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  22 July, 2017


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black basketballers white wife and wite baby   Black Sports: NBA star fires back after internet says son is too white - Mike and Mary Conley - Mike Conley Jr baby
Black basketballer got hisself a Wite Women Wife - but the baby boy is BLONDE - in other words 'TOO WHITE" to be spawn of black basketballer - cuckold

Dangers of interracial dating

    Two Arrested in Fort Worth Sexual Assault, Robbery: Police
Marcellus Briggs, 44, and Franke KulembaFort Worth police have arrested two people they believe are responsible for a violent robbery and sexual assault. Marcellus Briggs, 44, and Franke Kulemba, 40, are charged with aggravated robbery, aggravated sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping, according to Fort Worth police. The victim said she answered a knock at her door and saw a woman who she thought was in distress and needed help. That's when she was forced inside at gunpoint, and bound, beaten and sexually assaulted by a man and the woman, police said. The attack lasted for more than an hour, according to police.

  • Caddy manager stuck sex toy in napping NEGRO employee’s ear: suit
    black caddyLongtime caddy Robert Lee Wiggins was on an approved break and taking a nap when his boss, George Ouellette, set up the seamy snap, Wiggins claims in a Brooklyn Federal Court lawsuit against the club. Ouellette put “an apparatus resembling male genitalia,” on Wiggins’ face and had another worker take a picture and post it to Facebook, Wiggins charges in court papers.Wiggins, who is black, said in the legal claim the penis picture was “extremely evocative of similar images from the antebellum south, in which white slave owners asserted their ownership over their black slaves through sexual imagery.” A caddy at the club since 1997, Wiggins, 50, was too humiliated to return to work after he spotted the photo online. He’s suing for unspecified damages.
  • Wiggins v. The Garden City Golf Club

    Black blacktivist FAKE NEWS MSNBC Guest: GOP Wants to Repeal ACA Because Obama is Black
Cornell BelcherDemocratic pollster Cornell Belcher appeared on "The 11th Hour with Brian Williams" Thursday to discuss the GOP's most recent proposed health care plan — and made some pretty outrageous statements. Belcher told Williams that Republicans want to repeal Obamacare because President Obama is black. Conveniently, he failed to remember the spiking insurance premiums and crumbling exchanged nationwide.

    83-year-old woman sexually assaulted in SeaTac assisted-living facility; (BLACK) assailant sought
The man was described as black, 5 feet 8 inches tall, with a slender strong build, wearing a black-and-white shirt, black pants and a black skull cap.

    Canada: (Black) Man and 17 year-old girl face numerous charges for human trafficking, child pornography
Shamar ClarkeThe Toronto Police Human Trafficking Enforcement Team would like to make the public aware of an investigation into a Human Trafficking occurrence. • in May 2016, a then 16-year-old girl contacted a then 15-year-old girl through Facebook • the 16-year-old girl convinced the 15-year-old girl to come to Toronto with her so they could hang out • the 16-year-old girl brought the 15-year-old girl to an address in Toronto and introduced her to a then 25-year-old man • the 15-year-old girl was told by the man that she was going to work for him providing sexual services for money • the 16-year-old girl posted advertisements with pictures of the 15-year-old girl on the website Backpage.com • the 15-year-old girl was forced to work in the sex trade and hand over all the money she made to the man and the 16-year-old girl • the 15-year-old girl was assaulted, threatened, held against her will and sexually assaulted by the man • the 15-year-old girl was given a quantity of alcohol and drugs to consume in order to stay awake longer and work • after being held for two weeks, the 15-year-old girl managed to escape and contacted police. The Toronto Police Service began an investigation and on Wednesday, July 19, 2017, the man and 16-year-old girl were arrested. Shamar Clarke, 26, was arrested and charged with (more...) - (Canada)

African toting coca-cola case
  • African-American Pastors Sue Coca-Cola
    "The background of this lawsuit is that there's an epidemic of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and a range of other degenerative diseases in the black and Latino communities, and really throughout America," black teens see three times as many Coca-Cola ads than white teens do. In addition, black and Latino neighborhoods have more outdoor ads for low-nutrient foods than do white neighborhoods. african-american coca-cola advertising

African   LESBIAN Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau resigns after shooting of White woman by affirmative action Somali muslim cop
Mohamed NoorJustine RuszczykLesbo PD chief and Muz kissup mayoressMayor kisses up to Somali 'community'Girl mayor & her new black PD chiefMinneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau resigned Friday amid criticism of her response to a string of high-profile police shootings. Harteau's resignation came at the request of Mayor Betsy Hodges, who has publicly clashed with the police chief. Hodges said in a statement Friday that she lost confidence in Harteau. "As far as we have come, I've lost confidence in the chief's ability to lead us further -- and from the many conversations I've had with people around our city, especially this week, it is clear that she has lost the confidence of the people of Minneapolis as well," Hodges wrote. She continued, "For us to continue to transform policing -- and community trust in policing -- we need new leadership at [Minneapolis Police Department]." The resignation follows the July 15 police shooting of Justine Damond, a 40-year-old yoga teacher from Sydney, Australia, in south Minneapolis.
    Minneapolis Mayor Betsy appointed ANOTHER BLACK Assistant Chief Medaria "Rondo" Arradondo as the new Police Chief to replace (her LESBIAN) former Police Chief Janee Harteau.
  • Romans 1:26 - Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones.

    (BLACK ex-boyfriend) Virginia man convicted of murder after hospital stabbing (of his white ex-girlfriend)
Winston BurtonShelli CrockettNORTHAMPTON COUNTY, Va. - Officials say that a Virginia man was found guilty on Wednesday of murdering a woman in November of 2016 at Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital in Northampton County. According to the Northampton County State's Attorney, Winston Burton was convicted of first degree murder in the killing of 42-year-old Shellie Crockett of Keller. Burton stabbed Crockett 46 times. Its unclear when Burton will be sentenced. A pre-sentence investigation has been ordered in the case; however, because Burton has two previous convictions for malicious wounding, a mandatory sentence is life in prison. Officials say that during the two day trial, a jury heard two eyewitness accounts, they heard from a medical examiner and that there were 98 exhibits. Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital was put on lock down status around 7:30 a.m. on November 27 after the Northampton County Sheriff's Office received a report of a stabbing victim. When deputies arrived, Burton already fled. They learned that Crockett was treated by hospital staff for being stabbed multiple times but she later succumbed to her injuries. The hospital was placed on lockdown for five hours. - (Black-on-white)
  • (White) Woman stabbed to death outside Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital (by black ex-boyfriend) - November 28, 2016
    NASSAWADOX, Va. – Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital was placed on lockdown Monday morning after a woman was stabbed to death outside in the hospital parking lot. Northampton County Sheriff David Doughty Jr. confirmed the victim is 42-year-old Shelli Crockett. 58-year-old Winston Burton is charged with first degree murder. The victim’s sister said Shelli worked at the hospital and was on her way to work when she was killed. She said the suspect was her sister’s ex-boyfriend. Mindi Crockett said, “I guess he thought that if he can’t have her, no one can.” “She was stabbed multiple times and (the cuts were) so deep,” Mindi Crockett said. “They were trying to keep her living, but they couldn’t.” Sheriff Doughty said Crockett was standing outside of her car when an altercation occurred that resulted in her death. The sheriff’s office says they received a 911 call for a stabbing victim at 7:32 a.m. Deputies got on scene at 7:40 a.m. and found Crockett was being treated by hospital staff. She had been stabbed multiple times. A short time later, authorities learned Crockett had died from her injuries. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Chief to recommend charges against (colored, black, Afro-american, nword) Florida teens who recorded tattooed black man drowning
suspectsuspectsuspectsuspectsuspectJamel DunnFive teenagers who taunted a drowning man while recording his death from afar may face criminal charges, a Florida police chief said Friday. Cocoa Police Chief Michael Cantaloupe said Friday he will recommend the state attorney prosecute the teens under a statute that requires a person with knowledge of a death to notify a medical examiner. The state attorney will decide whether to file the charges, which would be a misdemeanor under that statute. INSTEAD OF HELPING OR CALLING 911 - THEY JUST LAUGHED
In the more than two-minute long video, the five teen boys -- who are between the ages of 14 and 16 -- can be heard laughing as the man struggles to stay afloat in a pond near his family's home, The teens can be heard warning the man that he was "going to die" and they were not going to help him. At one point, one of the teen boys can be heard laughing, saying "he dead." The teens admitted being in the area "smoking weed," police said.
Florida man drowning teenagers laughing and joking - original videos - - (language) - (language) - (language) you can hear that they are black punks

    (BLACK) Man, 26, is arrested for animal cruelty for stabbing his (white) girlfriend's boxer Labrador mix Blue to death
because the dog would 'always take her side in arguments'
    Mike LadoMike Lado and his white bitchvictim - stabbed to death by nwordA man stabbed his girlfriend's dog to death after he claimed it would always take her side during their arguments, police said. Mike Lado, 26, was arrested Wednesday for animal cruelty after he fatally stabbed his girlfriend's Boxer Lab mix named Blue with a knife in Lee High, Florida. Lado, who had been drinking earlier that night, started fighting with his girlfriend and attacked Blue when he barked and growled at him, she told police.

Dangers of interracial dating

    (Black) Man convicted of multiple rapes sentenced to 104 years in prison
Joanthony JohnsonA judge sentenced a Columbia man to 104 years in prison Thursday after he was convicted for sexually assaulting four women in 2015 and 2016. A jury convicted Joanthony Johnson, 27, in April of first-degree attempted sexual abuse and two counts each of first-degree rape and first-degree sodomy. Harris sentenced Johnson to 25 years per count of first-degree sodomy and rape, which must be served consecutively, and sentenced Johnson to four years in prison for attempted sexual assault to be served concurrently. The maximum sentence for the crimes would have been four life sentences plus four years in prison. Boone County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Knight asked for a total of life plus 154 years to be served consecutively. Defense attorney Sarah Aplin noted that by statute multiple convictions on these charges must be served consecutively and asked for the minimum sentence, five years, on each count of rape and sodomy for a total of 20 years in prison.

  Dark Crimes
  Dark Crimes
  Dark Crimes


African Philip Alafe Charges stayed against (black African from NIGERia)Toronto man after ‘cruel and unusual’ treatment by officer
Philip Alafe, 27, who is from Nigeria and is currently applying for refugee status.
Alafe was arrested in Mississauga on the afternoon of July 3, 2015, on an outstanding warrant, and transported by OPP officers to the Brantford police station. He arrived at 6:50 p.m. His urine-soaked pants and underwear had been removed.


  • Watch black man take a swing at employee, hop counter at fast-food restaurant - June 29, 2017
    James Bradford Nelson IIIThe caller also told police the man had also tried to open car doors and was talking to himself while lying on the sidewalk. Officers determined that the man was the same person who had earlier walked in front of moving vehicles in Citrus Heights. The man, later identified as James Bradford Nelson III, was released from the hospital after treatment. “Criminal charges, including attempted armed robbery, being under the influence of a controlled substance, parole violation and resisting arrest are currently pending,”

    Black 17-Year-Old Father Arrested In 4-Month-Old Child’s Death
De-John JohnsonA 17-year-old boy accused of killing his 4-month-old baby was ordered to stand trial during a preliminary hearing Friday in City Court, Downtown. De-John Johnson of McKeesport was charged with homicide after he was alone with his son and the infant suffered fatal injuries in February, authorities said. The Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s office ruled that the baby, Isaiah Brooks-Leonard, died from asphyxiation and the manner of death was homicide. The infant’s head was bruised, his lip was cut and the tissue inside his upper lip that connects it to gum was torn, according to the medical examiner’s office.

(Black) 16-year-old father charged with suffocating baby son - Jun 1, 2017 - (aka De-Jon Johnson)

    Hispanic nanny confessed, apologized for fatally stabbing two White kids - July 20, 2017
Yoselyn OrtegaLucia Krim, 6, and Leo Krim, 2The nanny accused of killing two children in her charge confessed to the savage slayings — and even apologized, a cop testified on Thursday. Yoselyn Ortega, 55, had been in the hospital for about a week after stabbing Lucia Krim, 6, and Leo Krim, 2, in 2012, when she allegedly confessed. “She started saying, ‘Oh, my God, I’m sorry for what I’ve done!’ and, ‘Put me out of my misery!’ multiple times,” said NYPD Officer Delilah Solis, who was assigned to guard Ortega at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center.




    Middle-eastern immigrant Deli worker that doesn't speak English sues employer after avocado attack by Hispanic and black thugs
Amr Al-Zabididark skinned attackersA Bronx deli just a block from Yankee Stadium failed to keep its employees safe, claims a worker whose jaw was broken by an irate avocado-hurling customer. Amr Al-Zabidi was on duty at the Stadium Deli on May 29 when two customers, angry their food order was messed up, went berserk. Surveillance video caught the rampage of Brad Gomez, 28, and another man, who became irate when they tried to talk to Al-Zabidi, who doesn’t speak English. Gomez then gathered up a handful of the heavy fruit and slung it at Al-Zabidi, breaking his jaw. The two men were charged with assault. The store’s negligence and lack of security led to the attack, Al-Zabidi claims in a lawsuit.

    Tennis Legend Boris Becker Bankrupt, Burns €100MM Fortune With Help of "Nigerian Investments"
    How Boris Becker's break-ups burned a hole in his pocket: Divorce, paternity suit and Majorcan villa that left tennis legend bankrupt over £3million debt
    Boris Becker From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Boris Becker and first wife BarbaraBy 1993, issues back home over his courtship of and marriage to Barbara Feltus, whose mother was German and father was African-American, and tax problems with the German Government, had caused Becker to slide into a severe mid-career decline.

Dangers of interracial dating

    Al-Qaida Suspect Linked to Cartoonist Plot Extradited to US
Ali Charaf DamacheAn al-Qaida suspect linked to a plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist has been brought to Philadelphia from Spain to face terrorism charges in federal court, despite President Donald Trump's promises to send terror suspects to the military prison at Guantanamo Bay. Ali Charaf Damache, 52, of Algeria, appeared in court Friday and will be arraigned next month on charges that he conspired with two American women and a high school honors student from Maryland, court officials said.


  • Christie signs bill to create bathroom, other rights for transgender students
    Schools would also be required to make sure transgender students are addressed by the name and pronoun they prefer, regardless of whether a legal name change has occurred. The law also tells schools they must allow students to dress according to their gender identity, create confidentiality plans to make sure employees do not disclose a student's transgender or transition status, issues school documents and identification cards to make the student's gender identity, and let students take part in gym class with the gender that matches their identity. Christie, a "Republican", did not explain why he signed the Faggot-Sodomite-Democratic-sponsored bill.

  • Man Recorded Inside Chick-fil-A Bathroom; Suspect Wanted
    EVESHAM, N.J. —Police are searching for a man who allegedly recorded another man while in the bathroom at a Chick-fil-a in South Jersey. It happened around 1:35 p.m. on Thursday at the Chick-fil-A located at 220 North Rt 73, in Marlton. Police say the male victim observed another man recording him while in the bathroom.

Confederate flag


  • Fugitive Chinese billionaire blasts homeland from $78M pad
    A fugitive Chinese billionaire has been using the safety of his terraced Fifth Avenue hideout to post scandalous YouTube videos accusing Chinese government officials of everything from sexual bribery to illegal gambling. Now four of his targets are using the US courts to sue him for defamation. Real-estate tycoon Guo Wengui fled China in 2015 following a fraud conviction. Interpol has issued a warrant for his arrest, although he has denied the charge.


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New Nation News - Archives

    (Black) Arsonist who killed elderly (White) Cleveland neighbor sentenced to life
Charles H. DavenportRoma Sparks houseRoma SparksCLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Cleveland man convicted of setting the fire that killed his 75-year-old neighbor was sentenced to life in prison Monday. Charles H. Davenport, Jr., who has been jailed since the day of the Nov. 5, 2015 fire that killed Roma Sparks, will be eligible for parole after spending nearly 30 years behind bars after Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge John D. Sutula handed down his sentence Monday. Sutula found Davenport guilty of aggravated murder, arson and other charges last month. Davenport waived his right to have a jury hear his case. Davenport had been in a dispute with Sparks and told police that Sparks had pointed a gun at him earlier in the night, prosecutors say. Police could not corroborate that claim. A drunken Davenport doused Sparks' front porch in gasoline about 5 a.m. and ignited the blaze with a lighter, prosecutors say. Cleveland firefighters pulled Sparks from the house and rushed him to MetroHealth hospital, where he later died of smoke and soot inhalation. - (Black-on-white)

    New trial ordered for (black pos) serving life term for beating death of elderly Paulsboro woman
Samuel DavisThirza SweetenWOODBURY - An appeals court ordered a new trial Tuesday for a Paulsboro man serving a life term for the slaying of an elderly woman. Samuel Davis, 50, had no possibility of parole under his May 2015 sentence for the death of 79-year-old Thirza Sweeten. The elderly victim was beaten, stabbed and strangled in her Paulsboro home in March 2012. A Gloucester County jury convicted Davis of aggravated manslaughter after a nine-day trial, but acquitted him of murder and weapons charges. Tuesday's decision threw out the guilty verdict, saying the judge at Davis' trial did not properly answer a question from the jury shortly before it ended seven hours of deliberations. It said Superior Court Judge Kevin Smith's error affected Davis' right to a fair trial, "especially as the evidence tying defendant to the crime was not overwhelming." Among other points, the two-judge panel noted DNA evidence did not link Davis to a golf club and phone cord used in the bloody attack. It also cited a defense attorney's argument that Davis had no motive to kill Sweeten, an acquaintance's mother who was not robbed or sexually assaulted. Sweeten's DNA was found in a blood stain on Davis' pants, the ruling observed. - (Black-on-white)

    Black found guilty of beating and stabbing a White woman to death in a 'random act' of demonic evil
Marcus Lamar BivensJeanne Lyn HuntoonGRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A jury has convicted a man guilty of stabbing and killing a woman in an apparently random attack on Grand Rapids Community College’s campus last year. On Wednesday, 20-year-old Marcus Bivins was found guilty of first-degree murder in the death of Jeanne Huntoon, 34, of Muskegon. Authorities say Bivins beat and stabbed Huntoon near the Bostwick Avenue NE parking ramp in the early hours of April 30, 2016. Surveillance video shows he then tried to hide her body between some shrubs. A witness called police to report someone dragging what appeared a body, and responding officers soon discovered Huntoon’s body. Bivins was arrested the next day. Court records show that he confessed to the killing and said he would kill again. Police said Huntoon and Bivins did not know one another and described the crime as “a random act of violence.” Sentencing is scheduled for Aug. 16. - (Black-on-white)

    50-years-in Prison for (black) Man Who Killed (White) Aspiring Teacher
Ibin Kenta PattersonTimothy GentryColumbia, SC - A man who killed an aspiring Columbia teacher will spend the next 50 years behind bars. Ibin Kenta Patterson, 47, entered a guilty plea Tuesday morning at the Richland County courthouse, admitted to charges of murder, attempted murder, possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime, and possession of a firearm and ammunition by a person convicted of a felony. Back in 2015, Patterson shot and killed 32-year-old Timothy Green at the corner of Beauford Street and River Drive. Officer say Green was working to become a teacher and helped disabled citizens. Patterson also shot at a Columbia Police officer at the intersection of Taylor and Two Notch Road around the same time. The officer was responding to an armed robbery when Patterson fired at him. Officers say Patterson tried to hide on a building's rooftop to get away from police, but after several hours, he was arrested. - (Black-on-white)

    (BLACK MUSLIM) Juvenile lifer resentenced to 50 years in prison - for brutal rape and murder of 17-year-old White girl in 1970
William HinesWilliam HinesWeeping AngelAnne Collins - relative of victimWilliam Hines was 15 when he was convicted of assaulting and murdering a 17-year-old girl from East Liberty. He was sentenced to life in prison. That was 47 years ago. At a hearing Tuesday, Hines was resentenced to 50 years to life in prison, and with credit for time served, he’ll be eligible for parole in three years. At 62, Hines is one of the oldest juvenile lifers convicted here.. He was convicted of first-degree murder for killing Eileen Taylor, who was two months away from graduating high school in 1970, when she was found dead behind a grocery store in Homewood. The Sacred Heart High School student had been stabbed, suffered a skull fracture and had been sexually assaulted. A witness described a man in a trench coat and bright pink pants following a young woman. Another witness saw a boy struggling with a girl, while another heard screams. Still additional witnesses told police they saw Hines in muddy clothes later that night. Investigators found muddy pink pants at a nearby cleaner’s, and that led them to the teenage Hines, said Ron Freeman, a longtime Pittsburgh police commander who investigated the case as part of the homicide unit and testified at the resentencing hearing before Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge Kevin G. Sasinoski. Cmdr. Freeman said Hines originally confessed that he and a friend assaulted Eileen. Evidence, however, pointed to Hines alone. Hines entered a general plea of guilty less than six months later, and a three-judge panel found him guilty of first-degree murder. He was given the mandatory penalty of life without parole.

Family members testified Tuesday that Eileen’s death devastated their family. She was a “kind and loving girl with a generous heart,” said her sister, Rosemary Taylor Flamman. Ms. Flamman and Eileen’s two other sisters each described how their father blamed himself and fell into depression, dying at 61. Some family members experienced post-traumatic stress disorder. “You never truly recover,” another sister, Kathleen Taylor, said. Ms. Flamman said she often had nightmares about what happened to her sister. “I believe [Hines’] act deserves the sentence he received,” she said. He is a practicing Muslim, he has painted murals while in prison and he earned a bachelor’s degree from Villanova University. - (Black-on-white)

  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 8 - June 23, 1982
    Man Indicted Youth Held In Slaying Of Girl, 17 Her Head Hit Stone, Officer Quotes Suspect William Hines, the 15-year-old accused slayer of Eileen Taylor, 17, first sought to steal her purse but instead forced sexual relations upon her, Homicide Det. Stephen F. Tercsak testified at a coroner's hearing yesterday. Tercsak said that Hines told police that as he threw her to the ground her head struck a stone. Hines, of 647 Seagirt St., Brushton, was ordered held for grand jury action by Coroner's Solicitor Bernard J. McGowan on a charge of murdering the vivacious Sacred Heart High School senior early on April 2. Miss Taylor lived at 829 N. Euclid Ave., East Liberty. Her body was found in a vacant lot behind a supermarket at 6909 Frankstown Ave., Homewood shortly after 9 a. m. that day. Surround Tercsak Immediately after McGowan handed down his ruling, about a dozen blacks surrounded Tercsak but Patrolman A. It. Spruill, a black police officer, came between them and Tercsak and the crowd dispersed. Attorney Thomas A. Harper, representing Hines, indicated defense strategy will be to bring out that the youthful defendant did not have counsel while being questioned by police and did not phone his parents. However, Tercsak several times, under Harper's prodding, said Hines was advised of his rights, did not ask to call his parents, was told he had a right to be silent, and to be represented by counsel. Miss Taylor had left a birthday party in Point Breeze after telling several persons she was going to visit a boy friend 15 blocks away on Ked-ron Street, Homewood. Her father, William Taylor, holding a plastic cup of water and telling McGowan he was under sedation, testified he had taken her to the party. He left the hearing room after testifying. Mrs. Anne Andrews, 803 In-wood St., Homewood, testified that she saw a boy pulling a girl across the street from her
  • The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 22 - June 23, 1982
    She had been raped and stabbed more than 100 times and the back of her head was crushed by a rock,
  • Indiana Gazette from Indiana, Pennsylvania · Page 14 - December 20, 1997
    Since published reports of Hines' request for commutation of his life sentence, Eberhardt said he has received numerous letters from friends and family of the murdered schoolgirl asking that the clemency request be denied. He said Miss Taylor's classmates, who were 17 or 18 at the time of her death, are "reliving this whole event again." "In my view, the cotumunity is not ready for William Hines. And they may not be ready in two years," he said. Rice said Hines, who was 15 at the time of the crime, has progressed since entering prison as a "teen-age wino" and gang member. "The crime was brutal. A young woman was slain, she was mutilated, she was raped," he said. "But he (Hines) was a wild street kid ... and you have to remember that the '70s was a time of frenzy, particularly in the black community.

    (Black) Moreno Valley Man Convicted of Murder in 2013 DUI Crash That Killed 2 Young (White) Girls, Grandmother
Michael Dwayne HughesKylan Allen, 12, left, and Haven Penman, 13Le MasonA Moreno Valley man has been convicted in a DUI crash that claimed the life of two young girls and a grandmother in 2013. Michael Dwayne Hughes, 34, was found guilty by a jury on Tuesday on three counts of murder for the January 2013 crash that killed Haven Penman, 13, of Mira Loma, Kylan Allen, 12, of Riverside, and Allen’s grandmother 56-year-old L.E. Mason of Riverside, the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office said in a news release. The grandmother and two girls were in a PT Cruiser when the deadly crash happened. Hughes was facing murder charges, also known as a “Watson murder,” due to a previous DUI conviction in which he signed a waiver acknowledging that drunken driving could potentially kill others and lead to murder charges, officials said in the news release. Hughes faces 45 years to life in state prison when he is sentenced in October. - (Black-on-white)

    Police: Danielle Stislicki likely dead; search for body under way in Livonia
Floyd Russell Galloway, JrDanielle StislickiPolice advise people to watch for a comforter and clothing as they search Hines Park in Livonia for signs of a Farmington Hills woman missing since December. Danielle Stislicki was 28 when she was last seen in Southfield on Dec. 2. Police believe she is dead and was the victim of a crime, according to a news release Wednesday. "We are with heavy hearts today," said her mother, Ann Stislicki, who lives in Fowlerville. "We will continue to do what it takes to bring Danielle home, and hope to remain strong along with our family and the public who have supported us since her disappearance." The search is at a park where Floyd Galloway Jr. of Berkley is accused of trying to rape a female jogger last September. Police advise the public to not distract the searchers and police dogs in the park. Evidence may be out in the open or hidden in containers such as bags, suitcases, trunks or bedding, according to the news release. - (Black-on-white)


    Fourth (BLACK) suspect wanted for fatal shooting (of White man) at Denver 7-Eleven
Davon HoustonRu Shawn Bykei WhartonDavid HoustonKeondre NeblettJustin SlyterA fourth suspect is wanted for a fatal shooting outside a Denver 7-Eleven near the state Capitol. Davon Houston, 24, is wanted on suspicion of first-degree murder, according to the Denver Police Department. Houston is now the fourth suspect in the July 9 shooting death of 39-year-old Justin Slyter. Already in custody are: David Houston, 25, Keondre Neblett, 17, and Ru Shawn Bykei Wharton, 41. - (Black-on-white)

    A young white woman shot dead - a black man is suspect - In McKeesport Double Shooting, Victim’s Father Mourns Daughter
Daniel Bizzelle JrDiaz PettySamantha Klavora PITTSBURGH — Police have identified the suspected shooter in Sunday night’s shooting in McKeesport that left a young woman dead and other person injured. According to court papers, the suspect is 25-year-old Daniel Bizzelle Jr., who also goes by the nickname “Boog Bray.” An arrest warrant was issued Tuesday morning. Police don’t think 23-year-old Samantha Klavora was the intended target late Sunday. But she was the victim who died, after sustaining six gunshot wounds. “I’d like to know what’s going on. What are they doing about this?” asked Greg Klavora, Samantha’s father.

He says he’s stunned. He didn’t even learn his daughter had been killed until more than 16 hours after the shooting. “I’m in mourning. I miss her. The initial shock will be Thursday,” he says. That’s when her funeral is scheduled. Two people were shot Sunday night. Samantha, along with a 38-year-old man who was last listed in critical condition. “We think the male was most likely the intended target,” said Allegheny County Police Lt. Andrew Schurman. “She was standing next to him when the shooting happened.” Police suspect the shooting is in retaliation for a murder that happened in June. Diaz Petty, 24, was found on a sidewalk in McKeesport suffering from a gunshot wound. He later died. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating - If you hang out with Negroes - you greatly increase the odds of 'being in the wrong place at the wrong time'.

    Adulterous promiscuous black man is shot dead by his (white) wife over his other (white) girlfriend - a muddy miscegination triangle
Breanna Laren SullivanAntonio SullivanShannan CrawfordVIRGINIA BEACH — About five months before she allegedly shot and killed her husband, a Virginia Beach woman took out a protective order against him, court documents show. Breanna Laren Sullivan, 21, is accused of shooting and killing her husband, 26-year-old Antonio Sullivan, Sunday night. She is charged with second-degree murder and the use of a gun in the commission of a felony, according to Virginia Beach court officials.
The shooting was reported to the Virginia Beach Police Department around 7:15 p.m. in the 700 block of Huybert Place. Just minutes before that, Antonio Sullivan’s girlfriend said he was texting her. Shannan Crawford told a Southside Daily reporter that she’d been dating Antonio Sullivan since April 2016. Although he still lived with his wife and 3-year-old daughter, Crawford said she generally spent a few hours a week with Antonio Sullivan. She said that Antonio Sullivan stayed at the Virginia Beach home with his wife because he couldn’t afford to move out and he wanted to stay close to his (mixed-race) daughter, but he eventually planned to leave. Antonio and Breanna Sullivan had a complicated and volatile relationship.

Dangers of interracial dating

    US Marshals arrest brutal black (with Africanized name) - naked drugged beast stomped head of white female 'acquaintance' into mush
Zaire Ashanti Monroe-Shareef,Lisa Miller Washburn HUNTINGTON — Zaire Ashanti Monroe-Shareef, wanted in the beating death of Lisa Washburn in Huntington, has been arrested in Florida, U.S. Marshals confirmed Wednesday. The 34-year-old Huntington man has remained at large since Huntington police filed warrants against him on June 1, hours after he allegedly chased and beat Washburn, 39, of South Point, outside an unrelated home in the 600 block of 10th Avenue West. Police initially believed Monroe-Shareef had remained in the Huntington area following the incident. Investigators said the victim and the suspect were acquainted. Investigators think the negro was on drugs. Neighborhood reports indicated a naked man had chased the woman to the location before kicking the woman's head repeatedly. The victim suffered severe head trauma. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Pizza box led police to Lansing murder suspect - white grandma joined black man in motel room at 3:36am - her body found next morning
Curtis Jamaar EcholsChristina DaughenbaughLANSING - Police say a pizza box led to the arrest of an Ohio man accused of killing a 43-year-old woman in a Lansing motel. Curtis Jamaar Echols, 25, of Paulding, Ohio, checked into the America's Best Value Inn on Ramada Drive early July 6, according to court testimony from Michigan State Police Detective Troy Johnston. Based on security camera footage, Christina Daughenbaugh joined Echols in the room at 3:36 a.m. the next morning, Johnston said. Echols left the room about an hour later and did not return, Johnston said. Daughenbaugh's body was found shortly before noon when cleaning staff entered the room. Inside, police found "a lot of blood" on the floor and elsewhere, the detective said. Investigators also found a Domino's pizza box and got Echols' cell phone number after calling the restaurant, Johnston said. They then tracked his phone to a Greyhound bus traveling near South Bend, Indiana, where Indiana State Police arrested Echols. His ticket indicated Echols boarded the bus in Detroit and was headed to Chicago, Johnston said. About five blocks from the Greyhound station in Detroit, police found a car they think Echols stole in Ohio. Echols remains confined after being denied bond at his arraignment on Saturday. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating

    Metro family left longing for closure after jury is deadlocked a second time in (white) daughter’s murder trial - black man accused
Antione FielderKelsey K. EwonusOVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- For the second time a murder trial for 22-year old Kelsey Ewonus ended in a hung jury. On Thursday jurors left the Wyandotte County Courthouse with a split decision as to weather to convict Antoine Fielder for her murder. In June 2015 the body of 22-year-old Ewonus was discovered in her car in KCK. Prosecutors say she was shot. Fielder has been charged with second degree murder in the case. It’s gone to trial two times, both resulting in a hung jury. “There`s not an hour that goes by that I don`t think of her,” said Kelsey’s father Kent Ewonus. “That`s a loose end out there and that`s hard. It`s hard to relive it, it`s hard to go back through, it`s hard to listen to a timeline leading up to your daughter's death,” he added. Kelsey’s family has attended both trials sitting just feet away from the accused killer. They say the process is frustrating and emotionally taxing. - (Black-on-white)

    Airbnb used as brothel by black pimp in Midtown Memphis to rent out young white female sex slaves
Travis Young Tahlia Hecht MEMPHIS, TN - Two women and three men were arrested in Midtown Memphis after Memphis Police Department found a brothel operating out of a rental property. The house was being rented out from Airbnb. The company said it removed the listing as soon as it learned of the investigation. “Airbnb has zero tolerance for this type of behavior and we are outraged over what has reportedly taken place. We immediately removed this user from our community and we are fully supporting our host. Airbnb runs background checks on all US residents using the platform and we are urgently investigating this in coordination with local law enforcement.” Investigators said they first learned of prostitution happening at the Airbnb rental when a neighbor reported seeing 31 men visit a house on Oliver Avenue in just three days. Investigators then executed a search warrant at the house. Inside they found used condoms strewn about the floor, jars of marijuana, $4,058 in cash, a handgun that's believed to be stolen, and three children. Investigators arrested five people on various crimes related to the investigation: Tahlia Hecht, Shanice Johnson, Ricardo Gales, Travis Young, and Jamarcus Young. Hecht told investigators she provides for Travis Young through prostitution. She said Young does not have a job, but he reserves rental properties for her to use while prostituting. She said she pays for the rentals and supports Young with the proceeds she makes. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating


93-year-old Florida woman dragged 20 feet while trying to stop dark carjacking duo before Mass - (knuckle-dragging nwords)
Darius Matthews, 20, and David Leo Perkins III, 21A 93-year-old Florida woman sustained minor injuries Thursday after she tried to stop two thieves from stealing her car but ended up being dragged 20 feet before a morning Mass in DeLand, Fla., police said. Darius Matthews, 20, and David Leo Perkins III, 21, have been arrested in connection to the carjacking at St. Peter’s Catholic Church. One of the men reportedly grabbed the woman’s car keys and ran to the car with his crime partner. The woman attempted to stop the men from taking her car and grabbed the steering wheel but was dragged before she collapsed to the ground. The men got away and drove off.


    Police arrest 15-year-old in connection with deaths of (2 black, 1 white) men at north side apartment
suspect3 victimsINDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Police arrested a 15-year-old boy in connection with a triple homicide at a north side apartment over the weekend. Police were dispatched to Somerset Lake Apartments located in the 7800 block of Somerset Bay on a report of a shooting around 6:15 p.m. on Sunday. IMPD said they found three unresponsive males when they arrived. Dominique Miller, 25, Jordan Wright, 25, and Justin Crowder, 19, were pronounced dead at the scene. There were two other people in the apartment, but they were uninjured.
Police would not get into specifics, but did say the triple shooting was not random and may have been a drug related robbery. Police say just a couple hours after the fatal shooting, the 15-year-old suspect showed up to Methodist hospital with a gunshot wound.
The 15-year-old suspect is currently being held at the juvenile center and his name isn’t being released. - (wigger)
  • Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

    Adulterous Negro 35, drives 1,150 miles from Texas to Ohio 'for love' with his dead wife in the trunk
Dequalan HarrisThe body of a woman was found in the trunk of her own car after her husband had driven it 1,150miles from Texas to Ohio to meet another woman. Tamara Harris, 33, and Dequalan Harris, 35, from Cedar Hill, Texas, had been in the process of getting a divorce when Tamara was reported missing Friday. Cedar Hill Police were notified by relatives who hadn't heard from Tamara or her young child in several days. To try and find Tamara, officers used the OnStar system in her 2015 Chevy Traverse. They were able to locate her car in Mansfield, Ohio, about 1,150miles away from Cedar Hill. Mansfield Police found the SUV parked on the street and Dequalan inside one of the homes with another woman on Saturday morning. Officials said he had gone to Mansfield on Friday 'for love' or 'an internet connection'. Demika Rucker, Dequalan's girlfriend, who lived on the street where Tamara's car was found, said he arrived around 3.30pm Friday after the approximately 17-hour trip. Mansfield Police arrested Dequalan after he tried to run away. Before towing Tamara's car, officers found her body in the trunk.

    (LGBT-Queer dirty deviant bad black) man arrested for child homo sex crimes in Clay County
Virgil BadieA man accused of sexually abusing at least one child in Clay County was arrested Monday. Virgil Badie, 40, was arrested Monday night in Middleburg for three counts of unlawful sexual activity with minors, and deputies confirmed Badie is charged. According to the police report a 16-year-old male met with Badie and had consensual sex with him after meeting and chatting on an app. The victim said he didn't remember which app, but that Badie requested nude pictures. 

    (Black) Jasper man arrested for 2nd time in 4 months for child sex crime
Terrance Latevin ShawJASPER COUNTY, TX —Four months after being charged with having molested a girl, a Jasper man is again charged in connection to a sexual crime against a child. Terrance Latevin Shaw, 27, is charged with second-degree sexual assault of a child. According to an arrest affidavit, a Jasper County Sheriff's deputy spoke with a mother on July 7. The mother said she was at home with her 15-year-old daughter when her phone rang on two separate occasions, so she asked her daughter who it was and she told her it was "some guy." The mother said she looked at the phone's call history and saw several text messages from the same number, and they included several pictures and details about meeting up at the house after the girl's grandmother was asleep. The messages began around July 1 and included many sexual references. One of the pictures showed a truck with a license plate. Her daughter admitted to having a man sneak into the house so she could have sex with him. She said she had sex with Shaw multiple times. Jasper police arrested Shaw in April, after a 15-year-old girl told them Shaw had sexually molested her over a period of time, starting when she was 11.

    (Sleepy-eyed black) Man wanted in connection with sexual assault in Highland Park
black rapistHIGHLAND PARK, Mich. - Crime Stoppers has released a sketch of a man who is wanted in connection with a sexual assault in Highland Park. The man in the sketch above is wanted in connection with a May 27 incident at Manchester and John R. roads. Officials describe the man as black, 20 to 27 years old and weighing 200 pounds, with a heavy build. He has brown eyes, and his right eye is sleepy. The man was wearing a black T-shirt with red lettering on the right front side of the shoulder and black pants. He was riding a black mountain bike.

    (Pointy-headed black) Florida drug dealer arrested after 911 call to report stolen cocaine
David BlackmonFlorida police officers made a quick arrest last weekend when 35-year-old David Blackmon called 911 to report his stash of cocaine missing. Charges of resisting arrest without violence and possession of cocaine were levied July 16 against Mr. Blackmon after the Fort Walton man reported the theft of $50 and his drugs, the Miami Herald reported Wednesday. Okaloosa Sheriff’s officials shared the story on Facebook. “He told a deputy who responded that he was a drug dealer and that someone had broken into his vehicle while it was parked, taking about $50 and a quarter ounce of cocaine,” the newspaper reported.

    North Carolina black man indicted in hammer attack on young son
Ramel Shabal DayeWINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - A North Carolina grand jury has indicted a man after authorities say he hit his young son in the head several times with a hammer. The Winston-Salem Journal reports the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office says 34-year-old Ramel Shabal Daye is jailed under a $1 million bond for attempted first-degree murder. Online jail records don't say if he has an attorney. According to police, Tremel Daye was attacked in October 2016, when he was 9 years old. He was treated at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for severe head wounds.

    Feral fatherless black youth mugger uses a Citi Bike as getaway ride
black muggerA mugger used a Citi Bike as his getaway ride after robbing a woman in Queens, police said. The 25-year-old victim was walking near the corner of 48th Avenue and 5th Street in Long Island City when a man in a lime green T-shirt rode up to her on the bulky blue bike and snatched her iPhone around 3:40 p.m. July 9. He then pedaled off with the device and disappeared.

    Gainesville PD: Black serial sex pervert improperly touched shopper
Lavell L. Strong(obscene monkey)Gainesville police officers arrested a man suspected of improperly touching a woman he followed around inside the Wal-Mart store at 1800 NE 12th Ave. on Monday. The suspect — Lavell L. Strong, 21, of 2932 NW 38th St. — had already been warned against trespassing in the store following a similar incident about a year ago, according to Gainesville police. He was arrested Monday on felony battery and resisting arrest without violence charges. Police say Strong followed a female shopper around the store, fondling himself and then pushed up against her. A loss prevention officer saw this on surveillance video, an arrest report said. Strong ran from an officer outside the store, but was captured an hour later by a GPD K9 officer.


    Black Sports: Ex-boxing champ Jermain Taylor arrested again in Arkansas
Jermain Taylor MAUMELLE, Ark. — Former middleweight boxing champion Jermain Taylor has been arrested after allegedly biting a woman's arm and face, and threatening to kill her. Police in the Little Rock suburb of Maumelle say the 38-year-old Taylor was arrested at his home about 3 a.m. Tuesday. He was later released. Court records do not show that charges have been filed. Taylor is currently serving a six-year suspended sentence after pleading guilty to nine felony charges in 2015, including a shooting that critically wounded his cousin, Tyrone DaWayne Hinton. The attorney who represented Taylor in that case was not available for comment Tuesday. Taylor failed to attend a court hearing in June in a lawsuit filed by his cousin over the shooting and Taylor's representatives said then that Taylor was in Florida with no money. - (Black Sports)


    1st black female High-Ranking Philadelphia Fire Official Charged In Insurance Fraud
No Dream Left Behind interview with Yolanda Stallings PHILADELPHIA –Yolanda Stallings was an up-and-comer in the Philadelphia Fire Department. The website, which we’re told is in need of an update, calls her an “Executive Chief of Strategic Planning”. It shows the 14-year-veteran “…is the first African American female to serve on the PFD Executive Team as a high ranking official.” There’s even a promotional YouTube video showing the challenges she’s faced. On June 27, Yolanda Stallings was arrested for a series of charges by a detective with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office, including theft by deception, fraud, forgery, false swearing and false reports. The charges are based on an insurance fraud investigation, according to sources, where it’s alleged Stallings reported her SUV was stolen and later filed a claim for $18,500. But arson investigators, according to CBS3 sources, later found it torched in Washington, D.C.

    (Hispanic) New York man pleads guilty to killing wife by setting her on fire
Antonio BargalloAntonio BargalloThe man who authorities said poured gasoline on his wife, set her on fire and walked to a police station to turn himself in last March pleaded guilty on Wednesday to the gruesome murder. Antonio Bargallo, 69, entered the plea as part of a deal that will sentence him to 21 years to life in prison, the Schenectady County District Attorney's office said. Prosecutors called Bargallo's attack on Elizabeth Gonzales, his wife, incomprehensible. Maria Suero, a neighbor, told the Albany Times Union that on March 4 she heard a woman screaming her name and saw Gonzales engulfed in flames. Suero said her daughter tried to douse the flames. She told the paper, “I really tried to save her; I really did.” Gonzales, 48, who worked for two decades as a teacher's aide in the Schenectady city schools, was airlifted to a hospital and died the next day from smoke inhalation and burns to more than 50 percent of her body. Gonzales had two grown sons. - (Burned Alive!)

white woman with black   (white female) Nassau County teen raises money for college after she says parents cut her off for having relationship with black man
A Nassau County teen is raising money for college after she says her parents cut her off for dating a black man. Kearsten Holley of Hilliard created a GoFundMe account titled "Color doesn't matter, college does."

Dangers of interracial dating

Madonna Tupac   Madonna Files Emergency Order to Stop Tupac Letter Auction
Among the items originally up for auction were a prison letter from Tupac and a pair of worn underwear.
The letter revealed the former couple broke up over race.

Dangers of interracial dating

  • Hispanic Girl says her illegal latina mom asked for forgiveness before stabbing her
    Isabel MartinezEveryone was asleep when Isabel Martinez began stabbing her children and then fatally stabbed her husband as he tried seek help, her daughter told a child welfare caseworker. Diana Romero, 9, said her mother told her she loved her and asked for forgiveness before cutting her. Martinez told the girl she was "going to the sky to see Jesus," and the girl cried and told her mother she didn't want to go see Jesus. The four children killed were identified as Isabela Martinez, 10; Dacota Romero, 7; Dillan Romero, 4; and Axel Romero, 2. Immigration authorities have said Martinez, who's from Mexico, entered the country illegally, and she told the caseworker she's been in Georgia for about 12 years.

  • ICE chief praises Trump, plans to send more agents to sanctuary cities - (Drudge)

  • Hispanic Latina woman Nemrak Borrero-Santana Hid Meth in Private Parts
    At the jail, she was given a strip search.While officers sought a search warrant to remove the bag in the suspect's private parts, Borrero-Santana was taken to a nearby hospital. A search warrant was granted, and an emergency room doctor removed the bag. Police said it contained 15 individual bags of meth. In total, they weighed more than six grams.


Israeli flag
  • Leader Of Fringe Ultra-Orthodox Sect Reported Drowned In Mexico
    The leader of a fringe haredi Orthodox sect suspected of abusing children has drowned in a river in Mexico, local media are reporting. Israeli-born Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans reportedly was found drowned in a river in the Mexican state of Chiapas on Friday. The sect, with about 230 members, relocated to Guatemala from Canada in 2014 following allegations of mistreatment of the sect’s children, including abuse and child marriages. The group shuns technology and its female members wear black robes from head to toe, leaving only their faces exposed. It was founded by Helbrans in Israel in the 1980s and rejects the State of Israel, saying the Jewish Promised Land can only be established by God, not men.

  • On hot mic, Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu raps ‘crazy’ EU, admits Syria strikes

  • Israeli Student’s Use of Auschwitz Artifacts in an Art Exhibit Prompts a Furor
    Ms. Bides later told The New York Times that the items “are not from the Auschwitz camp and not from the Auschwitz museum, but from the nearby area,” “From the pictures, it is hard to tell,” Mr. Lipinski said. “Such things, you can find them on the grounds of Auschwitz-Birkenau.” The memorial site has had problems with theft. Most notably, the iron sign over one entrance, bearing the motto “Arbeit Macht Frei” — “work makes you free” — was stolen in 2009; it was recovered in pieces three days later. Earlier this year, two British teenagers were fined for stealing small items from the grounds during a school trip; an Israeli couple were convicted of taking home rusted cutlery they found in the mud at the site in 2011.



    Father claims (Bangladeshi?) Overland Park Catholic priest "tickled," touched young daughter
Scott KallalOVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Hours after the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas announced the suspension of priest Scott Kallal on Tuesday, a man who claims his daughter was sexually assaulted by Kallal came forward with new allegations. The Archdiocese announced in a statement Monday afternoon that Kallal was suspended from his position at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Overland Park after two sources came forward with allegations of wrongdoing. Church leaders said a preliminary investigation revealed “violations of some of the Archdiocese’s safe environment guidelines which all clerics, employees and volunteers are asked to observe when interacting with young people," including one incident involving a minor.

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  Picking cotton
The 'Back to Africa' movement has failed * "Affirmative Action" has failed * Public school integration has failed
Those illegal aliens have taken all the jobs that African-American's won't do - they must resort to crime to survive because anything other than professional sports, the rap-music industry or politics would be demeaning and seem like "slave labor"

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