22 September 2018 

    Retrial set for BLACK accused of burning white woman alive!
black suspectMeing-Chen Hsiao Jessica Lane Chambers and friendJessica ChambersJACKSON, Miss. — Was it Quinton or Eric? That's likely to be the choice again facing Mississippi jurors this week in the trial of Quinton Tellis, accused of setting 19-year-old Jessica Chambers on fire in her car in December 2014, only to see the dying woman stagger down a rural backroad and be found by firefighters.

The horrific circumstances surrounding the former high school cheerleader's death focused national attention on the victim's hometown of Courtland, a hamlet about 60 miles (100 kilometers) south of Memphis, Tennessee. In a trial last year, jurors couldn't agree whether Tellis was guilty of capital murder. The 29-year-old Tellis faces life in prison without parole if convicted.

He faces another murder indictment in Louisiana, in the torture death of Meing-Chen Hsiao, a 34-year-old Taiwanese graduate student at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. No trial date has been set in that case.

The Mississippi case is freighted with racial overtones because Tellis is black, while Chambers was white.

Chambers had burns on more than 90 percent of her body and one of the firefighters who found her described her as looking like a "zombie." The defense continues to focus on testimony by firefighters and other first responders who say they heard a badly injured Chambers tell them that "Eric" or maybe "Derek" had attacked her before she was whisked away to a Memphis, Tennessee, hospital where she died hours later.

"If we had one person saying she said 'Quinton set me on fire,' we wouldn't be having a trial," defense attorney Alton Peterson told The Associated Press. "But we had nine who said Eric did and we're having a second trial." - (NNN Burned Alive!)
Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

    Judge OKs DNA evidence in (another) Black Beast murders White Queens jogger murder trial
Chanel LewisKarina VetranoForensic evidence linking a Brooklyn man to the murder and sex assault of a Queens jogger can be presented at trial, a Queens judge ruled Thursday.
Chanel Lewis’ attorney had claimed DNA evidence tying Lewis, 20, to the August 2016 slaying of Karina Vetrano, 30, was based on the city medical examiner’s use of technology not generally accepted in the scientific community. But Queens Supreme Court Justice Michael Aloise said the software used was “not new, novel or experimental,” and would suffice. Jury selection in the case is set for Oct. 29. - (Black-on-white)

    (rutting black) Dover rape suspect arrested living out of his car on a farm in Maryland
black suspectA man wanted for rape was found living out of his car on a farm in Maryland, according to Dover police, who have been looking for him since Sunday.  Dover police said federal marshals and the First State Fugitive Task Force arrested Isaac Pierce Thursday. Police said the farm was in Princess Anne County, Maryland.

Police believe Pierce physically assaulted a woman after stopping near the Delaware Technical and Community College basketball courts Sunday morning. Police said after that he forced her to drive to a parking lot on Ridgley street where he raped, strangled and threatened her.   Dover police said Pierce knew the victim.

    (black Haitian ) Most Wanted’ fugitive pleads not guilty to health-care fraud
black suspectHe’s one of America’s Most Wanted — at least according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, if not the FBI. Etienne Allonce made the lesser-known list of fugitives in 2007 after the government accused him and his wife of defrauding Medicaid and Medicare out of millions.

Allonce, 55, fled the country, leaving behind his young daughter and spouse, Helen Michel. Michel was arrested hours after he fled. Allonce had been hiding in Haiti, but was expelled and pleaded not guilty Thursday in Long Island federal court to charges of health-care fraud and conspiracy.

Prosecutors say the couple submitted $10 million in false claims to Medicare and Medicaid to seek payment for medical services that were never provided by their medical-equipment company, Medical Solutions Management Inc.

    (black) Teen Timothy Oyebola (a NIGERian surname) fatally shot in the head while playing basketball in Brooklyn

Why is there no mugshot yet of the black beast Anthony Crawford that stabbed the female jogger to death?
    Does the District of Columbia Police Department have a policy of NOT posting mugshots of African-American killers?
black suspect
Changing times mean changing faces and races in Washington, D.C. The city’s African American population
is down from 71 percent in the 1970’s to just 47 percent in the most recent Census.

Despite numbers changing in the city, African Americans still make up a huge majority of those stopped by D.C. Police. This is an issue D.C. Police leaders do not dispute.

D.C. Police tell us more than half of the department is African American. The department provided the following breakdown of its officers, by ethnicity:  Black    - 52 percent
                                             White    - 35 percent
                                             Hispanic - 9 percent
                                             Asian      - 4 percent

  • Hard to follow in the footsteps of the most notorious black mayor of D.C.
    black suspectblack suspectMarion Shepilov Barry was an American politician who served as the second Mayor of the District of Columbia from 1979 to 1991, and again as the fourth mayor from 1995 to 1999. A Democrat.  His celebrity was transformed into international notoriety in January 1990, when he was videotaped during a sting operation smoking crack cocaine and was arrested by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) officials on drug charges. The arrest and subsequent trial precluded Barry from seeking re-election, and he served six months in a federal prison. After his release, he was elected to the Council of the District of Columbia in 1992. He was elected again as mayor in 1994, serving from 1995 to 1999.  - SHEPILOV, SHEPILOV.... funny middle name for a soviet agent....
    "It is sometimes said that his ardent support of the Civil Rights Movement earned him the nickname "Shep", in reference to Soviet politician Dmitri Shepilov, and then Barry began using Shepilov as his middle name. But Barry stated in his autobiography that he chose the name with regard to his middle initial S, which had initially stood for nothing, after having found Shepilov's name in newspapers: "I had picked out "Shepilov" as a middle name because it was the only one that I knew and liked".

    Dmitrii Shepilov (1905-1995), a prominent Soviet leader and member of the Communist Party elite, rose to power under Joseph Stalin in the 1940s and 1950s, then fell into political disgrace after being implicated in a coup attempt against Nikita Khrushchev in 1957

    (rutting black) Accused rapist, kidnapper Anthony Crawford doesn't take plea deal despite mom's advice in court
black suspectSyracuse, NY -- A Syracuse man accused of kidnapping, beating and raping a woman for 10 days in a North Side apartment did not take a plea deal today that would have sent him to prison for 3 years.
Anthony Crawford, 37, is facing charges that could send him to prison for up to 25 years. He's accused of keeping the woman confined for 10 days in October 2017 inside his North Townsend Street apartment. He then beat her and asked her to have sex, police said. When she refused, he then told the woman "one hand washes the other," which she took as a threat, police said. Crawford then raped the woman every day, police have said.

Prosecutor Maureen Barry said that new evidence came to light that led to today's 3-year prison offer if Crawford pleaded guilty to assault.  Three years in prison is the minimum punishment allowed under law, the judge noted. If found guilty after trial of the crimes, Crawford faces between 8 and 25 years in prison, the judge noted.

    Lynching of Anthony Crawford - Wikipedia
black suspectAnthony Crawford (ca. 1865 – October 21, 1916) was an African American man killed by an (ALLEGED) lynch mob in Abbeville, South Carolina.

    There is an OBITUARY for a different Anthony Crawford at the CONGO FUNERAL HOME in Delaware

    DRUNK DUI ILLEGAL ALIEN: gets 16 years for crash that killed black footballer and his Uber driver
A man from Guatemala living illegally in the U.S. was sentenced Friday to the maximum of 16 years in prison for a drunken-driving crash that killed Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson and his Uber driver. Manuel Orrego-Savala, 37, pleaded guilty in July to two counts of operating a motor vehicle with a blood-alcohol content of .15 or more, causing death. The sentence marked the maximum possible under his plea agreement.

 Israeli flag   LESBIAN looking lawyer Debra Katz is seen wearing radical socialist power fist t-shirt while calling for anti-Trump revolution
(deviant news text...

  • White prisoner allegedly strangled, crushed throat of black inmate
    A white inmate at an upstate prison, who was locked up on assault charges for attacking and threatening to “lynch” an interracial couple in Brooklyn last year, got indicted this week for murdering a fellow prisoner — who was black.
    Authorities have reportedly been investigating whether the killing was racially motivated due to the nature of Bernard Szurant’s last crime. Szurant made headlines last summer after he set upon a white woman and her black boyfriend — calling them the N-word and making other racist statements
  • Tribal members settle abuse cases against Mormon church
    FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. –  Four Native Americans who claimed they were sexually abused while enrolled in a now-defunct Mormon church foster program decades ago filed paperwork to dismiss their cases after reaching financial settlements, a lawyer said. Allegations have been made against the church by more than a dozen tribal members from the Navajo Nation and Crow Tribe of Montana.  The people accused of abuse were associated with host families, not church leaders.

    The children participated in the program at a time when the church believed it had a duty to restore the heritage of American Indians who were referred to as Lamanites, or the wicked of two civilizations that emerged when God guided families to the Americas, Matthew Bowman, author of the 2012 book, "The Mormon People: The Making of an American Faith," has said.

    The church changed the introduction to the Book of Mormon a few years ago to say that Lamanites are among the ancestors of American Indians, he said.
  • God curses those that add to or take away from the Bible
    • Rev 22:18
      For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:


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21 September 2018

Why is there no mugshot yet of this black beast?
    (White female) Logan Circle jogger's murder (by racist black killer) may have been racially motivated
black suspectblack suspectWhite victimInvestigators are looking into the possibility that Martinez's murder might have been "racially motivated" because Crawford "does not like white people."
WASHINGTON -- The murder of a recently engaged 35-year-old woman who was jogging near her home may have been racially motivated, investigators said.

Wednesday, 23-year-old Anthony Crawford of Northwest D.C. was arrested in the stabbing death of Wendy Martinez. Crawford was found by police at a park on 14th Street and Girard and was brought in for questioning late Wednesday night, a day after 35-year-old Wendy Karina Martinez was stabbed while jogging only blocks away from her home in the Logan Circle area approaching the corner of P Street and 11th Street in Northwest D.C.
Investigators are looking into the possibility that Martinez's murder might have been “racially motivated” because Crawford “does not like white people.” A source also said that Crawford has a history of mental illness and K2 addiction. K-2, also known as "spice", is a synthetic marijuana that is banned in the U.S. - (Black-on-white)

    black killer negress bitch was "TRANSGENDERED" sexually confused deviant
black suspectAuthorities and court records identified Snochia Moseley as female, as did a Facebook profile in her name. But in Facebook messages Coley shared with The Baltimore Sun, Moseley described herself as transgender, although it was not clear whether Moseley preferred to be addressed using masculine or feminine pronouns. In messages that the friend said were sent in December 2016, Moseley described identifying as a trans man and discussed beginning hormone treatment soon.

“I just started talking about [being transgender],” Moseley wrote in another message. “My sister is totally supportive, my brothers already had an idea, my mom I haven’t gotten around to admitting it to yet. but she’s heard about it somehow.”

  • Three victims in fatal shooting at Maryland distribution center identified
    Authorities identified the three people who were fatally shot as Sunday Aguda, 45, of Baltimore County; Brindra Giri, 41, of Baltimore County; and Hayleen Reyes, 41, of Baltimore City.

    (black) Man arrested for allegedly shooting, killing (White) woman as she sat in car in west Toledo
black suspectblack suspectWhite victimTOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Paris Williamson is now in custody for allegedly shooting and killing a woman as she sat in a car in west Toledo Saturday morning. 
Monica Meyers
, 55, was in the passenger seat when another vehicle fired several rounds at victims in the car on North Detroit and Alexis. Meyers suffered at least one gunshot wound and was transferred to St. Vincent's hospital where she later died. Williamson is also being charged with felonious assault on three other occupants who were also in the car at the time of the shooting.  Toledo Police Special Operations officers took Williamson into custody without incident Thursday night. He is being held in the Lucas County Jail. - (Black-on-white)

    (rutting black) Piece of trash gets 160-year prison sentence for impregnating 10-year-old girl who took stand against him
black suspectA 34-year-old Indiana man was sentenced to 160 years in prison on Thursday for impregnating a 10-year-old girl, who courageously testified against him. The girl took the stand in Grant County earlier this year, telling the jury that Nicholas Thrash molested her at least 15 times. She was 11 when she gave birth to a boy last year.

"(The victim) was foremost in our mind during this case," Grant County Prosecutor Jim Luttrull said after Thrash was found guilty of 10 counts of child molesting in August.  

Thrash will have to serve a minimum of 132 of the 160 years, according to CBS 4 in Indiana. The girl's mother faces neglect and other charges, the Chronicle-Tribune reported earlier this year. Investigators say she discovered the pregnancy as her daughter was trying on dresses for a school dance, and told her to say a classmate is responsible.

    (rutting 'oversexed') Negro spawned at least 23 children by a string of different women, some of them his own daughters
black suspectSpecial Education Teacher Convicted of Extensive Sexual Abuse Involving His Daughters
STOCKTON -- A special education teacher was convicted Thursday in federal court of transporting minors with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity and one count of transporting an adult daughter across state lines with the intent to engage in incest. A teenage girl believes the Clarion Hotel is one of several Stockton places where a man serving as her surrogate father brought her to have sex. That man is Rodney Flucas.

No one from the Flucas family lives in Stockton now. However, FBI agents and prosecutors say a Stockton home on Newton Falls Lane was one of at least three homes in three different states that Flucas used as bases of operation for extensive abuse.

Investigations were launched in Georgia and Oregon but never produced a conviction.
However, a February 2017 car crash in Stockton did. Flucas' teenage daughter tried to commit suicide by driving into a lamppost, hoping that her death would lead to the discovery of the abuse. When she survived and arrived at a hospital she told authorities what she'd endured.

The case proved the 49-year-old has fathered at least 23 children by a string of different women, some of them his own daughters. DNA testing confirmed he is the father of 10 children born to victims who testified in hopes of securing Thursday's conviction. Flucas impregnated one young woman at 16 years old. He convinced her to make up a teenage lover who was supposedly the real father.

    Arlington County police searching for (black) rape spook captured on video
black suspectFAIRFAX, Va (ABC7) — The Arlington County Police Department is seeking assistance from the public identifying a rape suspect caught on surveillance video. At approximately 4:02 p.m. on Sept. 17, police responded to the 5500 block of Columbia Pike for the late report of a rape.  Upon arrival, it was determined that the victim and suspect made contact through an online advertisement. During the arranged service, the suspect physically assaulted and raped the victim. Following the assault, the suspect fled the scene on foot. The suspect is described as an approximately 60-year-old black male, 5’10” to 6’ tall with a medium build. He has brown eyes and dark short curly hair with some gray.

    (black) Rapist blames victim, women and media for his crime
black suspectBRIDGEPORT - Jefferson Sumpter had his one chance on Friday to try and make amends for beating and raping a Guilford woman he rescued from the throes of a winter storm.
“She isn’t dead, and she should appreciate that,” Sumpter told Superior Court Judge Robert Devlin as his victim sat in the back of the courtroom, a shocked expression on her face. “It was very cold that night and I was very intoxicated, she should have known better than going with a stranger. And we all know that women and the media make up rape allegations.”Devlin said he was going along with the plea agreement, sentencing Sumpter to 15 years, suspended after he serves eight years in prison and followed by 10 years of probation.

    (black)  Sheboon beats deli owner over sammich beef: cops - "Where's the beef?"
black suspectShe beat the meat out of him. A woman allegedly assaulted a deli owner for not putting enough meat in her sandwich. Regina Solomon, 32, was so upset over her sandwich that she went behind the deli counter to berate the owner of Krauszer’s Food Store in Hamden, according to WTNH. Solomon and an unidentified male then tried to leave the store without paying for the sandwich and a calzone. When the store owner attempted to stop Solomon and the man, she allegedly grabbed a belt off a rack and hit him repeatedly while her accomplice punched him multiple times, the Connecticut Post reported. The deli owner suffered injuries to his arms and hands, authorities said.

  • Clara Peller (August 4, 1902 – August 11, 1987) was a manicurist and American character actress who, at the age of 81, starred in the 1984 "Where's the beef?" advertising campaign for the Wendy's fast food restaurant chain.
    Peller died on August 11, 1987, in Chicago, one week after her 85th birthday. She is buried at Waldheim Jewish Cemetery.

    (black) Snake-headed Serial Monkey Man Suspect: Chico Neighbors Want him deported to Monkey Island
black suspectCHICO Calif. - The Chico Police Department arrested Ishmael Smith five times in just the past few weeks - and each time he's gotten out.
"My coworker said that she may have seen him yesterday parked right outside of the business here so that's really scary especially if he's a predator and he's preying on women," said Chico resident Brenda Vettel.
Officers arrested Ishmael Smith on Nord Avenue on Sept. 19. "There was a female walking down the street and she reported that someone had reached up her skirt and grabbed her," said Chico Police Officer Justin Adrian.
That was the fifth time police charged Smith this month.

"They've been ranging from harassment to shoplifting to prowling and arson and battery," Adrian said. "He's been booked on misdemeanor charges every time so usually when you're booked on a misdemeanor charge you get cited and released with a notice to appear in court and he's still in custody right now because we went through an extra process to justify to keep him there." A woman who works at a coffee shop on Nord Avenue says its concerning.

Butte County College student Eleanor Gonzalez lives on Nord Avenue and says she's on edge.
"There's a bunch of college kids here so everyone's always out," Gonzalez said. "So if he gets loose again, what is preventing him from doing it again?" Adrian said they are hoping the court will figure out a way to keep Smith out of trouble in the future.

"The behavior is definitely concerning," Adrian said. "It seems to be escalating and that's why we took the extra measure to keep him in jail as long as we can."  Smith will be in court Friday, Sept. 21.

    (black) Convicted felon charged in brutal attack of 91-year-old Chinaman in Chinatown
black suspectCHICAGO – A convicted felon was charged in the attack of a 91-year-old man in Chinatown.
Police said Alexander Taylor, 45, faces several felony charges in the attack of Yen Jit Wong. According to a statement from police, Taylor is a convicted felon. Wong was attacked near 24th Street and Wentworth Avenue around noon on Tuesday during his daily walk. Taylor was seen by an off-duty Chicago police sergeant striking Wong in the face. Police said Wong did not provoke Taylor. Wong fell hard and suffered a broken collarbone and bleeding around his brain.

    Surveillance video captures violent groid shootout at East St. Louis gas station
Negro thug starts shooting with "sagging pants" - exposing his thug underwear

black suspect

    Evesham Township Police Searching For BLACK Suspect Who Broke Into Apartment, Attacked Homeowner
black suspectEVESHAM TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) — Evesham Township police are searching for a man who broke into an apartment and attacked a homeowner earlier this week. Police say the incident happened on Monday around 3 a.m. at the Nieuw Amsterdam Apartment Complex in Marlton. Police say the suspect entered the first-floor apartment through an open window. Once the suspect was inside, the homeowner woke up to the sound of something crashing in his living room.
Police say the suspect fled the apartment with the male resident chasing after him and caught him a block away. During a brief struggle, the suspect escaped into a wooded area. The victim received numerous abrasions and scrapes during the struggle and was treated at the scene. The suspect was able to steal electronics and cash from the man’s apartment. The suspect is described as a black male, between 5-foot-8 and 5-foot-10, late teens to early 20s, and wearing a black hoodie.

    UK: 3 Colored Teens headed to prison for bloody machete fight at mall
mud suspects Three teens were sentenced to a total of more than 13 years behind bars following a brutal, caught-on-video machete fight in a UK mall, according to police and a published report.
Imani Pobi da Silva, Luca Sanni, and Che Stephens (Pictured)

The CCTV footage, obtained by the Telegraph, shows the trio lunging at each other with knives and machetes inside the The Mall in Luton during the Jan. 22 fight, which Bedfordshire police said was over a girl. By the end of the clip, one of the teens falls to the bloodstained floor, as people continue walking around the mall.

Che Stephens and Imani Pobi da Silva, both 18, were fighting in the shopping center when Stephens lunged at Pobi da Silva and stabbed him in the arm, Bedfordshire police said in a statement. Then Sanni, who was holding a machete, attempted to retaliate, but his weapon slipped from his hand. Stephens stabbed Sanni in the leg before taking off, police said. - (UK)

    Mormon cult does have it biblical regarding queers - will start their own group after split with Sodomite Boy Scouts
Amid declining membership, Boy Scouts of America recently opened its arms to openly gay youth members and adulvolunteers as well as girls and transgender boys. The Mormon faith, which has long been the biggest sponsor of Boy Scout troops in the United States, has clung to its opposition of homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

Israeli flag
  • The alleged evil cabal against our liberal President Trump
    Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein suggested secretly recording Trump and getting cabinet to 'take him out'
    Rosenstein, in a statement to NBC News, said, "The New York Times's story is inaccurate and factually incorrect."

  • "Rod" Jay Rosenstein - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    He was a member of Washington D.C.'s Temple Sinai, a Reform Jewish congregation, from 2008 to 2014. According to a questionnaire that Rosenstein completed ahead of a hearing with the Senate Judiciary Committee, he was a member of a Jewish Community Center's sports league from 1993 to 2012.  Rosenstein served on the board of directors of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum from 2001 to 2011.

  • Rod Rosenstein's fate should depend on a speedy investigation
    An immediate investigation must be launched into whether Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein discussed wearing a wire to capture privileged conversations with President Trump, and also considered plotting Trump's removal from office under the 25th Amendment.

    If either of those allegations against Rosenstein is true, as two New York Times reporters alleged on Friday, Rosenstein should be fired without delay. For what it's worth, Rosenstein disputes their report, saying, "Based on my personal dealings with the president, there is no basis to invoke the 25th Amendment.”

    Regardless, there is no question that a prompt and vigorous investigation is now needed. That course of action is the only way that the truth can be established and public confidence in Rosenstein either retained or dissipated.

    If Rosenstein is found to have made the comments as the report suggests, he cannot continue to hold his office. Regardless of commanding respect within government itself, Rosenstein would not be able to command the nonpartisan respect of objective Americans.

  • Google images of "Rosenstein"

  • Mueller, Rosenstein, and Comey: The Three Amigos from the Deep State
    There is a longtime and incestuous relationship between the fixers who have been tasked with taking down President Trump, under the fake narrative of enforcing the law.  James Comey worked in the DOJ directly under Mueller until 2005. Rod Rosenstein and Mueller go even further back.
Israeli flag
Israeli flag




    Crazy CHINESE lady goes on stabbing spree at illegal NYC day care
A Queens facility that serves as a boarding house for Chinese “tourist babies” became a scene of horror early Friday when a worker stabbed three newborns and two adults there before trying to kill herself, police and sources said.
The carnage happened at around 3:45 a.m. in the three-story home in Flushing, where workers provide care to babies born in the US in exchange for thousands of dollars. One of the employees, identified by law-enforcement sources as Yu Fen Wang, went berserk and attacked a 63-year-old colleague and a 31-year-old man, officials said. Wang, 52, then stabbed three baby girls — a 3-day-old, a 2-week-old and a 1-month-old, sources said. The injured man, who was struck in the ankle, is the father of one of those babies, and the injured colleague suffered wounds to her torso, police said. Wang, who sources said has psychological problems, then fled to the basement of the brick home on 161st Street and slit her left wrist. Police discovered her unconscious and used a tourniquet to stem her bleeding. They found a butcher knife and meat cleaver at the scene.

20 September 2018

    Lone Negress Shooter Kills 3, Injures 3 In Aberdeen, MD Shooting At Rite Aid Warehouse
black suspectWhite victimWhite victimWhite victimPERRYMAN, Md. (WJZ) — A woman opened fire on co-workers Thursday morning killing three people and injuring three others before turning the gun on herself in Harford County, Maryland, just south of Aberdeen. Police said the lone suspect in the Rite Aid Distribution Center workplace shooting was a temporary employee.

Multiple police agencies are on scene at Spesutia Rd. and Perryman Rd. hours after the report was initially made to police around 9:06 a.m. The shooting was in the facility’s delivery building, police said. The Harford County Sheriff’s Office reports there is no more threat to the community, however police remain on scene for the investigation.

The 26-year-old female suspect is Snochia Moseley from Baltimore County, Harford Sheriff tweeted. She started shooting people outside before entering the building. Police said that they are currently scouring the massive 210,000 square-foot building for more victims, survivors and evidence. The suspect died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

    Arrest made after "unprovoked" fatal stabbing of (White female) D.C. jogger (by black demon)
black suspectblack suspectWhite victimWASHINGTON, D.C. -- Police have made an arrest in the murder of a woman who was killed while jogging in Washington, D.C. Tuesday night. Washington Metropolitan Police say 23-year-old Anthony Crawford of Northwest D.C. was detained for questioning late Wednesday night in a park at 14th and Girard Street in northwest Washington in the fatal stabbing of 35-year-old Wendy Karina Martinez. He was later arrested and charged with first-degree murder while armed.

Video captured the moments after the Georgetown alumna was stabbed in what police chief Peter Newsham called an "unprovoked" attack while she was running near 11th and P streets northwest, and she managed to stumble into a nearby restaurant for help.  The restaurant's manager, Tommy Wu, showed CBS News correspondent Chip Reid surveillance video of the incident, which appears to show an injured Martinez collapsing as patrons rush to her aid.

Newsham said patrol officers who were familiar with the community, with the help of citizen tips, identified the person of interest pictured in the video. Newsham said Crawford lives in northwest Washington and has a criminal history.  - (Black-on-white)

    (black) Springfield man shoots one person, kills (a White man), then fires at officers, police say
black suspectWhite victimPolice arrested a 52-year-old man Tuesday in connection with two shootings and a standoff. Police say David L. Bryant shot two men — one of whom has since died — and exchanged gunfire with officers before being arrested in the 1300 block of West Tampa Street. Police say one of Bryant's victims, 29-year-old Ryan A. Boulanger, died at a hospital.
The string of shootings began when officers were dispatched to an apartment complex at 2:38 a.m.

Meyer said the suspect — later identified as Bryant — was in a car with two other people outside the apartment complex and shot one of them. Police have since identified that man as Boulanger.

About 14 minutes later, officers were dispatched to another shooting, this time at another apartment complex.
Police received information that the suspect in both shootings was at a home where officers then convened and a standoff began.
At one point, the suspect shot at police officers from the front porch, then ran into the home, Meyer said. Officers returned fire, Meyer said, and neither the suspect nor officers were struck. Most people left the home peacefully, Meyer said, but when the suspect came out, he charged at officers. Police shot him with rubber bullets, Meyer said. - (Black-on-white)

Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

    (black) Arrested for murder of hat-on-backwards white boy during a drug sale
black suspectWhite victimLOUISVILLE, Ky. — James Green, 22, is in jail on a murder charge in the death of Jacob Skees.
Skees was found shot to death in a car on Maravian Drive on September 9th.  Police say Skees had been shot on another street and was driven by a friend for about a half mile to try to get help.
According to the arrest report, Green shot Skees during a drug sale.

Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

    (black) Cleveland man charged with aggravated murder in West Park shooting death (of White male victim)
black suspectWhite victimCLEVELAND, Ohio -- A Cleveland man is accused of fatally shooting another man Sunday at a home in the city's West Park neighborhood.
Dettrick Walker Jr., 18, is charged with aggravated murder in the deadly shooting at a home on West 146th Street near Mitchell Avenue, according to court records. Walker is not in custody but a warrant was issued Monday for his arrest. He shot Victor Maar Jr. multiple times at the home, court records say. Maar, 35, died after being taken to MetroHealth. Maar was found shot in the home's living room, police said. Investigators have not provided any additional information about the shooting. - (Black-on-white)

    (black) 18-year-old Oak Grove man charged in Independence deadly shooting of (white) woman and German Shepherd
black suspectINDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- An 18-year-old Oak Grove man has been charged in the fatal shooting of a woman in Independence. David A. Harris was charged Wednesday for second degree murder, first degree assault and two counts of armed criminal action, according to Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker. Independence police responded to the Cedar Brooke Apartments, located in the 1100 block of Quail Creek Drive Tuesday morning on reports of shots fired. According to court records, while at the scene, officers heard yelling and through a window they saw the homicide victim, identified as 20-year-old Mary Schmitz, on the floor in the dining room. Police also found a 21-year-old man in a bedroom with a gunshot wound. He was taken to an area hospital with life threatening injuries.
Police also said a German Shepherd had been killed.
Several people were reported to be in the apartment when the incident occurred.
Police later found Harris, who matched the descriptions given to them by the assault victim. He told police that he had been in a fight with the assault victim at the home and had shot Schmitz during the fight. Harris told police he then left the scene and threw the gun into the woods. - (Black-on-white)

  • Mary Schmitz, age 20
  • complaint - Jackson County Prosecutor, MO
    "...Prior to being transported to the hospital PO
    Holt asked who shot him. stated that the person who shot him was a black male
    who was wearing all black. Officers also noticed that a German Shepherd had been killed and was lying on the
    floor of the living room area. In plain view, a spent shell casing was seen on the floor of the living room and on
    the floor of the dining room near the back door. The apartment had the strong odor of marijuana throughout.
    There was also a “bong” on the bar separating the kitchen and the dining room area. From the outside of the
    open front door blood spatter evidence can be seen on the wall immediately inside the front door.
    One of the witnesses, , advised that she knew had an ongoing conflict with a man
    identified as Darius D. Miller, a black male, born 08/04/1998, and that it was possibley[stet] over their relationship
    with Ms. Schmitz

    During the assault fought back and got on top of Mr. Harris
    so he took the gun out of his pocked, took off the safety, and shot in order to get him off. At that
    point pulled Ms. Schmitz in front of him and Mr. Harris admitted to shooting Ms. Schmitz as she
    faced him.
    He then fled the apartment and threw the gun in a nearby wooded area.
Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

    Philly Police Searching For (rutting black) 17-Year-Old Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Teen Girl Walking Home
black suspectPHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police are searching for a 17-year-old boy accused of sexually assaulting a teen girl in the Somerton section of the city. Police say the sexual assault happened on the 13000 block of Cardella Place on Sept. 6 around noon while she was on her way home from school.

According to police, the suspect approached the 13-year-old victim from behind, placed his hand over her mouth, and told her, “If you scream, I’ll kill you.”

“At approximately 12 p.m., the female victim was on her way home from school.  “She got off the bus and was walking home.” Police say the suspect then dragged the girl into a gated yard and sexually assaulted her.

The suspect is described as a 17-year-old black male, 6 feet tall, weighing between 155 to 165 pounds, with a slim build, crooked nose and short black hair. He was last seen wearing a black t-shirt with orange writing on the front, and gray sweatpants.

    (rutting black) Zion Man Charged With Sexual Assault Of Illinois Teen At Wisconsin Motel
black suspectCHICAGO (CBS)–A 61-year-old Zion man who cut off his electronic monitoring bracelet last month and was wanted for sexually abusing a 16-year-old Illinois girl at a Wisconsin motel was arrested on Wednesday. Stephen Smith allegedly sexually assaulted the girl in July at the Bluebird Motel, 779 Sheridan Road in Somers, Wisc., according to a statement the Kenosha County Sheriff’s department released on Thursday. Authorities said he cut off his GPS bracelet and fled in August after he was named a suspect.

    (black) Sow's Drank Tantrum At Counter Ruins $200 Of Merchandise
black suspectblack suspectMASTIC, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – Suffolk County police are searching for a woman they say caused hundreds of dollars worth of damage at a 7-Eleven after dumping her just-purchased drink all over a cashier’s counter. A store video shows what happened on Aug. 30 at the 7-Eleven on Montauk Highway in Mastic, N.Y. The woman takes the lid off the drink and dumps it on the counter. The clerk says she was angry about the price of the coffee. The store reports $200 worth of cigarettes stored under the counter were destroyed. The woman was driving a large black GMC Yukon with New Jersey plates.

    (black African migrant) Cameroon Coon, “Rayne” Sentenced To 12 Years For Sex Trafficking Of Minors
black suspectBALTIMORE, Md. (WJZ) —  A Silver Spring man was sentenced on Tuesday to 12 years in prison, followed by five years of supervised release for two counts of sex trafficking a minor. Roland Chick Akum, 25, must also register as a sex offender where he lives, works, and goes to school after his release from prison. Between June and August of 2017, Akum, also known as “Rayne”, transported two girls, 15 and 16 respectively, to a motel in College Park, Maryland to engage in commercial sex acts. Akum used Backpage, a website that marketed commercial sex, to advertise the girls, keeping a portion of the proceeds from the sex acts for himself.

The 15-year-old girl left Akum and the hotel on July 7, 2017 to contact the authorities. Akum would continue to traffic the 17-year-old girl for a little over a month, until his arrest in a part of an undercover operation targeting Backpage. He was released on bond the following day. In September, 2017, he purchased a one-way ticket from Dulles International Airport to Cameroon.

Akum, a citizen of Cameroon, was arrested before he could make that flight.

    (rutting black) University of Central Florida football player is arrested for 'raping unconscious woman in his dorm
room while his teammates banged on the door and begged him to stop'

black suspect
  • Demetrius Mayes, 18, charged with sexual battery to a physically helpless person
  • Victim told police she woke up in his dorm, naked, while he was penetrating her
  • The victim said when she got up to leave Mayes tried to block her from the door
  • Seven teammates said they tried to stop Mayes, told him it was a 'big mistake' 

    Man who bought wrong beer shot to death; 2 (blacks with stupid African-sounding names)  charged
black suspectBELLEVUE, Pa. - A man is dead and two others are facing charges after a shooting Tuesday night in Bellevue that apparently happened after a dispute over beer, police said. The 32-year-old victim was found about 8 p.m. in the area of South Starr Avenue and Oak Street, authorities said. He was shot multiple times and was taken to a hospital, where he later died. Investigators determined 20-year-old Musa Muya (KENYA) shot the victim. Muya is charged with criminal homicide and a weapons violation. Charges of tampering with evidence and a weapons violation have also been filed against 20-year-old Salim Salim (SUDAN?), police said.

According to a criminal complaint, the three men had been together for several hours, firing a gun into a wooded ravine. The victim went to buy beer, and when he returned, Muya was mad because it was the wrong kind, the complaint said. Muya later shot the victim, who ran to the area where police found him, authorities said. “Only thing he said was, ‘I'm gonna die. I'm dying. I'm dying.’”

    Negro Machete Attack At Victorville, CA Grocery Store Might Be Linked To Recent Violent Ambushes
black suspectVICTORVILLE (CBSLA) — Police are trying to figure out if the suspect in a machete attack at a Victorville Food-4-Less in March is the same person who attacked a woman and a girl with a similar weapon just weeks ago. The store’s surveillance video shows the suspect casually strolling through the store when he pulls out a machete and points it a security guard before slicing him on the hand. The man and his friends ditch the packed shopping cart and run away. The male suspect is described as black, between 16 and 24 years old, 5-foot-9 to 6 feet tall, with a thin build.

    Nigga will steal yo stuff - 'medley'
black suspectMan with deformed "elephant man" earlobes steals ambulance from Broward Health North, deputies say
Michael Paul told deputies after his arrest that he needed car

    (black 'rapper') Marion “Suge” Knight Cops Manslaughter Plea, Faces 28 Years In Prison
black suspectblack suspectFormer rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight pleaded no contest today to running over a man and killing him in a restaurant parking lot three years ago. He is expected to be sentenced to 28 years in state prison on the charge. Knight entered his plea to one count of voluntary manslaughter and admitted a special allegation that he used a deadly weapon, a truck. Knight, 53, was once one of the most feared men in the record industry during his days as CEO of Death Row Records, a gangsta rap label that spawned massive hits by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Tupac. At its peak, the label was estimated to be grossing $100 million per year.

  (BLACK MUSLIM) Georgia dad pleads guilty to starving toddler to death; case may be linked to 'Islam-based cult'
A Georgia man pleaded guilty this week to the murder of his 15-month-old daughter, whose death police say may have been caused by rituals tied to an "Islam-based cult."   The man, Calvin Mcintosh, 48, entered a guilty plea on Monday in the starving-death of his daughter, Alcenti, on Nov. 11, 2014.  The child's death may be connected to cult rituals.  Authorities returned to the hotel where Mcintosh was living and discovered three more "severely malnourished" children, one 5 and the other two 3 years old.

"Investigators also discovered during the execution of a search warrant, copious amounts of literature and notes in reference to ritualistic behavior and the Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, an Islam-based cult which is known for being a sovereign group," the press release stated.

    'You are a serial killer': Hispanic killer Jorge Torrez sentenced to 100 years for 2005 murder of two girls in Zion
White victimsWAUKEGAN, Ill. (AP) - A former Marine already sentenced to death for killing a sailor in Virginia pleaded guilty Tuesday to fatally attacking two young girls in a suburban Chicago park 13 years ago.

A judge sentenced Jorge Torrez, 30, to 100 years in prison under a plea deal with prosecutors for the fatal stabbings of 8-year-old Laura Hobbs and 9-year-old Krystal Tobias on Mother's Day 2005 at the Beulah Park Forest Preserve in Zion, near the Illinois-Wisconsin state line. "You are a serial killer," Lake County Judge Daniel Shanes told Torrez, saying that he "earned every day" of his prison sentence.
(Prior NNN forum newlink posts)


    Hispanic Trenton Police Officer William Sanchez-Monllor Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Minor
BURLINGTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) — A Trenton police officer is accused of sexually assaulting a minor in Burlington Township. Authorities say 36-year-old William Sanchez-Monllor was taken into custody on Tuesday at the Burlington Township Police Department. Officials say the abuse occurred on multiple occasions in Burlington County. Sanchez-Monllor has been charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault, two counts of sexual assault and one count of endangering the welfare of a child.

    MUSLIM Southlake couple accused of using African slave girl for forced labor
mud suspectsmud suspects Texas couple indicted on charges they enslaved Guinean girl
The son and daughter-in-law of a former West African leader have been indicted on charges that they enslaved a girl from their native country while living in Texas.
Mohamed Toure (too-RAY') and his wife, Denise Cros-Toure, were named in an indictment returned Wednesday. The Fort Worth residents, both 57, are charged with forced labor, alien harboring and conspiracy. Mohamed Toure also is charged with making false statements to federal agents. The indictments allege the pair brought a girl from Guinea in 2000 and forced her to work in their home for 16 years without pay. Neighbors helped the woman escape in August 2016. The couple was arrested in April. Defense attorneys have denied the charges. Mohamed Toure is the son of the late Ahmed Sekou (SHEE'-koo) Toure, the first president of Guinea.
The defendants face decades in prison, if convicted.
What is the main religion of Guinea?
- Guinea is approximately 85 percent Muslim,

Israeli flag

    Latest news on Catholic Pedophile Priests and LGBTQ Sodomite Priests
The grand jury report added that more than 1,000 children were allegedly molested
and that the “real number” of abused children might be “in the thousands.”

  • New York City may have to pay out $1.7B over RACIALLY biased teaching exam
    More than 90 percent of white test-takers passed the 80-question multiple-choice quiz
    But black applicants scored passing grades only between 51 and 62 percent of the time, and Latinos had an even lower passing rate, just 47 to 55 percent.

    Australian athletes wear blackface as Serena and Venus Williams


    (Black) Man shot 9 times by campus police in Oregon
PORTLAND, Ore. –  Two campus security officers in Oregon fired 17 times at a legally armed black man who was trying to break up a fight and struck him nine times, killing him, according to a report released Wednesday.
Oregon State Medical Examiner Dr. Rebecca Millius ruled the death of Jason Washington, 45, a homicide, the report shows.
Jason Washington took friend's gun away to prevent 'poor decision' before Portland State cops shot him, reports say


19 September 2018

    White Hispanic woman, 35 dies after getting stabbed by demon-spawn rutting black while jogging in our capital
black suspectWhite victimWhite victimWASHINGTON (ABC7) — A woman was stabbed to death late Tuesday evening in Logan Circle, according to D.C. police. The victim, 35-year-old Wendy Karina Martinez, was unconscious and unresponsive when authorities got to the scene. Witnesses said her injuries were severe. Martinez, a Georgetown University graduate, worked as the Chief of Staff at D.C.-based software, data, and media company FiscalNote. She was recently engaged, her family says.  Authorities now say they are looking for one single BLACK suspect, described as wearing a long-sleeved mustard-colored shirt coming down to his thighs.
"We are deeply saddened by this senseless tragedy. Wendy Karina Martinez was the light of our lives. Not only was she an avid runner, but she was a devout Christian, a wonderful friend, and a driven professional. Everything you hope that a daughter and a friend could be. She was also excited to be planning her upcoming wedding to her fiancé, Daniel Hincapie. They were engaged just last week. - (Black-on-white)

    Worthless 15-year-old Negro charged as adult in connection with 2017 murder of prominent (White) Indianapolis doctor
black suspectDr. Kevin Rodgersblack suspectsINDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The case of a 15-year-old charged in connection with the murder of an Indianapolis doctor has been waived to adult court.

Tarius Blade faces three burglary charges in the case. Kevin Rodgers, a prominent local doctor, was killed on Nov. 20, 2017, after suspects broke into his home near Eagle Creek and shot him to death. Blade was 15 years old at the time of the crime.

FOX59 doesn’t typically name juvenile defenders. However, Blade is now charged as an adult. Ka’Ron Bickham-Hurst is charged with burglary and murder following his arrest a month after the murder. Just last month, the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office announced charges against two additional suspects, 17-year-old Devon Seats and 18-year-old Nehemiah Merriweather. Both are charged with murder and burglary. Court documents allege that Seats smashed a rock through a window to get inside Rodgers’ home. He’s also accused of shooting Rodgers, telling his accomplices he had to shoot the doctor because Rodgers had seen his face. - (Black-on-white)

    Black man has been arrested for murder of (white/hispanic) Quarryville man found in Chester County
black suspectWhite victimCHESTER COUNTY — Authorities in Chester County say an arrested has been made in the homicide of a Lancaster County man who was found dead last week along the side of a road in West Fallowfield Township. Hakeem Smith, 30, of Oxford, has been charged in the death of Sam Algarin, whose body was found on Limestone Road at about 10:15 p.m. last Thursday. Algarin died of a single gunshot wound to the chest, investigators say.
“This was a senseless and cold-blooded killing,” Hogan said in the release. “The defendant needed a car and money, so he killed an innocent victim to get what he wanted. Sam Algarin was a good father to his children, a good son to his mother, a good worker to his employer, and a friend to everybody he met. The defendant killed the victim and dumped him on the side of the road like trash. Now the defendant will face justice.” - (Black-on-white/hispanic)

    Salt Lake Police ID  man killed (by ARMED and DANGEROUS black) in parking structure shooting death
black suspectWhite? victimblack suspectSALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake police are looking for a man with a violent past in connection with a homicide over the weekend.
Francis Lee Ragsdale, 30, was named a suspect Monday afternoon in the shooting death of 25-year-old David Lawrence Burwell - (pictured at right with Afro-corn-rows).
The incident began early Saturday when two groups got into a fight at the Wasted Space bar, 342 S. State, according to police. The quarrel continued to the lower level of a parking structure. 
In the parking garage, someone pulled out a gun about 12:40 a.m. and fired several shots, according to police. One man was hit and killed. Police have not said whether Burwell was the intended target.
The gunman drove away before officers arrived.
Police say Ragsdale should be considered armed and dangerous. According to court records, he has been charged a couple of times this year with assault in domestic violence related incidents, and was charged last week with threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend if she testified against him in those pending cases.  - (Black-on-white)

    Bond denied for (rutting black) Atlanta airport contractor accused of raping employee in storage room
black suspectAn Atlanta airport contract employee was arrested after a subordinate accused him of sexually assaulting her during her shift. Eddie Sanders, 47, of Stone Mountain, was taken into custody at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on a charge of rape after the employee notified Atlanta police about the alleged attack early Tuesday morning.
Sanders is a supervisor with contracted cleaning company ABM. “The victim stated that while working, her supervisor took her into a storage room and had sex with her against her will,” police spokesman Officer Jarius Daugherty told AJC.com.

    (black) Man rode dirt bike through Schenectady Price Chopper
black suspectSCHENECTADY -- A man who rode his dirt bike through a Price Chopper on Eastern Avenue earlier this month and posted video of the incident online is facing charges, police said. Police on Monday night asked for the public's help in identifying shoppers seen on the video, since the accounts of those people as potential victims of the Sept. 1 incident would help in the prosecution of Traitin Knight, 23. Knight faces one count of misdemeanor reckless endangerment for allegedly creating "a substantial risk of serious physical injury to another person," according to court documents. Knight was arraigned and released on bond. Police arrested him Monday. Knight wore a GoPro camera, recording as he drove through the store near the checkout lines, endangering customers' safety and lives, police said. The incident happened at around 9:30 p.m.

    Woman nearly strangled in trendy Hell’s Kitchen bar by black boogie man with long black dreads.
black suspectA woman was nearly strangled inside a fashionable Hell’s Kitchen bar, police said Tuesday night. The shocking attack happened at 2:30 a.m. on Aug. 26, inside the bathroom of Blue Ruin Bar at 538 Ninth Ave., authorities said. The 27-year-old victim lost consciousness but survived the ordeal. She described the attacker as about 5-foot-8 or -9 with hazel or green eyes and long black dreads. He is still on the loose.

    (homeless black arsonist firebug) Negro due in court after explosive Kings Plaza Shopping Center garage fire in Brooklyn
black suspectblack suspectMARINE PARK, Brooklyn (WABC) -- The suspect accused of causing an explosive seven-alarm fire in a Brooklyn garage made his first court appearance on Tuesday. Dozens of cars went up in flames, causing their tires to explode, inside the Kings Plaza Shopping Center parking garage in Brooklyn on Monday. The vehicles burned on the second and third floors of the parking garage in Marine Park. Officials say there were as many as 120 cars being stored in the structure by a local car dealer. Investigators say (black agent of Chaos) Avon Stephens, 23, was caught on surveillance video leaving the Kings Plaza shopping center parking lot before Monday morning's fire. Stephens, believed to be homeless, was previously told by security not to sleep in the garage, but he later allegedly managed to break into one of the cars.

    Woman recorded North Charleston sex assault (by rutting black beast)  in voicemail as it happened, police say
black suspectWhen her alleged rapist’s face appeared on the courtroom monitor, the woman couldn’t bear to look. Tears rolling off her cheeks, she turned away, recoiling into the arms of a family member before turning back around to face the judge. She spoke at the bond hearing Wednesday for Maurice Prioleau, 42.

    (rutting black)  Peekskill negro to be arraigned on rape charge
black suspectNEWBURGH - A Peekskill man pleaded not guilty to raping a woman inside a Newburgh apartment complex Monday night.  Officers arrested Andre Sims, 35, at St. Vincent Hospital in Harrison Tuesday after a massive manhunt. Police say officers responded to reports of a woman running around naked inside a condo complex at 44 Johnes St.. The victim claimed a black male who was armed with a handgun sexually assaulted her and then fled the scene in a black SUV.

    (black) Slain Cuomo aide’s (black) brother confronts (black) killers in court
Kenny Bazille  Micah Alleyne, 24, Tyshawn Crawford, 21, and Keith Luncheon, 24, were arrested for the 2015 Labor Day shooting of Gov. Cuomo aide Carey Gabay. Stanley Elianor, 25, faces weapons possession charges in connection with the shooting. (Brooklyn DA) The brother of one-time Cuomo aide Carey Gabay confronted the men tried for his kin’s 2015 killing with personal childhood photographs during their sentencing Wednesday, saying “I want you to see what you took.”

“Here we are when he was 15, and I was 13 – we grew up in the projects together, just like you,” Gabay’s younger brother, Aaron McNaughton, told Micah Alleyne, Kenny Bazile, and Stanley Elianor as he held up the photos. “But we made a different choice.”

    2 BLACKS on Weapons Charge in Shooting at Trenton Art All Night Festival
black suspectsTwo Trenton men have been indicted on weapons charges stemming from a deadly shooting at a 24-hour arts and music festival in New Jersey's capital city. Mercer County prosecutors say 27-year-old Davone White also faces two counts of aggravated assault in the indictment handed up Thursday by a county grand jury, while 24-year-old Amir Armstrong also faces a count of receiving stolen property.
White was among nearly two dozen people wounded in the June 17 shooting.
Art All Night shooting suspect out of the hospital and in court -

    Mo' TNB mayhem at the Fambly Dollah Sto'! (Black) Looters raid - police pull back
black suspectWILMINGTON, N.C. - Despite Wilmington getting pummeled by Hurricane Florence, lototers are cleaning out stores in the area. Channel 9 was at a Family Dollar on Greenfield Street in downtown Wilmington, where thieves nearly picked the store clean. People across the road threw items at the media, and a glass bottle burst at the feet of Channel 9 reporter Ken Lemon. Police said that the manager of the Family Dollar told police to let the looters go ahead. Wilmington police tweeted they are "identifying looters who took items from a local Family Dollar Store Saturday afternoon, despite initial concerns from the store management we will charge them to fullest extent of the law." Wilmington police also said officers arrested five people who broke in and looted the Dollar General at 5th & Dawson Streets."

    Mexican Street Dogs Fight for Discarded Human Head in Tijuana

    Hispanic Ex-NYPD cop Johnny Diaz sentenced for taking bribes and ferrying cocaine

    NYC Cops got discounted sex for helping Hispanic ex-detective run brothels: officials
A retired NYPD vice detective raked in more than $2 million running a string of brothels with the help of several active-duty cops — two of whom got sex on the house in exchange for passing along confidential police information, officials said Thursday. Ludwig Paz, 51, allegedly charged customers $40 for 15 minutes with a prostitute of their choosing, or as much as $160 for a full hour. But Paz let NYPD Sgt. Carlos Cruz and Police Officer Giancarlo Raspanti romp with hookers free of charge except for $20 tips paid directly to the gals, prosecutors said in court.

    Trinitarios gangbanger Latest suspect in murder of Bronx teen pleads not guilty
mud suspect "Frederick Then

Trinitarios gang
The Trinitarios or 3ni are a violent New York-based gang composed of Dominican Americans. The name Trinitarios comes from three main Dominican revolutionaries of the Dominican War of Independence: Duarte, Sanchez, and Mella. 

  Muslim Teen who claimed years of abuse admits to killing his Pakistani dad
A Brooklyn teen admitted Wednesday that he stabbed his father to death in 2015 but said he did it following years of sexual and physical abuse.
Hassan Razzaq confessed to the fatal knifing following his guilty plea in Brooklyn Supreme Court to first-degree manslaughter. As part of the deal, the 22-year-old will be sentenced to five years behind bars.
“My father had been abusing my sisters and my mom, for as long as I can remember,” the 22-year-old told the court quietly. “He came home and continued with the abuse, so I killed him.”
Razzaq knifed his father, Mohammed Razzaq, after he returned unexpectedly from a trip to Pakistan, and began beating one of his sisters, he said.
“You stabbed him with a knife?” Justice Vincent DelGiudice asked Razzaq during the plea.
“Yes,” he grunted, looking down at the table.

    Catholic church sex abuse victims get $27.5M settlement - four kids raped by Hispanic Pedophile Faggot Sodomite Priest
Four men who were sexually abused by a teacher at a Catholic church in Clinton Hill reached a $27.5 million settlement with the Diocese of Brooklyn and a local after-school program on Tuesday. The men were all repeatedly raped as kids by Angelo Serrano, 67, the former director of religion at St. Lucy’s-St. Patrick’s Church, between 2003 and 2009. “These were egregious incidences of sexual abuse,” one of their attorneys, Ben Rabinowitz, told The Post. “And this all happened after the priests were taught to recognize the signs of abuse.”


    Female Ex-teacher Dori Myers dodges prison for performing oral sex on teen

Teacher accused of molesting student cries in court

    Female Ex-school employee Hannah Parisa Siboyeh: I lost my virginity to a 15-year-old student

Hannah Parisa Siboyeh: 5 Fast Facts You (might) Need to Know

    MALE New York City Ballet dancers fired over explicit photo scandal
Two male principal dancers were fired by the New York City Ballet Saturday morning after they were cited in a lawsuit for allegedly trading explicit photos of ballerinas.

Zachary Catazaro, 29, and Amar Ramasar, 36, were both booted from the company for good after being suspended Aug. 27 for “inappropriate communications,” officials confirmed.

Israeli flag
  • Billionaire Miami philanthropist Phillip Frost denies fraud charges
  • Phillip Frost - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Frost was born into an observant Jewish family in the United States.
    Frost became the CEO and chairman of OPKO Health, Inc. upon the consummation of the merger of Acuity Pharmaceuticals Inc., Froptix Corporation and eXegenics, Inc., on March 27, 2007. Frost and OPKO were charged on September 7, 2018 with participating in a "pump and dump" scheme to defraud investors. Frost is accused by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission of violations of multiple sections of the Securities Act of 1933 and of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.



    Sex podcast ho hosts face backlash for racist comments
nigger loversCorinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson, the hosts of relationship podcast “Guys We F–ked,” are facing backlash after a 2014 clip of them making racist remarks against black men resurfaced on Twitter. In the podcast snippet, Fisher talked about having sex with her “second black guy.” “But this was like a real black guy, like basketball player height, deep voice, lives uptown,” Fisher said. “He doesn’t act black enough, though.”
Hutchinson asked her to clarify. “What do you mean? Like, talk black?” she responded. “Well, I just mean, like, act, more like … thug,” Fisher answered. “I don’t like … black people who act like white people.”
Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)


    FILIPINO Businessman gets 2 years in prison for biting KOREAN ex-girlfriend
(A Filipino businessman with a biting fetish was sentenced to two years in prison Wednesday — after he apologized for sexually abusing his Korean girlfriend while they were on vacation in the Big Apple.

“I’m very sorry for having injured her,” a repentant Terence Tang, 37, who has been in custody since his conviction in July, told Justice Cassandra Mullen. “These things I cannot take back.”

18 September 2018

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