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  23 July, 2014

    Black woman behind Spartanburg repo rampage talks after arrest - she bit White repo man
LaKeisha SmithScotty FowlerSPARTANBURG, SC - Her name is LaKeisha Smith but those who know her call her Kee- Kee. "Again it's Miss Kee with four Es," she said. She is admittedly the woman behind a recorded repo that went wrong in Spartanburg. "I gotta say, I was funny as s---! It was funny as h---," Smith said. "I mean like- it's me! Miss Kee4Es. You never know what to expect from me." The video shows Smith smashing out several windows of a black Cadillac Escalade while it was hooked up to a tow truck. - (Black-on-white)
  • VIDEO: Woman smashes windows in SUV being repossessed
    After an Upstate tow truck driver said he was bitten while repossessing an SUV, he pulled out his camera and started filming as the woman smashed the windows out of the vehicle. Scotty Fowler, the owner of Mission Towing & Recovery, said they had been looking for an SUV for repossession for over a week before they located it near Collins Park in the city of Spartanburg on Sunday evening. Fowler said they hooked up the SUV to the tow truck when Lakeisha Smith, 29, jumped in and tried to drive off with it still hooked up to the tow truck, and attacked him. "I was holding the door open to keep her from starting the car and she bit me," Fowler said.

    Black Bradenton man accused of impregnating 12-year-old girl
Zachrey McdowellBRADENTON, FL - A Bradenton man is accused of impregnating a 12-year-old girl he met on Facebook. The crime highlights the dangers of the internet, worse than any virus or malware you might come across. The Bradenton case started when the 12-year-old girl, diagnosed at Manatee Memorial Hospital with a bladder infection also found out, she is pregnant. Manatee County deputies relayed the girl told them she'd had sex with 31-year-old Zachrey Mcdowell, earlier this year. She told deputies she met him through Facebook.

    Black Simian Track Coach Charged With Sexually Assaulting Three Students
Gerald GaddyCHICAGO – A volunteer track coach at Simeon Career Academy High School has been charged with sexual assaulting three female students. Cook County prosecutors said 42-year-old Gerald Gaddy has been charged with aggravated criminal sexual abuse, criminal sexual assault, and aggravated battery. Gaddy was ordered held on $300,000 bond at a court appearance Wednesday. Gaddy allegedly had “inappropriate sexual contact” with three girls, ages 15, 16 and 17, according to police and prosecutors.

    Black Teacher Faces Charges, Including Sexual Assault, In Cape May County
Joseph TownsMIDDLE Twp., N.J., – A 34-year-old English teacher is facing several charges, including sexual assault and possession of child pornography. Joseph Towns turned himself in to authorities Tuesday and was charged with having sexual contact with one of his students. The Cape May County Prosecutor’s office alleges the 34-year-old teacher at Middle Township High School engaged in criminal sexual contact with the student from October 2012 through October 2013.

    NYPD: Black Man Wearing Scrubs Rapes Woman At Gunpoint In The Bronx

    Pervert Gynecologist Nikita Levy Turns Out To Have Been A Black Jamaican Immigrant
Nikita Levy A gynecologist named Nikita Levy (now deceased) who secretly photographed his female patients cost he hospital which employed him almost 200 million dollars. If you click through on that story, you’ll see a picture of two white lawyers discussing the settlement. Dr. Levy was from Jamaica, and worked in a hospital in East Baltimore. His victims were mostly black women.

    Police: Black Suspect Attacked Man, 65, In Bronx Subway Station
black attackerNEW YORK — Police late Tuesday were asking the public to help them find a suspect who attacked a 65-year-old man at a Bronx subway station last week. Around 5:15 a.m. Monday, July 14, the suspect walked up to the 65-year-old man in the mezzanine area of the 205th Street and Bainbridge D Train station and demanded money, police said. The victim said he did not have any money, and the suspect punched him in the back of the head, pushed him to the ground, and threw an unknown liquid at him, police said. The suspect then ran off, police said, The suspect was described as a black male around 25 years old, standing about 5 feet 7 inches tall, with black hair. He was last seen wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans, police said.

    (Black) Chico man sentenced to more than 25 years state prison for attack, shooting
Anthony Lavel ZeiglerOROVILLE, CA >> A Chico man was sentenced Wednesday to 25 years, eight months in state prison for a May 2013 stabbing and a shooting last January. Butte County Superior Court Judge James Reilley handed down the upper-term sentence on Anthony Lavel Zeigler, 25. On June 13, a jury convicted Zeigler of felony assault with a deadly weapon likely to produce great bodily injury for a stabbing outside a Wall Street nightclub on May 18, 2013, in Chico. The jury also found Zeigler guilty of felony assault with a semiautomatic firearm likely to cause great bodily injury for a Jan. 18 shooting on the 100 block of Broadway. - (Norcal)

    Va. man charged with killing woman's two dogs, injuring a third, during argument
Gerard Darvell WilliamsDUMFRIES, Va. - A man has been arrested for allegedly killing two pet dogs and seriously injuring a third after an argument with the woman who owns them. Dumfries police said they were dispatched to a home at 8:45 a.m. to investigate a report of a domestic assault with weapons. The 29-year-old woman who lives in the home said that she and a man she knows, Gerard Darvell Williams, were verbally arguing that morning, and the fight escalated, with Williams assaulting her and pushing her. At that point, the woman said she saw Williams use a kitchen knife to stab her dog. Officers searched the property and said they found an adult male pit bull dead, with a stab wound to its back, as well as two 2-week-old puppies, one of which was dead and one that was seriously injured.

    Cops: Main Line McDonald’s Worker Was Selling Drugs While On The Job
Allen TrammellRADNOR, Pa. — A worker at a McDonald’s on the Main Line was serving up more than a happy meal, police say. Investigators say what he is accused of doing in the parking lot was illegal and now he is facing serious charges. According to investigators, the worker, identified by Radnor Police as 29-year-old Allen Trammell, was allegedly selling crack cocaine in the parking lot of the restaurant on Lancaster Avenue while he was on the clock.

    Road Rage Leads to Stabbing at Gas Station
Stanley WilliamsA man is in the hospital while another is in custody after a road rage incident led to a stabbing outside a gas station in Collingdale Tuesday afternoon. Police said that 34-year-old Stanley Williams of Philadelphia was driving when another driver cut him off. Williams and the man then began to argue at a nearby Sunoco Gas Station, according to investigators. Williams left the gas station and then returned in his wife's silver Lexus while she sat on the passenger side, according to officials. He then allegedly took out a knife and stabbed the victim in the arm.


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Hispanic suspect arrested in series of Vegas sexual assaults
Ixtoc Renteria-BentancourtLAS VEGAS – The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department says it has arrested a man suspected in a series of sexual assaults and is asking the public whether it has information on more possible victims. Ixtoc Renteria-Bentancourt, 27, was booked Saturday into the Clark County Detention Center on eight counts of sexual assault with a deadly weapon and four counts of sexual assault. He was rebooked Sunday for one additional count of attempted sexual assault and one count of assault with a deadly weapon.

  • Citizenship status of suspect not reported - ed.


  • Man Accused of Paying Underage Girls for Sex
    Adam CarnevaleMore allegations have surfaced against a Mercer County man who was arrested last May for allegedly attempting to sexually assault a 14-year-old girl. Adam Carnevale, 27, of Lawrence Township, is now accused of paying money to at least six underage girls in exchange for sex. According to police, Carnevale repeatedly paid the girls money, clothes, alcohol and cigarettes for sex. Investigators say the six victims ranged in age from 12 to 17. Police also say he threatened to put a 15-year-old girl’s nude photographs on the Internet if she didn’t perform oral sex on him.

  • Cannibal Cop’s online pal convicted in UK
    Dale BolingerGilberto ValleA British male nurse who was pals with New York’s infamous “Cannibal Cop” was convicted Monday of plotting to eat a 14-year-old girl he had befriended on the Internet, according to reports. Dale Bolinger, 58, was busted in February after he was caught coaching NYPD Officer Gilberto Valle online in the art of kidnapping and cooking women. Valle spent nearly two years in jail before a Manhattan judge overturned his conviction. The Brit, who called himself “Moody Blues,” tried to lure a girl from Germany, the UK’s Huffington Post reported.

  • Police Union: Video Shows (Pro-Lesbian) Woman Attacked Officer
    Ariel LawtherAn attorney for Pittsburgh's police union says more pictures and video have surfaced showing what happened before a city officer punched a woman at the city's gay pride parade and festival last month. Fraternal Order of Police attorney Bryan Campbell says the other images show 19-year-old Ariel Lawther pushing a preacher who was protesting the event before she grabbed and pushed at the officer she accuses of wrongfully striking her.

  • (Hispanic Lesbian) Naomi Almodovar faces attempted murder, arson charges
    Naomi AlmodovarCENTENNIAL, Colo. - Arapahoe County sheriffs on Friday arrested a woman in connection with a June 23 apartment-complex fire that injured eight. Naomi Almodovar, 23, is charged with attempted first-degree murder and first-degree arson, among other charges. Authorities accuse the suspect of setting the fire in an act of revenge against an ex-girlfriend.Her estranged partner was in that building and in that apartment, and we believe she intentionally set the fire there,” Captain Larry Etheridge of the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office said.


  • Rom 1:26 - For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:



    White Daytona Beach dad speaks out after attacking son's black alleged abuser
 Raymond FrolanderJason BrowningDAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - The Volusia County father who beat up an 18-year-old who he says sexually abused his 11-year-old son says he doesn't want his family to hide what they have been through. Jason Browning says he has been the victim of sexual abuse and says he wanted to kill Jason Frolander when he allegedly caught him naked with his son. Browning says not only did he beat him, he went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. "My son is the one who stepped in front of me and stopped me. My son saved his attackers life, so who's really the hero in this situation?" he said. Browning says Frolander was like family, and it was not unsual for him to be alone with his kids. "There was nothing uncommon to let the kids go in the bedroom and play video games together and now I have to wonder why the door was shut," Browning said. - (Black-on-white)

    Pa. Inmate Who Reportedly Molested Girls While Incarcerated Gets More Prison Time
Andre VanCliffWILKES-BARRE, Pa. — A convicted murderer accused of having persuaded a woman to bring two girls to visit him in a northeastern Pennsylvania prison so he could molest them has been sentenced to additional prison time and fined. Forty-eight-year-old Andre VanCliff pleaded no contest Monday in Luzerne County Court to conspiracy to corrupt minors. Judge Michael Vough added 42 to 84 months onto VanCliff’s life prison sentence and fined him $15,000. VanCliff, who was convicted a 1994 Philadelphia murder, initially acknowledged having fondled the girls during visits to the Newport Township prison but withdrew a guilty plea in April, saying he had felt pressured to enter it. Forty-two-year-old Rebecca Ann Butler of Danville was convicted of child endangerment and conspiracy in the case and was sentenced to 3½ to 10 years in prison.

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    DeKalb cop on trial admits sex on duty, says it was not coerced
Jeremy ReynoldsOnly because he was tired of being questioned did a former DeKalb County police officer admitted to having sexual contact with two women while on duty, his attorney said Tuesday, but he did not understand that his words could be used to prosecute him. Jeremy Reynolds, a police officer of almost three years, said he was unfamiliar with the Miranda statement, a warning to a crime suspect that their comments could be used against them. Reynolds has pleaded not guilty to one count of aggravated sodomy and two counts of violating his oath of office.

    Maryland parents kept 22-year-old twin autistic sons locked at night in urine-stenched basement: cops
John and Janice LandA Maryland couple kept their twin 22-year-old autistic sons locked at night in a dark, urine-stenched basement with almost no furniture for the last six years, authorities said. Cops were at John and Janice Land's Rockville home on Thursday for an unrelated matter when they found the twins locked in the basement. Police observed an "overwhelming smell of urine coming from the room," according to court documents.

    Brooklyn principal tried to smuggle heroin, prescription drugs into upstate prison: cops
Sadie Silver and Michael AcostaPublic School 28 Principal Sadie Silver, 40, of Bushwick, was removed from her position after she and Michael Acosta, 34, were arrested Friday when cops said they caught the pair bringing heroin and prescription drugs into Coxsackie Correctional Facility. They had a 10-year-old with them when they are arrested, police said.

    Black named 'White' - Serial killer tried in cold-case rape, murder
Larry Lamont WhiteA serial killer, already convicted of raping and murdering two women, could be sentenced this week to die by lethal injection if a jury finds he shot a third woman dead in the summer of 1983. Larry Lamont White, 56, is accused of raping Pamela Denise Armstrong, a 22-year-old mother of five, on June 4, 1983. Prosecutors say he shot her twice in the back of the head, then left her half-naked body in a western Louisville alley. If the jury finds him guilty of murder, prosecutors will ask that they sentence him to death. White has been condemned once before. He was convicted in 1985 of murdering two other women: 21-year-old Yolanda Sweeney and 22-year-old Deborah Miles. Both were raped and shot in the head within weeks of Armstrong's 1983 murder. The jury deliberated his sentence for two days, then sent him to death row at the Kentucky State Penitentiary in Eddyville.

    Belle Glade man arrested after allegedly ignoring dying dog’s crying
Sadrae J. Baptistesick lab-mix image from Google - Not 'Blabo'Unable to move and suffering from excruciating pain, a dying Labrador Retriever mix named named Blabo howled and wailed for a week in agony but was ignored by his owner, according to a Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control report. By the time Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies and animal care and control officers found Blabo, it was too late. A veterinarian was forced to euthanize the dog. Sadrae J. Baptiste, Blabo’s owner, is facing two animal cruelty charges. Baptiste, of Belle Glade, was released from the Palm Beach County Jail on Saturday after posting a $3,000 bond.

    Del. Man Allegedly Burglarizes Home, Then Tries To Sell Stolen Items In Nearby Parking Lot
Deon BrownA Dover man has been arrested on charges he stole from a home then attempted to sell the stolen items at a nearby parking lot. Police say 47-year-old Deon Brown broke into the residence on the 400 block of S Governors Avenue on Monday around 4 a.m. and stole several items including a laptop and a safe containing jewelry and cash. Shortly after the burglary, Dover police received a call from a person who saw Brown in the parking lot of the Courtney Square Shopping Center on S New Street, where he was allegedly attempting to sell the stolen items.

    Suspects Nab Electronic Bikes During Recent Rash Of Armed Robberies In Philadelphia
William MackPHILADELPHIA – Police say delivery personnel who ride electric bicycles have been the targets of a dozen recent armed robberies. The robberies, which occurred mainly in Center City, have all been similar in nature. The suspect will first call a restaurant that uses electronic bicycle delivery and order food to a specific location. When the delivery person arrives at that location, the suspect then robs him or her at gunpoint and takes the bike, which retails for more than $1,000, as well as cell phones and other items. So far, there have been 12 robberies of this nature. While the delivery locations are always different, the suspects’ phone numbers remain the same. Two separate phone numbers have been identified. Police say they’ve identified one suspect as 43-year-old William Mack, of Camden. The other suspect is described as a black male in his 30s who is about 5’5” to 5’8” tall and has a medium build. That suspect is clean shaven and has a medium to dark complexion.

    Phila. Police Dispatcher Pleads Guilty To Taking Cash For Tow-Truck Jobs
Dorian ParsleyA former Philadelphia police civilian radio dispatcher pleaded guilty today to bribery charges, admitting she took money to circumvent the city’s efforts to try to curb notorious and dangerous tow truck “wreck chasers.” Former police dispatcher Dorian Parsley admitted she was the wreck chasers’ inside connection, taking more than $35,000 in bribes (see previous story). “Miss Parsley admitted that she accepted cash bribe payments from tow truck operators in exchange for advance information on the location of accidents or wherever tow trucks were needed by Philadelphia police,” said Philadelphia prosecutor Jennifer Chun Barry after the proceeding.

    90-year-old man in Long Island City forced to withdraw money at ATMs by black robber
black who robbed 90-year-oldLONG ISLAND CITY, N.Y. - Police are looking for a man responsible for robbing a 90-year-old man by forcing him to withdraw money from two ATMS. At 10:45 a.m. July 18, at the store at 34-51 48 St. in Long Island City, the victim was walking to his car when the suspect approached him, grabbed him by the neck and demanded his wallet. According to the New York City Police Department, the suspect then demanded the victim's PIN number and had him drive to two ATMS where he removed money.

  • Riverside couple falls victim to 'knockout game'
    suspectJACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A man was assaulted in Riverside on Saturday night in front of his girlfriend, near their home, and they told police they believe he was a victim of the “knockout game.” The young couple was walking down College Street shortly before 11 p.m. Saturday. The victim and his girlfriend were approached, and the man was punched on the right side of his face. According to the police report, the man and woman spotted three men walking in their direction, then realized they were being followed. Police do not have a good description of the perpetrators

    Taser Used To Break Up Fight Between Black Pro Athletes
Jo-Lonn DunbarDonte GreeneMIAMI – The two professional athletes that were arrested outside of a South Beach nightclub have been bonded out of jail but have yet to make any public comments. Jo-Lonn Dunbar and Donte Greene were arrested outside of Dream Nightclub early Sunday morning on charges of battery and disorderly conduct after getting in a physical altercation while exiting the club.

    Eagles player charged with shoving Arizona officer
Keelan JohnsonTEMPE, Ariz. – A Philadelphia Eagles player is facing charges in Arizona after authorities say he pushed a police officer investigating a bar brawl. Officials said Keelan Johnson, a first-year safety, was arrested early Saturday following a confrontation with officers outside a bar in the Phoenix suburb of Tempe, home of Arizona State University. A probable cause statement says Johnson "violently pushed" an officer in the chest, causing him to strike his head against a tree. Police say Johnson appeared drunk and refused officers' orders. He has been charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

    Ray J charged with 10 misdemeanors
Ray JFollowing a booze-fueled incident at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in May, Ray J has been charged with 10 misdemeanors. On Monday, Brandy’s 33-year-old brother was charged with four counts of resisting arrest, three counts of assault and battery, two counts of vandalism and one count of sexual battery, reports TMZ. Allegations of sexual battery are being disputed after Ray J claims to have accidentally brushed against a woman’s rear. While police say the action was unintentional, he’s still being charged by the district attorney. Things quickly escalated when Kim Kardashian‘s ex-boyfriend became “belligerent with the valets and refused to leave,” said Beverly Hills public information officer Lt. Lincoln Hoshino, reports E! News. When he was placed into custody, he allegedly kicked out a window of the cop car, before allegedly spitting on an officer.

    Cops: 2 Facing Murder Charges In Deaths Of Elderly Couple In Strawberry Mansion
Justin Smith and Terry BallardPHILADELPHIA — Two suspects are facing murder charges in the deaths of an elderly couple who were found in their Philadelphia home late last week. Investigators say the suspects confessed to their alleged roles in the strangulation deaths of 66-year-old Algladis (“Gladys”) Perry and 79-year-old Rufus Perry. The suspects have been identified by investigators as 19-year-old Justen Smith. and 26-year-old Terry Ballard.



Suspected Illegal Immigrant Arrested For Taking Lewd Pictures Of Women
Fermin Morales-Gonzalez PLANO, Texas – A suspected illegal immigrant has been thrown in the Collin County jail, accused of using his cell phone camera in a most improper way. Plano Police say a male shopper happened to see 44-year old Fermin Morales-Gonzalez taking pictures up the skirts and dresses of unsuspecting women. Reports say the man told the store management and then flagged down a Plano Police officer who was driving by. - (Invasion!)




Asian Wall Street financier slapped with $75M sexual harassment suit
Benjamin Wey and Hanna BouvengA Wall Street financier who specializes in Chinese corporate mergers was slapped with a $75 million sex-harassment lawsuit by a 24-year-old former underling who claims he “trapped” her into merging as well. Swedish-born beauty Hanna Bouveng says in the suit that her “virulent sexual harasser and stalker” boss, Benjamin Wey, forced her to wear tight clothes around the office and then fired her in April after she refused his repeated come-ons. Bouveng worked at New York Global Communications as the married Wey’s director of corporate communications. Her Manhattan federal court suit claims the CEO insisted on buying her “tight skirts” and “low-cut shirts” to wear at the office and repeatedly creeped her out by making lewd sexual advances and remarks. Bouveng also alleges she felt “trapped” into having sex with Wey in December 2013 after he got her drunk.

    Jurors return guilty verdict in case of black killer of White cop
Harlem LewisJimmy NormanTerry TaylorHOUSTON -- Jurors have found a man guilty of capital murder in the fatal shooting of a Bellaire police officer in 2012. It didn't take long for the verdict to be reached against Harlem Lewis, who fatally shot Corporal Jimmy Norman and business owner Terry Taylor. Police say Lewis shot and killed Corporal Norman and Taylor, who owned an auto repair shop, outside that business during a traffic stop on Christmas Eve 2012. Lewis, 21, was also shot during the pursuit that followed, but has since recovered from his injuries. Jurors now must decide if Lewis will receive the death penalty. The sentencing phase begins Monday. Harris County DA Devon Anderson countered in her closing, saying, "This is a capital murder because two men went to work and they both were murdered for absolutely no reason. It's time to convict him of capital murder." - (Black-on-white)

    Hopkins to pay $190M to black accused gynecologist's patients - accused of secretly taking hundreds of photos and videos
Nikita LevyNikita Levy BALTIMORE —Johns Hopkins Hospital has agreed to a $190 million settlement with more than 8,000 patients of a gynecologist who secretly photographed and videotaped women in the examining room with a pen-like camera he wore around his neck, lawyers said Monday. Dr. Nikita Levy was fired in February 2013, days after an employee alerted hospital authorities about her suspicions. Ten days later, Levy committed suicide. The agreement, announced Monday, is one of the largest settlements on record in the U.S. involving sexual misconduct by a physician. It all but closes a case that never produced criminal charges but threatened the reputation of one of the world's leading medical institutions and, according to lawyers, traumatized thousands of women, even though their faces were not visible in the images and it could not be established with certainty which patients were recorded or how many.

    Black Ex-Soldier Sentenced to Life in Prison in Daughter’s Death at Hawaii Base
Naeem Williams HONOLULU — A former Hawaii soldier convicted of killing his 5-year-old daughter will spend the rest of his life behind bars after a federal jury announced Friday they failed to agree on his sentence in the first death penalty trial in the history of Hawaii's statehood. Jurors deliberated for about seven days before telling the judge they were deadlocked on Naeem Williams' sentence. That means the judge will give Williams life in prison without the possibility of release.

    Black man accused of killing grandmother, setting fire
Donkish LesaneA Rochester man has been accused of killing his grandmother, then setting a fire to conceal the crime. A Monroe County grand jury on Friday indicted Donkish Lesane, 22, with felony charges of second-degree murder and second-degree arson in connection with the July 8 death of his grandmother Winnie Butler inside 294 Fernwood Ave. Lesane, who was previously only facing a felony arson charge, went to his aunt's Fernwood Avenue apartment on July 8, to get his hair done, according to his family. His relatives said it was not clear what happened inside the home, but Butler, 51, was slain.

    Black Dallas man arrested for sexually assaulting woman with autism
Timmy Ray SprattDallas man is accused of sexually assaulting a woman with autism. Timmy Ray Spratt is charged with sexual assault of an elderly or disabled person. The police report says Spratt, 42, lived in the same extended-stay hotel as the victim, and that the woman's caretaker was running errands when the attack occurred Thursday in South Oak Cliff.

    Three black St. Lucie men charged with rape of 18-year-old woman
Gupeone Belizaire, 21, Kenzy Francois, 20, and Stanley LerosThree St. Lucie County men were Sunday and charged with the rape of an 18-year-old woman, according to St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office. Stanley Leros, 19, Kenzy Francois, 20 and Gupeone Belizaire, 21, allegedly raped the victim in one of their homes after a party Saturday night. One of the suspects was friends with the victim on Facebook.

    Cops: black Camden man sexually assaulted teen on beach
Victor BennettKEANSBURG – A Camden man was arrested Friday and charged with the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl on a Monmouth County beach, according to borough police. Victor Bennett, 20, was arrested Friday by police after authorities interviewed the girl at her home, Deputy Police Chief Michael Pigott said in a news release. Police Detective Michael Deany and Patrolman Christopher Rogan of the Keansburg Street Crimes Unit responded to the victim's home, where they interviewed the girl after a relative contacted police, Pigott said.

    (Black) Bowling Green State University football player accused of attempted rape
William HoustonBOWLING GREEN -- Bond for a Bowling Green State University football player who is accused of attempted rape has been set at $25,000. William Houston, 19, of Dublin, Ohio, remains in the Wood County jail. He was arraigned today by video in Bowling Green Municipal Court.



Hispanic teens charged with murder of two homeless men
Alex Rios, 18, Nathaniel Carrillo, 16, and Gilbert Tafoya, 15ALBUQUERQUE – Three teenagers have been charged with murder, accused of beating two homeless men to death. Albuquerque Police called it a heinous crime on Sunday, saying at least one of the suspects involved admitted that the group was targeting transients and have done it many times before. Alex Rios, 18, Nathaniel Carrillo, 16, and Gilbert Tafoya, 15, are all charged with murder. APD say the three boys beat two homeless men to death in a vacant lot on 60th and Central early Saturday morning. “Very heinous crime,” said Officer Simon Drobik of the Albuquerque Police Department. APD is still trying to identify the two men who were killed.



Rep. Gutierrez: Obama assured me he’ll ‘stop the deportation of our people’
Luis GutierrezRep. Luis Gutierrez told a National Council of La Raza crowd in Los Angeles that President Obama has assured him in conversations that his intent is to stop the widespread deportation of illegal Hispanics. Mr. Gutierrez, Illinois Democrat and member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, called for Mr. Obama to grant amnesty to “millions of our undocumented.”



  • California man arrested, said he wanted to join ISIS
    Adam Dandach of Orange County told federal agents he planned to travel to Syria to join ISIS, "a known terrorist organization, that he would assist ISIS with anything the ISIS asked him to do, and that he believed the killings of U.S. soldiers are justified killings." Federal agents discovered Dandach's mother, Sawsan Ghannoum, had actually taken away his original passport and hidden it to prevent him from taking an overseas trip in December, the complaint said.





    Miscegenation leads to death of innocent little 5-year-old White girl - kidnapped by her mother's black boyfriend
Marcus McGowanChristie HarrisCadence HarrisA 5-year-old Kansas girl died on Friday after her mother's boyfriend allegedly kidnapped her and engaged in a shootout with police officers. The sequence of events began about 7:30 pm on Friday when Cadence Harris of Leavenworth was reported kidnapped, police said. Police said there was some relationship between the child and her abductor but would not provide details. The suspect, however, has been identified by local news stations as 30-year-old Marcus McGowan. He was reportedly dating the girl's mother, Christie Harris who said that McGowan has previously abused her. Special Agent in Charge Mark Malick said it did not appear the girl was hit by bullets fired by police officers. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    (Black) Toronto man wanted for kidnap, torture of 4 teens
Alhaji KabbaTORONTO - Four young men were stripped naked, beaten with rocks and robbed at gunpoint while answering an online ad for a car for sale. The victims were tortured for four hours in an underground garage before escaping the ordeal Monday night. Toronto Police issued a warrant Saturday for one of the suspects. Police said an 18-year-old man answered a Kijiji ad and decided to take three friends with him to check out the vehicle at a building in the Jane St.-Grandravine Dr. area. When the four arrived, the were suddenly ambushed by a group of thugs including one who brandished a gun, said police. All four were made to strip naked and robbed of their belongings. They were pummelled with rocks, threatened with a machete and had a gun aimed as they were forced to call family and friends to raise money for their release, police said. The friends eventually escaped and called police. Alhaji Kabba, 18, of Toronto is wanted for forcible confinement, robbery with a firearm, extortion, aggravated assault, assault with a weapon and failing to comply with recognizance. Kabba is black, 6-foot-1, 180 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. Police warn that Kabba is considered armed and dangerous and should not be approached. - (Canada)


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    Texas judge sets execution date for black who kidnapped, raped and murdered a young White woman
Rodney ReedStacey Lee StitesBASTROP, Texas — A Texas judge has set an execution date for a death row inmate convicted of raping and murdering a 19-year-old woman. Judge Doug Shaver on Monday set Rodney Reed's execution date for 6 p.m. on Jan. 14. Reed is in prison for the 1996 slaying of Bastrop County resident Stacey Stites. Attorneys for the Innocence Project argued there is more evidence in the case that needs to be DNA tested. Reed's family claims prosecutors withheld evidence during the trial. Prosecutors say there has been enough time to appeal the 1998 conviction. - (Black-on-white)
  • Stacey Lee Stites Memorial Website
    This online memorial was created in loving memory of Stacey Stites. She was a beloved daughter, sister and Christian whose life was cut short April 23, 1996. She was a very happy young woman who was always smiling and laughing, a girl that loved life. Stacey is loved and missed each and every day. Stacey went to work in Bastrop, Texas April 23, 1996 and was never seen alive by her family again. Rodney Reed was found guilty for kidnapping, raping, beating and strangling Stacey is serving a death sentence at Huntsville state prison in Texas.

    Black boyfriend of pregnant white woman reported missing charged with kidnapping
Lance Deloreon JenkinsJamie Lee Powell-KielczewskiFla. - Cocoa police have arrested on Friday the boyfriend of the pregnant woman reported missing a day earlier on kidnapping charges, despite the woman reporting to police she was in no danger. Lance Deloreon Jenkins, 26, was arrested Thursday night and charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and aggravated battery after police say he took Jamie Lee Powell-Kielczewski, 22, who is 4 and a half months pregnant, against her will on Wednesday night. Powell-Kielczweski went to Cocoa Police Department on Thursday after being reported missing and gave a statement that she was not in danger, but police say she is telling family and friends a different story. Police said she attempted to call 911 at the Shell gas station on State Road 524 Wednesday night from the business' phone. Witnesses said she then walked to the restroom and was attempting to call police again when a man walked to the restroom, kicked in the door and took Powell-Kielczewski out to the car against her will. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Daytona Beach police arrest sexual predator on child-molesting charge
Meshac AbentegoA registered sexual predator was arrested Friday in Daytona Beach after a mother reported he molested her child, Daytona Beach police said. Meshac Abentego, 42, was arrested and charged with lewd and lascivious molestation. Abentego was helping a woman move into her new home in Daytona Beach in the last two days and spent two nights at the woman’s place. On Friday morning, the woman called police to report that her daughter, who is under the age of 12, awoke her and told her Abentego had come to her room and inappropriately touched her, the arrest report states.

    (Black) Southfield woman shoots lover over 'bad sex'
Sadie BelSOUTHFIELD, Mich. - Sadie Bell, 58, is out on bond after admitting she shot the man she had a long-term affair with after they had sex at her Southfield apartment. Bell wasn't happy with the outcome and accused the man of cheating on her. She punched him, he slapped her and then she shot him. He was hospitalized for five months. Bell was convicted of assault with intent to do great bodily harm. She also was convicted of a felony gun charge. She was sentenced to four years in prison.

    Violent Machete Assault At Mosque Following Donation Jar Theft Allegations - Tried to cut off hand for theft
Merv Mitchell, who also goes by the name Mabul ShoatzSo far, one person is under arrest for the incident at an Overbrook mosque. Police say the violent assault stems from accusations of stealing. Police say when prayer services ended here at this mosque in Overbook Tuesday morning, two leaders of the masjid allegedly accused another member of stealing from a donation jar. They moved quickly to carry out punishment. "they take his wrist place it on top of a log , second male goes into the mosque, comes out with a machete, one male holds his wrist on the actual log and the male swings down in a downward motion striking his wrist with the machete." Police arrested 37-year-old Merv Mitchell, who also goes by the name Mabul Shoatz. He was charged with aggravated assault and other crimes for the machete attack. Mitchell is a leader at the mosque.

    Man accused of rape, incest, sex crimes involving two children tries to strangle detectives
Gregory MoffittGregory Moffitt, 26, faced a judge at arraignment Friday morning. Moffitt is charged with four counts of rape, four counts of incest and one count sexual abuse.. Police said Moffitt's alleged victims are a child under the age of 12 and a teenager. Police said when they tried to put handcuffs on Moffitt, he pulled away and began swinging his arms. As officers tried to subdue him, he hit, scratched and kicked them. According to an arrest report, Moffitt tried to strangle two detectives.

    Joliet Man Charged with Sexually Assaulting Woman: Police
Parnell SamuelsA Joliet man is charged with criminal sexual assault and battery after allegedly attacking a woman who came to his house to buy marijuana, Will County Sheriff's police said. Parnell Samuels, 51, of 106 Anderson Ave., was arrested Thursday evening and was due in court Friday afternoon. Will County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Kathy Hoffmeyer said the 26-year-old victim, a Joliet resident, told police she went to Samuels' home at about 4 p.m. Thursday. During the transaction, Samuels allegedly jumped on her, tore her clothes off and had intercourse with her, Hoffmeyer said.

    SF Police arrest black woman who allegedly robbed 8-year-old girl selling candy
black woman robs little girlA woman who allegedly robbed and assaulted an 8-year-old girl in San Francisco's Western Addition neighborhood earlier this week was arrested Thursday evening, according to police. Ladonna Christian, 46, of San Francisco, is being held in custody on suspicion of robbing and assaulting an 8-year-old girl who was selling candy on Divisadero and Eddy streets around 1:45 p.m. Monday.

    Fort Worth police issue warrant for second arrest in black funeral home case
Rachel Hardy JohnsonFORT WORTH — Authorities have issued seven warrants for Dondre Johnson of the Johnson Family Mortuary following the arrest of his wife Friday. Rachel Hardy Johnson was taken into custody at her home. Mrs. Johnson was charged with seven counts of abuse of corpse. Authorities made the arrest after eight bodies were found unattended Tuesday inside the Johnson Family Mortuary.





Police Identify 6-Foot-9 Hispanic Rape Suspect in Washington Heights Attack
Jean RodriguezJean Rodriguez, 23, who lives on Gerard Avenue in Concourse, followed the 20-year-old victim into the elevator of the West 163rd Street building about 11:30 p.m., police said. He forced his way into her apartment and sexually assaulted her, then fled on foot, according to the NYPD.







    White man beaten, robbed in park by pack of blacks believes attack was racially motivated
Brejon Ford Joseph RountreeLOUISVILLE, Ky. —In just a matter of weeks, a man beaten and robbed in an area park will come face to face with one of the men he says attacked him. According to police, the suspect was a juvenile at the time. But, the courts said Brejon Ford will now be tried as an adult when he goes to trial Sept. 9. The victim, Joseph Rountree, said three others have not yet been arrested for the crime he said left him not only humiliated but physically injured. "For a while I didn't get out hardly at all. I just feel threatened every time I leave my house. I was afraid walking down the street somebody might grab me from behind," said Rountree. Rountree said he has lived in fear for the past 15 months. It was at Okolona Park on April 12, 2013, when he went for a walk. He said the park was empty around 5 that evening when a group of young, black men were making their way to him. "They were yelling 'honky' and 'white boy,' 'cracker' and 'white trash,'" said Rountree. He was beaten and knocked unconscious; doctors later discovered bleeding on the brain. The group, Rountree said, took his two cellphones and the $22 he had in his pocket. "I believe they might have thought I looked like I was an easy target because I'm white, because they were calling me racial names," said Rountree. - (Black-on-white) - (Hatecrimes)

    Police: Tips led to arrest in clerk’s shooting; suspect bought pot, cell phone with money
Desi P. Thomas Jrblack robberHarry Briggs Indianapolis Metropolitan police said tips led them to arrest a man accused of fatally shooting gas station clerk Harry Briggs last month. Briggs was killed on the night of June 4 after the man entered Joe’s Junction at Troy and Lynhurst. Wednesday, police announced the arrest of 22-year-old Desi Thomas in connection with Briggs’ death. Surveillance video showed him skipping out of the store after he fired three shots, one of which hit Briggs in the head. Briggs died from his wounds. - (Black-on-white)


    Black Man Accused of Strangling Black College Grad, Stuffing Her Body in Duffel Bag
Jeremiah JaksonA West Philadelphia man charged in the murder of a young Philadelphia woman whose body was found in a duffel bag tried to commit suicide while in police custody, according to law enforcement sources. Jeremiah Jakson, 23, tried to hang himself while at police headquarters Tuesday night. The alleged suicide attempt was made prior to Jakson officially being charged for the murder of 23-year-old Laura Araujo, a recent graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia. Police say Jakson's motive was robbery. Her father, Lorenzo Araujo, said the last time he saw her was two weeks ago during a family trip to the Dominican Republic

    Man turns himself in after deadly Kennesaw shooting
Lewarner Jaron ScottA suspect in a shooting at a Kennesaw bar that left one man dead turned himself in on Thursday morning, said Scott Luther, a spokesman for the Kennesaw police. Lewarner Jaron Scott, 28, of Atlanta, is charged with one count of murder and three counts of aggravated assault after a July 12 shooting at Diamond Dave’s Bar. Kevin Compton, 27, died July 13 from a single gunshot wound he received the day before, police say.

    Piano instructor accused of raping teen
Justin WilliamsMEMPHIS, TN - - A Mid-South piano instructor is accused of raping a 13-year-old student in her own home, police say. Justin Williams, 27, is charged with statutory rape by an authority figure. According to an affidavit of complaint, Williams was at the 13-year-old's Memphis home on April 28, 2014 to give her piano lessons when the incident happened. Memphis police say the case was reported to them by Tennessee Department of Child Services.

    Black man arrested for punching trooper at hospital
David M. ClevelandTexas - A local man is in the McLennan County Jail after he punched a Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper who told him he couldn't smoke a cigarette inside a hospital. David M. Cleveland has been charged with assault of a peace officer for the incident. Troopers were already at Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest at 3:45 a.m. Tuesday to get a suspect checked out. They report the disturbance began when a man in an emergency department treatment room lit up a cigarette. When ER personnel told him to put it out, he refused. A DPS trooper there was asked to help, and told the man again that he could not smoke in there, and to put out the cigarette. The man is accused of then punching the trooper. A second trooper who was there being checked out following another incident, helped out by using a stun gun. The man was then taken into custody.

    Knife Fight Stops Traffic Outside Family Dollar On Market Street
Arthur BallangerPolice were called to Market Street late Monday afternoon after an altercation between two men actually stopped traffic right outside the Family Dollar. According to police, the suspect, 61-year-old Arthur Ballanger, fled the scene in a CARTA bus. Police found him when he exited the bus near 11th Street.

    Police say 'Memphis' the pimp, wanted in Mississippi, busted in New Orleans
Stephen CarterIn what sounds like a Southern crime travelogue, police said a pimp known as "Memphis," on the run from the law in Mississippi, has been arrested in New Orleans. Stephen Carter, 21, was booked Tuesday with second-degree battery and simple robbery after a transgender woman said Carter was the person who hit her with brass knuckles, knocked her unconscious with a gun and stole cash and valuables from her purse.

    2 Women Accused of Holding Woman Captive Inside Home
Jessica JonesTwo women were arrested after they allegedly beat a woman and held her captive inside a Delaware home. On Tuesday, shortly after 1 p.m., officials received a call from a 29-year-old woman claiming she was being held against her will inside a home in New Castle, Delaware. When officers arrived at the scene, they found 19-year-old Jessica Jones of New Castle and 25-year-old Laneeka Clark of Philadelphia exiting the home, according to investigators. Police say they then then entered the home where they found the battered 29-year-old woman inside a closet.

    Police: Woman dies after her children ignored rotting legs
Rose FayneRodney ClevelandMEMPHIS, TN - - Memphis police say a brother and sister knowingly neglected their own mother, whose legs were left to rot. Memphis police say 58-year-old Rose Fayne's mother, 77-year-old Betty Cleveland, was found inside the home, severely neglected. According to the affidavit, Cleveland's legs were "burst open and rotting from the inside." Cleveland died Wednesday morning at Methodist North Hospital, where she was taken after police say her daughter Rose Fayne finally called hospice for help. It's unclear who else may have known about the reported abuse. Neighbors say Fayne's husband, who is sick, also lives at the home and family members drop by all of the time. Advocates for older adults say far too many caregivers show little care for dependent adults. Rodney Cleveland has the same charges. He was still in jail on a $30,000 bond as of Thursday afternoon.

    Philadelphia Grand Jury Clears Police Officers In Patdown Of Black Teen
PHILADELPHIA — A Philadelphia Grand Jury clears police in an incident earlier this year involving Darrin Manning, a 16-year-old black boy who claimed excessive force led to a severe injury (see previous story). Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams has announced that a Grand Jury has concluded Philadelphia police officers, in his words, “acted responsibly” in a January 7th confrontation with a group of teenagers at 15th Street and Girard Avenue. A 16-year-old, along with his mom and attorney, had claimed that he suffered a serious injury, after one officer squeezed his testicle during a brief disturbance. However, the grand jury found that was not the case. Among the evidence considered by the grand jury, video of the teenager walking unassisted into the 9th police district shortly after the incident. The DA says that simply could not have happened if the teenager had been injured as he claimed.

    Obese black man dies after suffering heart attack during arrest
Eric GarnerAn obese man died of a heart ­attack Thursday after he was tackled by police officers on Staten ­Island, cops and witnesses said. Eric Garner, 43, who weighed about 350 pounds, had been selling untaxed cigarettes on the street in Tompkinsville at around 5 p.m. when he was approached by officers and resisted arrest, ­according to police. Police said Garner had more than 30 arrests.

    Black suspect arrested - charged with attempted murder in 'road rage' attack that put White bicyclist into a coma
Joseph Alan LewisShanelle WoodardGreg Germani ATLANTA, Ga. - Atlanta Police have arrested and charged a teenager for a brutal assault that critically injured a bicyclist last month. According to investigators, 19-year-old Joseph Alan Lewis drove the SUV that ran over Greg Germani and left him bleeding in the street after an argument. The accident happened on June 9 at around 6 p.m. on Flagler Drive in Atlanta’s Morningside neighborhood. Police say the SUV drove off after the argument, turned around and came back headed straight for Germani. Investigators later located the vehicle used in the hit-and-run about a mile from the scene. Officers charged 22-year-old Shanelle Woodard with tampering with evidence. - (Black-on-white)

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  • America's "Evolving" Look: Census Shows White Deaths Outpace Births
    For the second year in a row, the number of non-Hispanic white deaths in 2013 outweighed the number of white births, signaling an increasingly older and diversified American public. It is a trend that’s likely to continue for a while, as traditionally minority groups become the majority of the U.S. population. - (Drudge link)


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