have described as a homicidal crusade.

Jacob Emerson, 25, was found shot dead in an apartment in the 1100 block of South Clinton Street on Thursday morning, according to the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office. A woman named CJ, who Jacob had been dating for about a month, was also shot. She taken to a hospital. Her roommate, who also in the apartment, was not injured. “He was defending two young ladies,” Elizabeth Emerson said.

Elizabeth Emerson said it was early in the morning when CJ’s recently divorced ex-husband showed up with a tomahawk-style ax.
That man has been identified as Anthony “Angel” Darby.Angel had slit my son’s hand,” Elizabeth Emerson said.

Deputies were called for the assault, but Darby could not be found when deputies arrived. Deputies said they offered a hotel to the victims but they refused Darby returned with a gun about 90 minutes after deputies left.

An exact motive behind the shooting might never be known as the suspect is dead. Deputies, hunting for Darby on Thursday, say he was found at an apartment in Denver with what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Jacob’s friends have set up a GoFundMe to help the family pay for funeral expenses. - (Black-on-white)

Not a good idea to date a woman that is married to a jealous black man
Not a good idea to date a woman that was married to a black man

    (black) Man found guilty of aggravated sodomy, child molestation in Newton County
black suspectA metro Atlanta man was found guilty of aggravated sodomy and aggravated child molestation against a child under the age of 10, authorities said.

Andrew Devail Perry, 28, of Locust Grove, was found guilty Friday afternoon, the Newton County District Attorney’s Office said in a Facebook post. His sentencing will be at a later date, the post said.

    Cooness cab driver arrested after street brawl in Manhattan; white victims?
black suspectNEW YORK (FOX5NY) - Police officers arrested a New York City cab driver for assaulting a couple and then ramming her car into their vehicle along with several others in Midtown Manhattan, the NYPD said. The driver has a history of issues. The brawl happened at about 3:15 p.m. Thursday along West 35th Street. It was captured on video, first obtained by Fox 5 News. The cabbie, Alyssa Jenna Mallett, 25, of Brooklyn, became enraged at a man and woman driving in a Nissan in front of her, police said. Mallet punched, kicked, and scratched the couple, who fought back, police said.

The video shows the cabbie and the couple punching and kicking each other as bystanders attempt to break up the brawl. Mallett the gets back in her yellow cab and the couple returns to their SUV, the video shows. Mallett is then seen striking a UPS truck and the couple's SUV as they tried to block the cab. A bystander reaches into the cab driver's window attempting to stop Mallett. She then backs the cab into a parked car. The couple had an 11-year-old girl and 2-week-old baby in the SUV with them, police said. Police charged Mallett with reckless endangerment, assault, and criminal mischief.

Front Page for 6 August 2018 - Archived New Nation News - Archives


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