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24 June 2021

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    UPDATE: image of White Police Officer shot in head by worthless black thug
BLACK-ON-White Police Officer: Body camera video shows officer being shot in Daytona Beach
BLACK SUSPECT DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. โ€“ With a manhunt still underway, the Daytona Beach Police Department released video Wednesday showing the moment an officer was shot in the head. The officer, whose name has not been released, was responding to a suspicious incident on Kingston Avenue at about 8:50 p.m. when the shooting occurred.

The video shows him approaching 29-year-old Othal Wallace, who was sitting in the driverโ€™s seat of a gray 2016 Honda HRV, and asking him whether he lived in the area. Wallace immediately got out of the vehicle and asked the officer, โ€œWhatโ€™s going on?โ€ according to the video.

โ€œSit down. Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit,โ€ the officer told Wallace while putting his hand on Wallaceโ€™s shoulder. Wallace remained standing and questioned why the officer approached him, the video shows.

โ€œCome on, now, come on, now. Donโ€™t do this,โ€ Wallace said as the officer tried to get him to sit back down, according to the recording. The video then shows Wallace pushing the officer with his forearm and a struggle ensues. A single gunshot can be heard at about 26 seconds into the struggle, and then the officer falls to the ground.

News 6 has edited the video to only include the moments leading up to the shooting, but not the gunfire itself due to the severity of the incident. Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young said the officer was rushed to Halifax Health, where he underwent surgery.

โ€œThis entire county is on lockdown until we track this coward down. So Iโ€™m grateful for every agency thatโ€™s responded over here tonight to help us as theyโ€™re committed to staying out here until we get this coward in custody,โ€ Young said. During an update Thursday morning, Young said the lockdown lasted about three hours and that the county is no longer โ€œnecessarily under a lockdown.โ€

He estimated about 500 officers from multiple agencies are searching for Wallace. As of 4:30 a.m. Thursday, the manhunt was ongoing. Wallace is believed to be in a gray 2016 Honda HRV bearing California license plate number 7TNX532, records show. Heโ€™s considered armed and dangerous so anyone who sees him should call 911 immediately. A $100,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to his arrest.

Daytona Beach police officer shot in the head identified as 26-year-old Jason Raynor

[NNN forum thread:]  Body camera video shows WM officer being shot in Daytona Beach, FL by negro

โ€˜Heart of goldโ€™: Who is Jason Raynor, the Daytona Beach police officer shot in the head?


    The Yeshiva World reports:
Jewish Female Student From Maryland Stabbed To Death In Chicago by BLACK
black suspect victim name Anat Kimchi, zโ€™l, of Maryland, was stabbed in the back in broad daylight over the weekend while on a visit to friends in Chicago and died from her wounds.

Kimchi, 31, a resident of Montgomery Country, was a doctoral student in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Maryland. She is the daughter of Avi and Chava Kimchi and a sister to Itamar and Ofer Kimchi.

Kimchi was found on a Chicago sidewalk at about 4 p.m., bleeding from her neck. She was pronounced dead at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

The site of the crime was was in a remote area of downtown near a homeless encampment. Police Supt. David Brown said they suspect the perpetrator was a homeless person who hid in the bushes before committing the grisly crime. It is unclear why Kimchi was in the area.

(BLACK LESBIAN) Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said on Monday that Chicago police know who committed the stabbing and are โ€œscouring the various homeless encampments downtown.โ€ โ€œWe know who he is. Weโ€™ve got a good film of him. We believe heโ€™s a homeless individual,โ€ Lightfoot said. โ€œItโ€™s awful. No question about it.โ€

Doctoral Candidate Who Published Paper To โ€˜Proveโ€™ American Justice System Was Racist Against Blacks Is Stabbed To Death By Black Male In Chicago

College Student Who Believed Justice System Was โ€˜Racist Against Blacks,โ€™ Stabbed To Death By Black Man In Chicago

Criminology Student Who Railed Against Racial Injustice Stabbed to Death by Homeless Black Man

Doctoral Candidate Who Sought to Prove Justice System Was โ€˜Racist Against Blacksโ€™ Stabbed to Death by Black Male in Chicago

What is z"l? - Coffee Shop Rabbi

So what is 'KIMCHI'?

[NNN forum thread:]  Jewish [FEMALE] Student From Maryland Stabbed To Death In Chicago by black male with dreadlocks

    (Black) Crips gang leader sentenced to life in Brooklyn hookah lounge slaying
black suspect A notorious Crips gang leader will spend the rest of his life in prison for murdering a rival execution-style inside a Brooklyn hookah lounge six years ago, prosecutors said Thursday. Larry Pagett, the East Coast leader of the Eight Trey Crips gang, received a life sentence in the 2015 slaying of Chrispine Philip, who was gunned down inside the Buda Hookah Lounge in Prospect Lefferts Gardens.

Pagett was convicted of murder in aid of racketeering in October 2018. Prosecutors said the victim was a gangbanger from a rival Folk Nation set.

The gang boss had suspected Philip of killing an Eight Trey member in Trinadad in the spring of 2015 โ€” then encountered him at the club in August of that year, prosecutors charged. Pagett pulled a gun, shot Philip several times, then ended his life with a single shot to the back of his head, prosecutors said.

[NNN forum thread:]  Re: Crips gang leader arrested for murder just before getting out of prison

    Eden police arrest (Black) man for murder after shooting
black suspect EDEN, N.C. โ€” Eden police arrested a Reidsville man accused of murder on Thursday. Officers responded to the 200 block of Dyer Street near Irving Avenue in reference to a gunshot victim around 2:10 a.m. When they arrived, they found Melford Holloway, Jr., 44, dead from an apparent gunshot wound, according to officers.

In collaboration with the Rockingham County Sheriff's Office, investigators obtained a warrant for Vincent Broadnax, 42, of Reidsville, for Holloway's murder. Broadnax was arrested without incident.

He's been charged with one count of first-degree murder and is being held with no bond. His court appearance is scheduled for July 8.

    Newly named (Black) suspect arrested in Killeen, Texas shooting
black suspect KILLEEN, Texas -- Authorities have located and arrested 19-year-old Deโ€™Ondre Jermirris White in Killeen Thursday, the man wanted for murder in relation to the Austin Sixth Street mass shooting that resulted in one death and over a dozen injured, Killeen Police said in a news release.

Around 2:23 p.m., White was located in the 1300 block of Anna Lee Drive by members of the United States Marshals Service โ€“ Lone Star Fugitive Task Force and the Killeen Police Department SWAT team. Police say he was taken into custody without incident.

"...This case covered multiple jurisdictions and together we were able to locate and take into custody a violent fugitive," said Killeen Police Chief Charles Kimble said in a news release. Early morning on June 12, shots were fired into a large crowd in the entertainment district of Sixth Street in Austin, Austin police said. A total of 14 people were injured and sent to the hospital, including one who later died and another victim who would permanently become paralyzed, police said.

Initially, police arrested two different suspects, both teenagers. On Tuesday, Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza said the charges for the two teens would be dropped. He noted, however, that final charging decisions for anyone involved have not yet been made. Police said when White was caught, he would be charged with murder.

White was transported to the Killeen City Jail where he waits arraignment, the Killeen Police Department spokeswoman Ofelia Miramontez told 6 News. โ€œThe tragic incident that occurred in Austin on June 12th received nationwide attention and we are happy to report that the murder suspect is in custody," Kimble said.

[NNN forum thread:]  Killeen police arrest newly named (black) murder suspect in Austin mass shooting

    A (Black LESBIAN) Louisiana Woman Allegedly Hired Four Teens to Murder Her Ex Girlfriendโ€™s New Boyfriend
black suspect In a fit of romantic rage, a 20-year-old woman in Louisiana allegedly recruited a squad of teenage boys to murder her ex-girlfriendโ€™s new boyfriend. But the plot went off the rails at the last second, according to the St. Tammany Parish Sheriffโ€™s Office.

Mykia Tyson is said to have driven the four boys she enlisted to the new boyfriendโ€™s house in Lacombe, Louisiana, in early June, but when the proposed hitmen arrived, the teenager meant to shoot the boyfriend bailed on the murder plot. At the last second, 19-year-old Delester Magee intentionally missed the target, firing shots into the side of the home instead, authorities said. No one was injured, but it was a close call, the sheriff told local station WAFB. Tysonโ€™s ex-girlfriend and the new boyfriend have not been identified.

Tyson allegedly solicited Magee, a 17-year-old, and a pair of 16-year-olds for the hit. The 16- and 17-year-olds have not been named in police press releases because they are minors. Tyson has been charged with aggravated criminal damage, drug possession, contributing to the delinquency of juveniles, and solicitation of murder.

Magee has been charged with aggravated criminal damage to property, contributing to the delinquency of juveniles, and criminal conspiracy. The three minors were released on a custodial agreement after being arrested on charges of conspiracy to commit aggravated criminal damage.

    (Black) Pair charged in shooting over spicy chicken sandwich at local Burger King, Memphis police say
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim wounded victim wounded victim wounded victim On June 6, police received a call to the Burger King at 2641 N. Hollywood, according to an affidavit. A female passenger in a car was reportedly involved in an altercation with employees over a spicy chicken sandwich.

She was later identified as Keonna Halliburton, 20. The driver, later identified as Tavarus Mckinney, 22, was inside a red Ford Escape with drive-out tags, records show.

After the altercation, the pair left then returned in the car, firing multiple shots from the road into the parking lot, the affidavit said. Four people were hit.

On June 14, two of the victims gave a statement about the shooting and identified Mckinney and Halliburton. Theyโ€™re charged with four counts of attempted first-degree murder and four counts of employment of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

[NNN forum thread:]  Shooting by coons at Memphis Burger Kang over spicy chicken sandwich

SUSPECT-NAME Three people are under arrest for allegedly attacking an Aurora police officer during a traffic stop Monday night in the 600 block of N. Elmwood Drive on the city's west side.

24-year-old Jennifer Taylor, of Chicago, and 26-year-old Sheba Taylor and 28-year-old Paul Sherrod, both of Aurora, are all charged with multiple counts of aggravated battery and resisting arrest.

The Aurora Police Department says an officer pulled a vehicle over after it was said to have rolled through a stop sign at Plum Street and Randall Road. The vehicle pulled into a driveway in the 600 block Elmwood Drive and was approached by an officer. Police say one passenger left the vehicle, followed later by the driver while yelling at the officer. Both were told they were under arrest for obstruction.

The driver is then said to have fled. The officer tried to arrest one of the two passengers when they both allegedly began hitting and kicking the officer. The officer then heard a man's voice and was said to have been hit from multiple directions. One of the passengers is then alleged to have placed her forearm around the officer's neck, blocking his ability to breath. A short time later, more officers arrived and arrested the three.

The officer was taken to an area hospital. Aurora Chief of Police Kristen Ziman says she's at a loss for words when an officer is attacked for something that would have been a simple traffic ticket. Mayor Richard Irvin called the alleged attack an act of malice and cowardice. Jennifer and Sheba Taylor both had bond set at $50,000. Paul Sherrod's bond was set at $75,000.

[NNN forum thread:]  3 yardapes charged in attack on officer

    2 (blacks) charged in connection with Juneteenth shooting of emergency responder after chase in Raleigh
black suspect Raleigh, N.C. โ€” Two men have been charged in the shooting that injured a paramedic at a Juneteenth celebration last weekend at Roberts Park after their involvement in a chase Wednesday in Raleigh. Police said Davis Onque and Keir Melvin were in the vehicle involved in the chase as authorities tried to serve them warrants. The pursuit started on New Bern Avenue and then continued onto Capital Boulevard, Louisburg Road and Buffaloe Road.

Onque and Melvin were charged with assaulting emergency personnel with a firearm. Onque was charged with assault on an officer after hitting a police vehicle. The chase involved speeds of up to 75 miles per hour on Buffaloe Road, according to police. Police said one of the suspects was taken to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries after the chase.

An emergency responder was shot during the event last Saturday. He was taken to a hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening. Warrants from police noted the responder had a "contusion on the upper buttocks related to being struck/saved by his belt."

[NNN forum thread:]  2 coons charged in connection with Juneteenth shooting of emergency responder after chase in Raleigh

    (Black) CRIME: Cops bust homeless man for attempted Midtown rape
black suspect Police have collared a 22-year-old homeless man in connection to an attempted rape in Midtown earlier this month, officials said Wednesday. Aaron Baker came up behind a 27-year-old woman on East 33rd Street near Madison Avenue around 7 a.m. June 6 and attacked her, police said.

Baker allegedly grabbed her by the throat, pinned her against a storefront and pulled down his pants, according to police. The woman was able to break free, and Baker took off, cops said.

The man, who had been staying in a shelter down the block, was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with attempted rape, sex abuse and attempted sex abuse, Chief James Essig said Wednesday during a press conference. Baker has seven prior arrests for petit larceny, criminal possession of a weapon and assault, according to sources.

[VINELINK - OFFENDER DATABASE has confirmed that the race of the suspect is BLACK

[NNN forum thread:] 

    (Black) Man Smashes Windshield on Staten Island Expressway in Alleged Road Rage Attack
black suspect black suspect A 39-year-old father says he was driving on the Staten Island Expressway with his sons when he became involved in a collision. Thatโ€™s when the other driver became irate and used a bat to smash the victimโ€™s vehicle, according to police.

The victim, who did not want to be identified, recorded the attack on his cellphone camera and his 11-year-old son can be heard crying in the background as the attacker destroyed their car's windshield. The suspect then fled the scene in an uninvolved third vehicle, police said, and the other vehicle initially involved in the collision also left the scene.

The scene occurred near exit 13 around 7 p.m. on Friday, June 18, while the victim and his two sons were going to New Jersey to celebrate Father's Day, the victim told police. "I exited my truck to check the damage and had him jump in my face blaming me for the damage. While I stood there and told him to back the f--- off me and that I have kids in the truck and Iโ€™m not doing this his friends also exited the second vehicle and came at me as well," the father wrote on his Facebook page.

He added that the man damaged not only his windshield but also his headlights, the hood of the car, and also left his young kids terrified. Though no one was physically injured. The father says he decided to share the video because he hopes this doesn't happen to anyone else.

"I fear that this individual could do it to somebody else," he said. So far, no arrests have been made and police are still searching for the man and the two vehicles involved.

[NNN forum thread:]  Coon Smashes Windshield on Staten Island Expressway in Road Rage Attack

    (Cowardly smirking black with doo-rag) attacks suspected muslim women in New York City
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim wounded victim An anti-Muslim attacker punched a man and two women โ€” tugging one of their hijabs โ€” in a Queens spree over the weekend, cops said Wednesday. The hate-fueled assailant first targeted a 31-year-old man and 24-year-old woman walking at Liberty Avenue and Lefferts Boulevard in South Richmond Hill around 9:15 p.m. Sunday, cops said.

โ€œMuhammad is a liar!โ€ he allegedly snarled as he followed the pair, according to police sources.
[no, the false prophet is dead] Then he punched the man in the back, and grabbed and tugged on the womanโ€™s hijab before socking her in the arm, cops said. The victims, whose relationship was unclear, refused medical attention for pain and redness.

An hour later, cops believe the same suspect struck a second time, following a 56-year-old woman and 64-year-old man at Inwood Street and Liberty Avenue โ€” also while making anti-Muslim statements, police said. He then pummeled the woman in the face and head โ€” leaving her with a fractured nose, small cuts on her head and face, as well as pain and redness, cops said.

She was taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in stable condition. Her relationship to the man walking with her was also unspecified. Both incidents are being investigated as hate crimes.

[NNN forum thread:]  Hate-fueled attacker punches man, 2 women in Queens anti-Muslim spree: cops


Black 'Shyster Lawyer' says police used 'excessive force' while arresting 2 criminal black brothers in Rock Hill who were RESISTING ARREST
black suspect Protests continued today outside the Rock Hill police Department following the arrests of Travis and Ricky Price. The arrests happened outside a gas station near Dave Lyle Boulevard.Officers found a 9 mm pistol and two bags of pot and a Crown Royal bag containing crack cocaine in the Mustang. A civilian video showed the two struggling with officers during the arrest, which resulted in both suspects on the ground. The Police Department says

One officer delivered several punches to Rickyโ€™s upper thigh on the common peroneal nerve to gain compliance. The strikes had no effect and Ricky continued to resist. The officer then punched again, striking Ricky in the nose which caused him to bleed. Local Pastor C.T. Kirk said the community could have been more proactive to prepare for this situation and the response it incited. Ricky Price was denied bond Thursday while bond for Travis Price was granted. An internal review of the incident is being conducted.

'Ricky continued to resist' | Rock Hill Police Department release statement on viral arrests

[NNN forum thread:]  Chimpout erupts after brudahs arrested during struggle wif kwops at Rock Hill, SC gas station

    (Black) Beaumont, Texas cop arrested, charged with driving while intoxicated
black suspect BEAUMONT, Texas โ€” The Beaumont Police Department is investigating one of their own after an officer was arrested for driving while intoxicated on Wednesday morning. The arrest involving officer Lionel Berry, 35, is under investigation, officer Cody Guedry confirmed with 12News.

He was booked into the Jefferson County Jail early Wednesday morning for a DWI charge and has since been released on a $2,500 bond. It is unclear if Berry has been placed on administrative leave. Berry was sworn in as a rookie officer with Beaumont Police on June 8, 2018, according to a file news release.

He worked with Jefferson County Juvenile Probation for two years and Jefferson County adult probation for seven years before becoming a Beaumont Police officer.

[NNN forum thread:]  Drunk Groid with badge arrested for DUI

    Georgia (INTERRACIAL?) Couple Accused of Using Fake Trucking Companies to Get $365K in PPP Loans
black suspect Columbus, GA โ€“ A Georgia couple faces decades in prison after recently being indicted in a plot to use fake trucking companies in order to secure more than $360,000 in federal loans.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Curtis Porch, 48, and Dereen Porch, 43, both of Columbus, GA, were indicted earlier this month on charges of wire fraud and theft of government property related to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

The four-count indictment against the couple alleges the defendants submitted multiple fraudulent loan applications to the Small Business Administration (SBA) in June and July 2020, seeking CARES Act money for three shell companies โ€” FNP Trucking, Porch to Porch Transportation LLC and Buckner Transportation โ€” that โ€œsuffered no losses as a result of harm related to the COVID-19 pandemic.โ€

[NNN forum thread:]  Georgia ODD Couple Accused of Using Fake Trucking Companies to Get $365K in PPP Loans


BLACK-ON-WHITE: Lumberton police arrest black in Fayetteville shooting that killed (White) man, injured teen girl
BLACK SUSPECT BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM wounded victim FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) โ€” Lumberton police arrested a Fayetteville man wanted for murder and attempted murder on Wednesday evening, Fayetteville police announced on Thursday. Calvin Wayne Locklear, 32, was taken into custody by Lumberton police without incident on Wednesday evening, police said. He is charged with first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, assault with intent to kill, first-degree kidnapping, attempted robbery, conspiracy, and possession of a firearm by a felon.

The charges stem from a homicide that occurred inside a home in the 6300-block of Milton Drive on the night of June 2. According to Fayetteville police, officers responded to the home around 8 p.m. and found Justin Ellis Jackson, 33, and a 17-year-old girl who had both been shot.

Jackson died at the scene and the teen was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, officials said. Officers determined that two suspects entered the residence and began shooting.

Jackson returned fire, a news release said. A short time later, James Edward Corbett, 33, was dropped off at a hospital in Hoke County where he later died. Police said Corbett was involved in the shooting along Milton Drive.

Video released earlier this month showed Corbett and an unknown suspect who was carrying a gun, police said. The unknown suspect has since been identified as Locklear. Locklear is being held in the Cumberland County Jail without bond.

Police ask for help finding man who killed a father, injured his teenage daughter during home invasion

[NNN forum thread:]  Fayetteville, NC WM father dead his daughter injured when shot during negro home invasion


    MS-13 gang member pleads guilty to murder
An MS-13 member has admitted to helping plan a 2018 slaying in Queens before wielding a machete in an attack that left a teenager dead in Nassau days later, authorities said Thursday.

Prosecutors said Elmer Gutierrez pleaded guilty Wednesday in Nassau County Court to conspiring to murder victim Ian Cruz, 23, in a Far Rockaway park. He also admitted murdering victim Howard Sermeno, 17, behind Five Towns Community Center on the border of Lawrence and Inwood, according to the Nassau district attorneyโ€™s office.

Acting State Supreme Court Justice Tammy S. Robbins committed to giving Gutierrez, 21, of Valley Stream, a sentence of 20 years to life in prison when he is due back in court next month. Prosecutors said Gutierrez used the street name "Revolver" and played a role in a killing spree that involved a half-dozen defendants as part an effort to form a new local faction of the MS-13 gang.

Last summer, the judge sentenced alleged MS-13 leader, Yonathan Sanchez, to 34 years to life in prison for his role in the crimes. Prosecutors said a male defendant who was 15 at the time also previously pleaded guilty to murder and is awaiting an expected sentence of 8 and 1/2 years to life in prison. They said murder charges remain pending against Carlos Guerra, 21, of Far Rockaway, along with another boy, also then-15, and a girl, then 13.

Gutierrezโ€™s lawyer Greg Madey said Thursday that his client came to the United States from El Salvador at about age 16 and was "a very impressionable guy" who befriended a co-worker trying to start a local clique of the gang. Gutierrez, who had worked as a dishwasher, has accepted "what he did, what he was a part of," the Mineola lawyer added.


    Murder charges filed against HISPANIC woman accused of killing 2 sisters in Porterville DUI crash
PORTERVILLE, California. (KSEE/KGPE) โ€“ A woman was arrested following a DUI crash that killed two young sisters over the weekend, according to the Porterville Police Department. At 3:18 p.m. on Saturday, officers were called out to the area of Main Street and Orange Avenue for a car accident involving three vehicles.

Police say 43-year-old Elizabeth Nungaray of San Jose was driving southbound on Main Street when she blew through a red light at Orange Avenue, slamming into an SUV that had the right of way. Following that crash, police say Nungarayโ€™s car hit another vehicle, as well as a traffic control light pole.

An 11-year-old girl in the SUV was pronounced dead at the scene, and her 8-year-old sister was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she later passed away from her injuries.


Drunken Mexican migrants - hit and run

  Two U.S. Truckers and More Than 150 Migrants Arrested in Big Rig Smuggling Busts
invasion invasion invasion Laredo, TX โ€“ Two truckers along with more than 150 illegal immigrants were arrested over a 24-hour period last week by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) during separate incidents. According to CBP, the first incident occurred shortly after midnight on May 28, when a tractor hauling a tanker trailer approached the checkpoint on Highway 83.

During primary inspection, a Service canine alerted to the conveyance and agents referred it to secondary inspection. CBP reported that a non-intrusive scan revealed over 50 individuals inside the tanker.

All were in the U.S. illegally and nationals of Mexico. CBP did not identify the driver but did confirm he is a U.S. citizen.

He was taken into custody along with the individuals involved in the smuggling attempt. The second incident occurred the next morning when a commercial tractor-trailer approached the checkpoint on Interstate 35.

During the immigration inspection, a Service canine alerted to the vehicle.


[NNN forum thread:] 
Mexical invasion: Two U.S. Truckers and More Than 150 Migrants Arrested in Big Rig Smuggling Busts

    Dawara Brothers Sentenced For Setting Fire To Old City Hookah Lounge In 2018, Badly Damaging Stores, Homes
mud suspect PHILADELPHIA (CBS/AP) โ€” Two brothers have each been sentenced to nine years in prison for setting fire to their hookah lounge in Philadelphia as they struggled with business losses, causing more than $20 million in damages to a retail block in the cityโ€™s historic area.

Imad Dawara, 40, of Swarthmore, and Bahaa Dawara , 32, of Woodlyn, received their sentences this week, federal prosecutors said Thursday. They had pleaded guilty in February to conspiracy to commit arson and conspiracy to defraud the United States.

He was ordered to serve nine years in federal prison on Tuesday. โ€œThe judge thought anyone that was capable of doing that, risking lives, had to have some sense of evil,โ€ Assistant U.S. Attorney Jeanine Linehan said. Linehan says it was very lucky no one was killed.

โ€œI think the victims are happy to put this behind them and this is a just and fair resolution to a horrible case,โ€ Linehan said. The February 2018 fire burned for nine hours and left the block of restaurants, retail stores and apartments in Old City shuttered for months. Approximately 160 people were displaced, and a few of the businesses never reopened.

Besides their prison terms, the Dawaras โ€” who used gasoline to start the blaze โ€” must also pay $22 million in restitution. Authorities have said the pair took out $750,000 in insurance weeks before the blaze.

[NNN forum thread:]  Two SYRIAN migrant Brothers Arrested In Connection To 2018 Fire That Destroyed Buildings

    Ad campaign targets NYC schools for โ€˜indoctrinatingโ€™ kids with critical race theory

[NNN forum thread:]  Ad campaign targets NYC schools for โ€˜indoctrinatingโ€™ kids with critical race theory

    (Satanic St.) George Floyd statue in Brooklyn refaced with white nationalist graffiti
Earlier this month, a George Floyd mural in Philadelphia was also refaced with the white supremacist, neo-fascist groupโ€™s name.
(that could have been put there by 'BLM')

[NNN forum thread:]  St. George Floyd statue in Brooklyn refaced with white nationalist graffiti: cops

"A bust of nigger thug St. George Floyd was unveiled last weekend in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Corbis via Getty Images"

    Theodore Roosevelt statue at Museum of Natural History to be relocated
Heโ€™s going on a rough ride! A statue of President Theodore Roosevelt will be ripped down from in front of the American Museum of Natural History โ€” a decision that was finalized this week over claims that it symbolizes colonial subjugation and racial discrimination.

The New York City Public Design Commission voted unanimously Monday to relocate the bronze effigy of the nationโ€™s 26th president that has stood at the Upper West Side institution since 1940, the New York Times reported.

The monument โ€” which shows Roosevelt on horseback, flanked by an African man and a Native American man โ€” has long been criticized for glorifying colonialism and racism. It was vandalized with paint in 2017.

According to the Times, the statue will go to a yet-to-be-designated cultural institution dedicated to the former presidentโ€™s life and legacy.

In a statement, a (groveling cowardly terrorized) Roosevelt family member expressed approval for the removal of the statue, which was created by the American sculptor James Earle Fraser.

โ€œThe world does not need statues, relics of another age, that reflect neither the values of the person they intend to honor nor the values of equality and justice,โ€ Theodore Roosevelt IV, 77, a great-grandson of the president and a museum trustee, told The Times.

"A bust of nigger thug St. George Floyd was unveiled last weekend in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Corbis via Getty Images"

George Floyd, porn star

The Truth about George Floyd, ANTIFA, CAIR & Keith Ellison's Minnesota

[NNN forum thread:] 
Theodore Roosevelt statue at Museum of Natural History to be relocated

    [NNN forum thread:]  "It's happening, suckers"--police violent intimidation upon parents protesting "critical race theory"

Parents Protesting Critical Race Theory And Transgenderism Violently Arrested At School Board Meeting in Loudoun County, Virginia

Conservative Inc. Operatives Attempt to Sabotage the Rising Movement to Oppose Anti-White Critical Race Theory

National Justice Exclusive: Black Police Major Ordering Arrest of White Parents Protesting CRT Is An NAACP Member Who Shot His Own Daughter

Here's one of the parents who were arrested on FOX-Tucker Carlson show "Bizarro poisonous (Marxist) racial theory"

  Biden Effectively Threatens "Patriots" With Nuclear Weapons And F-15s,
Targets Gun Owners And Stores - Timcast

Biden Effectively Threatens "Patriots" With Nuclear Weapons And F-15s,
Targets Gun Owners And Stores - Timcast

Brain-dead, creepy Joe, zombie Pres. suggests will use nukes against gun-control protesters

Biden Suggests Nuking Americans If They Fight Against His Gun Control Plans, Blames 'Guns' For Crime Surge

  Freedom Of Press? US Govt. Seizes Dozens Of Foreign News Websites
bluebox image title Rumble โ€” Apparently the "rules-based order" that the Biden Administration touts does not apply to the United States, as the Justice Department announced yesterday it was seizing the websites of dozens of foreign news outlets, including the Iranian government-funded PressTV. Is taking down foreign news sites a good look for the US? This story and more news in today's Liberty Report...

  Jan 6th "White Supremacist INSURRECTION" total FALSE FLAG by demonic democrat swamp coven

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reveals she is in therapy after the Capitol riot that she believes was an 'all-out attempted coup'

INSURRECTION DEBUNKED: New Video Shows Completely Peaceful Protest Inside US Capitol on Jan. 6

HUGE! Revolver News Breaks Report on Likely Deep State Plants Inside Jan. 6 Uprising โ€” WAS IT ALL PLANNED?

FBI monitoring of social media posts before Jan 6 raises more questions of how much it REALLY knew prior to Capitol Hill riot

Shock Video: Leftist Activists Disguised Themselves as Trump Supporters to Infiltrate Jan. 6 Rally

    Editor note: Smedley Butler recommended this video-link.

Smedley Butler Smedley Butler Sven Longshanks and Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson look at the shadowy influence of Blackrock on financial institutions globally.

Are Blackrock the puppet masters pulling alleged president Bidenโ€™s strings?

Multiple former politicians are now working for them and many roles in the Biden administration have been filled by ex-employees of the firm.

Because they are not a bank they have evaded legal scrutiny, yet they are now managing the largest slush fund in all history, created for the Covid fallout but now looking to purchase everything. Largest slush fund in US history, Black Rock, thank you Larry Frink.

Who is Larry Fink - chairman and CEO of 'BLACKROCK'

  Tierny REAL News Network Updates

**********       23 June 2021       **********

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Mother and daughter killed, (black-spanic) suspect wounded by police after Houston shooting
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM WHITE VICTIM A man fatally shot his girlfriend and her mother before opening fire on police in northwest Houston Sunday morning, authorities said. Officers arriving to an assault-in-progress call saw the gunman open the door of a home and shoot a woman point-blank around 9 a.m. in the 1000 block of East Tri Oaks Lane, near the Katy Freeway feeder road. She later died.

The suspect then opened fire on the officers, striking one of their vehicles. The officers returned fire and he retreated inside the home with multiple gunshot wounds. He was at some point hospitalized and is expected to survive. Police found the girlfriend dead inside the home. Family members identified her as 39-year-old Virginia โ€œJenniโ€ Lillard, who recently worked at a veterinarian office, and her mother as 64-year-old Rita Lillard.

The girlfriendโ€™s uncle, George Lillard, said she had been trying to break away from a relationship with the man. Sunday was the suspectโ€™s birthday and he had spent the night prior drinking, Lillard said. His girlfriend called her parents that morning and asked for help in getting him to leave the home.

Police were not sure when the suspect shot his girlfriend. โ€œVirginia was a loving wonderful girl,โ€ Lillard said. โ€œThat was part of the problem. She just put up with too much. And of course her mother was trying to protect her.โ€

โ€œHe shot her in cold blood,โ€ Lillard said of his sister-in-law. During a police news conference, a distraught woman could be heard crying out, "Let him go."

Houston man charged with shooting friend and mother Prosecutors charged Lewis Trinidad Nunez, 46, with the murder and attempted murder of a police officer. He was due to appear before Judge Natalia Cornelio in the 351st District Court on Tuesday morning, according to the court records.

The shooting occurred at around 9:15 a.m. on Sunday in a house on the 1000 block of East Tri Oaks Lane in northwest Houston, police said. Nunez lived in the residence, according to an address listed on the court records.

Police officer H. Tran from the Northwest Patrol Division of the HPD was dispatched to the residence following a report of domestic unrest. When the police pulled up at the address, Nunez shot and killed 64-year-old Rita Lillard in the door, the authorities said. Tran, who witnessed the shooting, got out of his vehicle and ordered Nunez to drop his gun, police said. Nunez fired shots at the officer, who returned fire and hit Nunez several times, police said. Nunez then barricaded himself in the residence, the police said.

After SWAT showed up at the house, Nunez surrendered and was rushed to the hospital. He stayed there from Tuesday morning. The officers found a second dead woman in the apartment. Family members identified her as 39-year-old Virginia โ€œJenniโ€ Lillard, the shooterโ€™s friend.

"Hispanic World" - spanish language news - has mugshots of suspook

OBITUARY for Virginia "Jenn" Lillard, age 39 - (gunmemorial)

OBITUARY for Rita Lillard, age 64 - (gunmemorial)

[NNN forum thread:]  Mudshark, her mother deff; spook wounded after opening fire on Houston kwops

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Black former footballer, boyfriend of missing (white) Spring woman named suspect in her disappearance
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM WHITE VICTIM There are new developments in the legal case of former footballer Kevin Ware In a court filing, a prosecutor in Montgomery County wrote that Ware is a suspect in a murder investigation relating to the disappearance of his girlfriend Taylor Pomaski.

โ€œThatโ€™s the first time weโ€™ve seen that,โ€ said Coby DuBose, one of Wareโ€™s defense attorneys. โ€œThat filing is the first time that itโ€™s been suggested that he is a suspect.โ€ The Harris County Sheriffโ€™s Office said Pomaski was last seen in April.

โ€œHeโ€™s been cooperative,โ€ DuBose said of his client. โ€œHeโ€™s told the police everything that he knows and heโ€™s led them through his house. Heโ€™s let them in his home, and thatโ€™s really all weโ€™re going to say about that.โ€ Ware was arrested earlier this month and accused of violating his bond conditions on previous controlled substance and firearm charges.

The assistant district attorneyโ€™s comments about Ware being a suspect connected to Pomaski were included in a motion asking that Wareโ€™s bail be increased or denied.

[NNN forum thread:]  Former NFL player and boonfriend of missing Spring, TX mudshark arrested for warrant unrelated

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

    (Black) Man accused in road rage murder said victim 'needed to be taught a lesson,' prosecutors say
black suspect CHICAGO - Keshawn Jackson was driving in Lawndale Monday when he nearly crashed into someone and told the driver that he "needed to be taught a lesson," prosecutors said. Jackson, who had his two young children with him in the car, took out a gun and fired at 67-year-old Patrick Earl, killing him, Cook County prosecutors said in court Wednesday.

"The man wanted to teach the victim a lesson, and it appears he taught him the ultimate lesson and cost him his life," Judge John F. Lyke Jr. said. Earl had nearly stuck Jacksonโ€™s car around 9:30 a.m. as Jackson pulled onto Cermak Road, prosecutors said. Jackson started following him and, when both stopped at a red light, Jackson rolled down his window, leading a passenger in Earlโ€™s car to "crack" theirs, prosecutors said.

Jackson yelled that Earl "needed to learn how to drive and needed to be taught a lesson," then fired two shots from his car window and hit Earl in the chest in the 1600 block of South Kostner, prosecutors said. Earl, of West Garfield Park, died at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Earlโ€™s passenger gave police a description of the shooter and his truck, leading Chicago police officers to pull Jackson over later that day, prosecutors said. Jackson was arrested after officers found a 9mm handgun in his truck and the shell casings matched those recovered at the scene of the shooting, prosecutors said.

Police said Jacksonโ€™s two children, ages 2 and 3, were inside his car at the time of the shooting. Jackson has previous convictions for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and possession of a controlled substance, prosecutors said.

Lyke ordered Jackson held without bail on a first-degree murder charge. Jackson was expected in court again July 12.

    (Black) Arrested after dead body found in Banana River ID'd as homicide victim from Longwood
black suspect LAKE MARY, Fla. - The Brevard County Sheriffโ€™s Office has identified the man whose body was located in the Banana River, east of Morningside Drive in Merritt Island, on Tuesday. Following an autopsy, the Brevard County Medical Examiner concluded on Friday that Trevor Morrison, 62, Longwood, Florida, was a victim of homicide.

Morrison's body was spotted by a boater, according to the sheriff's office. On Friday, Longwood police announced an arrest in connection with the body being found. Leekhan Bryan, 40, is facing charges of aggravated battery, kidnapping, armed burglary, and grand theft.

Investigators said Morrison's vehicle was located in Osceola County after he had been reported missing. As officials looked into the matter, they said they discovered the vehicle was being driven by Bryan. Bryan was arrested on probable cause and taken into custody by the Osceola County Sheriff's Office, where he awaited extradition to Seminole County. Investigators said Bryan was an acquaintance of Morrisonโ€™s.

[NNN forum thread:]  (black) Arrested after dead body found in Banana River ID'd as homicide victim from Longwood

    BLACK Husband Carl Wiggins, 49, wanted in the case of missing Kiara Renee Wiggins, 39, of Roseboro, NC
BLACK SUSPECTAND AND MISSING WIFE Carl Wiggins, 49, the husband to Kiara Renee Wiggins, a 39-year-old missing woman of Roseboro, is wanted in connection with the case. The husband is said to be armed and dangerous. Kiara Renee Wiggins, 39, of Roseboro was last seen on June 9, according to a Monday afternoon news release from the Sampson County Sheriffโ€™s Office.

Her relatives contacted deputies on Friday about her disappearance. Meanwhile, her husband, Carl Earl Andre Wiggins, has vanished. He is โ€œconsidered armed and dangerous,โ€ the news release said.

Officials said Carl Wiggins, 49, might be driving a black 2003 Ford Excursion that was stolen on June 17. Warrants are on file for Carl Wiggins for felony larceny and possession of a stolen vehicle, deputies said. He is also wanted for questioning in his wifeโ€™s disappearance. โ€œWe are treating this as an endangered missing personโ€ case.

    (Black) Orlando man charged with murder after remains of acquaintance found in Lake county
black suspect LAKE MARY, Fla. - A man has been arrested in connection to the April 13 murder of a female acquaintance, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). Denzelle Jordan Turner, 21, of Orlando, is charged with one count of first-degree murder. The name of the victim was not immediately released.

Turner is alleged to have murdered the victim in her Orange County home, and then moved the remains to a rural location in Lake County. The victimโ€™s body was found by wildlife surveyors on April 26, in the area of Schofield Road and Five Mile Road in unincorporated Lake County.

The FDLE partnered with Lake County Sheriffโ€™s Office and Orange County Sheriffโ€™s Office in the investigation and secured the arrest warrant for Turner in May.

During the investigation, detectives said Turner fled to Georgia. On May 13, the Cobb County Police Department located Turnerโ€™s vehicle parked in a Marietta motel and he was arrested the following day on a fugitive from justice warrant. He was extradited from Marietta, Georgia, to Florida last week. Turner was booked into the Lake County Jail. The case is being prosecuted by the Office of the State Attorney, Ninth Judicial Circuit.

[NNN forum thread:]  (black) Orlando man charged with murder after remains of acquaintance found in Lake county

    (Black) Suspect Arrested For Dallas Shooting That Injured Pregnant Woman Leaving Church
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim wounded victim DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) โ€” A pregnant woman was walking through a parking lot in Dallas after leaving church when she got caught in the crossfire of a shootout. The incident happened on May 30 and now police have made an arrest in the case.

Investigators say it was the public who helped them identify Zachery Leffall as someone involved in the shooting. On June 22, an off-duty Dallas police officer saw Leffall out in public, knew that there had been a warrant issued for his arrest, and notified the department.

The 31 year old, who had been immediately arrested, reportedly waived his rights, spoke with a detective, and confessed to his involvement in the shooting. The female victim was 8-months pregnant at the time of the shooting. After being rushed to the hospital doctors delivered her child and both survived. Leffall is facing charges for aggravated assault. His bond has not been set.

[NNN forum thread:]  Spook Arrested For Dallas Shooting That Injured Pregnant Woman Leaving Church

    (Black) Mississippi mud man arrested, accused of sending sexual messages to young girl
SUSPECT-NAME OXFORD, Miss. (WMC) - A 48-year-old Mississippi man is facing charges after officials with the Oxford Police Department said he had an inappropriate relationship with a young girl. According to the report, Paul Webb was arrested and charged with enticement of a child to produce visual depiction of sexual conduct.

The investigation into Webb began when police received a tip that he was exchanging sexual messages with a child. Webb is in jail with a $25,000 bond, police say.

[NNN forum thread:]  Diddling Darkie arrested for Sexting young girl

    (Black) National Guard soldier (with African BANTU) accused of threatening to shoot up a Connecticut school
black suspect An Army National Guard officer is accused of threatening to shoot up a Stratford school. Police said the soldier, 23-year-old Jaebets Kayembe, of New Britain, posted a photograph on social media holding an AR-15 with an optical sight while making the threat.

Stratford police and the FBI arrested Kayembe at the U.S. Army base in Windsor Locks Wednesday. He was charged with first-degree threatening. โ€œThese are disturbing and serious allegations,โ€ Assistant Stateโ€™s Attorney Felicia Valentino said during Kayembeโ€™s arraignment Thursday afternoon. She urged Superior Court Judge Ndidi Moses to set a high bond for Kayembe.

But Kayembeโ€™s public defender, Dennis Salzbrunn, urged the judge to show leniency for his client. He said Kayembe has been in the National Guard for four years. โ€œI understand that what was posted is certainly alarming but he has no prior criminal record,โ€ Salzbrunn argued.

Moses ordered Kayembe held in lieu of $60,000 bond and ordered him to undergo a mental health evaluation. โ€œIf you make the bond you cannot possess any weapons,โ€ the judge told Kayembe. โ€œUnderstood,โ€ he responded. The judge continued the case to Aug. 4.

โ€œCorporal Jaebets Kayembe is a traditional member of the Connecticut Army National Guard with four years of service. We are fully complying with law enforcement as they look into this matter. Further comment on an active investigation would be inappropriate,โ€ said Captain Dave Pytlik, public affairs officer for the Connecticut National Guard. According to Stratford Det. John Therina, Stratford police on June 15 were notified by the FBI that the agency had received information of a threat made to a Stratford school on Snapchat.

Police said Kayembe had posted a photograph on the popular messaging app showing him holding the assault rifle on his lap with the caption: โ€œYโ€™all ever heard of a black boy school shooter? Iโ€™m finna make history.โ€ Police said the FBI traced the source of the message to a home on Wiklund Avenue in Stratford.

A team of police and agents went to the address and saw a car registered to Kayembe parked in the driveway. An Army National Guard sticker was affixed to the carโ€™s trunk. But police said they did not find Kayembe or any weapons. Police said the woman told them that Kayembe had moved to New Britain.

In the meantime, police said they contacted the National Guard and were told Kayembe was currently in training at Fort Drum in New York. Police said they contacted Kayembeโ€™s platoon leader who told them Kayembe had admitted posting the photo of the rifle and the threatening language but claimed it had been a joke.

[NNN forum thread:]  (black) National Guard soldier accused of threatening to shoot up a Connecticut school

Kayembe Surname - Most prevalent in AFRICA
Kayembe Surname Origin, Meaning & Last Name History
The last name Kayembe occurs mostly in Africa, where 100 percent of Kayembe reside.
98 percent reside in Central Africa and 98 percent reside in Central BANTU Africa.


    (Black) โ€˜Toolie Guyโ€™ charged after string of Facebook Marketplace thefts in East Nashville
black suspect chicken thief NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) โ€” Metro police have arrested a teenager accused of using fake Facebook accounts to scam nearly a dozen sellers out of ATVs and motorbikes. An arrest warrant states one victim posted his ATV for sale on Facebook Marketplace and was contacted June 14 by a man who wanted to purchase it.

The victim met the man,W who identified himself as โ€œJimmy Williamson,โ€ on Gordon Terrace to complete the sale, according to the police report. Detectives said the victim unloaded his ATV and left it running while talking to the man, who eventually got onto the vehicle and drove off without providing payment.

At least nine of these incidents were reported in the areas of Gordon Terrace, Woodland Street and Dellway Drive. Metro police issued a release to news outlets on June 18, asking for the publicโ€™s help to identify the suspect, providing a photo taken from a Facebook page for a man known only as โ€œToolie Guy.โ€

Later that day, police said Dewayne Kirkendoll attempted to turn himself in to the Metro Nashville Police Departmentโ€™s Warrant Division after seeing his photo on the news. There were no warrants on file for the 18-year-old, so his information was collected and he was allowed to leave. Kirkendoll was arrested Monday on four counts of felony vehicle theft. His bond was set at $14,000. Police have not said if Kirkendoll will face additional charges for the other alleged thefts.

[NNN forum thread:]  Thriving Coon responsible for string of Facebook Marketplace robberies

    (Black) Owner of Memphis bail bonding company accused of tax evasion
black suspect chicken thief MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The owner of a bail bonding company in Memphis is accused of tax evasion. According to the affidavit, Terrence Moss, 47, is charged with willful attempt to evade or defeat bond tax. The affidavit says Moss was the proprietor of Ace Bonding Company of Memphis.

Bonding companies are required to register with the department of revenue for the $12 thatโ€™s required to be collected for bonds to be valid. Investigators say no registration was found for Ace Bonding Company in the depar

In May 2016, a special agent disguised as a potential customer contacted Ace Bonding by telephone to inquire what the business would charge to bail someone out of jail if their bond was $1,000. The affidavit says an individual claiming to be Moss said it would cost $137. Moss then stated the $37 was like a tax.

A former employee of the bonding company was interviewed by agents and said that she would collect a 10 percent premium, $25 administration fee, and $12 bond tax. The employee said that only Moss or the secretary prepared receipts for the money collected.

Records from the Shelby County Courts showed that Ace Bonding wrote bail bonds from November 2012 through December 2015. Records show that from the fourth quarter of 2012 through the first quarter of 2015, the company wrote $1,054 bonds, equaling $12,648 ($1,054 x $12) in bail bond tax collected, but there is no record of the company ever having file a bail bond tax return or remitting any bail bond tax to the department of revenue. The affidavit says evidence shows there is probable cause to believe that Moss knew of his obligation to collect the tax and that he took control of the collected money without remitting it to the State of Tennessee.

[NNN forum thread:]  High Yellow Groid Bondsman busted for tax evasion

    Mayor looking to identify problem as some 911 calls go unanswered in 82% black Jackson, Miss.

[NNN forum thread:]  Spook.City Can't even run their 911 system.correctly (Can they blame it on Whitey)

    BLACK FEMALE To Become First Socialist Mayor of a Major American City in 60 Years
(was this enabled by the Democrat Socialist MACHINE'S KNOWN BALLOT FRAUD AND TAMPERING?)

    HISPANIC Murder Suspect 'Played Soccer' With Victim's Head in Street After Decapitation
Joel Arciniega-Saenz, a New Mexico man who has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder, reportedly told police he played soccer with his victim's decapitated head before he was taken into custody. The Las Cruces police confirmed Arciniega-Saenz made the comment to officers, although they couldn't verify he actually kicked his victim's head. The 25-year-old was charged on Sunday for the fatal stabbing of a man in a Las Cruces, N.M., park.

Officers were dispatched to Apodaca Park after receiving reports of a body in the roadway and when they arrived, they found a decapitated person lying face down. Officers found the head of James Garcia, who was later identified as the victim, about 10 yards from his body. Police found Arciniega-Saenz in the park, according to court documents, and he appeared to have dried blood on his hands. Officers reportedly found Arciniega-Saenz near a knife that had been stabbed into the ground. The defendant told officers that Garcia raped his wife four years ago, but he wouldn't tell police his wife's name.

"I was just shocked it actually happened. It's stuff you see in crime movies or stuff like that," Mark Rey, a man who lives in Las Cruces, told KFOX14. This isn't the first time Arciniega-Saenz has had a run-in with law enforcement and KDBC reported he has a lengthy history of criminal charges. In 2017, he was arrested and charged in connection with the murder of Benjamin Montoya. Krystal Montoya, Benjamin's sister, told KDBC she was "angry" when she saw Arciniega-Saenz had been arrested again.

"I prayed he wouldn't do it again and ruin someone else's family," Krystal said. "I was very angry because they let a monster out." Charges against Arciniega-Saenz for the 2017 murder were dismissed after a key witness was found with a gun of the same caliber that was used to kill Benjamin, according to KDBC. He was also arrested in May for vandalizing businesses but was released when he posted bail.

While examining Garcia's body on Sunday, officers found that the middle finger of his right hand had been removed. It was later found in a pool of blood at the base of a tree where officers also found footprints that matched the pattern on the soul of Arciniega-Saenz's shoes. "I don't want this guy to be released again and go do something stupid again and go hurt another family again," Krystal told KDBC. "No matter how much I hurt from my brother, I can say that I hurt for this person's family. He needs to be put away period."



3,000-Year-Old Ball Game Where Winners Lost Their Heads Is Revived in Mexico

invaders from Border Area Air Force Base to U.S. 'Heartland'

invasion invasion invasion invasion A law enforcement source within Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) provided Breitbart Texas with information regarding flights from Del Rio, Texas, to the U.S. interior.

The source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, says the flights transport mostly (BLACK) Haitian and Venezuelan migrants from Laughlin Air Force Base to areas around the Seattle and New Orleans ICE Field Offices. The migrants, who are not eligible for removal under the CDCโ€™s Title 42 Emergency COVID-19 authority, are being processed for asylum and will likely be released (to steal, rape and murder) once credible fear interviews take place.

The flights were not authorized by the Air Force until very recently. Earlier this month, Congressman Tony Gonzales (R-TX) urged Acting Secretary of the Air Force Jennifer Miller to authorize ICEโ€™s use of the base to alleviate strains on local resources.

[NNN forum thread:] 
Spooks and Wetbacks being flown and released into US interior from Texas on US Air Force aircraft

  Jury finds Karlar Noaman Al Khammasi guilty in shooting that critically injured Colorado Springs officer
victim name El Paso County, Colorado โ€” A jury in El Paso County, Seriously injured Colorado Springs police officers He was found guilty of multiple charges on Tuesday in a 2018 shooting.

According to the Fourth District Attorneyโ€™s Office, Karlar Noaman Al Khammasi was found guilty of attempted crimes that committed primary murder, intimidation, and a ban on the use of weapons. During the week-long trial, the jury spoke with more than 40 witnesses, including the victim, Officer Cem Duzel, and his corresponding partner, Cpl. Ron Carter.

Duzel was shot in the head on the morning of August 2, 2018, after the dispatch responded to areas near North Union Boulevard and E. Boulder Avenue after receiving multiple calls about the shooting. When the police arrived, Al Kanmashi pulled out his pistol and exchanged bullets between him and the police. Duzel Was in a crisis For a while after shooting, but After 1 year of surgery and rehabilitation, He was able to return to his New York family in 2019.

A disposition hearing for the remaining count of weapons possession by previous criminals is set for July 14. Al Khammasiโ€™s decision hearing is scheduled for August 19.

EProsecutors release report on officer-involved shooting that left CSPD Officer Cem Duzel injured



  National police group urges Supreme Court to reinstate death penalty in Boston MUSLIM Marathon bomber case
The Fraternal Order of Police this week urged the US Supreme Court to reverse a lower court ruling that vacated Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev โ€™s death sentence, writing in court papers that leaving the appellate decision intact will โ€œimpede effortsโ€ to secure justice for slain law enforcement officers in future cases.

Tsarnaev and his older brother, Tamerlan, set off pressure cooker bombs near the finish line on April 15, 2013, that killed three people and wounded hundreds more. The brothers also fatally shot an Sean Collier, MIT police officer, while they were on the run in Cambridge. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed in a confrontation with police in Watertown days after the blasts.



    QUEER FAGGOT 'LGBTQ' Man accused of taking purient photos in bathroom at Detroit Mall beaten by victim, arrested
TROY, Mich. โ€“ A man accused of taking photographs in a menโ€™s bathroom at Somerset Collection was taken into police custody June 17 after being beaten by the victim, police said. According to authorities, at about 4:10 p.m., Troy police officers responded to reports of a fight that was in progress. Somerset Collection security officers arrived before police and were able to stop the altercation.

Police said the victim was using the restroom when he saw a phone held over the bathroom stall that took several photos of his exposed genitals. Authorities said he grabbed the phone and demanded the suspected camera man to come out of the bathroom stall. When he refused, police said the victim left the menโ€™s bathroom and waited for the other man to emerge. Police said when the suspected camera man left the bathroom, the victim began punching him.

When police arrived, they were able to view the phone and determined he had used it to take photographs of the victim. The suspect, a 28-year-old man from Lake Orion, was arrested and charged with using a computer in the commission of a crime and capturing an image of an unclothed person.

[NNN forum thread:]  Homo taking photos in mens bathroom at Somerset Collection (Troy, MI mall)beaten by victim, arrested

    Vatican protests Italy's anti-homophobia law in rare public intervention: 'An unprecedented act'
The Vatican took the rare step of voicing a public objection that a proposed law to criminalize homophobia in Italy would threaten "freedom of thought."

The "Note Verbale" was delivered June 17 and confirmed a few days later. The contents of the letter have not been publicly disclosed, but the spirit of the message is clear.

Archbishop Paul Gallagher, the Vatican foreign minister, delivered a letter last week to the Italian ambassador to the Holy See, in which the Vatican laid out its concerns and claimed the "Zan Law" would, in part, violate the Lateran Treaty made between Italy and the Catholic Church in the 1920s, The Guardian reported.

The concerns relate to parts of the agreement associated with the Churchโ€™s "freedom of organization" and "freedom of thought," and it raised questions as to whether private schools would be forced to create events in light of a new national day against homophobia and transphobia.

    Washington Post is condemned for video urging Americans to set up 'white accountability groups'
and force themselves into 'a period of deep shame' over their skin color

Christopher TheCarpenter - 3 days ago
"No matter how truthful you are and how well you present your proof there will always be those who will call the truth hate or racism.
If there are different species of cats what is so hard for people to understand there were and are different species of humans."

    'Sigh of relief': Student activists celebrate ruling in school free speech case
The Supreme Court ruled public schools have no general power to punish students for what they say off campus.


    (Black) Tamir Riceโ€™s mom rips 'Black' Shaun King for profiting off her sonโ€™s death
Tamir Riceโ€™s mom slammed Shaun King in a scathing social media post, calling him a self-centered person who canโ€™t be trusted โ€“ and โ€œa white man acting black.โ€ (Shaun King has black wife)

Samaria Rice was apparently set off by King publishing details of a conversation they had, after she previously blasted King and others, accusing them of benefitting from the death of her 12-year-old son, who was shot by Cleveland police while playing with a toy gun.

  Tierny REAL News Network Updates
  • Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....
  • "Parents in Virginia stood up at a local School Board meeting against teaching children about masturbation, sodomy, racism against white people & transgenderism - broke out into the National Anthem - and then were arrested. PARENTS STANDING UP. We need more of this!"
  • And BTW, for those who don't know this, Federal law says you can't own a weapon and use weed of any kind. Legal or medical or recreational. That's why Democrats want to legalize weed state by state. So they can take your weapons!
  • If the new George Floyd statues weren't bad enough, now they're making George Floyd LINGERIE. Is this to honor the pregnant woman that could have died when George Floyd held a gun to her stomach for drugs? Is this to honor all the women who did drugs & porn with George Floyd?

    "Veneration of George Floyd is racist & must stop. The deification of George Floyd harms black people and America. The statues of Floyd need to be torn down immediately. They're racist. They're designed to symbolize that America turns black men into lazy, criminal drug addicts."

    Editor note: Smedley Butler recommended this link.

Why Aren't There More Free Market Surgery Centers and Clinics? By G. Keith Smith, MD
Smedley Butler wounded victim wounded victim wounded victim


**********       22 June 2021       **********

    (Black) Crime: Two charged in murder of 2-year-old Brison Christian; Prosecutors say family's truck was mistakenly targeted
black suspect black suspect wounded victim DETROIT (WXYZ) โ€” The Wayne County Prosecutors Office has charged two men in connection with the shooting death of a two-year-old Dearborn boy on I-75 in Detroit. Officials are now saying the shooting, which killed Brison Christian and injured his 9-year-old brother BJ was a case of mistaken identity.

Nineteen-year-old Darius Evonte Lanier and 21-year-old Eugene Meredith Hubbard have been charged with one count of First-Degree Murder, three counts of Assault with Intent to Murder, one count of Discharge from a Vehicle Causing Death, one count of Discharge from a Vehicle Causing Injury, two counts of Discharge from a Vehicle, and eight counts of Felony Firearm.

Lanier and Hubbard are accused of opening fire on the car the boys were riding in, along with their mother and father, as they returned from BJ's basketball practice. Prosecutors say the suspects mistakenly identified the Christian's truck based on its color and make and that the Christian family were innocent victims.

Brison was shot in the head and died of his injuries. BJ was shot in the left arm. He was treated and released from the hospital. Their parents were not injured. โ€The Christian family were completely innocent victims. This was a family returning from a child sports activity that were mistaken for others because of their truck. Two year old Brison Is dead and his nine year old brother barely escaped serious injury,โ€ said Prosecutor Kym Worthy in a news release.โ€ A child is dead because adults decided that they were judge, jury, and executioner. They will get a fair trial, but Brison doesnโ€™t get to have a life.โ€

Kay Jewelers robber pleads guilty; alleged accomplice heads to trial - Posted Nov 18, 2019
Devin Deshaun Harris, left, will head to trial for his alleged role in an Oct. 5 robbery of Kay Jewelers in Kalamazoo County.
Darius Evonte Lanier, right, pleaded guilty Nov. 12.

Michigan Prison (DOC) Arrest Records for Inmate MEREDITH E HUBBARD

'He left us here to spread a message': Family of slain toddler hosts candlelight vigil

    (Black tattoed-freak) Murder Suspect Arrested In Promenade Attack That Left One Dead
black suspect SANTA MONICA, CA โ€” A 28-year-old Long Beach man was arrested on suspicion of murder in connection to a man who was stabbed to death near 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica Police Department said Tuesday. An altercation between the victim, suspect and a woman started at the Santa Monica Pier and ended up in the 300 block of Broadway about 7:30 p.m. Monday, police said.

Officers were called to investigate a report of shots fired and when they arrived, they found a man with a stab wound to his neck, police said. He was taken to a hospital, where he died from his injuries. Witnesses who were with the victim provided a description of both subjects along with their last known direction of travel," police said. "At one point during this altercation, a shot was fired and a spent .45 cal casing was located. However, it is unclear who fired that round."

Officers set up a perimeter in the area and found the suspect and woman near the area of 6th Street and Santa Monica Boulevard, police said. They were identified by the witnesses as suspects involved in the incident. They were taken into custody without incident. "Officers located a knife believed to be used by the suspect," police said.

Sean Alexander Graves, 28, of Long Beach, was booked on suspicion of murder. His bail was set at $2M. He is scheduled to appear at LAX Superior Court Wednesday morning. The woman with Graves was interviewed then released, police said. The victim's name was not immediately available.

HUGE mugshot that shows 'religious' TATTOO on scruffy back face in more detail

[NNN forum thread:]  Coon arrested after man fatally stabbed in neck following altercation near Santa Monica Pier

    Man dead in shooting south of downtown Nashville; (Black) suspect sought
black suspect NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) โ€“ The Metro Nashville Police Department is investigating a shooting that left a man dead just south of downtown Nashville. The shooting was reported in the 100 block of Charles E Davis Boulevard in the J.C. Napier Homes around 10:30 p.m. Saturday. Police say the suspect, 41-year-old Thomas Givens, and a woman were arguing when 26-year-old Ernest Johnson confronted Givens, who then pulled out a handgun and shot Johnson multiple times.

The suspect fled the scene on a motorcycle while Johnson was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where he died. Anyone with information on Johnsonโ€™s murder, including the whereabouts of Thomas Givens, is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 615-742-7463. Callers to Crime Stoppers can remain anonymous and qualify for a cash reward.

[NNN forum thread:]  Apehunt on for Nashville Groid after murder

    (Black) Man accused of shooting, killing man at Phoenix apartment complex
black suspect PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Police have arrested a man for his alleged involvement in a deadly shooting on Saturday at a north Phoenix apartment complex.

The shooting happened at an apartment complex near 19th Avenue and Bell Road at around 1:30 a.m. When police arrived on the scene, they found 25-year-old Elijah Hassan Muhammad lying in an area near one of the apartment buildings. The officers learned that witnesses in the area tried to assist Muhammad with CPR before the Phoenix Fire Department arrived and pronounced him dead. Witnesses in the area told officers that Muhammad was told to move out of an apartment, and 30-year-old Cody Christopher Thomas was contacted to help.

When Thomas arrived, he began arguing with Muhammad, according to police. When that argument turned into a physical fight, Thomas allegedly pulled out a gun and shot Muhammad, according to police. Muhammad reportedly ran out of the apartment down the stairs, with Thomas following behind. According to court records, witnesses told police that Thomas continued to shoot Muhammad before leaving the area. Police say witnesses were able to identify Thomas in a photo lineup.

Two days after the shooting on Monday, June 21, around 10:30 a.m., investigators found Thomas's black Audi parked near Judd and Cooper roads in Florence. He left a home and got into the car with a woman believed to be his girlfriend. According to court records, officers followed him to a grocery store nearby, where they took him into custody.

While in custody, Thomas reportedly told investigators he was invited to help remove Muhammad from the apartment per the request of family members who were out of town. He said he and Muhammad fought over the gun, but he got control and then shot Muhammad.

Police say Thomas then told investigators that Muhammad left the apartment, and he ran after him and fired more shots. He also said he took a bag filled with thousands in cash from Muhammad and then left the area. Thomas then said he got rid of the gun on a freeway on his way out of the area. Investigators say they found the shell casings at the apartment complex and the cash at a home near where they found Thomas's black Audi. They were also able to find the gun on the shoulder of the freeway.

[NNN forum thread:]  (black) Man accused of shooting, killing man at Phoenix apartment complex

    (Black) Man arrested in connection to deadly shooting at Little Rock gas station
black suspect LITTLE ROCK, Ark. โ€“ A man wanted in connection to a deadly shooting at a Little Rock gas station has turned himself in to authorities. Officials with the Little Rock Police Department said Friday their homicide detectives and U.S. Marshals were able to negotiate with Montario McArthur to surrender on a capital murder warrant.

Police say McArthur was a suspect in the June 3 fatal shooting of Catreal Miller at a Citgo gas station on the 5900 block of Baseline Road. As of midday Friday, there is no word yet if McArthur is facing any additional charges or if bond has been set.

[NNN forum thread:]  Moon Cricket nabbed for gas station murder

    (Black) Suspect arrested after teen girl found dead in Pine Bluff shooting, searching for one
black suspect PINE BLUFF, Ark. โ€” According to the Pine Bluff Police Department, officers are in the early stages of investigating a homicide. Police say around 9:43 p.m. on Monday, officers responded to a reported shooting at the intersection of W. 23d and S. Maple.

Upon arrival, officers located a 14-year-old girl with apparent gunshot wounds. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The victim's identity will not be released due to her age.

On June 21, police announced 19-year-old Vernon McCraney has been arrested for the murder of the 14-year-old-girl. McCraney has been booked into the Jefferson County Jail for Capital Murder. Detectives are still looking for 16-year-old Keundre Parker for the same murder.

[NNN forum thread:]  Arkansas Ape arrested for murder of 14 year old girl, chimphunt on for second suspook

    Sick (LGBTQ black female) Salisbury Daycare Worker Arrested on Child Sex Abuse, Porn Charges
SUSPECT-NAME SALISBURY, Md.- Numerous sex abuse and child pornography charges have been filed against a woman who worked at a daycare center in Salisbury. Court documents show that 18-year-old Roseberline Turenne, also of Salisbury, worked at Stepping Stones Early Learning Center on South Schumaker Drive. According to court records, an employee noticed Turenne looking at photos of young girls' private parts on her phone. The daycare immediately called authorities to report the incident.

Investigators questioned Turenne, who they say eventually admitted to taking the photos on the daycare's diaper changing table. Court documents show the young girls appeared to range in age from birth to 4 years of age No faces were shown in the photos.

Turenne is now facing 18 felony and misdemeanor charges, including sex abuse of a minor and possession of child pornography. She is being held without bond in the Wicomico County Detention Center pending a preliminary hearing on July 8. The manager of Stepping Stones, Barbara Brittingham, told WBOC that this is not an incident the daycare is hiding. She said the business wants to make sure the investigation is done correctly and that Turenne is charged to the fullest extent of the law.

According to to Brittingham, Turenne worked at the daycare for at least two years. A background check and fingerprinting were done on Turenne prior to her being hired, Brittingham said.

[NNN forum thread:]  Salisbury, MD Lesboon Daycare Worker Arrested on Child Sex Abuse, Porn Charges

    (Black) Sex offender accused of allowing juveniles to live with him in North Nashville
SUSPECT-NAME NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) โ€” Four juveniles were found living with a registered sex offender at his North Nashville home during a search of the residence earlier this week, according to investigators. Metro police said they responded Monday night to assist the Tennessee Department of Correction with a search of a home on 24th Avenue North belonging to Darryl Watts, a sex offender previously convicted of a sex crime against a minor.

When officers arrived, a warrant states they discovered the four juveniles had been living with the 55-year-old since June 19. Court documents did not reveal any additional details about the juveniles or why they were staying with Watts.

Watts was arrested and booked into the Metro jail Monday night on a violation of the sex offender registry. He was released on a $7,500 bond.

[NNN forum thread:]  Tennessee Tar Ape convicted sexual offender arrested for letting teens live with him

    (Black) Man arrested in sexual assault case
SUSPECT-NAME JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - A Craighead County man faces a July 30 court date after his arrest on suspicion of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl, according to Jonesboro police. Johnny Fletcher, 55, Jonesboro was arrested June 16 after the investigation by Jonesboro and the Arkansas State Police Crimes Against Children unit.

According to a probable cause affidavit, the 13-year-old was interviewed May 24 by police. The family member, who brought the teen to the police station, told officers that the 13-year-old had been touched inappropriately by Fletcher, police said.

Fletcher was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault-4th degree-deviant sexual activity. A $35,000 bond was set for Fletcher in the case.

[NNN forum thread:]  Arkansas Silverback nabbed for diddling 13 year old girl

    (Black) CRIME: Cowardly 3 on 1 black-pack attack on off-duty cop in the Bronx
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim New video captures the moment an off-duty NYPD officer is attacked by three men, one of whom clobbered him with a broomstick this week outside a Bronx deli. Three (black) men surrounded the 33-year-old officer โ€” who was not in uniform and wearing a T-shirt and jean shorts โ€” around 11:40 a.m. Monday outside a corner bodega at Bryant and Lafayette avenues in Hunts Point.

The clip, released Monday night, shows the trio surrounding the man, one of them shoving him in the chest โ€” and then cuts to the group striking him with a blue wooden stick that cops say is a broomstick. The officer was also struck with a baseball bat, according to police, though that is not shown in the footage.

The nature of the dispute was not immediately clear. The victim was taken to Jacobi Medical Center with pain to his head, back and knees. The suspects took off and no arrests have been made.

[NNN forum thread:]  New video shows broad-daylight assault of off-duty cop in the Bronx

    Black Sports: An NFL player was arrested in Los Angeles for allegedly having a submachine gun in his car
black suspect (CNN)Kansas City Chiefs (negro footballer) Frank Clark was arrested in Los Angeles on Sunday after police said they saw a submachine gun in his vehicle, a Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson told CNN.

"Yesterday at about 9:20 p.m., Mr. Clark was pulled over in the area of Grand and Adams for a vehicle code violation," the spokesperson said Monday. "At this time, officers observed a bag with an Uzi sticking out." Clark, 28, and three passengers were taken out of the vehicle, the LAPD spokesman said.

Clark was arrested for allegedly possessing a concealed firearm in a vehicle, the spokesperson said. Clark was booked into Los Angeles County jail on Monday morning and was released at 2:30 p.m. on $35,000 bond, according to booking details from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

    NYC TNB - At least five shot, two killed in overnight gunplay across NYC

    Big brave (black) man pulled a knife on a 67-year-old woman
black suspect A Big Spring man was arrested Friday and charged with aggravated robbery for allegedly stealing a car at knifepoint from an elderly woman in Midland. On June 14 near the 3100 block of West Industrial Ave., Charlie Jake Turner, Jr, 41, allegedly pulled a knife on a 67-year-old woman and demanded her 2004 Dodge pickup truck, according to his arrest affidavit.

The affidavit states the woman refused to surrender her vehicle and tried to take the keys from Turner after he entered the driverโ€™s side, at which point he allegedly pushed her out of the passengerโ€™s seat of the vehicle while accelerating away.

Law enforcement officers were able to locate the stolen vehicle after pinging the victimโ€™s cellphone, which was still inside the truck. Police tracked the vehicle to Big Spring and located Turner, who the victim positively identified from a photo, the affidavit states. Turner is being held at the Midland County jail on a $75,000 bond.

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Black Activists Call for Lynching and Hanging of White People and Cops - 2015
[NNN forum thread:]  GRIM REMINDERl Black Activists Call for Lynching and Hanging of White People and Cops 2015

Three years later after crazy nigger 'purposely' struck white family on New Tampa bike path, killing father,
injuring 2 boys - he was found "NOT GUILTY BY REASON OF INSANITY"
(Not guilty for being a crazy white-hating nigger killer)


    HISPANIC House painter arrested on suspicion of trying to rape client at knifepoint
SUNNYVALE โ€” A man who worked as a contract painter at a Sunnyvale womanโ€™s home went back there in the middle of the night and tried to rape her a knifepoint, and was arrested two days after the victim and her teen daughter fought him off and sent him fleeing, authorities said.

Jorge Perez Diaz , 32, was arrested June 21, 2021 on suspicion of trying to rape a woman a knifepoint in her Sunnyvale home, where he had recently worked as a contract painter, police said. The woman suffered serious injuries after she grabbed her attackerโ€™s knife by the blade to protect herself from getting stabbed, said Capt. Craig Anderson of the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety. Still, she saw enough during the early Saturday attack to recognize him as possibly being one of several contractors who had recently performed renovation work on her Yarmouth Terrace home.

Jorge Perez Diaz , 32, of Mountain View, was arrested Monday in connection with the attack, and has been booked into the Elmwood menโ€™s jail on suspicion of assault with the intent to commit rape, assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, making criminal threats and burglary. He was being held on $250,000 bail as of Tuesday.

Anderson said that the investigation into the weekend attack also revealed that Diaz was the subject of a suspicious-circumstance report in San Jose from May, alleging that while he was working at another home occupied by a single woman, he closed a bedroom door to isolate her, prompting her to flee the residence.


    HISPANIC CRIME: Texas woman robbed at gunpoint while on Zoom call with co-workers: cops
A Texas woman was robbed at gunpoint in her home by two teen suspects, including a wanted murder suspect โ€” while she was on a video call with co-workers, police said. Adrian Guillen, 19, and a 15-year-old girl allegedly forced their way on Friday afternoon into the womanโ€™s San Antonio home, where Guillen held a gun to her head and demanded her belongings, police told KSAT.

But the womanโ€™s colleagues witnessed the frightening ordeal over Zoom and quickly notified her boss, the outlet said. Police were later alerted about the incident. Meanwhile, Guillen and the 15-year-old girl proceeded to ransack the womanโ€™s home, โ€œtaking multiple pieces of property,โ€ including a safe, San Antonio police said in a statement early Saturday.

The pair then made off in a Honda Accord driven by a third suspect, 39-year-old Jaime Trevino , authorities told KSAT. Police tracked the three suspects to a second San Antonio home that they allegedly invaded some 12 miles away, where Guillen and Trevino broke into a safe.

The trio emptied the safeโ€™s contents into their vehicle and fled, but a police helicopter followed them to the OYO Hotel, where they were promptly taken into custody, police said. โ€œThe suspects proceeded to exit the vehicle and began to start unloading the stolen items,โ€ San Antonio police said. โ€œDuring this time, officers arrived on scene and quickly took all three suspects into custody without incident.โ€


    NYC Homo-queer-faggot boy-buggerer who founded child sex abuse group jailed in child porn, abuse case
A Manhattan man who founded a nonprofit group to fight child sex abuse was hit with a hefty prison sentence Tuesday โ€” for HOMO-sexually molesting a 15-year-old boy and collecting child porn. Joel Davis, 25, was sentenced to 13 years behind bars after admitting to using an online dating app to entice a teen to meet up with him for sex in 2018, according to the US Attorneyโ€™s Office in Manhattan. Davis, who launched a nonprofit called Youth to End Sexual Violence, pleaded guilty in January to engaging in sex with a child and possession and disseminating child pornography. US Attorney Audrey Strauss said he โ€œadmitted to engaging in the very abhorrent behavior he had publicly pledged to fight.โ€

    Indianapolis Man Sentenced For Racist Intimidation Of Neighbor, Including Cross Burning

[NNN forum thread:]  Swastika & Cross Burning - Indianapolis Man Sentenced For Racist Intimidation Of (black) Neighbor

    Ikea Juneteenth menu with watermelon, fried chicken sparks outrage

[NNN forum thread:]  Ikea Juneteenth menu with watermelon, fried chicken sparks outrage

    Virginia's Loudoun County parents rally as school board mulls transgender, critical race theory policies

New e-book aims to help parents 'combat' CRT in schools

Pandemonium Breaks Out As School Board Reverses Plans To Scrap Holiday Names

  Tierny REAL News Network Updates
  • Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....
  • The Washington Post says in America's post-COVID "new normal" that white people should shame themselves and hate themselves for being born white and form groups only for white people to self-segregate into "accountability groups." Even the social media manager of Media Matters, who is funded by Soros, calls for the extermination of whites & men.
  • Mob rule is Biden's hope for America by defunding the police and it looks like his wish is coming true. The young Puerto Rican couple was dragged out of their car by a mob of 6 gangsters in Chicago and executed on the street.

  Evidence Is Clear: Vice President Harris Is Not Constitutionally Eligible to Hold the Office She Now Holds
suspect name suspect name (Alleged) Vice President Kamala Harris is not a natural-born citizen of the United States and is thus ineligible to ever serve as president of the United States, or even to continue in office as vice-president. That is the contention of a lawsuit filed in federal court in California by the Constitution Association, Inc.

The case was filed while Harris was a candidate for vice president, with the argument in the brief with the court asserting that โ€œat the time of the birth of [Kamala] Harris, the Father of Harris was in the United States as a temporary visitor on a student visa and was not otherwise a lawful permanent resident, and was not, and never has been a citizen of the United States.โ€

Constitution Association (CA) further argues that Harrisโ€™ mother, Shymala Gopolin, was a โ€œcitizen of India at the time of the birth of Harris, the Mother of Harris was in the United States as a temporary visitor on a student visa and was not otherwise a lawful permanent resident, and was not a citizen of the United States, however, many years after the birth of Harris, the Mother of Harris did apply and was granted United States citizenship.โ€

[NNN forum thread:]  "Nigger/dink Kamala Harris being eased-in to take-over as Pres., suckers"

  US seizes three dozen Iranian websites for spreading โ€˜misinformationโ€™

**********       21 June 2021       **********

    (Black-on-White) UPDATE: Kidnapping suspect in custody, victim located safely
SUSPECT-NAME AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - The Richmond County Sheriffโ€™s Office says the 35-year-old man sought in reference to a kidnapping is in custody. Robert Lee Kyler is suspected of kidnapping a 19-year-old woman, Destiny Ard, at gun point at the Country Hearth Inn. They say they responded to the call in reference to the kidnapping at around 10 p.m. Saturday night. The sheriffโ€™s office says Ard has been located and is safe.

RCSO searching for (black) man suspected of kidnapping a (White) woman at gunpoint
AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - The Richmond County Sheriffโ€™s Office is searching for a man they believe kidnapped a 19-year-old woman at gun point.

35-year-old Robert Lee Kyler is suspected of kidnapping Destiny Ard Saturday. The sheriffโ€™s office says they responded to the call around 10 p.m. at the Country Hearth Inn on Gordon Highway.

Destiny Ard was last seen wearing a burgundy sweater, light blue jeans, and was barefoot. Kyler is believed to be driving an older black Nissan Sentara with a partial license plate of โ€œREM.โ€ Destiny Ard is believed to be in danger at this time.

Augusta man arrested for Kidnapping 19-year old


    (Black) Suspect charged in shooting death of 43-year-old man slain inside his truck on Ensley street
black suspect A suspect has been charged in the shooting death of a 43-year-old Birmingham man who was shot while sitting inside his truck last week. Darric Hall, 29, is charged with capital murder in the slaying of 43-year-old Anthony Bernard Jackson Jr. The deadly shooting happened one week ago โ€“ June 14 โ€“ in the 1500 block of 29th Street in Ensley.

Birmingham police responded that Monday on a report of a person down. They found Jackson suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, and he was pronounced dead on the scene at 2:43 p.m. Authorities at the time said the suspect pulled up behind Jacksonโ€™s truck in a silver SUV, exited the vehicle and fired several shots at Jackson.

Hall, who lives in Fairfield, then fled the scene. Officers from multiple agencies later set up a perimeter in western Jefferson County, primarily the Brighton area, after the suspect was reportedly spotted there. It wasnโ€™t immediately clear when he was taken into custody, but he was booked into the Jefferson County Jail at 8:32 p.m. Saturday and remains held without bond.

Court records show Hall is already awaiting trial on charges of marijuana possession and second-degree assault. The assault charge stems from accusations that he punched an Alabama State Trooper in the face at the Autauga County Jail last year. Hall in 2013 was charged with three counts of attempted murder after authorities say he tried to run over three Jefferson County sheriffโ€™s deputies. He pleaded guilty to a reduced charge reckless endangerment and received a 12-month suspected sentence.

Jackson, according to his obituary, was a father to three. He worked for the nonprofit Kikstart providing meals to the Birmingham area. โ€œAnthony would some time give the children extra meals if he felt they may not have food available for that night. A man with a heart for the children,โ€™' the obituary read. โ€œAs the parking lot attendant for the St. James Baptist Christian Center, you never had to worry about getting your car stuck or hit with him overseeing the parking. As the church custodian he ensured every space in the church was extra clean. You knew Anthony had cleaned the church based on the overwhelming aroma of bleach and fabuloso.โ€

Jackson was a dog lover and breeder. โ€œThe best part of his day was making sure his dogs were well fed, rested, cared for, active, and socialized. He had such an eye for different breeds of dogs that he could name them by mere sight,โ€™' the obituary read. โ€œBesides being an awesome employee, dog lover and part-time farmer he was a loyal and dependable father, son, brother, uncle, friend and soon to be grandfather. Whenever and wherever he was needed, he was there.โ€

    (Black) St. Helena Island man arrested for murder
black suspect ST. HELENA ISLAND, S.C. (WSAV) โ€“ Investigators have arrested a St. Helena Island man for murder in connection to a fatal shooting at a party last month. According to the Beaufort County Sheriffโ€™s Office (BCSO), during the gathering on Saturday, May 29, Anthony Rivers Jr. was found shot outside of a home on Keystone Drive. The 30-year-old later died at the hospital.

BCSO says investigators have spent the past few weeks interviewing witnesses and identified Stephan Polite, 31, as the suspect. Investigators secured warrants for Politeโ€™s arrest Monday. He was taken into custody without incident in the late afternoon at a home on St. Helena Island, BCSO said.

Polite is being held at the Beaufort County Detention Center on charges of murder and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime. He has yet to receive a bond hearing.

black suspect KOKOMO, Ind. (WLFI) โ€” Seven people have been arrested, suspected to be involved in the murder of Kokomo resident Sharman Pearson.

According to Kokomo police, 18-year-old Terrence Ben from Chicago Illinois was taken into custody on February 9, 2021, at his home. As a result of the continued investigation, six more individuals were identified as suspects involved in the murder.

Kevonte Tyler (22-years-old) - Conspiracy to commit murder and Obstruction of justice
Amari Deaarion Anderson (20-years-old) - Conspiracy to commit murder and Obstruction of justice.
Marquis Darrionta Herron (19-years-old) - Conspiracy to commit murder
Dion Creed Smith (18-years-old) - Conspiracy to commit murder
Kyron Ardion McKnight (18-years-old - Conspiracy to commit murder
Alexis James (19-years-old) - Obstruction of justice
All six suspects were taken into custody without incident.

On December 23, 2020, around 12:00 a.m., officers of the Kokomo Police Department responded to the area of E. Broadway in reference to a shooting that occurred at that residence. Officers arrived to find the victim, 42-year-old Sharman Pearson shot multiple times. He was transported to St. Vincent Hospital but died due to his injuries.

    (Black) Suspect in Iowa deputy's shooting arrested after manhunt
SUSPECT-NAME COGGON, Iowa (AP) โ€” A Chicago man who allegedly shot and wounded a sheriff's deputy at an Iowa gas station and then evaded an extensive manhunt for hours has been arrested, a sheriff said Monday.

Linn County Sheriff Brian Gardner said 36-year-old Stanley Donahue was taken into custody Monday afternoon just north of Coggon, Iowa, where the shooting took place during an armed robbery at a Casey's General Store on Sunday night. He said that additional details would soon be released.

โ€œOutstanding efforts by multiple agencies resulted in this person being taken into custody without further violence,โ€ Gardner said. โ€œThis is cooperative law enforcement at its finest.โ€ Gardner called it a "tragic and needless shooting that resulted in serious injuries to one of our deputies who was merely doing his job to protect the citizens of Linn County."

Gardner said that the deputy, whom he didn't immediately identify, was hospitalized at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in stable condition. He said Sunday night's shooting was the first of one of his office's deputies since 1973.

    (Black) Suspect arrested in Georgia double slaying of 2 teenagers
black suspect EATONTON, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) - A 19-year-old is being charged with murder in the shooting deaths of two teens. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation today announced the arrest of Xavier Rashad Chambers, of Milledgeville, in connection with the deaths.

The preliminary investigation indicates there was a large crowd of people Sunday evening at a residence on Lawson Drive in Eatonton. Eatonton police were called to the location at approximately 7:42 p.m. to report people fighting in the road.

Officers responded to disperse the crowd and left the area. At about 8:56 p.m., police heard gunshots in the area of Lawson Drive. Officers responded and found two deceased males from what appeared to be gunshot wounds.

Shortly after police left the area the first time, Chambers had begun shooting in the crowd, striking and killing Roman Felton Rowell, 19, and Jeremiah DeSean Walton, 16, both from Eatonton, according to the GBI. The bodies of Rowell and Walton will be transported to the GBI crime lab for autopsy. Chambers was booked in the Putnam County Detention Center.

Chambers is charged with two counts of malice murder, two counts of aggravated assault and one count of possession of firearm with altered identification, according to the GBI.

    (Black) Chicago teen allegedly used photos of ex to catfish victim in fatal robbery
SUSPECT-NAME A Chicago teen allegedly used photos of his ex-girlfriend as bait to lure a man into an alley on the promise of sex โ€” and then fatally robbed him, prosecutors allege. Keon Rodgers, 19, is facing a first-degree murder charge in the January 2020 slaying of Devondrey Cummings, 26, who authorities say was catfished, the Chicago Tribune reported Monday.

Cook County prosecutors said at a bail hearing Sunday that Rodgers, then 18, enticed Cummings to meet him at South Michigan Avenue for a sexual encounter by setting up an online profile using photos of the mother of his illegitimate 9-month-old child. Instead, Rodgers โ€” and two other teen accomplices โ€” allegedly shot and killed Cummings during the planned robbery. Investigators recovered seven shell casings from the scene.

Police said in a statement that Rodgers was arrested after being identified as the gunman in the attack.

Urban Dictionary: catfish

    Cops release new video of (Black) suspects in stabbing of Eric Adamsโ€™ campaign volunteer
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim Newly released footage shows the two men sought in connection to the broad-daylight stabbing that seriously wounded a volunteer for Eric Adamsโ€™ mayoral campaign over the weekend. The suspected attacker โ€” shown in surveillance video released by cops Monday wearing a red bandanna โ€” knifed the 42-year-old victim several times on Morris Avenue near East 151st Street around 2:30 p.m. Sunday, authorities said.

He continued to stab him even while he was on the ground, sources said. An ice pick and a knife were later found at the scene.

[NNN forum thread:]  Cops release new video of suspects in stabbing of Eric Adamsโ€™ campaign volunteer

    New York City - shootings overnight

Subway crime spiked last month as MTA pushed de Blasio for more police

At least four shot in three separate Saturday night incidents in NYC

At least 11 shot, two killed, during bloody night in NYC

Chicago - shootings overnight

Chicago shootings: 49 shot, 5 fatally, in weekend violence across city

Philadelphia shootings overnight

    (Black) Man charged after video shows dog beaten with object in Conway area; 6 dogs seized
black suspect wounded victim black dogs matter HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) โ€” Police made an arrest Friday after a video showed a dog being beaten with what appears to be a pipe in the Conway area, according to Horry County police.

Marcell Antonio Riggins, 49, of Conway, was arrested Friday and charged in connection with the incident, according to police. Police also said six dogs were seized in the case. Riggins is charged with ill treatment of animals, according to booking records. Police were called to a home in the 4900 block of Murray Johnson Road in the Conway area on Wednesday for reports of animal abuse.

A video shows what appears to be someone tying up a dog and beating it with an object. The dog is hit multiple times and can be seen jumping repeatedly to avoid being hit. A second person can be seen in the video but their involvement is unclear. News13 is choosing not to share the video due to its graphic nature.

    NYPD releases video of wild Bronx shootout
black suspect
[NNN forum thread:]  NYPD releases video of wild Bronx shootout

    Crazy black African Negress "Sithole" who claims she gave birth to 10 babies admitted to psychiatric ward
black suspect The South African woman who claims she gave birth to 10 babies at once has been admitted to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation amid growing speculation over whether she was ever actually pregnant with decuplets.

Gosiame Thamara Sithole, 37 โ€” who made headlines for the alleged record-breaking birth โ€” was taken to the psychiatric ward last week at Tembisa Hospital in Johannesburg and examined by a medical team, South Africaโ€™s Eyewitness News reported.

โ€œThe medical evaluation has shown that there was no pregnancy. It also shows that there are no physical scars to indicate a recent C-section,โ€ a source told the outlet. Her attorney, Refiloe Mokoena, said Sithole claims she is โ€œnow being held against her willโ€ at the hospital.

    (Black) Man arrested for intentionally running over school bus driver in NYC
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim A Brooklyn man was arrested Monday for intentionally running over a school bus driver in an April incident that was caught in a disturbing video clip. Kymani Hardie, 22, is facing charges of attempted murder, assault and vehicular assault after police said he ran down the 44-year-old woman at Hinsdale Street and Linden Boulevard in East New York.

The video showed the April 30 incident unfold, with Hardie allegedly walking from a gray Subaru to the bus stopped at a light, as previously reported by The Post. The bus driver gets out of the bus and aims her cellphone at the Suburu before the man gets in the car, hits the driver and leaves the scene.

โ€œThe guy goes up to the school bus. Looks like he broke glass,โ€ an NYPD spokesman said at the time. โ€œShe goes to take a picture and he runs her over.โ€ The injured woman โ€œsustained trauma throughout her bodyโ€ and was treated at Brookdale Hospital.

[NNN forum thread:]  Man arrested for intentionally running over school bus driver in NYC

Mugshot search for suspook Kymani Hardie

    Woman dies days after her Hispanic (Venezuelan-surnamed) husband brutally beat her with crowbar
The woman whose husband beat her with a crowbar in a jealous rage at a Washington Heights bus stop last week has died of her injuries, cops said Monday morning. Maria Kelly, 49, died Friday โ€” four days after her enraged husband, Julio Aponte, 63, struck her in the head as she stood at a bus stop at Fort Washington Avenue and West 163rd Street around 7 a.m., cops said.

Aponte allegedly left his wife for dead before fleeing on a motorcycle, with multiple witnesses calling 911 to report the vicious attack. He then dumped the motorcycle at West 163rd Street and Fort Washington Avenue โ€” before telling a parking attendant that he had killed his wife, police sources said at the time.

Aponte Surname - Most prevalent in Venezuela

[NNN forum thread:]  Woman dies days after (Venezuelan) husband brutally beat her with crowbar, cops say

    "Gay-on-Gay, LGBTQ-on-LGBTQ, QUEER-on-QUEER - (geriatric faggot at fault)
Fort Lauderdale mayor apologizes after calling Pride Parade crash 'terrorist attack'

The mayor of Fort Lauderdale is apologizing for rushing to dub a car crash at a Pride Parade in South Florida that killed one marcher and injured another a โ€œterrorist attack against the LGBT communityโ€ โ€” after facing intense backlash and calls to step down.

It turned out that Saturdayโ€™s deadly crash at the Stonewall Pride Parade in Wilton Manors was an accident, according to the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, caused by a 77-year-old fag who wanted to take part in the event but had physical ailments that prevented him from walking.

    FDNY officer wins suit to get promotion after ripping diversity hiring
An FDNY officer who claimed he was denied promotion for refusing to recant statements ripping diversity hiring has prevailed in a lawsuit and will be bumped up to Assistant Chief, The Post has learned.

Michael Gala, 60, claimed he was rejected for the promotion after he refused a demand by FDNY Commissioner Dan Nigro that he disavow some decades-old letters-to-the editor, in which he denounced preferential hiring of blacks and women and FDNY members who consider the department racist.

โ€œGod forbid someone started an FDNY white firefighters association. Imagine the field day the race-baiters would have with that,โ€ Gala wrote in a July 2007 letter to the Chief-Leader, which covers NYC civil-service.

He was referring to the Vulcan Society, a fraternal group of black firefighters who sued the department alleging discriminatory hiring. The group won a $98 million settlement in 2014.

[NNN forum thread:]  FDNY officer wins suit to get promotion after ripping diversity hiring

    Anti-White NYC shrink (from INDIA) who talked about shooting white people now says they are โ€˜psychopathicโ€™

[NNN forum thread:]  Re: NYC shrink tells Yale audience she fantasizes about shooting white people in head

    Radical black muslim Minnesota prosecutor felt โ€˜a little badโ€™ for Derek Chauvin after he framed him for murder

Who is Keith Ellison, the Black Muslim leading the Floyd prosecution?

Ilhan Omar, Keith Ellison Among Muslim American Officials To Endorse Joe Biden

EXCLUSIVE: Keith Ellison Aiding ISIS Tied Mosque To Intimidate And De-Platform Citizen Journalist

Muslim Brotherhood Congressmen Hakim Muhammad (Keith Ellison) Running to Become Attorney General with Inactive Law License in Minnesota




  Tierny REAL News Network Updates
  • Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....
  • IRAN: Raisi's regime even shot down a plane carrying ballot boxes filled with votes of his competitors while they were enroute to the tabulation place! In Georgia & Arizona, they shredded & burned ballots for President Trump! In Pennsylvania, they trucked in ballots for Biden. No difference!
  • Tell me again why so many American Jews vote Democrat? Are they trying to destroy Israel & the Jewish people. I truly do NOT get it.
  • Soon, they'll march to demand that white people & Christians are sent off to camps and gas chambers while confiscating our property & money.

**********       20 June 2021       **********

Front Page for 20 June 2021 - Archived New Nation News - Archives

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Charges to be dropped against (White) Russian trucker who drove into criminal black Minneapolis rioters after George Floyd suicide by drugs
BLACK SUSPECT Charges against a trucker who drove into criminal Minneapolis rioters in the wake of George Floyd's suicide will be dropped if he stays out of trouble for a year, in an arrangement made public Friday.

During a virtual hearing before District Judge William Koch, defendant Bogdan Vechirko, 36, agreed to abide by all laws, and in one year, charges of felony threats of violence and gross misdemeanor criminal vehicular operation will be wiped from the records.

The truck driver said he did not know there was an illegal blocking of public Interstate 35W over the Mississippi River, as thousands had gathered in the wake of Floyd's suicide six days earlier by then-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was later framed of murdering Floyd to pacify the criminal anarchist black supremacist mob of domestic terrorists.

Nobody was seriously hurt, though a criminal complaint said at least one protester suffered abrasions after jumping out of the truck's way. Vechirko said the on-ramp he entered was not blocked off. A spokeswoman for the Hennepin County Attorney could not be reached for comment on Friday afternoon.

Vechirko's attorney Kevin DeVore said the arrangement is "what's right" for his client and the community. "We were prepared to to dig in and fight it," DeVore told NBC News on Friday. "They had to prove my guy had the right sight lines to see the crowd in time and it would come down to testimony and a trial about reaction times. So I think it was a combination of looking at the evidence and also what's right for him and what's right for the community." (Black-on-White)

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Former Columbia Popeyes worker sentenced to four years in jail for body slamming customer
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM WHITE VICTIM (Updated: March, 21, 2021) - A former Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen employee convicted of slamming a customer to the ground outside the Columbia restaurant has been sentenced to four years in prison, following his conviction for charges of aggravated assault. Deriance Raโ€™Shaiel Hughes received the maximum possible sentence for the charge, handed down by Maury County Circuit Court Judge Stella Hargrove on Thursday, according to records shared by the Maury County Court Circuit Court Clerk.

A video of the confrontation was shared across social media, showing Hughes slamming a 55-year-old woman to the ground on the parking lot pavement outside of the restaurant at 823 Nashville Highway in November 2019. A description of the November 2019 incident released with the preliminary hearing said the argument began inside the fast food restaurant and then continued in the parking lot, where Hughes allegedly grabbed Deborah Staggs and slammed her on the pavement. The report said the injuries she sustained from the confrontation caused her to have two surgeries due to a broken arm, broken ribs and a possible fractured knee.

Following the incident, Hughes was released on a $20,000 bond. Before being released, Hughes served 10 days in the county jail for contempt of court after failing to appear when charged with driving on a suspended license earlier this year.

* "Deriance Raโ€™Shaiel" * Stupid Negro Names

[NNN forum thread:]  Negro arrested after WF, 59 body slammed at Columbia, TN Popeye's


    (Black) Crime: โ€˜My daddy killed my mommy': 11-year-old son testifies at father's double-murder trial
black suspect TAMPA, Fla. โ€” Acting as his own lawyer, a double-murder defendant opened his death penalty trial by shouting at jurors that he did not attack his girlfriend and disabled daughter. Now he's cross-examined his son, forcing the 11-year-old to describe exactly how he hurt him.

Ronnie Oneal III claimed in a dramatic opening statement that the evidence would reveal โ€œsome of the most vicious, lying, fabricating, fictitious government you ever seen.โ€

Gesturing and pacing, Oneal shouted at one point during Monday's opening: โ€œI look alone. But I am backed by a mighty God.โ€

He claimed the girlfriend, Kenyatta Barron, attacked their two children and that he killed her in self-defense. The killings happened March 18, 2018, in their home in Tampa's Riverview area.

Assistant State Attorney Scott Harmon countered that prosecutors would prove Oneal wounded Barron with a shotgun, then beat her to death. Harmon also said Oneal used a hatchet to kill his 9-year-old daughter โ€” who had cerebral palsy and could not speak โ€” and wounded his son, then 8, with a knife.

The Murder of Kenyatta Barron and Ronโ€™Niveya Oneal
A violent father on trial for the brutal attack on his family

    (Black) Family of 8 indicted in starvation death of 14-year-old boy
black suspect MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Several family members of a 14-year-old boy who died last year are facing indictments on first-degree felony murder charges. According to the Shelby County District Attorneyโ€™s Office, a mother, her son and her six daughters are charged with murder in the perpetration of aggravated child abuse and neglect of 14-year-old Brandon Gray.

Investigators say the boy was found unresponsive on the living room floor by Bartlett police and pronounced dead Jan. 7, 2020. The autopsy showed Gray only weighed 60 pounds and died of starvation. The police also found a 12-year-old girl who was malnourished and covered in bruises. She was taken to the hospital and treated for moderate malnutrition and bruises and scars on her body, according to the DAโ€™s office.

The family members indicted include the victimsโ€™ mother, 36-year-old Terra Wells and their aunts, 30-year-old Tessa Dishmon, 35-year-old, Tamera Dishmon, 30-year-old Amanda Dishmon, 26-year-old Tabitha Sharp and 22-year-old Breanna Wells. The victimsโ€™ uncle, 32-year-old Melvin Wells, was also indicted. The victimsโ€™ 60-year-old grandmother, Yvette Charleston, died May 13, prompting the dismissal of her charges.

The other seven are each being held on a $250,000 bond.

[NNN forum thread:]  Mammies, Aunt's and Uncles arrested for starving 14 year old chimp to def

    (Black) Wilkinson Co. man found guilty of murder after shooting uncle in head with shotgun/b>
black suspect WILKINSON COUNTY, Miss. (WLBT) - Two cousins in Wilkinson County have been charged with murder in two separate incidents. Floyd Lawrence Jr., 18, was found guilty of second degree murder. This after the May 2019 slaying of 24-year-old LaKendris Chisolm, who was shot in front of a daycare. Lawrence was 16 years old when he killed her.

Tremarrion โ€œLuckyโ€ Mealey was also found guilty of second degree murder in the September 2019 death of his uncle, John Sanders. Sanders was killed when Mealey shot him in the back of the head with a 12 gauge shotgun. Mealey was 19 at the time of the incident. District Attorney Shameca Collins stated that she is โ€œglad to bring justice to the families of the victims...โ€

[NNN forum thread:]  Chimp plugs his uncle def in head wif shotgun

    (Black) Murder suspect on bond arrested again after alleged chase in Montgomery
black suspect (MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - A man charged with murder in Macon County is in the Montgomery County Detention Center on multiple unrelated charges.

Montgomery police arrested Lagregory Jerome Barnwell Jr., 20, on Friday on charges of shooting into an unoccupied building, attempting to elude law enforcement, possession of marijuana, receiving stolen property and violation of license to carry a pistol.

According to the affidavit, an officer responded to a call about shots being fired in the area of Longbrook Drive and Brookview Drive around 10 a.m. June 11. The officer said they saw a gray Toyota Corolla that matched the description speed off. Police say the driver did not stop, even after the patrol car activated lights and sirens.

Police say the vehicle stopped around Amanda Loop, at which point the suspect fled on foot, dropping a pistol. The suspect, identified as Barnwell, got away but was caught by another officer around North Ripley Street and Communications Parkway. Once they were back at the scene, police say they found marijuana and a spent 9 mm shell casing in the vehicle.

Police said the pistol was also stolen, and Barnwell did not have a valid pistol permit. Investigators also learned that Barnwell was on bond for a murder charge in Macon County and first-degree robbery charge in Tallapoosa County. According to court filings, heโ€™s accused of killing Kindell Kendarius Huffman by shooting him in the back of the head on Oct. 13, 2020. A motion has been filed to revoke his bond.

[NNN forum thread:]  BLACKETY BLACK Murder suspect on bond arrested again after alleged chase in Montgomery

    (Black) Memphis man arrested & charged with raping and kidnapping federal employee
SUSPECT-NAME MEMPHIS, Tenn. โ€” A man accused of raping and kidnapping a federal employee is behind bars. In a Facebook post, Memphis Police said a woman โ€“ a federal employee โ€“ was raped and held against her will Thursday night in the 3800 block of South Advantage Drive. Thatโ€™s just north of the Wolf River near Stage James Road.

Police said the victim was able to escape and call for help. Investigators said Friday, 31-year-old Antonio Taylor was arrested on North Advantage Way. He is charged with aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault, convicted felon in possession of a firearm, possession of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony, and theft of property.

[NNN forum thread:]  Memphis MuhDikkin' (black) man arrested & charged with raping and kidnapping federal employee

Black-on-White: Miscegenous couple 'legedly carried out murderous rampage across U.S.
black suspect black suspect Adrienne Simpson and Tyler Terry have been likened to the notorious criminal duo Bonnie and Clyde. Bonnie and Clyde have been SLANDERED by being compared to this killer negro and his white sex pocket.

Simpson and Terry criss-crossed multiple states spanning more than 1,000 miles in May, chalking up dozens of charges in a rap sheet that included a combined four homicide charges in South Carolina and Missouri โ€” with investigators tying them to a fifth slaying in Tennessee โ€” while also wounding three men in separate shootings and riddling six vehicles with bullets.

During their alleged crime spree, the South Carolina couple led Chester County Sheriff Max Dorsey's deputies on a high-speed chase topping 100 mph. Simpson was behind the wheel of a 2020 Mitsubishi Mirage while Terry fired a volley of gunshots at six pursuing officers, striking three patrol vehicles, according to court documents.

โ€œThey were extremely dangerous. They became even more dangerous after the initial murder,โ€ Dorsey said during interviews with NBC News this month. โ€œThat danger increased because they no longer had anything to lose. I believe thatโ€™s what led them to not having a concern for anyone elseโ€™s well-being after that.โ€

Through court documents, police statements and jail records, NBC News pieced together a timeline of the duo's alleged crime wave, which centered around three dates: May 2, May 15 and May 17.

[NNN forum thread:]  Body of fine knee grow found in Chester Co, SC ditch; his mudshark and new jigro arrested
Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

    (Black) Mother and aunt of 14-year-old Twaneshia Hicks charged with first degree murder, deputies say
black suspect CLAIBORNE CO., Miss. (WLBT) - Claiborne County Sheriff Edward Goods says the mother and aunt of 14-year-old Twaneshia Hicks were charged with murder. Good says the teenโ€™s mother, Twan Hicks, and aunt, Tarinette Hicks, were charged with first-degree murder Friday.

Twaneshia Hicks appeared in court on June 14th and received a $100,000 bond, according to Goods. The mother and aunt also received bond.

In May, 14-year-old Twaneshia Hicks fatally stabbed 16-year-old Dโ€™Tavious Dorsey around the Hermanville Apartments near Highway 18. Goods said the stabbing stemmed from โ€œtrash talkโ€ over a basketball game between the two teens. He also said the victim did not live at the apartment but was visiting a relative who lived near the apartment complex.

[NNN forum thread:]  Fatass Negress Mother and Aunt charged with stabbing daughter/Niece to deff

    Cops release pic of (Black) suspect in NYC shooting near kids
black suspect Police released a new surveillance photo of a suspect in Thursdayโ€™s terrifying Bronx shooting, in which numerous shots were fired within inches of two Bronx children in broad daylight.

The new image, which was sent to the press Friday night, shows a man described as a โ€œperson of interestโ€ in a subway turnstile wearing all dark clothing and a black durag.

[NNN forum thread:]  Shocking video shows (black) masked gunman opening fire on NYC sidewalk

(Black female) Jacksonville gas station owner among 8 indicted on drug trafficking charges
black suspect JACKSONVILLE, Fla. โ€“ Eight members of an armed drug trafficking organization who were recently indicted on federal charges include a 44-year-old Jacksonville woman who played a major role in the operation, according to court documents.

Kimberly Walker and seven others are charged with conspiracy to distribute and to possess with intent to distribute MDMA, a drug also known as ecstasy or molly, and another drug commonly referred to as flakka.

According to court documents, Walker appears to have been the person who was calling the shots in what is described by federal investigators as a drug trafficking organization. According to transcripts from phone conversations that were intercepted by federal agents, Walker made sure narcotics were available for sale at a โ€œtrap houseโ€ on 14th Street, which is described by undercover agents as a home where narcotics are stored and sold from.

[NNN forum thread:]  (black) Jacksonville gas station owner among 8 indicted on drug trafficking charges

    Parts of Jackson, Mississippi considered โ€˜high riskโ€™ for insurance coverage due to crime

Racial Demographics for Jackson, Mississippi - Black or African American 82.18%

[NNN forum thread:]  Areas of Spook City now deemed uninsurable due to rampant crime

    (Mixed-race Tattooed face black) Man charged with home invasion, aggravated assault in Forrest Co.
SUSPECT-NAME FORREST COUNTY, Miss. (WDAM) - A suspect in a reported home invasion and domestic violence situation in Forrest County was arrested by U.S. Marshals on Wednesday. According to the Forrest County Sheriffโ€™s Office, Deaundre Bates was wanted in connection with an incident that happened Tuesday on River Road.

Because it is an ongoing investigation, a spokesman for the sheriffโ€™s office said further details will not be released at this time. The sheriffโ€™s office said Bates is being charged with home invasion, aggravated domestic violence and two counts of aggravated assault. As of 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, Bates had not yet been booked into the Forrest County Jail.

[NNN forum thread:]  Face Tattooed Shine nabbed for home invasion

    (Black) Vicksburg women arrested after shootout at Deluxe Inn Hotel
black suspect JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Two women in Vicksburg are alive and well but facing several charges for a shootout at a hotel. Vicksburg Police Department says Anana Nicole Haymer told detectives she heard a loud sound outside her hotel room and noticed Lajessica Reโ€™sha Miller outside, damaging her vehicle.

Haymer left her room, police say, and thatโ€™s when a gun battle broke out between the women. VPD says this incident stems from an ongoing dispute between the two. Three other occupants were in the room, and no one was injured, police say.

Miller will face charges of shooting into an occupied dwelling and aggravated assault. Haymer will also be charged with shooting into an unoccupied vehicle. Both women appear before Judge Angela Carpenter inside Vicksburg Municipal Court Thursday.

[NNN forum thread:]  2 female apes arrested for hotel shootout

* "Lajessica Reโ€™sha" * Stupid Negro Names

    (Black animal abuse) 260 living animals, at least 16 carcasses found on Capitola Road property
black suspect TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - The Leon County Sheriffโ€™s Office found a total of 260 living animals and at least 16 carcasses on a Capitola Road property during its investigation of an animal cruelty case. Marion Harmon faces a total of 57 charges, including 34 counts of animal cruelty, seven counts of tormenting, depriving, mutilating or killing animals and 16 counts of unlawful disposal of dead animals.

Harmon made his first court appearance at 11 a.m. Wednesday in Leon County. As of 11:40 a.m., court records showed he was still at the Leon County Jail. His bond is estimated to be $41,500. Deputies were at 12759 Capitola Road all day Tuesday processing the scene. According to LCSO Public Information Officer Shade McMillian, one of the cows taken from the property gave birth to a baby calf and both are in good condition. Last week, one of the sheep gave birth to twin lambs, and McMillian says theyโ€™re all in good condition as well.

A Florida A&M University spokesperson confirmed to WCTV Harmon was a professor there. The university sent the following statement to our newsroom: According to the Florida A&M University Office of Human Resources, Marion Harmon was employed as a nine-month employee as an assistant visiting professor within the Department of Computer Information Systems until the end of the spring 2021 semester. He is currently employed on an OPS contract that was scheduled to end with the close of the C term on August 2.

Harmon does not have a signed contract to teach this fall. He retired in August 2019 and was re-hired in August 2020.

RELATED: Arrest made in animal cruelty investigation, deputies removing at least 150 animals from property

[NNN forum thread:]  Silverback arrested for torturing animals

    (Black) Arrest made in Orange Avenue shooting from May
black suspect TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - The Tallahassee Police Department says it has arrested an 18-year-old man in connection to a shooting at a gas station on Orange Avenue that happened on May 8. Nyquze Hall faces charges of attempted second-degree murder and possession of a firearm by a delinquent, arrest records show.

The probable cause affidavit says TPD officers responded to a report of a shooting at 1410 W Orange Ave. around 10 p.m. that day. The victim, who had run to Lake Munson Street for help after they were shot in the back, was taken to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. The affidavit says the gas stationโ€™s surveillance cameras captured the shooting, and officers spoke to the victim at TMH to get their account of the incident.

The victim told police he was with a group of friends who walked to the gas station with him. Hall exited a white minivan parked at a gas pump and approached the group when they were in the parking lot. He asked them who they were and where they were from, according to the victim. The victim started to walk away from Hall, and Hall tried to pistol-whip him, but the victim dodge it because his friends warned him about the attack, the affidavit says. The victim then told Hall he would fight him only if Hall put the gun away, but Hall hit him in the head with the gun. The affidavit says Hall can be seen on the surveillance video chasing the victim and the group across the front of the store and shooting once at the victim.

โ€œA fired cartridge case was located in the area where the suspect fired one round at the fleeing victim,โ€ the affidavit says. As Hall ran south on Cypress Lake Street, a woman drove the minivan away from the scene and another woman, who came out of the minivan during the fight, also ran away on Cypress Lake Street, the affidavit says.

The affidavit says Hall was identified as a possible suspect during the investigation, and he matched the physical description. Additionally, when the surveillance video was compared to official photos of Hall, โ€œthey were indeed the same person,โ€ the affidavit says.

A week after the shooting, Hallโ€™s mother was involved in an unrelated TPD investigation, and officers noticed she drove a white minivan identical to the one at the gas station the night of the shooting. Investigators learned the minivan was a rental from Enterprise, and the traffic monitoring devices indicated the vehicle was in the area of the shooting at the times consistent with the surveillance video.

Investigators also found old social media posts of Hall showing off a pistol that had a mounted light, similar to one found at the scene. Hall was arrested Thursday, June 17 at 4:20 p.m. He was taken to the Leon County Jail.

[NNN forum thread:]  Tallahassee Tar Monkey nabbed for attempted murder

    Truck runs over two people, killing one, at Florida (faggot) Pride parade
members of a local Gay Menโ€™s Chorus, have maintained the deadly crash was an accident by one of its own members.
The white pickup truck โ€” carrying a rainbow-colored Sodomite Pride flag โ€” was lined up with other floats when the driver hit the gas and ran over the two would-be marchers

[NNN forum thread:]  Truck runs over two people, killing one, at Florida Pride parade

โ€˜Come here boy.โ€™ Dirty Old LGBTQ Man tries to kidnap 12-year-old mowing his lawn, Tennessee police say

    Portland Police Association leader explains why all members of Portland police riot squad resigned

    Charges against hundreds of NYC rioters, looters have been dropped
Hundreds of people arrested for looting and rioting across the Big Apple last year in the wake of George Floydโ€™s police-involved death have had their charges dropped, according to an analysis of NYPD data โ€” figures ripped as โ€œdisgustingโ€ by local business owners.

In the Bronx โ€” which saw fires in the street and mass looting last June โ€” more than 60 percent have had charges dropped, according to the investigation by NBC New York. Along with 73 out of the 118 arrested getting charges completely dropped, another 19 were convicted on lesser counts like trespassing, which carries no jail time, the report said.

Some 18 cases are still open, with the station not accounting for the other 8 arrests. In Manhattan โ€” where looters ran rampant across Soho and midtown, even invading Macyโ€™s โ€” some 222 of those arrested had their cases completely dropped, while 73 got lesser counts.

Of the 485 arrested at the time in the borough, just 128 cases remain open, with another 40 involving juveniles and cases sent to family court, the outlet said. A protester stands in front of police with a "Justice for George Floyd" sign.

โ€œThose numbers, to be honest with you, is disgusting,โ€ Jessica Betancourt, who owns a Bronx eyeglass store that was looted and is vice president of a local merchants association, told NBC. โ€œI was in total shock that everything is being brushed off to the side,โ€ she said.

โ€œThey could do it again because they know they wonโ€™t get the right punishment,โ€ she said of the looters and rioters who once again left the Bronx burning. Former NYPD Chief of Patrol Wilbur Chapman said that the district attorneysโ€™ offices and the courts had โ€œallowed people who committed crimes to go scot-free.โ€ โ€œIf they are so overworked that they canโ€™t handle the mission that theyโ€™re hired for, then maybe they should find another line of work,โ€ Chapman told NBC.

[NNN forum thread:]  Charges against hundreds of NYC rioters, looters have been dropped

  Tierny REAL News Network Updates

**********       19 June 2021       **********

Yusif Salia Yusif Salia   VICTIM ROME -- An Italian court late Saturday convicted four African men in the drugging, aggravated sexual assault and murder of an Italian teen in Rome, a crime that spurred calls in Italy for quick expulsions of migrants illegally living in in the country, state TV and private Italian media said.

After some nine hours of deliberation, the court delivered its verdict and sentenced two of the defendants to life imprisonment, Italy's stiffest criminal punishment, and meted out prison sentences of 27 and 24.5 years to the other two, the LaPresse news agency said.

The body of Desiree Mariottini, 16, was found in October 2018 in an abandoned building used by drug dealers in a neighborhood near Romeโ€™s main train station. When arrested, the suspects were found to be lacking documents granting permission for migrants to legally reside in Italy.

Right-wing leader Matteo Salvini, who was interior minister at the time of the slaying, used the case to push his anti-migrant political agenda. The brutal crime also focused attention on the degradation of some areas of the Italian capital.

Some in Italy demanded that the then-populist government speed up expulsions of immigrants who were in Italy illegally, as promised by Salviniโ€™s League party during the 2018 election campaign.

Prosecutors, who had sought life imprisonment for all four defendants, alleged during the trial that Mariottini had been drugged, gang raped and left for dead in the abandoned building. Defendants were also charged with providing drugs to a minor. One of the defendants is from Gambia, two are from Senegal and the fourth is from Nigeria.

Image search for (White) Italian girl Desiree Mariottini


Another Italian tabloid with suspect images

Rome court convicts 4 BLACK AFRICAN MIGRANTS for sexual assault, murder of 16-yr-old WHITE female

The Murder of Desirรฉe Mariottini
On 17 October 2018, Mariottini reportedly missed the last bus and did not return to her home.

Mariottini was drugged and sexually assaulted in a "drug den" in the San Lorenzo district in Rome. While unconscious, Mariottini was assaulted multiple times by an unknown number of assailants. An autopsy showed she had taken drugs as early as the afternoon of October 18, and died later on the night of 19 October. It also showed that Mariottini was likely raped as she was dying.

On 25 October, two people were arrested for the murder: Mamadou Gara, 26 and Brian Minteh , 43. Both are accused, along other suspects, of gang rape, drug possession and voluntary homicide. The police are looking for at least two other men involved in the murder. The criminals were identified after a series of testimonies and findings made in the building where the body was found.

Around October 26th, two more arrests were made in the case; Alinno Chima, age 40, and Yusif Salia, whose age was not specified.


Round em up - ship em out!   -----   SEND THEM ALL BACK!

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Grand jury indicts (black) Stacey Gray for murder of (White) woman in 2015
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) โ€” A Muscogee County Grand Jury has indicted Stacey Gray murder charges less than three weeks after an Alabama judge dismissed capital murder charges in the 2015 death of Renee Eldridge. Muscogee County District Attorney Mark Jones tells News 3 he will pursue the death penalty against Gray.

โ€œI donโ€™t want to get too much into the evidence,โ€ Jones told WRBL. โ€œBut we have DNA evidence in the case that ties him to the 2014 rape as well as the 2015 incident. So, we have DNA evidence and itโ€™s going to tough for Mr. Gray to explain and tough for a trial jury to ignore. Why is Renee Eldridge in a creek dead in Chambers County when Stacey Grayโ€™s DNA is in her home and in her body. Heโ€™s got some explaining to do.โ€ The indictment, which came down Wednesday, was for murder, four counts of felony murder, kidnapping and rape.

Two days after charges were dismissed in Chambers County, Ala., following a ruling that the DNA evidence was not admissible because of a procedural error, Gray was extradited to Columbus to face 2014 rape and false imprisonment charges in a separate case. Gray pleaded not guilty to those charges and was being held without bond in the Muscogee County Jail when he was indicted.

The 25-year-old Eldridge was murdered in July 2015. She went missing from Columbus on July 4, 2015. Her bound and battered body was found three days later, having been dumped in the Osanippa Creek in Chambers County, according to officials.

Eldridgeโ€™s family had met with Jones after the Chambers County dismissal. They urged the District Attorney to seek murder charges in Muscogee County. Eldridgeโ€™s body was discovered in Chambers County, Ala. but she is believed to have been abducted from her Columbus home.

Details of (White female) Renee Eldridge murder, (black) suspectโ€™s involvement - 2015

[NNN forum thread:]  Columbus, GA WF, 25 found w/ blunt force trauma to head in creek was acquaintance to negro


    2 (Black) Teen Brothers Charged In Death Of Kevin Rosero In Richland Township, Bucks County Officials Say
black suspect RICHLAND TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) โ€” Authorities in Bucks County have identified the body of the man found in a wooded area in Richland Township. Two teenage brothers have been charged in the murder of 26-year-old Kevin Rosero, of Somerset, New Jersey.

The Bucks County District Attorneyโ€™s Office charged 17-year-old Joshua Gamble and 19-year-old Anthony Gamble, both of Somerset, New Jersey, with criminal homicide and other related charges. Joshua Gamble, 17, is being charged as an adult.

A state trooper found Roseroโ€™s body after pulling over to help what he thought was a disabled vehicle at East Pumping Station Road and California Road Thursday morning. The brotherโ€™s vehicle was parked behind Roseroโ€™s vehicle with the blinkers on. Officials say it is possible the two brothers were dumping their victimโ€™s body at East Pumping Station Road and California Road.

It still isnโ€™t clear if the victim was killed in the rented Audi A5 with Florida plates or was transported in it. Officials say there was a significant amount of blood in the vehicle. Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub says Joshua was wearing plastic work gloves on his left hand and had blood on his shoes.

The Subaru key fob he was holding was also stained with what police believe to be blood. His brother, Anthony, was seen running in the woods nearby. He also had blood on his shoes and his shirt. Police found the body of Rosero in the woods. โ€œStab wounds about his head, neck, upper chest and arm,โ€ Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub said.

A large knife described as having a wooden handle and a large blade with what appears to be blood on both the handle and blade was found in the passenger said of the Audi. Weintraub says a large knife was found in the passenger side of the Audi. Although both brothers had a lot of blood on them, they had no injuries.

โ€œIt is very difficult to kill somebody with a knife. It is often an intimate crime. You have to be within armโ€™s length to kill somebody with a knife and stab somebody more than once,โ€ Weintraub said. โ€œCertainly, we will be arguing that that is evidence of specific intent to kill.โ€ Authorities are paying attention to the fact that the younger brother, Josh, purchased sanitizer wipes from a nearby 7-Eleven shortly before the crime.

Teen Brothers Covered In Blood In Custody In Connection To Body Found In Bucks County Woods

[NNN forum thread:] 
2 BLACK Brothers Charged In Death Of HISPANIC In Richland Township,

    (Black) Man faces murder charge in death of 25-year-old Loris mom (with same last name)
black suspect MARION CO, S.C. (WBTW) โ€“ Deputies have charged a man with murder in the death of a 25-year-old Loris woman, according to the sheriffโ€™s office. Corey Dontray Rowell, 26, was arrested and charged with murder on Thursday afternoon. He was in jail on other charges when he was arrested, according to the Marion County Sheriffโ€™s Office.

Roswell is accused of killing Lasha Rowell on May 13. Her body was found on Tylaura Road near Mullins. She had two daughters, according to her obituary.

Rowell was in the Marion County Detention Center on charges of domestic violence, first-degree, resisting arrest and a weapons charge. He also had been charged with firearms violations in connection with a drive-by shooting in 2020.

    (Black) NYC mom who didnโ€™t want โ€˜fat-assโ€™ baby indicted in sonโ€™s malnutrition death
black suspect A Queens mom whose 7-month-old boy died from malnutrition has been indicted on manslaughter charges, officials said.

Carla Garriques, 28 โ€” who previously told The Post she was following the Bible with her babyโ€™s diet and wasnโ€™t โ€œgoing to carry a fat-ass childโ€ โ€” was arraigned Thursday on the three-count indictment and held in jail. Her tiny son, Kemari, died Oct. 30, 2020, after first responders were called to the Queens home.

An autopsy found that the baby suffered from โ€œsevere malnutrition.โ€ Kemari only weighed 9 pounds, 5 ounces โ€” nearly 10 pounds underweight, according to the Queens DAโ€™s Office. โ€œTragically, during seven short months of life, he suffered with too little food and barely any medical care,โ€ Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz said in a statement. โ€œHe died underweight with loss of muscle, bone and other maladies.

โ€œAs alleged, this defendant โ€” the infantโ€™s mother โ€” was the sole caregiver who neglected medical attention and failed to provide basic sustenance for life to this helpless victim.โ€

[NNN forum thread:]  NYC mom who didnโ€™t want โ€˜fat-assโ€™ baby indicted in sonโ€™s malnutrition death

    Police Searching For BLACK Dirt Bike-Riding Suspect In West Philadelphia Deadly Shooting
black suspect PHILADELPHIA (CBS) โ€” Police have released photos of a dirt bike-riding suspect wanted for allegedly shooting and killing a man in West Philadelphia Thursday evening. The shooting happened at the intersection of 52nd Street and Girard Avenue around 6:30 p.m.

Police say the 37-year-old man was shot twice in the head and once in the chest. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Police describe the suspect as a black man with a thin build. He was wearing a blue and white Troy Lee Designs GP Yamaha Jersey shirt, jeans, white sneakers and a full face mask. He was riding a green dirt bike at the time of the shooting.

[NNN forum thread:]  Police Searching For Dirt Bike-Riding Suspect In West Philadelphia Deadly Shooting

    Court jails ex-Liberian warlord Kosiah 20 years for war crimes, CANNIBALISM
black suspect black suspect black suspect A former Liberian warlord was jailed for 20 years in Switzerland on Friday, becoming the first person from the country to be convicted of war crimes committed during the bloody conflict there a generation ago. Alieu Kosiah, 46, who was arrested in Switzerland in 2014, was found guilty of multiple atrocities committed during the first of Liberiaโ€™s back-to-back civil wars, in which about 250,000 people died between 1989 and 2003.

The verdict handed down by Switzerlandโ€™s Federal Criminal Court in the southern city of Bellinzona marks the first time a Liberian has been convicted โ€” either in the west African country or anywhere else โ€” of war crimes committed during the conflict. Kosiah, who denied the charges, stood accused of committing a string of war crimes while commander of the United Liberation Movement of Liberia for Democracy (ULIMO) armed group.

He was found guilty of 21 out of the 25 charges, including ordering or participating in the killing of 17 civilians and two unarmed soldiers. He was also found guilty of rape, and having deployed a child soldier, ordered lootings, and of repeatedly inflicting cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment on civilians.

He was sentenced to 20 years in prison, minus the more than six and a half years spent in detention. Liberian rebel sentenced in Switzerland for war crimes, cannibalism Kosiah faced 25 charges including one where he was accused of eating slices of a man's heart.
He was convicted of that and all but four of the other counts, documents from the Swiss Federal Court showed.

    (Black) CRIME: Auburn police arrest man on rape charge
SUSPECT-NAME AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL) โ€“ The Auburn Police Department has made an arrest in a rape case. According to police, Koreyan Dโ€™Andre McBride, age 21, was arrested on June 15, 2021, on a felony warrant charging him with rape second degree.

Police say the investigation into McBride, of Auburn, began on June 3, 2021. According to investigators, police responded to the 1200 block of South College Street, about in incident involving a juvenile that was older than twelve but less than age sixteen. During the investigation it was determined that McBride had sex with the juvenile.

Police obtained a warrant for McBrideโ€™s arrest. On June 15, he was booked into the Lee County Jail on a $25,000 bond.

    (Black) CRIME: 2nd person arrested in connection with Hartsville area shooting
black suspect DARLINGTON COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) โ€” A second person was arrested Thursday in connection with a Hartsville area shooting. Antonio Verell Mills, Jr., was arrested and charged with two counts of attempted murder. The charges are in connection with a shooting that happened June 10 on Calvary Road, according to officials.

Police were called after reports of people shooting from a gold Chevrolet Tahoe. Two suspects later showed up at a hospital with gunshot wounds, according to deputies.

Terence Ford was previously arrested and charged with two counts of attempted murder in connection with the shooting. Mills was arrested in 2020 in connection with a deadly shooting at Macโ€™s Lounge in Hartsville.

    (Black) Taser-wielding madman sparks mayhem in Washington Square Park, cops say
black suspect wounded victim Mayhem erupted in beleaguered Washington Square Park early Saturday when a taser-waving madman armed with a knife sent park dwellers running out of the park โ€” trampling a woman in the process.

The woman was left covered in blood after she was โ€œrun overโ€ in the stampede to safety, police said. Dramatic images show the victim, 43, bleeding from her face. She was taken to Bellevue Hospital in stable condition with cuts, scrapes and bruises, cops said.

Police collared a 42-year-old Manhattan man following the chaos. Jason McDermott is charged with menacing, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon.

[NNN forum thread:]  Taser-wielding madman sparks mayhem in Washington Square Park, cops say

    HISPANIC CRIME: $1 million bond set for Midland teen facing murder charge
A Midland teen facing a murder charge in connection with the shooting death of another teenager last month is being held on a $1 million bond. Greg Anthony Barrera, 17, was arrested Sunday on a warrant by the deputies with the Andrews County Sheriffโ€™s Office. He is being charged with murder โ€” a first-degree felony charge โ€” and was being held Wednesday in Midland County jail.

On May 29, Midland police were dispatched to Kesslerโ€™s on the 3200 block of West Wall Street at about 10 p.m. in response a gunshot victim. Officers discovered that a man โ€“ later identified as 19-year-old Samuel Anaya III โ€” was shot multiple times and transported to Midland Memorial Hospital. Anaya died of his injuries, according to an arrest affidavit.

Witnesses told officers that four males riding in a dark-colored Nissan truck were told they couldnโ€™t park their vehicle where they wanted and needed to move. The truck then โ€œpeeledโ€ out of the parking lot and headed to the alley behind the venue, according to the affidavit. The driver โ€“ later identified as Barreraโ€” was identified as one of the performers of the event, according to the affidavit.

    Foregin man from INDIA sentenced to 2 years in jail for abusive sexual contact on flight bound for Myrtle Beach
mud suspect MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) โ€” A man who was accused of sexually assaulting a woman while on a flight to Myrtle Beach has been sentenced to two years in prison. Chief United States District Judge Martin Reidinger sentenced 29-year-old Siva K. Durbesula, of India, to an additional 10 years of supervised release and imposed a $5,000 assessment fine, according to information released Friday from the U.S. Attorneyโ€™s Office Western District of North Carolina.

On June 23, 2019, Durbesula was on a flight from Chicago to Myrtle Beach when he sexually assaulted the woman who was seated next to him, according to the announcement. The woman testified that he pulled her toward him and then repeatedly groped her during the flight. After the crew moved him away from the victim, he then asked to return to his previous seat so he could talk to her.

A second victim testified that three months prior to the June flight, he pinned her into a corner on the New York City subway and groped her. Those charges are still pending. He was convicted of the crime in November.

Durbesula was originally indicted in South Carolina and was later transferred to North Carolina.

    NYC: Potential return of cop-killer Black Liberation Movement shocks experts
African African A Washington Square Park agitatorโ€™s claim this week to be a member of the Black Liberation Movement shocked law enforcement experts already troubled by escalating violence in the green space and anti-cop sentiment across the city.

โ€œUh-oh, the Black Liberation Movement is not what you want to hear. This is bad,โ€ Manny Gomez, a former NYPD officer and FBI agent, told The Post. โ€œThese are anarchists and theyโ€™re getting more and more brazen.โ€

The revelation comes as more violence erupted Friday night in the famed Greenwich Village park. A woman was left bloody after she was trampled by a terrified crowd fleeing a man who was waving a knife and a taser. The man was arrested.

The Black Liberation Movement, or Black Liberation Army, was a violent branch of the Black Panther Party in the 1970s blamed for the execution of more than a dozen cops around the country, including four New York City officers in 1971 and 1972.

[NNN forum thread:]  Potential return of cop-killer Black Liberation Movement shocks experts

    Washington Square Park statue of famous Italian vandalized
The statue of Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi in Washington Square Park was vandalized, police said Friday.

Cops say illegible graffiti was found Thursday spray-painted on three sides of the statue of Garibaldi, an Italian leader credited with helping to unify Italy in the 19th century.

Garibaldi was a follower of the Italian nationalist Mazzini and embraced the republican nationalism of the Young Italy movement.

He became a supporter of Italian unification under a democratic republican government; however, breaking with Mazzini, he pragmatically allied himself with the monarchist Cavour and Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia in the struggle for independence, subordinating his republican ideals to his nationalist ones until Italy was unified.

[NNN forum thread:]  Washington Square Park statue of famous Italian vandalized

    Editor note: Smedley Butler recommended this topic.

Who or what is "BLACKROCK" and what the (excuse) HELL are they up to?
(some devilish plot to provide free rent in too-white neighborhoods to illeal aliens?) Smedley Butler

Blackrock is buying every single family house they can find, paying 20-50% above asking price and outbidding normal home buyers.

Yes, BlackRockโ€™s Home-Buying Spree Should Concern You

Why is Blackrock buying every single family house they can find, paying 20-50% above asking price?

Comments from an 'INQUIRING MINDS' newsfeed

BlackRock to Allow Only Vaccinated Staff to Return to Office

Blackrock - wiki

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**********       18 June 2021       **********

    (Black) 7-Year-Old Fatally Stabbed In Dallas, Woman Arrested
black suspect wounded victim DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) โ€“ A 7-year-old girl was stabbed to death in Dallas Thursday and a woman was charged in the incident, police said. The incident happened at a home in the 2900 block of Frazier Street. Police said they learned the young girl and another male juvenile had been stabbed by an adult female.

According to police, a witness who also lived at the home asked a neighbor for assistance in restraining the suspect and getting help for the victims. Police said the neighbor took the 7-year-old to a fire station, where she was transported to a hospital. She later died from her injuries.

The other juvenile victim is in stable condition at the hospital. The suspect was arrested and later identified as Troyshaye Mone Hall, 24. She was charged with capital murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Her bond was set at $1.5 million.

[NNN forum thread:]  7-Year-Old Fatally Stabbed In Dallas, Negress Arrested

* "Troyshaye Mone" * Stupid Negro Names

    (Black) Driver was going 97 mph before crash that killed mom, 2 teens in Phoenix
black suspect victim name wounded victim wounded victim wounded victim (PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Investigators say the driver who ran a red light and caused a crash that killed a mom and her two kids in Phoenix was going more than double the speed limit right before impact.

Police say 33-year-old Raymond Montgomery was going 97 miles per hour three seconds before the crash at Seventh and Missouri avenues on Thursday afternoon.

About a half a second before the crash, he was going more than 70 mph in the SUV he stole, detectives said. Montgomery has been booked into jail. He has been charged with robbery, three counts of homicide, theft and multiple counts of assault. Investigators say the three people who died -- a family -- were all in the same car. Ali Geer, 18, and Almira Geer, 16, were both pronounced dead at the scene. Their mother, 45-year-old Courtney Lonergan, died at the hospital. Ali was behind the wheel. A GoFundMe page has been set up to assist with funeral costs.

This started with a report of a stolen SUV in the area of 17th and Missouri avenues just after 3:45 p.m. Investigators said a woman was in her dark blue Cadillac SRX when Montgomery, who she knew, punched her in the face and then stole her SUV. Police say she managed to get out before he drove away. A few minutes later, Montgomery sped through a red light at Seventh and Missouri avenues, according to police. The Cadillac collided with a white Honda Civic driven by Ali.

The force of that crash caused a chain reaction, hitting a Dodge Ram pickup truck that had a father and his 5-year-old son inside. The pickup truck was then shoved into a City of Phoenix bus. No one on the bus was hurt. Montgomery continued east on Missouri Avenue, striking a woman in the crosswalk and another car. The pedestrian and the driver of that car suffered injuries that aren't life-threatening.

A total of five vehicles were involved in the wreck. In all, six people, including Montgomery, were hurt. Police say Montgomery may have been impaired.

taken too soon - (gofundme)

[NNN forum thread:]  Re: Niggers And Cars Don't Mix - Driver was going 97 mph before crash that killed mom, 2 teens in Phoenix

    (Black) 18-year-old female charged with capital murder in fatal carjacking in Fairfield; more arrests expected
black suspect An 18-year-old is in custody in connection with the carjacking and shooting death of a man in Fairfield. Joydan Jaโ€™Niece Blackwell, who lives near Forestdale, was book into the Jefferson County Jail at 1:03 a.m. Friday. She is charged with capital murder in the slaying of 27-year-old Jon Paul Matthew Kimber.

Blackwell is also charged with first-degree theft of property, first-degree shooting into an occupied vehicle and first-degree robbery. Other arrests are expected. Kimber was found slain shortly after 10 p.m. Wednesday at Gary Avenue and 49th Street in downtown Fairfield. A passerby discovered Kimber unresponsive in an area between Payless Drugs and another building. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Sgt. Joni Money said Blackwell and the other unnamed suspects are accused of trying to rob Kimber of his vehicle. When he fought back, he was shot multiple times. His car was then stolen. Sgt.Money said the suspects and Kimber were acquaintances.

Authorities on Thursday asked for the publicโ€™s help locating Kimberโ€™s Nissan Sentra. That vehicle has since been recovered. Blackwellโ€™s bond on the theft, shooting and robbery charges totals $120,000 but she is being held without bond on the capital murder charge.

* "Joydan Jaโ€™Niece" * Stupid Negro Names

    (Black) Teen arrested after going on a shooting spree in the West Valley that left 1 dead, 12 hurt
black suspect SURPRISE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) โ€“ A 19-year-old Surprise man was booked into the Maricopa County jail Friday morning as the suspect in Thursday's West Valley shooting spree that left one person dead and a dozen others hurt.

Ashin Tricarico is charged with 1st-Degree Murder and endangerment. He was also charged with multiple counts of Aggravated Assault and Drive-by Shooting, authorities said. Police say detectives are still working to determine Tricarico's motive behind the shootings. According to Peoria police, the next update will be released Monday, June 21.

According to Peoria police, out of the 13 victims injured in the shooting incidents, 4 people were struck by a bullet. The 9 other victims were injured in the shooting incidents but not physically shot. One person, who was found shot in a drainage ditch along the Loop 101 and Thunderbird Road in Peoria, has been pronounced dead. They were later described as a 56-year-old man, but the department did not release their identity.

The first known shooting happened in the area of 103rd and Northern avenues around 11:10 a.m. when Peoria police were called to a shooting and found a person in a car that had been shot. That victim and a witness gave officers a description of the suspect vehicle and license plate. Officers began looking for a white Volkswagen Tiguan seen leaving the scene.

As officers were investigating the first shooting, numerous other reports of shootings were coming into dispatchers in Peoria Police Department, Surprise Police Department, Maricopa County Sherriffโ€™s Office and the Department of Public Safety. Police say a total of eight shooting locations have been tied to the suspect. The entire incident took place over an hour and a half, police said. U.S. CITIZENSHIP STATUS OF SUSPECT NOT REPORTED.

Forename: Ashin - Most prevalent in Myanmar

Surname: Tricarico - Most prevalent in Italy

[NNN forum thread:]  Surprise, AZ mud mix charged in West Valley shooting spree that left 1 dead, 12 hurt

    โ€˜Violentโ€™ (Black) sex offender brutally raped 61-year-woman, cops say
SUSPECT-NAME A โ€œviolentโ€ sex offender raped a woman outside his group home on Wards Island โ€” leaving her with bruises on her face and body, The Post has learned. Police found the victim, 61, in Wards Island Park just after 4 p.m. Wednesday, walking half-naked with a bloody T-shirt that was ripped in half.

The woman had severe swelling to her face and bruises all over her back, according to cops and a graphic photo obtained by The Post. William Manning, 35, was arrested and charged with rape, sexual assault and criminal possession of a weapon, police said.

Manning, who gave an address for a Wards Island group home run by the Manhattan Psychiatric Center, was designated a โ€œsexually violent offenderโ€ by the state after a sex abuse conviction from 2014 in which he choked and beat a 22-year-old stranger, records show. The felon served four years of his five-year sentence in prison and was on parole until 2024, prison records show.

[NNN forum thread:]  Violentโ€™ sambo sex offender brutally raped 61-year-woman

    Naked (rabid black) 'man' arrested for burglary, assault and other charges Thursday morning in Moberly
SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim MOBERLY, Mo. (KMIZ) Moberly police arrested a naked man Thursday morning after he allegedly burglarized homes and assaulted a homeowner. According to police, 35-year-old Jโ€™Angelo Robinson was seen running from the 100 block of Thompson St. after reports of several burglaries in the area.

Officers report Robinson failed commands to comply and resisted arrest before being taken into custody. According to police, Robinson allegedly forced his way into three separate residences causing property damage and assaulting one homeowner. One of the residences had small children present during the burglary.

Robinson is charged with two counts of first degree burglary and third degree assault. The warrant authorized a bond of $50,000 cash only.

[NNN forum thread:]  Naked negro monkey arrested for burglary, assault and other charges in Moberly, MO Urban Dictionary: UGGA BUGGA!

    (Black) Brockton High School Volunteer Football Coach Arrested On Child Sex Assault Charges
SUSPECT-NAME BROCKTON (CBS) โ€“ A volunteer football coach at Brockton High School is accused of sexually assaulting a child.

Boston Police arrested 33-year-old Kharee Louis-Jeune Thursday on several charges including rape of a child, trafficking a person for sexual servitude and possession of child pornography.

โ€œIn his role as a volunteer coach, this individualโ€™s duties would not typically involve unsupervised contact with our student-athletes,โ€ Brockton Schools Superintendent Mike Thomas said in a letter to parents of football players.

โ€œIn accordance with Massachusetts law and district policies, he passed a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check prior to being accepted as a volunteer.โ€

Kharee Louis-Jeune - on facebook

[NNN forum thread:]  Brockton, MA High School Volunteer Football Coon Coach Arrested On Child Sex Assault Charges

    (Black) Duluth negro charged in 'vicious' assault, robbery of a 78-year-old man
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim The 28-year-old suspect arrested after an assault and robbery Wednesday in Duluth's Lakeside neighborhood is charged with first-degree aggravated robbery and first-degree burglary. Warren Holt Jr., of Duluth, is accused of assaulting a 78-year-old man and then stealing his Ford truck, which was parked in front of the victim's house. The two men are unknown to each other.

"The attack was swift and vicious," the criminal complaint read. The assault, which took place in the victim's garage, involved strangling, a blow to the victim's head and stabbing with a woodworking tool, according to the complaint. The suspect then took the victim's keys and fled in the truck.

"The victim's injuries are significant and extensive," the complaint continued. The victim suffered several injuries to the face and head as well as puncture wounds to the chest, including above his heart. He also suffered broken ribs, a punctured lung and damage to the neck and throat.

The assault took place around 2 p.m. Wednesday. As of Friday morning, the victim was still receiving treatment at a local hospital. The status of his injuries and recovery were unknown at that time. Deputies with the Carlton County Sheriff's Office located Holt in the truck near Scanlon later that day. He told deputies that he was looking to purchase the truck and was test-driving it, the complaint said. At the time of the arrest, the suspect had a fresh cut on his wrist and a red substance that appeared to be blood on his shoe.

Before the assault, the victim had seen the suspect looking at his truck. Holt told the Lakeside resident he was thinking about getting the same one. Shortly after, Holt came back to "ambush" the victim in his garage, according to the complaint. Holt's first court appearance was Friday. His bail was set at $150,000 and he's being held in the St. Louis County Jail. Holt was convicted in 2017 of a misdemeanor domestic assault in Cloquet.

Suspect Arrested for Assaulting, Stabbing 78-Year-Old Man in Lakeside

Suspect in Lakeside Stabbing Formally Charged

[NNN forum thread:]  Duluth, MN coon charged in 'vicious' assault, robbery

    (Negress) Juror who fell for killer during 2012 trial fatally shot in NYC
black suspect black suspect victim name African A woman who fell for a killer while serving as a juror at his trial โ€” and tried to set him free โ€” was among three people fatally shot amid the latest wave of gun violence across New York City, authorities confirmed Thursday. Katherine Diop, 29, was gunned down in the Bronx late Wednesday following a fight between her brother and another man, cops said. Diopโ€™s brother, 31, was also shot and wounded when the other man opened fire at East 194th Street and Marion Avenue in Fordham Manor, cops said. The slaying came little more than five years after Diop made headlines when she was prosecuted over her stint serving jury duty in 2012 in a case that could have sent her away for seven years. After being picked for a murder trial, Diop developed a crush on defendant Devon Thomas, who was charged with fatally shooting Abdoul Toure, an African immigrant and aspiring basketball player, in 2008. The Bronx District Attorneyโ€™s Office launched an investigation that found that Diop falsely claimed during jury selection for Thomasโ€™ first trial to never have been arrested or been a defendant in court.

[NNN forum thread:]  Negress Juror who fell for killer during 2012 trial fatally shot in NYC

    (Black) Tammsha Rice-Williams Arrested In Connection With Deadly Shooting At N. Colorado Blvd. & E. Colfax Ave.
black suspect DENVER (CBS4) โ€“ The Denver Police Department announced an arrest on Friday in connection with a deadly shooting at North Colorado Boulevard and East Colfax Avenue. Tammsha Rice-Williams, 34, is being held for investigation of second degree murder in the death of Lee Walker, 69. Officers responded to the shooting just before 1 a.m. on May 20 and found Walker shot inside a vehicle. He later died from his injuries. Soon after the shooting, investigators released surveillance photos of a dark colored vehicle wanted in connection with the case. The suspect vehicle appeared to have a faded hood and roof, black rims and a bag/tarp covering the rear window and trunk Rice-Williams and Walker knew each other, according to investigators. DPD has not commented on a motive for the shooting and the probable cause statement is sealed.

* "Tammsha" * Stupid Negro Names

    Baltimore experiencing a violent week with 12 killed, 21 shot heading into the weekend

Baltimore Police are investigating another homicide after a man was found fatally shot near the Baltimore County line in West Baltimore Friday night, continuing a violent week in which 12 people have been killed and another 21 injured in shootings. So far this year, 157 people have been killed in Baltimore, and another 320 have been shot and injured, according to police data.

New York City - shootings overnight

Chicago - shootings overnight

3 killed, 10 wounded in shootings in Chicago Thursday

13 shot, 3 fatally, Thursday in Chicago

Philadelphia shootings overnight

  Australian Police Arrest MUSLIM JIHAD TERRORIST Over Alleged Islamic State Membership
MELBOURNE (Reuters) - A Sydney man who posted extremist rhetoric and possessed recipes for explosives has been arrested for allegedly being a member of the Islamic State group, Australian police said on Saturday. "The man has been charged with membership of a terrorist organisation, namely Islamic State," after a seven-month investigation, the Australian Federal Police and the New South Wales police said in a joint statement.

They did not name the 24-year-old, who was arrested on Friday, a typical practice in Australia unless the police deem the identification of the suspect in the interest of the victim's family or the public. "There is no ongoing threat to the community relating to this investigation," the police said. The man faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.



  DOJ Warns Red States Can't Void Federal Gun Laws - Gives Blue States Grants to Void Federal Immigration Laws
The Department of Justice under Biden-appointed Attorney General Merrick Garland on Wednesday threatened Missouri that they cannot void federal gun laws -- just two months after changing DOJ policies to share $250 million in annual grants with states which void federal immigration laws.

Shortly after being sworn in, Biden overturned a Trump executive order that had allowed the Justice Department to pressure cities that refused to notify federal immigration authorities when people living in the U.S. illegally have been detained for criminal violations, including minor ones.

[NNN forum thread:]  Biden puppet of Satanic anti-american, anti-white powers continues to reverse Trump revolution

โ€œFor we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.โ€

  Was Jan 6 A Contrived, Planned False Flag? Provocative Video Released - Would Explain Why Trump Baited Patriots To Come To DC

[Link to the bitchute video]

[NNN forum thread:] 
Was Jan 6 A Contrived, Planned False Flag?Would Explain Why Trump Baited Patriots To Come To DC

  Tierny REAL News Network Updates

  • Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....

  • Portland's ENTIRE 50-person riot squad resigned in protest after one of their officers was WRONGLY indicted for assaulting a reporter while he was trying to break up an ANTIFA riot. ANTIFA often pretends to be the media. That means NOBODY is available for riot control in Portland - HEADQUARTERS of Communist BLM-ANTIFA terrorists! Let's see how the people of Portland, Oregon like that!

**********       17 June 2021       **********

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Black Woman faces assault charges after 'legedly attacking McDonaldโ€™s workers
over miscegenous "3-some" slushy order:

BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM RAVENNA, Ohio (WOIO) - Brian Allenโ€™s run to get breakfast on Monday morning turned into something he never imagined. He was inside the McDonaldโ€™s at 418 W. Main Street in Ravenna, Ohio and noticed a black woman upset over her order.

โ€œI heard her ask for a slushie with all three flavors mixed into one,โ€ Allen said. โ€œWhereupon the manager informed her that they could not do that, and she became increasingly irritated and combative and decided that she would go behind the counter and fix her own @#%#$* drink.โ€ Allen said there was an exchange of words and he started recording on his cellphone.

**WARNING: The video contains explicit obscene profane negro language**

Black 'slushy' Woman charged in Ravenna McDonaldโ€™s attack previously served time for assaulting her grandmother

Black female on video attacking (White) McDonaldโ€™s employees in Ohio (explicit language)

[NNN forum thread:]  Nigger sow faces assault charges after attacking white McDonaldโ€™s workers over slushy order

"Cherysse Helena Cleveland" - in the news!


    BLACK-ON-WHITE: (black) mugger thug punches 82-year-old (White) man, steals cane in bodega
BLACK SUSPECT BLACK SUSPECT A heartless mugger punched an 82-year-old stranger in the head โ€” and then ripped off the manโ€™s cane inside a Lower East Side bodega this week, video released by police Thursday shows. The elderly victim was inside the Big Apple Food Market on Clinton Street near East Broadway around 6:20 a.m. Wednesday, buying a cup of coffee, when a stranger walked up to him and demanded money, police said.

When the victim refused to comply, the suspect raised his fist and threatened to punch the senior and steal his cane if he didnโ€™t fork over any dough, cops said. The victim still refused โ€” prompting the assailant to punch him in the side of the head and grab his cane โ€” knocking him to the floor, the clip shows.

The attacker ran off, heading east on East Broadway and then south on Clinton Street. The victim refused medical attention at the scene for a minor head injury.

The suspect has a dark complexion, a partially bald head and appears to be in his 30s, cops said. He was last seen wearing a black jacket, black pants and black sneakers. Witnesses told police he was known to panhandle at the deli.

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    (Black) New Jersey Man Charged In Connection To Deaths Of 2 Men From United Kingdom Last Year, Prosecutors Say
black suspect ATLANTIC COUNTY, N.J. (CBS) โ€” Atlantic County prosecutors have charged a New Jersey man in connection with the deaths of two men from the United Kingdom who overdosed in a casino hotel room last year. Prosecutors have charged Tyrell Gist with strict liability homicide.

They say Gist distributed narcotics that led to the death of the two men. The United Kingdom men were found dead on March 8, 2020, inside a Ballyโ€™s Casino hotel room. Authorities identified Gist as a suspect through surveillance video.

[NNN forum thread:]  Black NJ Man Charged for Deaths Of 2 Men From UK last Year, Prosecutors Say
Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

    (Black name of) Frankie Lane Wanted For Allegedly Stabbing, Killing Girlfriend Inside Hard Rock Hotel Room In Atlantic City
black suspect ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (CBS) โ€” A Philadelphia man is wanted after investigators say he stabbed and killed his girlfriend inside an Atlantic City hotel room. Atlantic County prosecutors say Frankie Lane murdered Sharon Whaley on Friday night at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Lane, 59, has been charged with murder and weapon offenses. Anyone who sees Lane or has information about the deadly stabbing should call police.

[NNN forum thread:] 
Frankie Lane Wanted For Allegedly Stabbing, Killing Girlfriend Inside Hard Rock Hotel Room In Atlant There is an Obituary for a Sharon A. Whaley - June 10,2021
a black woman - not sure if she is the murdered 'girlfriend'>

    Authorities seeking (black) man charged with fatally shooting woman outside north Minneapolis liquor store
black suspect wounded victim Authorities are trying to find a 27-year-old man newly charged with murder in the shooting of a woman last week outside a north Minneapolis liquor store after a tussle involving several people.

Deandre W.L. Craig of Brooklyn Center, was charged Wednesday in Hennepin County District Court with intentional second-degree murder and illegal possession of a gun in connection with the June 7 death of Samantha J. Taylor, 39 of Minneapolis. Taylor was shot shortly before 6:30 p.m. and died at the scene outside Merwin Liquors at the corner of W. Broadway and N. Lyndale Avenue.

A 21-year-old man who authorities have yet to identify was also shot in the incident and last reported to be in critical condition. A warrant has been issued for Craig's arrest, and authorities say they believe the suspect he has left Minnesota. According to the criminal complaint:

Surveillance video from nearby businesses showed a man later identified as Craig appearing to be selling marijuana in front of nearby Sanctuary Covenant Church. The 21-year-old man and a 20-year-old man approach Craig, soon to be followed by Taylor. She accused Craig of stealing something sometime earlier.

The 21-year-old pointed a gun at Craig, who was soon surrounded by numerous people and then struck with a gun. A shot went off as several people struggled. The fight soon broke up, and Craig "is seen backing away from the area and has the opportunity to leave," the complaint read. However, he reappeared and shot Taylor in the head and then fired at the 21-year-old man, hitting him in the shoulder and elsewhere.

Craig was heard yelling "Who robbing who? Who robbing who?" Court records show that Craig was convicted in 2015 of first-degree assault and sentenced to a term topping seven years for shooting a man in Minneapolis.

[NNN forum thread:]  Authorities seeking (black) man charged with fatally shooting woman outside north Minneapolis liquor store

    (Black) Man receives 20-year prison sentence in killing of Casselberry teen
black suspect A 21-year-old was sentenced Thursday to 20 years in prison for the 2018 killing of a teen during drug deal. Antwann Ricks, who was 18 at the time of the fatal shooting that killed Bryce Williams, pleaded no contest to second-degree murder, burglary with assault and attempted robbery with a firearm. He was initially charged with first-degree murder, but prosecutors negotiated with Ricks after he agreed to accept responsibility for the shooting.

Ricksโ€™ attorney, Assistant Public Defender Jeff Dowdy, said Ricks did not plan to shoot Williams on New Years Day 2018, though he had planned to rob him. โ€œItโ€™s a tragedy for both families,โ€ Dowdy said. โ€œIt was a planned robbery, but [the shooting] was an accident.โ€

Ricks will get about 15 months credit for the time he served in jail, Brown said. Ricks was accused of walking up to Bryceโ€™s parked car, opening the driverโ€™s door and firing one shot at him, striking him in the neck, according to court documents. Bryce attempted to drive away after he was shot, but crashed into a nearby house. He died at the scene.

Bryce had two friends in the car with him when he stopped in the park, according to Ricksโ€™ arrest documents. The two friends told police Bryce had planned a marijuana deal at the park, but they did not know the person Bryce planned to meet. The trio waited about 10 minutes before a man came up to the driverโ€™s side window and tapped it with the barrel of a gun, the report said.

(Black) Man who fatally shot Casselberry teen in 2018 sentenced to 20 years

    (Black) Gangbanger sentenced to 31 years for shooting FBI agent in Brooklyn
SUSPECT-NAME The reputed gangbanger who nearly killed an FBI agent in a Brooklyn ambush three years ago was sentenced Tuesday to more than 31 years behind bars โ€” as the G-man recalled dealing with โ€œemotional painโ€ in court. Special Agent Christopher Harper spoke about how the near-fatal shooting in December 2018 changed his life forever.

โ€œI survived, but I was harmed both physically and emotionally,โ€ Harper told Judge William Kuntz before Ronell Watson was formally sentenced in Brooklyn federal court. โ€œThe emotional pain though โ€ฆ is in many ways worse than the physical pain,โ€ Harper added after a long pause.

Harper was shot in the shoulder by Watson, a Crips gangbanger, while on an undercover stakeout in Brooklyn. โ€œIt feels like drowning,โ€ Harper said, recalling the idea of never seeing his children again.

[NNN forum thread:]  Gangbanger sentenced to 31 years for shooting FBI agent in Brooklyn

    County deputies arrest (Black) woman after money dispute leads to knife attack
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - The Leon County Sheriffโ€™s Office says it arrested a 21-year-old woman after she cut someone with a knife who wanted to fight her over a money dispute. LCSO says deputies responded to a Tallahassee emergency room, where the victim had knife wounds on their chest and neck. The injuries were non-life-threatening.

Witnesses at the hospital told deputies the victim was in an ongoing dispute with 21-year-old Teddkiya Sailor over money, the press release says. โ€œDuring the investigation, deputies learned the victim decided to confront Sailor at her residence after texting about the dispute and fighting,โ€ the release says.

One of the people in the group who went to Sailorโ€™s residence told her the victim was there to fight her. LCSO says Sailor then stepped back inside her home, closed the door, put on her shoes and armed herself with a serrated knife. โ€œSailor then cut the victim across the neck and chest during the altercation,โ€ the release says.

LCSO says Sailor did not lock her door or call 911. Deputies found the knife at a residence in the 3200 block of North Mission Road. Sailor was arrested and taken to the Leon County Jail on a charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

[NNN forum thread:]  Negress gets in knife fight over money

SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - The Florida Highway Patrol says an arrest has been made in a hit-and-run crash involving a pedestrian near Crawfordville Highway. Troopers say a car hit a pedestrian along Wakulla Springs Road, at Glover Road, around 2 p.m. Tuesday and left the scene.

The pedestrian is โ€œinjured but alertโ€ and was taken to the hospital, FHP says. Law enforcement officers caught the suspect vehicle, a gray sedan, near Crawfordville Highway and Capital Circle about 90 minutes after the crash, according to FHP.

The suspect, 34-year-old Kaybella Hall, faces one charge of failure to stop at a crash involving serious bodily injury. Hall made bail at 10:36 p.m. Tuesday. Bond had been set at $1,000.

[NNN forum thread:]  Female Shine nabbed for hit and run

    Axe-wielding, partially naked droopy-eyed (black) woman arrested in Knoxville Walmart
SUSPECT-NAME KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) โ€” A woman has been taken into custody after she was found partially naked and wielding an axe Tuesday inside a Knoxville Walmart.

According to the Knoxville Police Department, the initial call on Tuesday, June 15 said that a partially naked woman was vandalizing Walmart property, throwing items at Walmart employees, and defecating on herself.

Upon arrival to 8445 Walbrook Drive, officers found 35-year-old Nashea Brown in the sporting goods section with an axe in hand and a knife tucked into her bra. The officers told Brown to drop the axe but she refused to comply. One officer then attempted to tase her but it was ineffective. She was successfully apprehended after a second taser was deployed.

[NNN forum thread:]  Axe-wielding, partially naked sow arrested in Knoxville Walmart

    (Black) NJ cop fired for โ€˜sexual adventureโ€™ with homeless mom will stay off force
SUSPECT-NAME A former New Jersey cop who sued to get his job back after being fired for having off-duty sex with a homeless woman wonโ€™t be returning to the department, according to a report. Superior Court Judge Thomas Miller dismissed a lawsuit filed by former North Plainfield police officer Mikeedwar Jean-Baptiste seeking his reinstatement while citing the ex-copโ€™s ill-advised โ€œsexual adventureโ€ that began more than four years ago, MyCentralJersey.com reported Monday.

โ€œBy using his position to ingratiate and then manipulate [the woman] into a position where sex, even purposefully consensual sex, was the result of his planning, [Jean-Baptiste] used this young woman whom he found in a highly unequal position to his position as a police officer for a sexual adventure,โ€ Miller wrote. The woman went to North Plainfield police headquarters with her young son in March 2017 in search of help because the pair were homeless and had nowhere to go, court documents cited by the outlet show.

Jean-Baptiste learned the woman and her son had been kicked out of their residence, prompting the officer to later follow them in a patrol car to the Somerset County Board of Social Services. While on the way, Jean-Baptiste used the police cruiserโ€™s mobile terminal to check who owned the vehicle the woman was driving, court documents show.

Jean-Baptiste proceeded to return to police headquarters, where the woman visited again and asked to speak to the officer because she and her son still had no place to stay, according to the report. After wrapping up his shift, Jean-Baptiste offered the woman and her son a ride to a Howard Johnson hotel on Route 22 in North Plainfield. Jean-Baptiste reportedly told investigators the woman started flirting with him on the way โ€” leading them to discuss finding another hotel since he was known at the Howard Johnson location.

The pair considered the Garden State Motor Lodge in Union, but ultimately ended up at the Kenilworth Inn, where Jean-Baptiste rented a room for her, according to the report. The woman โ€” who had been allegedly abused by her then-boyfriend โ€” and Jean-Baptiste later had sex at the Kenilworth motel after her child fell asleep, court documents show.

Prior to the tryst, the officer left the room and returned with items for the sex session, including two pieces of his wifeโ€™s clothing, a box of condoms, snacks and a bottle of Hennessy Cognac, according to the report. The woman later claimed the sexual encounter was against her will and reported the matter to Kenilworth police. The incident was investigated by the Union County Prosecutorโ€™s Office, but criminal charges against Jean-Baptiste were ultimately dismissed.

Jean-Baptiste admitted having sex with the woman when questioned by prosecutors, a transcript reportedly shows.
Jean-Baptiste, who insisted he had been treated unfairly because heโ€™s black>

Jean-Baptiste Surname - Most prevalent in HAITI


[NNN forum thread:]  NJ cop fired for โ€˜sexual adventureโ€™ with homeless mom will stay off force: report

    (Black) Thief steals garbage bag full of items from SF Walgreens with security filming in plain sight
chicken thief chicken thief SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Cell phone video taken Monday shows some of the brazen crime that has been driving retailers out of San Francisco.

The video shows that three people used their cell phones to record a man filling a garbage bag with items in a San Francisco Walgreens. But the recordings didn't discourage the theft, nor did the security guard's attempt at grabbing the bag.

[NNN forum thread:]  Watch Footage Of Niggers Casually Shoplifting Running Rampant In San Francisco

    Bloody NYC night leaves 10 shot, 3 dead

    Police Release Photos Of 2 BLACK Suspects Wanted In Double DONUT SHOP Shooting - 2 WOUNDED
black suspect black suspect wounded victim wounded victim PHILADELPHIA (CBS) โ€” Philadelphia police are searching for two men wanted in a double shooting at a Federal Donuts shop in North Philadelphia that left two people wounded, including a teenager. Officials say a 27-year-old man was running from the two men when he entered the Federal Donuts on the 700 block of North 7th Street on June 10 just after 1 p.m.

The 27-year-old man was shot multiple times and in critical condition following the shooting. Police say a 14-year-old innocent boy was shot twice in the left leg. He was in stable condition.

The first suspect is described as a Black man in his 20s, 6-feet-tall, thin build wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, gray sweatpants and sneakers.

The other suspect is described as a Black man in his 20s, 5โ€™9โ€ณ tall, thin build. He was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt with a logo on the left chest, gray sweatpants with a stripe down the leg and sneakers.

[NNN forum thread:]  14-Year-Old Struck By Stray Bullets Inside Federal Donuts - 2 BLACK SUSPECTS

    94-YR-OLD ASIAN LADY STABBED MULTIPLE TIMES BY MEXICAN-named spic in Sanctuary San Francisco
wounded victim An elderly Asian woman was injured after a man who has recently been released from prison stabbed her 'multiple' times in an unprovoked attack in San Francisco.

Police officers were called to the scene in the Tenderloin district around 10.15am where they found Anh Taylor, 95, with multiple stabbing wounds, according to San Francisco Police Department.

She was treated at the scene in Tenderloin area before being taken to hospital where she underwent surgeries to wounds on her wrist and torso. She was also hit in the head. Taylor is in stable condition, CBS5 reported.

Police arrested Daniel Cauich, 35, for the attack about one and a half hours later after they circulated a photo of him taken from surveillance video. He was wearing an ankle monitor at the time of his arrest.

Authorities also recovered a knife in the area the suspect used to attack Taylor.

Cauich Surname - Most prevalent in MEXICO
- Highest density in MEXICO


[NNN forum thread:]  Asian woman, 94, stabbed multiple times in Sanctuary San Francisco by MEXICAN

  Hispanic Spanic spic Thief Orlando Deuras steals $900 Cuban links chain from 4-year old in NYC
The boy was visiting his grandma at the time and suffered a cut to his neck.

    QUEER FAGGOT NEWS: (BLACK) Ex-student claims CATHOLIC NJ private school monks
HOMOSEXUALLY buggered him more than 150 times

A former student at a posh New Jersey private school was raped, sodomized and sexually abused by three Catholic monks more than 150 times in the 1970s, a bombshell lawsuit claims.

Rodney Baron, a seventh grader at the time of the alleged abuse, said he was raped by an assistant headmaster at Delbarton School during an overnight retreat and frequently sexually assaulted in the menโ€™s bathroom and in the headmaster of disciplineโ€™s office, according to the lawsuit filed in state Superior Court.

And Baron, seeking damages of more than $50 million, felt targeted because he and his brother were then the only two black students at the all-boys school in Morristown, the suit claims.

โ€œAs the only African American student in the school other than his brother, Rodney thought to himself: โ€˜Who is going to believe me?โ€™โ€™ said the lawsuit, filed May 12 by Baronโ€™s attorney John Baldante.

Baron was 13 and 14 in 1977 and 1978, when he was allegedly abused on a weekly basis โ€“ often during school hours โ€“ at the school, run by the Catholic order of Benedictines, also known as โ€œBlack Monks.โ€ The abuse was so frequent, the lawsuit alleges, that the days he wasnโ€™t abused were โ€œthe exception, rather than the rule.โ€

[NNN forum thread:]  Black Ex-student says NJ private Catholic school Homo monks buggered him more than 150 times

    White St. Louis couple who flashed guns at BLM-ANTIFA Domestic Terrorists plead guilty to misdemeanors, forfeit firearms
according to their attorney Joel Schwartz. Speaking from the courthouse steps after the hearing Thursday, Mark McCloskey said, โ€œI'd do it again.โ€ โ€œAny time the mob approaches me, Iโ€™ll do what I can to put them in imminent threat of physical injury because thatโ€™s what kept them from destroying my house and my family,โ€ he said.

    Spence School sorry for video a mom said โ€˜tarred and featheredโ€™ white women
Some black Nigerian bitch, Ziwe Fumudoh read obscene lyrics of the song โ€œWAPโ€ by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion to (white) womenโ€™s rights icon Gloria Steinem.

Fumudoh Surname - Most prevalent in NIGERIA
- Highest density in NIGERIA


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  • Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....

  U.S. bishops to discuss whether Biden, Catholic politicians should get Communion if they support abortion rights
What is the Purpose of Catholic Communion? - Does it keep you from going to Hell?

A list of persons who should not be receiving Holy Communion

Why Catholics Are Going To Hell

**********       16 June 2021       **********

    Accused BLACK Missouri serial killer Fredrick Scott deemed incompetent for trial

BLACK-ON-WHITE: What we donโ€™t want to hear about suspect who wanted to โ€˜kill all white peopleโ€™
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM News that a suspected serial killer once said he wanted to โ€œkill all white peopleโ€ is naturally going to get attention all over the world.

But it will get less notice than it should that 22-year-old Fredrick Demond Scott, who is suspected of fatally shooting five middle-aged white Kansas City men out of nowhere, had for years exhibited the symptoms of schizophrenia.

ere are a few reasons that a lot of us would just as soon not hear about that. First, the intensely personal: Citing a mental illness is seen as making an excuse, and as such, is seen as an affront to the victims and those who loved them. Brian Darby, whose fatherโ€™s body was found in May on Indian Creek Trail, told The Star he feels disrespected by Scottโ€™s motherโ€™s account that her son suffers from schizophrenia.



    BLACK-ON-WHITE: A South Carolina teacher was killed in a hit-and-run by black man
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- Ryan Soukup is looking to do good in honor of his late wife, Carli Brewer Soukup. She was killed in a hit-and-run on Sulphur Springs Road in the Berea area while biking Sunday. Carli and Ryan Soukup routinely biked the Swamp Rabbit Trail, but Sunday, when she never caught up to him, he began to fear the worst.

Black Driver wanted in hit-and-run death of White female teacher - now in custody
GREENVILLE CO., SC (WSPA) โ€“ Highway Patrol said the man wanted in connection with the hit-and-run death of a Greenville County teacher on June 6 has been taken into custody.

South Carolina Highway Patrol said Tuesday that Mantavious McMorris was arrested and charged with Hit and Run with Death, Reckless Homicide, and other traffic offenses.

McMorris has been booked into the Greenville County Detention Center. Highway Patrol IDโ€™s driver wanted in hit-and-run death of Greenville Co. teacher

The crash happened on Sulphur Springs Road near Pinsley Circle around 1:14pm on Sunday, June 6. 33-year-old Carli Brewer Soukup, a teacher at Mitchell Road Elementary School, was entering a crosswalk near the Swamp Rabbit Trail when a vehicle traveling north hit her before leaving the scene, troopers said.

After her death, Soukupโ€™s husband began raising money to improve safety on the Swamp Rabbit Trail and to support the mental health counseling at Greenville County Schools.

OBITUARY for VICTIM Carli Brewer Soukup - 1988 - 2021
Soukup, Carli Brewer, age 33, of Taylors, South Carolina, went to her eternal rest on June 6, 2021. Born on May 18, 1988 in Queensland, Australia

Carlie's Legacy - donate to grief stricken kids as result of black hit-and-run from justice

[NNN forum thread:]  Greenville Co, SC WF, 33 killed in a negro hit-and-run while biking

* "Mantavious" * Stupid Negro Names


    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Alabama workplace shooting: Two employees killed, two injured at Mueller Co. in Albertville
Police confirm the shooting suspect has been found dead

BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM WHITE VICTIM wounded victim wounded victim ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Two employees of the Mueller Co. in Albertville are dead and two remain in the hospital following a shooting Tuesday.

Albertville Police Chief Jamie Smith confirms a shooting occurred around 2:30 a.m. on June 15. The incident happened at the Mueller Co. facility located at 956 Industrial Blvd. Police soon gathered outside of the Albertville facility early Tuesday morning.

Smith said the shots were fired by employee Andreas Horton, age 34 of DeKalb County.

Two employees were killed and two were injured as a result of the gunshots. Albertville Police say Horton left the scene in a Jeep following the shooting.

David Lee Horton and Michael Lee Dobbins, both of Boaz, were pronounced dead at the scene. David Lee Horton has no relation to Andreas Horton.

(Black) Andreas Deon Horton: Suspect Identified in Alabama Plant Shooting
Andreas Deon Horton was the gunman who killed two people and wounded two others at a fire hydrant plant in Alabama, police say. Horton killed himself after the June 15, 2021, shooting at the Mueller Company in Albertville, Alabama, according to police. The 34-year-old was an employee at the Marshall County company, police said.

The wounded victims have been identified as Casey Simpson and Isaac Byrd.

Lee Dobbins Family Expenses - (gofundme)

[NNN forum thread:]  Albertville, AL workplace shooting by also dead negro: WM +BM dead; 2 injured


    UPDATE: (Black) Central Texas high school student arrested after deadly mass shooting in Austin
black suspect KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) - A teenage student was arrested Monday at Harker Heights High School in connection with a mass shooting over the weekend in Austin that left a 25-year-old man dead. Killeen ISD police arrested Jeremiah Roshaun Leland James Tabb, 17, without incident Monday as he attended a summer school class.

โ€œKilleen ISD will continue to assist law enforcement agencies to bring justice to the tragic events as quickly as possible,โ€ the district said in a statement Monday afternoon. Tabb was wanted in connection with the shooting, which happened at around 1:30 a.m. Saturday on Austinโ€™s popular Sixth Street.

(White) Douglas John Kantor, 25, a tourist from New York who was to have been married soon, died just after noon on Sunday at a hospital to which he was taken in critical condition. More than a dozen others were wounded. Another teenager was arrested earlier. He has not been identified publicly.

BLACK-ON-WHITE: โ€˜This senseless (deadly black shooting) has put an end to all his dreamsโ€™:
25-year-old (innocent White bystander) dies in downtown Austin (black) mass shooting

black suspect black suspect WHITE VICTIM AUSTIN (KXAN) โ€” The family of a 25-year-old man who died from his injuries after a mass shooting attack on downtown Austinโ€™s Sixth Street says he was set to marry his high school sweetheart.

Douglas John Kantor, 25, died from his injuries at an Austin hospital Sunday at 12:01 p.m., police say. Kantorโ€™s family said he was taken to Dell Seton Medical Center.

โ€œHe was shot through the abdomen just below the rib cage, straight through,โ€Kantorโ€™s brother Nick Kantor said. โ€œHe suffered from the time of the injury until time of death, it was the most gruesome thing I could think to wish on someone. Itโ€™s painful to discuss, but I think the public deserves to know what my brother suffered.โ€

The shooting left at least 14 people, including Kantor, hurt early Saturday morning in the 400 block of East 6th Street. Police say one juvenile suspect is in custody. Another suspect is still at large.

During a briefing, Interim Police Chief Joseph Chacon said 11 people were receiving treatment at one hospital, while one victim went to a separate hospital, another received treatment at an emergency room and another self-transported from Austinโ€™s busy strip of bars on Sixth Street. Chacon said in a Saturday press conference most of the victims were innocent bystanders.

Austin mass shooting: Teen arrested at Killeen area high school is 2nd suspect

[NNN forum thread:]  Austin mass shooting by negros: WM,25 deceased, 13 others hurt

Texas newspaper refuses to publish description of (Black) mass shooting suspect: โ€˜Perpetuating stereotypesโ€™
When divulging details about the mass shooting, police provided a description of the suspected perpetrator, explaining they were searching for a โ€œblack male wearing a black shirt with a skinny build and with dreadlocks.โ€


* "Jeremiah Roshaun Leland James" * PRETENTIOUS negro names - (more names than a Mexican!)

    Girl, 10, wakes up to find dreadful dark-skinned man rubbing his penis on her feet
SUSPECT-NAME NEW YORK - The NYPD is investigating a shocking incident involving a man who broke into a girl's room in Lower Manhattan and rubbed his penis on her feet.

The 10-year-old child was sleeping in her home along Broadway and Bond Street on Saturday at about 1 a.m. when she woke up to the man in her room. After touching her, the suspect fled. The girl was not injured.

Police released a video of the man riding a bicycle in front of 149 Bleecker Street. The suspect is described by police as dark-skinned, with a medium build and dreadlocks. He was last seen wearing a multi-colored t-shirt, black jeans, white sneakers, and a white mask.

[NNN forum thread:]  Girl, 10, wakes up to find monkey rubbing penis on feet: NYPD

    (Black) Dallas Police Officer Tyrone Williams Jr. Arrested, Charged With Sexual Assault Of A Child
SUSPECT-NAME According to a release statement, Officer Tyrone Williams Junior was arrested on June 14 and charged with Sexual Assault of a Child.

Officials say the incident occurred in the City of Dallas but released no other information. Officer Williams, who has been with the department since March 2009, was booked into the Lew Sterrett Justice Center. He is currently assigned to the South Central Patrol Division.

[NNN forum thread:]  Dallas Police Officer Tyrone Williams Jr. Arrested, Charged With Sexual Assault Of A Child

    (Black) High school basketball coach arrested in connection to child sex assault
SUSPECT-NAME COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. โ€” A high school basketball coach was arrested Sunday in connection to a charge relating to child sex assault, Colorado Springs Police Department said. Police said George Pollard, 31, faces a charge for sexual assault on a child in a position of trust.

During the investigation, police said Pollard was identified as the head girls' basketball coach at Doherty High School, a paraprofessional for Academy District 20 and a volunteer coach for the Pluto Basketball Club. Pollard has been placed on leave by Colorado Springs School District 11 and Academy District 20, according to police.

[NNN forum thread:]  High school basketball coon coach arrested in connection to child sex assault

    King County detectives looking for man accused of beating woman, sending her to hospital
black suspect wounded victim FEDERAL WAY, Wash. - Detectives with the King County Sheriff's Office are searching for the man accused of unleashing a violent attack on a woman - with a child just feet away. 26-year-old Delondre Walker is accused of choking a woman until she lost consciousness, then beating her.

Police say she had to be taken to the hospital because she was so badly injured. The attack happened back in April. Walker has been walking the streets free for weeks, shattering the victim's sense of security after surviving a heinous attack.

"What we know is that when you strangle a partner, that partner is eight times more likely to die by homicide โ€ฆ Every day that Mr. Walker is out there and not in custody, some woman is at risk," Sgt. Tim Meyer with the King County Sheriff's Office said. According to court documents, Walker could go by the nickname "400."

We're told he also has a couple of unrelated cases involving guns, so anyone who comes into contact with him should consider him armed.

[NNN forum thread:]  King County, WA detectives looking for coon that beat woman, sending her to hospital

    (Black) Man jumps from second-story hospital balcony to evade deputies
black suspect STAFFORD, Va. (WWBT) โ€“ A Chesterfield man was captured after jumping from a second-story balcony to get away from Stafford County Sheriffโ€™s Office Deputies. Deandre Alston, 29, leaped out of his hospital roomโ€™s balcony, at Stafford Hospital Center, on June 13, in order to evade deputies.

The deputies had a warrant for Alston for two outstanding probation violations. Alston continued to run from the deputies, running through the hospitalโ€™s lobby.

While searching the area, Alston was found on Clarke Hill Road in a parked Budget rental truck with the door unlocked, still wearing a hospital band and IV port. He continued to run away from the deputies. The sheriffโ€™s office said while deputies were trying to detain Alston, one of them was assaulted.

Alston was charged with assault on a law enforcement officer, obstruction of justice and tampering with a vehicle. He was also served with two outstanding probation violation warrants.

[NNN forum thread:]  Vine swinger jumps from second-story hospital balcony to evade deputies

    (Black) El Pasoan arrested for allegedly leaving dog to starve in backyard
black suspect EL PASO, Texas -- An El Paso man was jailed on animal cruelty charges after allegedly leaving his dog to starve in his backyard, police said Wednesday.

24โ€“year-old Daniel Travon Reddick was arrested earlier this week following the discovery of the dead pet in the yard of his residence at 14157 Tierra Morena Drive.

"Reddick left his 3โ€“year old female Husky, Duchess, to starve to death in his backyard. A necropsy conducted by a veterinarian determined Duchess suffered long-term starvation," investigators wrote in a police incident report. "A small shard of wood and a pebble were the entire contents of her stomach at the time of her death."

Reddick was booked into the downtown jail on $5,000 bond.

[NNN forum thread:]  El Paso coon arrested for leaving dog to starve to death in backyard

    4 (Black) women on Long Island busted after Walmart attempted robbery, assault
black suspect chicken thief NEW YORK - Four Brooklyn women were arrested at a Long Island Walmart after they allegedly attempted to steal items and punched a security officer on Sunday afternoon.

Sada Stricklin, 25, Fantasia Hall, 23, Michelle Freeman, 28, and Shariel Stith, 27, are accused of improperly scanning their merchandise at the store on Green Acres Road in Valley Stream. A security officer went up to them but they allegedly tried to leave the store without paying.

The women became enraged and two of them punched the 51-year-old man in the face, according to detectives. Nassau County Police responded to the scene and arrested the women. The guard, who is a 51-year-old man, suffered pain and swelling and was transported to a hospital for treatment

[NNN forum thread:]  4 sows on Long Island busted after Walmart attempted robbery, assault

    Wilbin De-La-Rosa Arrested For Deadly Hit-And-Run - SLAUGHTERED 85-YEAR-OLD HISPANIC
dead victim PHILADELPHIA (CBS) โ€” Philadelphia police say theyโ€™ve arrested Wilbin De-La-Rosa for a deadly hit-and-run in Kensington earlier this month.

Police say the victim, 85-year-old Pedro Cintron, was standing at B and East Venango Streets when he was hit by a car back on June 2. Officers arrested and charged De-La-Rosa last Thursday.

HISPANIC Man busted for driving with 99 license suspensions
A Long Island man was arrested Tuesday for driving with 99 license suspension, police said. Gilbert Cantres, 55, was pulled over in Brentwood for allegedly failing to signal a turn at Broadway and Sunrise Highway at about 11:30 a.m., according to Suffolk County police.

Officers then learned of Cantresโ€™ past driving record and arrested him, police said. Cantres is charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, according to cops. He is due to appear at a later date, police said.


[NNN forum thread:]  Drunken Mex/Migrants Hit and Run

  MUSLIM JIHAD TERROR: ISIS-inspired โ€˜bad bitchesโ€™ arrested in NYC โ€˜bomb plotโ€™
Two ISIS-obsessed Queens women were busted on terror charges Thursday for allegedly plotting to use a weapon of mass destruction in New York City โ€” with one potential target a police funeral, authorities said. Former roommates Asia Siddiqui, 31, and Noelle Velentzas , 28, had been planning an attack since May 2013 โ€” and they stockpiled tanks of propane gas, along with information on how to turn them into bombs, according to a criminal complaint. โ€œIf left to their own devices, then they would have pulled this off,โ€ a law-enforcement source told The Post. She later โ€œpulled a knife from her bra and demonstrated how to stab someone if attacked,โ€ according to the complaint. โ€œVelentzas added, โ€˜Why canโ€™t we be some real bad bitches?โ€™ and stated that people needed to refer to them as โ€œcitizens of the Islamic State.โ€

[NNN forum thread:] 
ISIS-inspired โ€˜bad bitchesโ€™ arrested in NYC โ€˜bomb plotโ€™



    โ€œgo back to your countryโ€ Woman threw pepper on black 'birthing person' during hate-fueled rant in Brooklyn pizzeria

    Upstate NY judge resigns over alleged anti-LGBTQ Facebook posts
A judge in upstate New York has resigned amid allegations that he made biased posts on Facebook including ones that were anti-LGBTQ and anti-Muslim, officials announced on Wednesday.

Kenneth Knutsen will be leaving his positions on July 1 as town court justice and village court associate justice of Schoharie โ€” a town roughly 30 miles southwest of Schenectady and with a population of less than 900, according to the Committee on Judicial Conduct.

Knutsen โ€” whoโ€™s held his judgeships since 2002 โ€” handed in his resignation on May 26, the same day he was set to testify in the CJCโ€™s case against him for the allegedly offensive posts, according to the commission.

    Connecticut schools that use Native American mascots could lose casino revenue


A student at Wayne State University in Michigan likely egged her own door after she was found to be the primary suspect for an alleged hate crime outside her residence, according to police. The Wayne State University Police Department said it spent nearly 200 hours investigating the apparent hate crime hoax, according to a readout of the investigation.

The first-year transfer student, Zoriana Martinez, initially told authorities that she believed the crime took place "because [she was] a black person" living in the space. Martinez alleged that someone egged the door of her residence hall room and removed the LGBT pride sticker from her door.

She also claimed the crimes happened during two separate instances, once on Feb. 16 and one on March 1. After police inspected the available evidence, they concluded that it appeared Martinez committed the crime herself and changed the narrative to stoke outrage and attention.

"There are absolutely no indicators of any racial intent," police wrote in the report, adding that they believed the complainant likely made up the story to earn a better shot at gaining a leadership position in the Black Supremacist Student Union. The report was obtained by the College Fix under the Freedom of Information Act and furthered that "the complainants motivation ... and ambition to become an officer in the BSU although speculative isn't easily dismissed and provide a great amount of motivation to make a false report."

Additionally, police said an unidentified person with knowledge on the matter "refuses to provide information." Martinez is reportedly enrolled for classes in the fall semester. The student has made several other accusations, including a claim that the university forcibly removed her from her dorm, which the school denied, according to College Fix.

[NNN forum thread:]  (black) Michigan student likely egged her own door to stoke racial outrage, police say

* "Zoriana" * Stupid Negro Names

[link to New Nation News - HATE CRIMES AND HATE HOAXES

    Drunk Minneapolis WM who allegedly drove into protesters
and killed woman (that had parked her van illegally in street)
was beaten by vigilante anti-cop 'protesters' and was charged with murder

    East Longmeadow Man Convicted of Placing Firebomb at Entrance of Jewish Nursing Home

  Tierny REAL News Network Updates

  • Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....

  • President Trump was asked by Texas Governor Greg Abbott to visit the Southern border.
    He'll do so on June 30th.Nearly one MILLION have invaded the border since Biden's been in office.
    The fake news won't tell you that.
    Biden continues to secretly fly and bus illegal aliens in the dead of night to cities all over America.
    invasion invasion invasion

  • Five year olds are being taught in public schools how to masturbate, and perform anal sex, and this mother has had enough.

  • Darren Beattie at Revolver News was on Tucker Carlson and did a great job exposing the fact that the FBI planned and orchestrated the January 6th "insurrection." Just like they plan and orchestrate almost every false flag in America. BTW, the term "false flag" doesn't mean it was fake or that nobody died. It means it was orchestrated by someone OTHER than the person they blamed.

  Spanish man jailed for killing and eating his mother


Hundreds of Troops Complain About โ€˜Wokeโ€™ Racism, Extremism Training, Cotton Claims
Senator confronts Austin, releases list of purported examples of Black Lives Matter advocacy, anti-white male bias, and diversity efforts.

During a drill weekend, unit leaders held a stand down on raceโ€”a pause in their usual trainingโ€”where they taught troops about white supremacy and the importance of staying apolitical on social media. But one service member balked at the trainingโ€™s focus on far-right extremist groups, not other organizations like Black Lives Matter or Antifa.

โ€œAnyone who has been face to face with them during the riots will tell you they are in fact well organized militant hate groups,โ€ the service member wrote. โ€œHowever, we are encouraged to stand with them, but not groups that stand for the Constitution.โ€

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., says this is one of more than two dozen stories that show the military has gone too far with what another service member called โ€œfake wokeness.โ€ In a memo from Cotton to the Senate Armed Services Committee obtained by Defense One, the senator includes 28 written complaints from troops, which could not be independently verified, about training sessions and regulations that service members argue paint the military as fundamentally racist and support left-leaning groups while labeling conservative movements as extremist. Cotton and Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, two weeks ago set up a public whistleblower site inviting service members to complain about โ€œwoke ideologyโ€ in the military.

โ€œMany struggle to connect on why we heavily condemned Jan 6 but refused to talk about the violent riots during the summer of 2020. Many had questions about groups like Antifa not being discussed during out [sic] extremism presentation,โ€ another service member wrote.

One member of the military wrote that a Black Lives Matter flag hung on a naval installation in Africa โ€œwas offensive and distracting to me, especially in a combat zone.โ€ When he asked about it, a commander told him the movement was โ€œnot political and non-partisan.โ€ But the same service member said he was told he could not hang a โ€œMake America Great Againโ€ flag supporting President Donald Trumpโ€™s 2020 election campaign because it would be โ€œa very political statement and cause a lot of offense.โ€

Another allegedly wrote the senator to complain that a โ€œforcedโ€ discussion session on racism occured only after โ€œthe baseline assumption that systemic racism is real and an existing problem we have to face was locked in as fact".

[NNN forum thread:]  Senator confronts Austin, releases list of purported examples of BLM advocacy, anti-white



**********       15 June 2021       **********


BLACK-ON-WHITE: โ€˜I had to have him.โ€™ Columbus police say weekend shooting spree was racially motivated

BLACK SUSPECT wounded victim wounded victim wounded victim wounded victim wounded victim The 39-year-old man charged in a weekend shooting 'spree' told Columbus police his assaults were racially motivated, targeting white men he felt had taken from him all his life, a detective testified Monday.

Though police allege Justin Tyran Roberts was involved in three separate assaults that wounded five people Friday and Saturday in Columbus and Phenix City, he was in Columbus Recorderโ€™s Court to face charges in just one of those incidents, a shooting around 2 p.m. Saturday under the Oglethorpe Bridge at Broadway and Fourth Street.

Thatโ€™s where a man was shot in the back as he was getting into his vehicle in a parking area under the bridge, said Detective Brandon Lockhart, who quoted Roberts as telling police, โ€œI had to have him.โ€ The victim was hit once in the back but four bullets hit his vehicle, and police found six shell casings at the scene, Lockhart said.

Under questioning by public defender Robin King, Lockhart elaborated on what Roberts, who is Black, told him during an interview at police headquarters. โ€œBasically, he explained throughout his life, specifically white males had taken from him, and also what he described as โ€˜military-looking white malesโ€™ had taken from him,โ€ the investigator said.

Roberts also claimed that such men were โ€œshooting at him in a wooded area with a slingshot,โ€ and the wounds had infected his skin, Lockhart testified. Police saw no injuries to substantiate that, he said. When police patrolling the downtown area found Roberts about two hours after the Oglethorpe Bridge shooting, he was sitting on steps outside 425 Third Ave., Lockhart said. They found he had a Taurus 9-millimeter pistol that had been stolen on Thursday, the detective said.

King asked Judge Julius Hunter to order a mental health evaluation for Roberts: โ€œThe officerโ€™s testimony has demonstrated that Mr. Roberts is having delusions and a disconnect from reality,โ€ she said. Hunter agreed, and found probable cause to send Robertsโ€™ case to Muscogee Superior Court.

FOR CIVIL UNREST AND INSURRECTION and buying million-dollar estates with BLACKMAIL & white-guilt donations from the 'sheeple'

OR ARE "having delusions and a disconnect from reality"

BLACK man arrested for 2-day 2-city "domestic terrorist" shooting 'spree'
"Wee, wee! - having so much fun - it's a SPREE" says the malicious media

[NNN forum thread:]  Columbus, GA weekend shooting spree by negro was racially motivated: ooks white men taken from him


    Updated with image of BF victim
(Black) Man, 30, who shot dead a Georgia store cashier who told him to pull his mask up
black suspect Victor Lee Tucker, Palmetto, Georgia man shoots dead cashier at Decatur Big Bear Supermarket following dispute over face mask. Suspect and off duty deputy injured. Suspect had prior rap sheet. A dispute over a face mask at a Georgia grocery store led to a store cashier being shot dead along with the suspect and a deputy wounded according to reports.

Victor Lee Tucker, Jr., 30, of Palmetto, Georgia, was checking out Monday just past noon, when he got into an argument over refusing to wear a mask with a female cashier at Big Bear Supermarket in Decatur, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Tucker walked out without buying anything but immediately returned, pulling out a handgun and allegedly shooting the cashier, since identified as 41 year old woman, Laquitta Willis, shortly after 1 p.m. She was rushed to an area hospital where she was pronounced dead.

One of several people in the store at the time of the shooting was a 30-year DeKalb County Police Dept. veteran, who was working with the sheriffโ€™s office as a reserve deputy,DeKalb County Sheriff Melody Maddox said. The off-duty deputy, who was providing security for the store at the time, shot the gunman but was hit twice during the exchange of gunfire, according to the GBI. The bulletproof vest he was wearing likely saved his life, Maddox said.

โ€˜This is what he is trained to do,โ€™ Maddox said. Reserve deputies are certified law enforcement officers who donโ€™t actively work for an agency and can volunteer or work part time security jobs. The officer, who authorities didnโ€™t publicly identify, is being treated at Atlanta Medical Center and was in stable condition at the Monday afternoon according to FOX8.

โ€˜He is a stand-up, professional individual and he loves what he does,โ€™ Sheriff Maddox said. โ€˜As you see, heโ€™s continuing to do what he does to make sure that everybody is safe as they go in and out of that store.โ€™

Dekalb County police officers arrested Tucker as he tried to crawl out of the grocery store, according to the GBI. Tucker was hit โ€˜a couple of timesโ€™ Maddox said and was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital in stable condition. A bullet grazed a second cashier who was treated at the scene for her injury, according to the GBI. A regard outside the Big Bear store stipulated shoppers being required to wear a face mask inside the store 11alive reports.

[NNN forum thread:]  Yardape kills cashier over mask at Asian owned grocery-Race of victim unknown?

    (Black) Caretaker indicted for murder of woman found dead in hospital bed, DA says
black suspect MEMPHIS, Tenn. โ€” A caretaker at a non-licensed home for elderly and vulnerable adults has been indicted on first-degree murder and other charges after a woman was found dead in her metal-frame hospital bed, according to a release from the Shelby County District Attorney.

Anthony Freeman, 53, also was indicted on counts of aggravated abuse and neglect of a vulnerable adult and tampering with evidence. He is being held on $150,000 bond, according to the release.

On June 19, 2020, police were called to the residence in the 900 block of Hunters Point in Cordova, where they found a 59-year-old woman dead with blunt force injuries and cuts on her body. Officers found a video-recording system that showed in the hours before her death, the victim fell out of bed and then for more than two hours was beaten with a board by Freeman, the release said.

She was left on the floor while Freeman sat in a nearby chair. He eventually got her back into the bed and was shown on the video cleaning up the area where he had beaten her.

VICTIM "Cynthia Garrison" - in the news

[NNN forum thread:]  BLACK Caretaker indicted in vulnerable womanโ€™s beating death

What Evil lurks in the hearts of men?

    3 (Black) suspects sought in carjacking of ride-sharing driver in DC
black suspect black suspect black suspect D.C. police hope the public can help them find the three men who carjacked a ride-sharing driver early Monday. That driver told police he was driving several passengers around 2:30 a.m. when one told him to stop in the 3600 block of New York Avenue Northeast.

The three suspects, who are described as Black males, were armed and wearing โ€œpolice-style vests.โ€ They ordered the driver to lie on the ground before one of the suspects fled in the victimโ€™s vehicle, which has since been recovered. The rest fled in another car, described as a dark Lexus.

[NNN forum thread:]  3 (black) suspects sought in carjacking of ride-sharing driver in DC

    (Black) Nurse aide arrested, accused of stealing from an elderly woman in her care
black suspect chicken thief NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) โ€” On Sunday, a Nashville nurse aide was arrested on multiple charges, including theft and financial exploitation of an elderly person.

Candace Booker, of Nashville, made purchases with the credit card of an elderly person she was assigned to at a Murfreesboro rehabilitation center, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. The investigation began in August 2020 after Adult Protective Services reported information to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

The investigation found that on two different days, the elderly residentโ€™s bank card was used at a nearby business by someone other than the card owner. Booker was charged with two counts of theft, two counts of fraudulent use of a credit or debit card, and one count of financial exploitation of an elderly/vulnerable person. She was booked into the Rutherford County Jail on an $8,000 bond.

[NNN forum thread:]  (Black female) Nurse aide arrested, accused of stealing from an elderly woman in her care

    Wild video shows teen beaten, robbed of his sneakers by 2 (Black) PUNKS inside Bronx deli
black suspect wounded victim chicken thief A 17-year-old boy was beaten and robbed of his sneakers by a pair of punks inside of a Bronx deli on Sunday afternoon, police said. The caught-on-video attack that sent the teen to the hospital occurred inside the store on Decatur Avenue near East 195th Street in the Jerome Park neighborhood at about 3 p.m., according to cops.

Two men accosted the teen, punching and kicking him before tossing baking flour and butter at the victim, police said. One of the suspectโ€™s then grabbed a knife from behind the counter and stabbed the teen once in the abdomen, cops said.

The assailants fled and were still being sought Monday night, police said. The victim was hospitalized in stable condition.

[NNN forum thread:]  Wild video shows teen beaten, robbed of his sneakers inside Bronx deli by 2 black thugs

    New York City - shootings overnight

Chicago - shootings overnight

8 People Shot, 4 Fatally, After Argument At Gathering In CHI-TOWN

(What do you expect from a Democrat machine that appointed a BLACK LESBIAN as MAYOR-ess)
(Chi-ca-go, Chi-ca-go, (That Toddlin' Town) - hosted that notorious black gay muslim African 'community organizer' half-breed.... what was his name???)

[NNN forum thread:] 
8 Chicago Shines Shot, 4 Fatally, After Argument At Gathering In Nest

Philadelphia shootings overnight

    Arkansas boys basketball team's sex-assault allegations infuriate parents demanding action

An Arkansas school board is under pressure from parents to take action
several members of a boys' basketball team alleged that other boys HOMOsexually
assaulted them in the locker room, according to local reports.

    Texas library bends over to LGBTQ-deviants for including conservative book on transgender issues in its Pride Month display
A Texas library apologized this week for accidentally displaying a conservative book on transgender issues in its Pride Month showcase.

June is Sodomite-deviant antichrist Pride Month, and the library had posted images of bookshelves at its three locations celebrating LGBTQ-themed books to mark the occasion. Somehow, "When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment" was chosen as part of a display meant to "celebrate the lives and history of our LGBTQ+ community."

  Hispanic "Loco Celoso" Jealous husband accused of brutally beating his wife with CROWBAR at NYC bus stop
wounded victim victim name --> A jealous husband allegedly used a crowbar to beat his wife within an inch of her life in public in Washington Heights on Monday โ€” and then called 911 to claim he killed her because she was unfaithful, The Post has learned.

The sickening assault happened just before 7 a.m. at a bus stop on Fort Washington Avenue โ€“where Julio Aponte allegedly left his 49-year-old wife for dead, police sources said. The enraged husband is accused of pummeling his wife with a crowbar before fleeing on a motorcycle, with multiple witnesses calling 911 to report the vicious attack.

he wife used the bus stop daily to get to work, sources said. Aponte dumped the motorcycle at West 163rd Street and Fort Washington Avenue โ€” before telling a parking attendant that he had killed his wife, sources said.

[NNN forum thread:]  Jealous husband accused of brutally beating his wife at NYC bus stop

    CHINESE NY fraudster admits to attempting to bilk $20M in COVID relief loans
suspect name A Chinese national living in New York pleaded guilty Tuesday to attempting to bilk several banks and the US government out of $20 million in COVID-19 relief loans.

The fraudster, who went by the names Muge Ma and Hummer Mars, copped to one count of bank fraud and one count of aggravated identity theft for his Payment Protection Program scheme in Manhattan federal court, prosecutors said. He faces a maximum of 30 years in prison.

Ma applied for the loans, which were designed to help struggling small businesses amid the pandemic under the CARES Act, at five banks, the feds said. He told the lenders that he was the owner of two companies, which he said employed hundreds of people and paid out millions of dollars a month in wages.

In reality, Ma was the sole employee of the companies, which he ran from his luxury Manhattan apartment building. Before investigators uncovered the ruse, the Small Business Administration and one bank approved more than $1 million in loans to Ma, prosecutors said.

[NNN forum thread:]  CHINESE NY fraudster admits to attempting to bilk $20M in COVID relief loans

    NYCโ€™s Spence School showed video that โ€˜tarred and featheredโ€™ white women: ex-trustee
An ex-top trustee of Manhattanโ€™s elite Spence School says she yanked her daughter out over her growing disgust with its racial indoctrination โ€” capped by a class video that "tarred and feathered" white women.

Hispanic tech exec Gabriela Baron fired off a scorched-earth letter to the prestigious Upper East Side institution last week seething that the video โ€” shown to her eighth-grade daughter and classmates on graduation day โ€” "openly derides, humiliates and ridicules white women.

"They sat there in their graduation dresses while the white mothers of the white students โ€” many of whom volunteer, donate, call, email and do whatever the school asks of them โ€” were tarred and feathered in a video their teacher showed them. While their white female teachers were mocked,โ€™โ€™ Baron raged in the missive, a copy of which was obtained by The Post.

"The blatantly racist video,โ€™โ€™ shown during her daughterโ€™s last middle-school history class, was of Fumudohโ€™s premiere episode of her Showtime talk series "Ziwe,โ€™โ€™ which aired last month, Baron said.

It featured sit-downs with writer Fran Lebowitz, womenโ€™s rights icon Gloria Steinem โ€” and four white women named Karen. "Had the video derided and ridiculed Asian women, Black women or Hispanic women, the Spence community would declare with one voice that it was blatantly racist," said the mom

[NNN forum thread:] 
NYCโ€™s Spence School showed video that โ€˜tarred and featheredโ€™ white women: ex-trustee

NYCโ€™s Spence School showed video that โ€˜tarred and featheredโ€™ white women: ex-trustee

    Somali-infested Minneapolis: (white recovering addict and abuse survivor) mother-of-two killed as car hits protesters
SUSPECT-NAME victim name wounded victim A woman who died after her car was struck by another vehicle during a protest in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been identified as a mother-of-two. Deona Knajdek, 31, was reportedly (ILLEGALLY) using her car to block a street for (BLM-black-supermacist) demonstrators when the other vehicle crashed into hers on Sunday night.

The suspect was (BEATEN UP) at the scene by anti-law-and-order pro-black-criminal-thug VIGILANTES and arrested by police. His motive was unclear.
[โ€œProtesters pulled the suspect from the vehicle and, from reports of witnesses, began to strike the driver. Officers arrived and took custody of the driver.โ€]
The driver was hospitalized for injuries after some of the protesters "began to strike" him
Mindless anti-cop "usefull idiots" were demanding more official evidence in the killing of a black man.

Ms Knajdek died after being taken by ambulance to hospital. A second protester was injured and taken to hospital, said police. Investigators said a preliminary investigation indicated the driver's suspected use of drugs or alcohol might be a contributing factor in the crash.

Ms Knajdek had posted a video on her Facebook page earlier on Sunday showing a "peaceful" protest with a handful of demonstrators at the Minneapolis intersection. Hours earlier she shared an image with the slogan: "If we don't get it, shut it down!!!" On the Facebook page, she identified herself as a recovering addict and abuse survivor.

MINDLESS MARXIST AGITATED 'BLM' Protests have been ongoing in Minneapolis since the fatal shooting on 3 June of a black criminal, Winston Boogie Smith, by law enforcement.

MINDLESS MARXIST BLM-ANTIFA RABBLE set up barricades to create a "no-go" zone in Uptown

Deona Marie Erickson: Minneapolis Woman Killed When Driver Hits Protesters

Driver hits Uptown protesters, killing one and injuring others

[NNN forum thread:] 
Mpls coon coddler white mom uses her car to block street for protesters deaf after car slams into it


    San Francisco Police Officers Association blasts far-left Soros DA over Walgreen thefts
The San Francisco Police Officers Association is blaming (commie red-diaper baby Soros-funded son of commie domestic terrorists) District Attorney Chesa Boudinโ€™s policies for enabling the types of criminal behavior seen in a viral Walgreens video that showed a man stealing items from the store without being stopped.

San Franciso has declined from a beatnik-heaven in the 1950s to a faggot-friendly AIDS-sharing Bath-House-of-Iniquity in the 1980's to the Feces-in-the-street, shared drug needles in the street, hoards of homeless in the street California's 12th congressional district is a congressional district in northern California. Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, has represented the district since January 2013. She has represented the city of San Francisco since 1987.


Now the dirty drugged 'homeless' steal freely because "the white Capitalist ruling class" is responsible for crime - especially black crime.

    Black Man Goes On Shooting Spree Targeting White Men, Police Stop Answering Calls After BLM Riots

BLM Rioters Drag Man From Car And Beat Him After He Accidentally Hit Protesters Leaving One Dead

Chinese Influence OVERLAPS With Elite Interests, We Are Being SUBVERTED And It's Scary

**********       14 June 2021       **********

    BLACK-ON-WHITE: 3 Charged In Shooting Death Of 25-Year-Old Keisa Lange In St. Cloud; Investigators Looking Into Similar Homicide
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) โ€” Two men and a woman from St. Cloud face charges in connection to the killing of a 25-year-old woman whose body was found on a street earlier this month. Authorities also continue to investigate if the homicide is related to a similar homicide the day before.

The Stearns County Attorneyโ€™s Office says 23-year-old Deantae Demond Davis, 26-year-old Kenneth Jamal Carter and 33-year-old Angela Renee Jones each face a charge of aiding and abetting second-degree murder with a dangerous weapon in connection to the June 3 incident. Jones faces an additional charge of aiding and abetting kidnapping. All charges are felonies.

Keisa Marie Lange was found dead on the 4300 block of Cooper Avenue South on June 3. She died of a a single gunshot wound to the head. The Midwest Medical Examinerโ€™s Office ruled her death a homicide. The complaint says a witness saw Lange, who was experiencing homelessness, leave with Davis, Carter and Jones from a St. Cloud apartment at sunrise on June 3. They left in a Ford Fusion.

They allegedly drove to where Cooper Avenue South ends in a dead end. Thatโ€™s where Davis allegedly shot Lange, who was in the backseat of the vehicle. She was then removed from the car. Carter is also accused of shooting at the victim, who was lying on the street. Jones told police in a later interview that they then left the area and later burned clothing, destroyed phones and sanitized the vehicle.

Investigators did determine that the vehicle had been wiped down, but forensic scientists were able to find evidence of blood in the rear seat of the car. Police said there are โ€œnotable similaritiesโ€ between Langeโ€™s killing and another homicide the day before. In that case, a woman was found dead in an apartment on the 1400 block of 12th Avenue North.

OBITUARY for Keisa Marie Lange - April 12, 1996 ~ June 3, 2021 (age 25)

[NNN forum thread:]  WF, 25 found shot to death St. Cloud, MN street; 3 of 4 negros charged


    BLACK-ON-WHITE: FBI Seeks Second Suspect in Killing of Security Guard During Bank Robbery
BLACK SUSPECT black suspect WHITE VICTIM The FBI was searching for a second person believed to have been involved in the fatal shooting of a security guard during a robbery at a Gary, Indiana, bank Friday, authorities said. The shooting was reported before 2 p.m. at the First Midwest Bank, 1975 W. Ridge Rd. Two men armed with a handgun and rifle "apparently ambushed the security officer" and killed him outside the bank, according to the Lake County Sheriff's Department. It's believed the suspects then entered the bank and demanded money, according to sheriff's deputies. The Lake County Coroner's Office identified the security guard as Richard Castellana, 55, of Tinley Park

Miami man charged with murder after Gary bank robbery
GARY, Ind. (WISH) โ€” Charges have been filed against a Miami, Florida, man in connection with a Friday bank robbery that left a security guard dead. The search continues for a second suspect, also a male, according to a Sunday night email from Lake County Sheriff Oscar Martinez Jr.

Police say the security guard, Richard Castellana, 55, of the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park, Illinois, was ambushed at 2:15 p.m. Friday outside the First Midwest Bank in the 1900 block of West Ridge Road in Gary. James A. King, 24, was formally charged Saturday with murder and armed robbery, according to online court records. No attorney was listed for King. No court date for an initial hearing had been set by Sunday.

The sheriff had previously released photos of the suspects outside the bank. One appeared to be carrying a high-powered rifle. The other, believed to be King, was carrying a handgun in his right hand.

Cook County Sheriff's Memorial Foundation
This picture is how we will remember Deputy Castellana. God bless him and his family. We have some heartbreaking news to share today. Retired Sheriffโ€™s Deputy Richard Castellana was tragically killed in an armed robbery. He was a 35-year veteran of the department, who had recently retired in 2019.

Family of security guard killed in Gary to remember him at White Sox game

Please Support The Rick โ€œRickyโ€ Castellana Family - (gofundme)

[NNN forum thread:]  WM security guard, 55 ambushed, fatally shot Gary, IN bank robbery by 2 negros


    UPDATE: (Black) Central Texas high school student arrested after deadly mass shooting in Austin
black suspect KILLEEN, Texas (KWTX) - A teenage student was arrested Monday at Harker Heights High School in connection with a mass shooting over the weekend in Austin that left a 25-year-old man dead. Killeen ISD police arrested Jeremiah Roshaun Leland James Tabb, 17, without incident Monday as he attended a summer school class.

โ€œKilleen ISD will continue to assist law enforcement agencies to bring justice to the tragic events as quickly as possible,โ€ the district said in a statement Monday afternoon. Tabb was wanted in connection with the shooting, which happened at around 1:30 a.m. Saturday on Austinโ€™s popular Sixth Street.

(White) Douglas John Kantor, 25, a tourist from New York who was to have been married soon, died just after noon on Sunday at a hospital to which he was taken in critical condition. More than a dozen others were wounded. Another teenager was arrested earlier. He has not been identified publicly.

BLACK-ON-WHITE: โ€˜This senseless (deadly black shooting) has put an end to all his dreamsโ€™:
25-year-old (innocent White bystander) dies in downtown Austin (black) mass shooting

black suspect black suspect WHITE VICTIM AUSTIN (KXAN) โ€” The family of a 25-year-old man who died from his injuries after a mass shooting attack on downtown Austinโ€™s Sixth Street says he was set to marry his high school sweetheart.

Douglas John Kantor, 25, died from his injuries at an Austin hospital Sunday at 12:01 p.m., police say. Kantorโ€™s family said he was taken to Dell Seton Medical Center.

โ€œHe was shot through the abdomen just below the rib cage, straight through,โ€Kantorโ€™s brother Nick Kantor said. โ€œHe suffered from the time of the injury until time of death, it was the most gruesome thing I could think to wish on someone. Itโ€™s painful to discuss, but I think the public deserves to know what my brother suffered.โ€

The shooting left at least 14 people, including Kantor, hurt early Saturday morning in the 400 block of East 6th Street. Police say one juvenile suspect is in custody. Another suspect is still at large.

During a briefing, Interim Police Chief Joseph Chacon said 11 people were receiving treatment at one hospital, while one victim went to a separate hospital, another received treatment at an emergency room and another self-transported from Austinโ€™s busy strip of bars on Sixth Street. Chacon said in a Saturday press conference most of the victims were innocent bystanders.

Austin mass shooting: Teen arrested at Killeen area high school is 2nd suspect

[NNN forum thread:]  Austin mass shooting by negros: WM,25 deceased, 13 others hurt

Texas newspaper refuses to publish description of (Black) mass shooting suspect: โ€˜Perpetuating stereotypesโ€™
When divulging details about the mass shooting, police provided a description of the suspected perpetrator, explaining they were searching for a โ€œblack male wearing a black shirt with a skinny build and with dreadlocks.โ€


    BLACK-ON-WHITE: Police Arrest (Black) Ex-NFL Player, Want to Question Him About Missing (white) Girlfriend
BLACK SUSPECT WHITE VICTIM Kevin Ware Jr., a former (footballer) whose blonde girlfriend, Taylor Pomaski, has been missing for nearly two months, was arrested at a Spring, Texas, strip mall on Friday after missing his bond supervision hearings in April and May.

Police told Houstonโ€™s KPRC 2 they want to question him about Pomaskiโ€™s disappearance; she was last seen at a house party on April 25.

โ€œThere could be others that were around the house that night,โ€ Eric Zuleger, a former boyfriend of Pomaskiโ€™s for six years with whom she remained friends, told KPRC 2. โ€œIโ€™m not for certain, but Kevin knows exactly what happened.โ€

Ware, who played (football), was first arrested on April 19 on drug and weapon charges, according to ABC 13. Inside Edition Digital reports that police pulled Ware over for allegedly speeding and searched his vehicle; deputies said they found an AK-47 and a 9mm pistol along with cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and Xanax.

Days after Ware got out on a $23,000 bond, ABC 13 reports, he and Pomaski got into a violent fight during a get together at his home, according to witnesses who reported the squabble. Ware subsequently missed his bond hearings, and Pomaski has not been seen since. Zuleger told Inside Edition that when confronted Ware about her disappearance from the party, Ware told him Pomaski left the party on April 25 with one of his friends.

Speaking with ABC 13, Zuleger said Pomaski โ€œwas in danger, and she was in trouble. There was violence, she referenced a gun being pulled on her. She was very scared, very nervous.โ€ The last time he heard from her, he told Inside Edition, was at 6:55 a.m. on April 26, when Pomaski sent him an email that read, simply, โ€œI need to talk to you.โ€

Pomaskiโ€™s mother, Leslie Mandeville, reported her missing on May 9; given that the day marked both Motherโ€™s Day and Pomaskiโ€™s fatherโ€™s birthday, Mandeville noted, her silence was unusual. โ€œShe never missed that type of stuff,โ€ Mandeville told Inside Edition. โ€œNever.โ€

Mandeville said that she and her daughter were in close contact until last spring, when she believes Pomaski began struggling with a substance use disorderโ€”although her daughter never said as much. Mandeville said her daughter began dating the (black footballer) around that time. She tried to make plans to see her daughter and meet Ware on several occasions, she said, but they always canceled. Zuleger, meanwhile, told Inside Edition that the last time heโ€™d seen his friend was on April 4. โ€œShe was gaunt and had bruises and some swelling on her face,โ€ he said, adding later that Pomaski had once alleged Ware had hit her. โ€œIt was a big difference the physical transformation from February to April,โ€ Zuleger said. โ€œIt was shocking.โ€

Former NFL player and boyfriend of missing Spring woman arrested for warrant unrelated to disappearance

[NNN forum thread:]  Former NFL player and boonfriend of missing Spring, TX mudshark arrested for warrant unrelated=

Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks
Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS

    BLACK Arrested for fatal shooting outside Dream Hotel in NYC
black suspect The shooting was sparked by some unknown dispute between Byron Morales and Robert Johnson and may have been gang-related, cops said. Johnson and other men took off in a Jeep.

[VINELINK - OFFENDER DATABASE has confirmed that the race of the suspect is BLACK

    University Hospitals suspends (Black) employee after being charged with rape inside medical center
SUSPECT-NAME CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - An employee of University Hospitalsโ€™ main campus is charged with rape and kidnapping. Police said 54-year-old Desmond Robinson of Cleveland took the victim into a room at the hospital, locked the door, and attempted to rape the victim. Robinson is in the Cuyahoga County Jail on a $250,000 bond.

A high bond was requested by Cleveland Police Detectives as the suspect made his first appearance in Cleveland Municipal Court on Wednesday morning. Robinson, an employee of University Hospitals, is charged with two first-degree felonies of rape and kidnapping. The crimes allegedly happened on Sunday in a room at the hospital.

Robinson is accused of taking the victim into a room, locking the door, allegedly laying on top of the victim, and attempting to force the person to have sex.

[NNN forum thread:]  University Hospitals suspends negro employee after being charged with rape inside medical center

    (Berserk black) Woman sprays toddler, others with Mace at Washington Park, police say
SUSPECT-NAME wounded victim wounded victim CINCINNATI (WXIX) - Cincinnati police are trying to identify a woman they say sprayed a 3-year-old and others with Mace at Washington Park playground. The incident happened around 8 p.m. on May 24 outside the playground gates, according to police. Detective Alicia Henson says the attack started after some kids on the playground got into a physical fight.

Henson says a child involved left to get their mother. That woman came to the playground armed with Mace and sprayed multiple people, including the 3-year-old. โ€œThis kind of unprovoked attack, especially where there are young children involved, Iโ€™ve never seen anything like this,โ€ Detective Henson said.

[NNN forum thread:]  Sow sprays toddler, others with Mace at Cincinnati park

    New York City - shootings overnight

NYC TNB - At least seven shot โ€“ one fatally โ€“ overnight in NYC: NYPD

Chicago - shootings overnight

Chicago shootings: 45 shot, 3 fatally, in weekend violence across city

Philadelphia shootings overnight

    Search called off for (black) Catalina Express passenger who went overboard; crew member says man jumped
The missing passenger was described by authorities as a 24-year-old Black man wearing a white sweatshirt.

Family members who gathered at the Catalina Landing in Long Beach for a second day identified the missing passenger as Keion Dade of Moreno Valley.
A crew member said the man was seen jumping off the rear of the boat. They passed a life ring to Dade, but he disappeared, witnesses said.

[NNN forum thread:] 
Re: Niggers drown mo' dan whitey - black man jumped overboard

Sleep with the fishes - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

  Oakland: Hispanic man charged with murder of Hispanic man in April 18 shooting
victim name OAKLAND CA โ€” An Oakland man has been charged with murder in connection with a fatal shooting last April, court records show. Luis Rodriguez, 27, was charged with murdering Nathanial Martinez , who was shot and killed around 5:30 p.m. April 18 on the 1700 block of 28th Avenue, court records show. Rodriguez was identified as a suspect and arrested within 72 hours of the shooting, and remains in jail on a no-bail hold.

Oakland police said in court records that Martinez and Rodriguez were arguing when Rodriguez allegedly walked up to Martinez and shot him several times. Martinez was seated in his car when he was struck by gunfire. Police havenโ€™t disclosed the nature of the argument.

Rodriguez was arrested in San Leandro three days later, and declined to speak to authorities, according to court records. He was subsequently charged with murder and shooting into an occupied motor vehicle, along with enhancements alleging personal use of a firearm.


Kamala Devi Harris was born in Oakland, California, on October 20, 1964.

    HISPANIC Maniac who allegedly raped woman in NYC last year found hiding in Georgia
The maniac allegedly responsible for the brutal rape of a Queens woman last year has been arrested โ€” after authorities found him hiding out in Georgia, prosecutors announced Monday.

Rony Lopez Alvarez, 38, was dragged back to New York on Friday to face a slew of charges including rape and kidnapping in the horrifying January 2020 assault.

โ€œFor more than a year, the investigation into this brutal attack continued and intensified in an effort to find justice for the victim,โ€ said Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz.


[NNN forum thread:] 
Maniac who allegedly raped woman in NYC last year found hiding in Georgia

  Hispanic Homeless man, 53, arrested in Central Park phone snatch
Cops have collared a homeless man who allegedly punched a woman and snatched her phone in Central Park, police said. Gerardo Rosario Cruz, 53, was arrested Sunday evening and charged with second-degree robbery, according to the NYPD.

Cruz allegedly swiped the 40-year-old womanโ€™s phone around 10 a.m. Friday while she was sitting on a bench and texting, cops said. The victim chased after Cruz, but he clocked her in the face, knocking her to the ground, police said. Cruz ran off, but a good Samaritan chased him down and was able to retrieve the womanโ€™s iPhone 11, police said.


Israeli flag
Jewish groups condemn Arizona's potential use of gas executions.

    "NO-BORDERS BIDEN" returns $26 million in border wall money to Navy shipyard
invasion invasion invasion

    Another 'hate hoax'? - desperately searching for dead black bodies? - Try Chicago

Examination yet to confirm bodies are Tulsa massacre victims
TULSA, Okla. (AP) โ€” The examination of remains exhumed from a Tulsa cemetery has not yet confirmed that they were victims of the (alleged) "Tulsa Race Massacre", an investigator said Monday. The remains of seven individuals have been received and six of those have been examined since exhumation began last week, according to forensic anthropologist Phoebe Stubblefield.

To confirm the remains are massacre victims, investigators are seeking signs of trauma and numerous males, based on accounts at the time. โ€œWe need multiple male individuals who appear with gunshot wounds, evidence of gunshot wounds,โ€ Stubblefield said. โ€œThat evidence could be actual changes to bone caused by gunshot wounds ... or it could be just the presence, internal presence, of bullets ... or bullets still in the casket area.โ€

An eighth coffin, believed to be that of an infant was also exhumed, but contained no identifiable human remains, according to Stubblefield. โ€œWith the juveniles we just donโ€™t always recover anyone ... the nature of juvenile bone, it doesnโ€™t preserve as well," Stubblefield said.

โ€œKeep in mind, too, that weโ€™re in a cemetery and the idea is we go to dust. And so we see that,โ€ Stubblefield said. โ€œThey're in the state they're supposed to be inโ€ after 100 years. The search for mass graves of massacre victims in Oaklawn Cemetery has thus far uncovered 28 coffins and is ongoing, according to state archaeologist Kary Stackelbeck.

    World War II: Hideki Tojo's ashes scattered by US, documents reveal
suspect name suspect name suspect name The remains of Japan's World War II prime minister were scattered over the Pacific Ocean after his execution, US documents have revealed.

Officials were concerned supporters of Hideki Tojo - one of the men behind the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 - would try to find his body and treat him as a martyr.

After his execution for war crimes in 1948 he and six others were cremated. A US Army aircraft then dropped their ashes in the ocean.

  Michael Moore's documentary 'has exposed green energy as a fraud'

Michael Moore's documentary, 'Planet of the Humans' has exposed the "swindlers" who are peddling misinformation and the environmental benefits of green energy, according to Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly. Mr Moore's documentary, which is available free of charge on the internet, casts doubt over the efficacy of renewables, in particular solar and wind energy.

The documentary filmmakers argue some green energy is hindering, rather than helping, the fight against dangerous climate change. Many environmentalists, including Yale Climate Connections, have criticised the film, claiming it relies on outdated depictions of renewable energy.

Yale Climate Connections said while renewables do have a carbon footprint, it is smaller than non-renewable energy. However, Mr Kelly told Sky News "Moore exposes everything about green energy."

"Moore's film, what makes it so important, is because he is a character of the left," he said. "This is the moment where they say, the emperor has no clothes."

"He exposes everything about green energy as simply a fraud peddled by a whole lot of swindlers who are making an absolute fortune out of it, and ultimately, it's not even environmentally friendly. All these wind turbines and solar panel, they have a life of 15 to 20 years."

  Vatican Warns U.S. Bishops: Don't Deny Biden Communion Over Abortion

Bidens surprise local English Catholic churchgoers by showing up to Mass on last day of G7 (globalist anti-nationalist) summit
Gayle Wood, who also attended the service, said Mr. Biden appeared to make a "very generous donation" to the church before leaving.

  Tierny REAL News Network Updates

  • Tidbits - extracted from daily briefing....

  • After texts & emails came out that proved Joe's son, Hunter, often used the N-word and other racial slurs, Biden shifted gears and said that the Joint Chiefs told him "the greatest threat facing America" is "global warming." Wait. I thought it was "white supremacy." The next day, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs corrected Biden, and confirmed that the biggest threats facing the US are China and Russia.

  • "Blithering idiot" Biden was 2.5 hours late for his press conference at NATO and only took a handful of questions from certain reporters. At one point, he took 10 full seconds to answer - and started with "The answer is...." He appears to be getting fed answers through an ear piece. Watch.

  • "Blithering idiot" Biden
    blithering Biden

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